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Chapter 637 - The Goddess Boyfriend

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 637: The Goddess' Boyfriend

    "An old friend from Chu Zhou City."

    "Chen Fan?"

    This name made Xu Rongfei freeze as if under a spell. Ningxin then waved and said, "No, no, you think anyone can meet our superstar? A guy has been waiting for her downstairs for six months and yet Fei Fei has never gone down to meet him…"

    Before Ningxin finished her sentence.

    Xu Rongfei had already gotten up and rushed out the door, leaving Zhang Haiyun and Ningxin confused.


    Ningxin was very confused.

    She had lived with Xu Rongfei for four years and knew that her roommate had always been cold towards others. Xu Rongfei never socialized with anyone outside of the movie sets, including the top directors and CEOs of the entertainment companies; it was the first time she saw this excited.

    "Why is she acting as if her boyfriend were here?"

    Ningxin mumbled.

    Zhang Haiyun also looked shocked.

    Xu Rongfei saw Chen Fan immediately after she got downstairs.

    Even though he looked different, Xu Rongfei had met him at the West Lake and she had recent photos of him that her father, Xu Ao, had given her. So she was quite familiar with his appearance.

    "Fei Fei, it's been a while."

    Chen Fan cracked a gentle smile.

    Xu Rongfei stood there and sized Chen Fan up. It seemed as if she wanted to etch his face in her heart in case he disappeared again.

    Meanwhile, people around the dorm felt something was off.

    Xu Rongfei had been rising to fame lately and was given the title, the "Goddess of the People." So, she had drawn everyone's attention once she showed up.

    But the surprising thing was… Xu Rongfei seemed to know this mysterious hunk!

    Were they together?

    The richlings who were waiting for Xu Rongfei immediately turned pale and were hoping that this wasn't true.

    "Brother Chen Fan," Xu Rongfei said.

    She looked at Chen Fan with her round and watery eyes like an abandoned puppy and her voice was soft and gentle like a little girl's.

    Everyone else went silent and their eyes popped out.

    "I'm sorry I've never come to see you these few years. Don't worry, I won't let you suffer anymore." Chen Fan gently stroked Xu Rongfei's head and sighed.


    Xu Rongfei lowered her head.

    Her nose turned red and tears welled up in her eyes, but her heart felt extremely warm.

    Everyone was dumbfounded. Xu Rongfei had always kept herself aloof from men, and yet she was leaning on a guy like a sweetheart in front of their eyes.

    Ningxin went downstairs and was dumbfounded by that sight.

    "This is the first time I visit your academy. Mind showing me around?" Chen Fan smiled and said.


    Xu Rongfei also showed a beaming smile.

    People around them watched Chen Fan and the most beautiful girl in the dorm walk away together but there was nothing they could do.

    "Where did he come from? How can he take away my dream girl from me?"

    "Oh God, Goddess Xu has never been involved in love affairs in the last four years. Is he her hidden boyfriend?"

    "Breaking news! It's going to cause a furor in the entertainment industry."

    Some people were devastated, some were astonished and some were furious.

    The paparazzi outside the dorm who had been tracking Xu Rongfei immediately took pictures of the two like crazy.

    A handsome man stared at Chen Fan and Xu Rongfei with a gloomy face while he sat in a silver Lamborghini.

    When he saw Chen Fan's back, doubts came to his mind.

    "Strange. Where have I seen this guy?"

    Master Wu wondered.

    Chen Fan and Xu Rongfei walked side by side.

    The Yan Jin Film Academy covered a large area and offered different courses, including literature, performance arts, directing, visual arts, animation, and so on. Each course had a long history and many celebrities had studied in the academy.

    Xu Rongfei introduced, "Brother Chen Fan, this is the Department of Literature, where many famous screenwriters graduated from. For example, Zhang Wei, the screenwriter of ‘Go La La Go!' and Ding Xiaoyun, the screenwriter of ‘Love on a Journey.'"

    It seemed that she really liked the film and television industry and knew a lot about it.

    "I've been planning to make a movie called ‘Legends of Beixuan' with the most famous director in China. The script has already been written! So, I'm currently saving money and will be able to invest on it after a few more years," Xu Rongfei said with anticipation.

    "Very well. I'll be the leading actor and you'll be the leading actress. What do you think?" Chen Fan smiled and said.


    Xu Rongfei's eyes glittered.

    "Of course," said Chen Fan as he patted her head.

    Xu Ao's death was one of the things Chen Fan felt guilty about; he would try to make it up to Xu Rongfei by giving her everything she wanted.

    The two of them chatted as they walked around.

    Xu Rongfei held Chen Fan's arm, then she leaned her head on his shoulder with a contented smile.

    Since she had always been a popular figure in the academy, everyone was startled when they saw her being so close to a man.

    Students immediately showed up on the forum of the academy.

    "The Goddess has a boyfriend!"

    "Xu Rongfei went on a date with a mystery man."

    "Exclusive news: Xu Rongfei's boyfriend is her high school classmate."

    Different shocking posts appeared on the forum one after another.

    Those students who went home for the Chinese New Year were thinking that it was a shame they couldn't witness it. After a while, uploaded photos were circulated on the Internet.

    Someone forwarded the photos to Weibo.

    The students from the Yan Jin Film Academy were very active there.

    They were all handsome guys and pretty girls, and a lot of superstars were their seniors. Once they forwarded the photos and told everyone that it was Xu Rongfei, it became the most searched topic in a matter of seconds, surpassing those about some movie stars cheating or getting a divorce.


    "F**k, seriously? Xu Rongfei has never had any dating rumors since she became an actress!"

    "Xu Rongfei who played Lu Yanqi in ‘Legends of the Sword Immortal?' No way! My dream girl is so pure and cool. She wouldn't be attracted to any man!"

    "There are photos on the Internet. You can see for yourself."

    Soon, Weibo was stirred.

    A lot of people quickly went to Weibo and scrolled over the photos one by one. The photos were a bit blurry. They could only see Xu Rongfei walking with a man and leaning her head on his shoulder, but they couldn't see what the man looked like because of the distance.

    "I don't think it's Xu Rongfei," someone doubted.

    "Hundreds of people at Yan Jin Film Academy witnessed it with their own eyes. It must be Xu Rongfei," another person said.

    Many people were wondering who the man was and what he looked like.

    "If I find out who the guy is, I'll go and beat him up right away," they thought.

    An hour later, a post appeared on Weibo and was immediately forwarded by countless students.

    "Exclusive! Goddess Xu Rongfei and Her Boyfriend (With HD Photos.)"

    The post was created by Birdie Studio, which was the largest paparazzi company in China. They had captured the entire incident with their advanced equipment and HD cameras.

    The faces of Xu Rongfei and Chen Fan were clearly seen in the photos.

    There was also an intel saying that Chen Fan was Xu Rongfei's classmate in high school and they had known each other since they were young, which was why he could win her over.

    This post had confirmed their relationship.

    Countless people were depressed because of it and many were thinking that Chen Fan was only an ordinary man who didn't deserve her at all.

    While the heated discussion on Weibo was ongoing…

    In a luxurious mansion in the outskirts of Yan Jin.

    An arrogant man was holding a pretty starlet, smoking on the bed.

    He was Wu Zhicheng, the person that mocked Chen Fan on Mount Yan. The Wu family of Yan Jin was a middle-class family that had only a ten billion worth of properties, but the "Tianhe Entertainment Corporation" they operated was an influential company in the entertainment industry. Many movie stars were under their company and Wu Zhicheng was regarded as a successful figure in Yan Jin.

    "Wow, Master Cheng, the superstar from your company, Xu Rongfei, has been spotted with a guy!"

    This starlet wasn't quite famous but she had a pretty face and a perfect figure. Besides, she was bold enough in bed which was why the Master of Tianhe would sleep with her.

    After scrolling through Weibo, she was startled and yelled, "Xu Rongfei, isn't Brother chasing after her? Why does she suddenly have a boyfriend?"

    Wu Zhicheng frowned.

    His brother, Wu Zhifan, had always been Xu Rongfei's suitor, otherwise he would have already slept with her. Besides, getting involved in scandals was the last thing starlets who had just entered the industry wanted, since it would ruin their future.

    "Let me see…"

    Wu Zhicheng took the phone and saw Xu Rongfei standing intimately with a man as if they were a lovey-dovey couple.

    "F**k, she's really in a relationship."

    Wu Zhicheng was enraged. When he was about to get stroppy, he glanced at the man's face and was completely stunned.

    "It's… Chen Beixuan?"