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Chapter 634 - Ye Qincang, Youre Too Young

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 634: Ye Qincang, You're Too Young

    Mount Yan had been bustling for a few days before it returned to serenity.

    During those days, Chen Fan and Fang Qiong enjoyed receiving blessings from everyone. He also felt happy just by seeing the beaming smile on her face. The reason why Chen Fan had returned was to make up for his family and loved ones.

    "What a shame! Xiao Qiong said there were too many people here so she was embarrassed to stay in my room."

    Chen Fan laughed and shook his head.

    The great North Mystic Celestial Lord had been reborn for several years but he was still a virgin!

    However, Chen Fan didn't mind it at all. He and Fang Qiong were destined to continue their journey of cultivation and live a million years.

    Compared to such a long life, a few years was only an insignificant part of it! In Chen Fan's eyes, Fang Qiong wasn't mature enough. Her perfect moment would arrive when she grew and became Zi Qiong Goddess.

    "After this, we should proceed with our next agenda."

    Chen Fan's eyes were glittering.

    On Mount Yan outside of Yan Jin.

    The Ye Family mansion had been repaired after several days, but the main peak of Mount Yan had become shorter, attesting to the horrific magnitude of the recent battle.

    "How can Chen Beixuan be so powerful? Grandpa couldn't defeat him even after becoming an Earth Level Deity."

    Ye Yiren looked at the main peak of Mount Yan and still could not believe what happened.

    Ye Nantian shook his head and said, "Father just became an Earth Level Deity and his power isn't stable yet. Chen Beixuan is indeed powerful and his attacks have gone beyond the level of an Earth Level Deity. I wonder where he learned such a terrifying art."

    Even though he had entered the Immortal State recently, his power was as stable as many experienced Immortal State Warriors and he was very observant.

    "Uncle, is grandpa all right?" Ye Yiren asked anxiously.

    "Don't worry. Father is an Earth Level Deity after all, and Chen Beixuan also held back a little during his final attack. He woke up after a few days of rest, and I guess he'll be fully recovered in five years at most," Ye Nantian said.

    While they were talking, a ray of azure light swept across the sky. Ye Nantian was immediately stunned.

    "Chen Beixuan?"

    The azure light then landed in front of them and Chen Fan appeared.

    "I would like to see Old Lord Ye please," Chen Fan said as he gave them a nod.

    Chen Fan's visit to Mount Yan terrified the entire Ye Family.

    The members of the Ye Family stared at Chen Fan anxiously. Given that Ye Qincang was still recovering from his injuries, Ye Nantian and Azure Dragon were the only ones guarding the Ye Family and they couldn't bear any attack from Chen Fan.

    "Is he coming to kill General Ye?" Many thought.

    Even Ye Qincang became nervous, knowing that Chen Fan had once promised to protect the Ye Family. After all, the Ye Family was at its weakest right then and it was the best time to eliminate Ye Qincang. Who knew if Chen Fan had changed his mind?

    "Let him in."

    A strong Immortal Will was transmitted to everyone's minds.

    It was Ye Qincang's voice!

    Ye Beichen and the other members of the Ye Family stepped aside respectfully and Ye Nantian led Chen Fan to a garden at the back.

    There was a large loquat tree which covered half of the garden with its leaves.

    Ye Qincang was standing under it with his back facing Chen Fan.

    He kept staring at the loquat tree as if he hadn't noticed Chen Fan was there.

    Ye Qincang started talking emotionally, "I used to be a brigand in the Northwest region and then joined the army later on. My wife had always been by my side no matter what. She was the first Red Sparrow when I first established Kunlun. Unfortunately, she was severely injured while she tried to protect me in the battle where the seven Immortal State Warriors besieged me. She died after a few years, leaving our son Nantian behind.

    "I planted this loquat tree the year she passed away and it's been forty years since then. The little sapling grew into such a large tree. The passage of time is like the flow of water and we never know how fast it goes."

    He slowly turned around with his final words.

    He stood upright in his black outfit; his black hair and black eyes made him look like a young man. However, his eyes seemed to show how much he had been through the decades.

    Ye Qincang said respectfully, "I realized that you're not what they said after knowing more about you. You haven't encountered any miracles or found any ancient treasures. Aids might be able to increase your power, but not your attitude!

    "When I look at you, I feel like there's an old beast standing in front of me. I've never seen a glimmer of panic in your eyes, as if there's nothing in this world that can surprise you. Should I call you Chen Fan? Or…"

    "Just call me Chen Beixuan! Beixuan is the name my teacher gave me. I haven't been addressed as Chen Fan in a long time," Chen Fan said calmly.

    He seemed to have acknowledged Ye Qincang's conjecture.

    Ye Qincang furrowed his brows and said, "I knew you were also a cultivator! Senior Beixuan, did you come from the Gate of Heaven? I've read through all the books from each sect in China, but there's no record about Immortal State Warriors defeating Earth Level Deities or a sect called the True Martial Celestial Sect."

    This hundred-year-old man was addressing Chen Fan as "Senior."

    And yet, the two of them found it natural. Chen Fan was the reincarnation of an ancient beast and was much more powerful than Ye Qincang, so it was normal to call him Senior.

    "Haha, the Gate of Heaven is nothing!"

    Chen Fan laughed.

    He got up and paced, then looked up and said, "Ye Qincang, you are indeed talented, but you have no idea how big the world is! The Earth is so small compared to the boundless universe, not to mention the Gate of Heaven."

    "If not the Gate of Heaven, then…" Ye Qincang wondered.

    Chen Fan didn't answer and he looked up to the sky quietly. He wondered what his teachers, brothers, allies, friends and enemies in his previous life were doing.

    In the meantime, the night had come and the sky was glimmering with stars.

    "Did you come from Heaven?" Ye Qincang frowned and asked.

    Modern people knew that the Earth was the only normal planet in the universe and there wasn't anything like Heaven and Hell, so Ye Qincang thought that Chen Fan was fooling him.

    "Not from Heaven, but deep in space," Chen Fan said.

    Ye Qincang was startled.

    Humans had only traveled to the moon and scientists were still uncertain if there was life out there in the universe. If Chen Fan really came from space, it would totally turn the world upside down!

    "So, there are cultivators and humans in space?"

    Ye Qincang couldn't believe it.

    "The universe is wider than you can imagine and the Immortal Cultivation culture doesn't exist only on Earth. Billions of years ago, human cultivators had battled across the universe with thousands of alien races, but you don't need to know about it right now. You'll understand when the time comes."

    Chen Fan smiled and looked far away.

    Ye Qincang nodded, then took a deep breath and said, "I thought that becoming an Earth Level Deity would mark the end of my cultivation journey and I could live for several centuries. Above that is the legendary Sky Immortal and cultivators at our level would already be respected like the Buddha. I didn't know that there were also cultivators in space. Did those ancient Sages and Gods go deep into the universe as well?"

    "Haha, what's an Earth Level Deity?"

    Chen Fan burst into laughter and his eyes were filled with disdain.

    "Only the ignorant people on Earth would call a Connate Cultivator a Deity. In the universe, one can only be called a Deity after entering the Dao Reunion level!"

    Chen Fan sneered.

    "Connate? Dao Reunion?" Ye Qincang wondered.

    He had never heard of these names and there were no records at all in the old books.

    Chen Fan explained, "There are eight cultivation stages in the Realm of Cultivation, including Qi Refinement, Connate, Golden Core, Nascent Soul, Soul Formation, Void Returning, Dao Reunion and Tribulation.

    "The Qi Refinement level is divided into three states: Internal Force State, Transcendent State and Immortal State. You reached the Connate level once you became an Earth Level Deity, and that is only the start of your cultivation journey. Below that, you don't even count as a cultivator."


    Ye Qincang was so shocked he fell on the floor.

    How powerful would the following stages be if an Earth Level Deity was only at the second cultivation stage? Dao Reunion was five levels away from the Connate realm!

    An Earth Level Deity could defeat a hundred Immortal State Warriors and could also kill a hundred thousand Internal Force Warriors! This was only the difference of one level. So, if there were two cultivators that were five levels apart, how different would their powers be?

    Did it mean that a Connate Cultivator was as weak as an ant to a Dao Reunion Cultivator?

    "For a Dao Reunion Perfected Immortal, three thousand years is only one season and one can live more than a million years. You would also be able to swallow the sun, flicking off the stars, walk in the universe, bathe in the galaxy and sleep on the sun and moon. Only then can you be called a Deity!" Chen Fan said.

    Ye Qincang was dumbfounded.