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Chapter 635 - Deity Burial Valley

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 635: Deity Burial Valley

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    Ye Qincang had never felt so weak before.

    He was the former top warrior on the Divine Roll, the guardian of China and the only Earth Level Deity of the times. Nobody on this planet was stronger than him, other than Chen Fan. In the last few days after he became an Earth Level Deity, Ye Qincang felt that his power and connection with the world had been continuously increasing and he was confident that he could battle with Chen Fan again two years later.

    And yet, Ye Qincang had never thought that he would learn about a completely different world from Chen Fan.

    A world that he could never imagine.

    "Swallowing the sun and flicking off the stars? Is that still what a human can do?" Ye Qincang exclaimed.

    "The moment you enter the Connate level, you'll no longer be a mortal but a cultivator. Immortal Cultivation is a journey of evolution. What we truly strive for is not to dominate the universe, but to have an everlasting life," Chen Fan said with his hands on his back.

    "Thank you for teaching me a lot." Ye Qincang got up and bowed to Chen Fan. "What level did you reach in your previous life?"


    Chen Fan cracked a smile but didn't reply.

    He was a Tribulation Cultivator in his previous life!

    A Dao Reunion Cultivator was a Perfected Immortal and a Tribulation Cultivator was the King of Deities and the dominator of the universe, but Chen Fan didn't bother to explain to Ye Qincang. After all, for the Dao Reunion or the Tribulation level, killing Ye Qincang was a piece of cake.

    So, Ye Qincang didn't ask anything else.

    He knew Chen Fan had surely achieved the Connate level in his previous life, to be able to defeat an Earth Level Deity at the Divine Sea level, but was he a Golden Core Cultivator or a Nascent Soul Cultivator in the end? Ye Qincang had no idea and he dared not to think about the stages beyond that.

    If Chen Fan was already a Dao Reunion Perfected Immortal, why would he need to stay on Earth? He could level all of China easily!

    Then, Chen Fan told Ye Qincang some basic knowledge about the Realm of Cultivation and the reason why he came.

    1"You said you've been to Deity Burial Valley in Kunlun. Did you find anything special there?"

    Ye Qincang replied, "I'll tell you the truth, since you already know about the Gate of Heaven and Deity Burial Valley.

    "The Deity Burial Valley in Kunlun is one of the Seven Forbidden Lands together with the Dragon Lake in Chang Bai Mountain, the Devil's Cave of Babylon, the Mayan Temples and three other places. In fact, it's not dangerous because of its topography but because of the enormous array it has!"

    "An array?"

    Chen Fan frowned and was a bit surprised.

    Ye Qincang said, "Yes, the array stretches for a hundred miles around the entire mountain and there are all sorts of dangers inside. I almost died when I went there and I'm sure I'd be injured even if I entered after becoming an Earth Level Deity.

    "It used to be a battlefield where the Entities fought in ancient times. There were a lot of marks of the battles and also dead bodies and relics of Entities and Sages. I found the energy from one of them and that's how I achieved the Earth Level Deity Body. The dagger with blood marks and the armor were also found there, but they were already in a battered state."

    Chen Fan nodded.

    His Lesser Five Elements Thunder might be powerful, but not enough to destroy a superior-grade Spirit Artifact.

    The dagger and the armor must have suffered from corrosion after countless battles and thousands of years. Otherwise, Chen Fan might not have defeated Ye Qincang so easily.

    "The battlefield of the Entities. No wonder it's called Deity Burial Valley," Chen Fan pondered and said.

    To be able to create an array surrounding so many mountains that stretched over a hundred miles was a feat beyond what a Connate Cultivator could do.

    Only Golden Core Cultivators working together could produce such power, or the array would not be able to kill an Earth Level Deity. It seemed that there really were Golden Core Cultivators on Earth in the past, but they had become decrepit with time.

    Ye Qincang said seriously, "Also, I think that the Gate of Heaven is located deep inside the Deity Burial Valley."


    Chen Fan's eyes widened.

    He was only half a step away from the Connate level and it was time to look for the Gate of Heaven.

    "The peak of Qin Mountain, the East Sea, deep in Kunlun, Mount Shu… These were the places mentioned in books where the Gate of Heaven is located. However, no Immortal State Warriors has ever found it no matter how hard they tried. Zhang Sanfeng and the Great Magus didn't even return from their search. I've been thinking there shouldn't be anything they can't find with their powers, except when it comes to the Deity Burial Valley," Ye Qincang said.

    "Right, the Golden Core array in the Deity Burial Valley would be dangerous even for an Earth Level Deity, not to mention an Immortal State Warrior. It's indeed a good way to hide the Gate of Heaven."

    Chen Fan nodded.

    "I was afraid to go inside that time since the array is too powerful. It twisted space and not even armies and tanks can get in. If not, I'd also like to see what the Gate of Heaven looks like."

    Ye Qincang heaved a sigh.

    "Don't worry about it. According to the intel I've got, the Gate of Heaven is open. Someone from the Snow God Palace has already come to the human world. You should be able to enter the gate," Chen Fan said.

    "The Gate of Heaven is open?" Ye Qincang was shocked and he laughed. "I've read in the books that the Snow God Palace is indeed one of the most powerful sects on the other side of the gate, which is comparable to the Mixed-Essence Sect in the ancient times, but…"

    He suddenly hesitated.

    "Many books said that those sects only recruit the destined ones. They seem to have a quota so they can't take too many people back with them. Besides, the cultivators from the gate have always looked down on humans. They might not let us in."

    "Haha, we'll slaughter our way in then! Let's break that Gate of Heaven."

    Chen Fan snickered.

    Ye Qincang was first shocked, but then he understood Chen Fan's point.

    The cultivators from the Gate of Heaven were very respected in ancient China. They traveled around the world and had always ignored the normal people, even the large sects in the Chinese cultivation community. One of the sects once wanted to capture those cultivators but ended being completely exterminated, and all three of their Immortal State Ancestral Masters were killed.

    No one dared to provoke them since then.

    Everyone worshiped them like Gods and thought that both the legendary Heaven and the Realm of Cultivation were behind the gate! Even Ye Qincang was afraid of them.

    But Chen Fan was different. He came from the real powerful sect in space. Although Ye Qincang didn't know which level Chen Fan had attained in his previous life, he had the feeling that not even the cultivators from the Gate of Heaven would be able to defeat him.

    "Don't worry, I'll send someone to look into it. I'm sure even the cultivators from the Gate of Heaven would leave traces."

    Ye Qincang nodded.

    While they were talking.

    Two men and a woman suddenly appeared in a valley enveloped in mist deep in Kunlun.

    1All three of them were wearing historical outfits, which were a little different from the Chinese traditional clothes.

    One of the men was a brawny man with a blade on his back while the other was a skinny thirty-year-old man in a blue gown, who was an Immortal State Warrior with powerful True Qi.

    The woman was wearing a white gown, floating in the air with a frosty look. Among the three of them, she had the highest level of cultivation.

    "The human world is so filthy. It's making me uncomfortable even after just a while."

    The man with a blade shook his head and said, "I don't think we'll find any potential disciples in this world. It's ridiculous for the sect to still send us here to check. We've abandoned this piece of land for a long time and the environment should have already killed all the good warriors, even if there's any left."

    "The Gate of Heaven opens once in centuries. We should have to bring someone back," the man in a blue gown said.

    He overlooked the human world like the gods looking at people from above. For the Gate of Heavens' cultivators, Earth was indeed like dust and the place they came from was truly like Heaven!

    "I heard that an elder from the Snow God Palace found someone good not long ago," the man in blue gown added as he glanced at the woman with a hint of admiration in his eyes.

    "Yes, one of our elders used a secret treasure to come here earlier while the Gate of Heaven was about to open. She found a twenty-year-old girl who didn't know anything about cultivation but had a rare Ice Spirit Root, a potential person that can directly become a Heavenly Being."

    The woman in a white gown nodded. She didn't talk much.

    The brawny man with a blade said enviously, "Tut tut, an Ice Spirit Root! It's a rare being even in our realm and can no doubt become an Earth Level Deity after fifty years. The Snow God Palace is so lucky!"

    "So, there's still something good about the human world," the man in the blue gown said with arrogance.

    "I'll go and explore this foreign world first, to see if I can find anything special. I hope those so-called Immortal State Warriors won't let me down."

    The brawny man laughed and tapped his back.

    A long, black blade moved close to his grasp and he turned into a ray of black light, shooting into the sky.

    "Ah, he's so reckless. We've haven't visited the human world for several centuries, who knows how much it has changed?"

    The man in the blue gown shook his head with disdain in his eyes.

    "Lei is right. The cultivation world here is chaotic and I bet they don't even have a complete cultivation art. Besides, their power must be much more inferior than ours and Earth Level Deities have been extinct for a thousand years. Let's go, Snow Fairy."

    The woman in white gown kept her cool and silent attitude.

    It seemed as if nothing in this world could attract her.