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Chapter 633 - Yan Jin Covered in Red Maple Leaves

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 633: Yan Jin Covered in Red Maple Leaves

    England, France, Russia…

    These were all superpowers on top of the world and they controlled the fate of Earth. If the Earth was a chessboard and the other countries were the pieces, then these three countries would be the players.

    But this wasn't why Wang Zhongguo was desperate.

    What truly frightened him was Clint Johnson, the American Under Secretary of State. He represented the most powerful country on Earth and the will of the United States!

    "Even the United States has sent their Envoy to Chen Beixuan's engagement banquet?" Wang Keshan mumbled.

    It was the United States of America!

    It was the dominator of the planet which controlled the life and death of all countries. Since the United States had sent their Special Envoy, it meant that Chen Fan's status had risen way beyond their expectations!

    Wang Chenchen's father, Wang Kedong, said, "We've totally underestimated Sister Xiaoyun's child. We thought that he was only someone who could do a bit of magic, not someone who could face the superpowers and military weapons. And yet, he's already risen to the top of the world and even the United States has to be careful with him."

    The United States would respect anyone who was powerful and bully those who were weak. So, the presence of their envoy symbolized the recognitionition of Chen Fan's status and how seriously they took him.

    How powerful was he to be on an equal footing with a country?

    "If we would have sincerely apologized to Sister Xiaoyun and Brother Gexin, making up for the past in the first place, we probably would have been standing there and accepting all those blessings. Our family would have become the top family in Yan Jin, in China, and even in East Asia!"

    Everything Wang Kedong said was a severe blow to everyone else.

    Wang Keqin and Wang Kefeng couldn't contain their hatred at all, while Wang Zhongguo's hand was even trembling; he couldn't hold his cane right.

    As for Xue Hongmei, she couldn't even say a word anymore.

    Who else could defy Chen Fan on this planet?

    Many members of the Wang Family were confused.

    Those who came to congratulate Chen Fan were completely astonished.

    "Dozens of countries have sent their special envoys, including four of the five superpowers. I guess this can compare with the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton!" a young master from a middle-class family said.

    "Haha, Prince William has a superior status only because of the glorious history of the British Empire, but Chen Beixuan is different. He's climbed to the top of the world after five years of cultivation. The key fact is that we're only talking about an engagement banquet. Can you imagine what it will be like on their wedding day?" someone sneered and asked.

    Everyone gasped.

    Considering Chen Fan's current status, his wedding would cause a great furor across the world. By then, even the leaders of the powerful countries would make an appearance to congratulate him!

    "We are totally different from Chen Beixuan. We're only normal people while he's a Deity. We can't compare with him, even if we work hard for a thousand years and become the world's wealthiest people."

    Ouyang Qiong shook his head.

    The Prada girl standing next to him was especially bright and fashionable that day; her eyes were filled with envy and admiration. Not only her, many other girls were also staring at Fang Qiong with jealousy.

    A lady from a large family said, "It's only because they've known each other since they were little. If Chen Beixuan had met me first, he wouldn't have married this girl."

    The girls around her rolled their eyes. Some of them who thought they had better body figure, appearance and family background than Fang Qiong started to look for opportunities to talk to Chen Fan. After all, their engagement could be cancelled anytime and they could also get a divorce even after they were married.

    "He's a hundred times better than those young masters from the wealthy families. If I can marry him, I'll become the First Lady of the world and will remain young forever. So, who else can be a better candidate than he is?"

    All their hearts leaped.

    At the same time, Chen Fan was greeting his guests in the building. Up until then, only a few guests could really talk casually with him. Many envoys who attended the ceremony knew how superior Chen Fan was, so they were all acting humble and polite.

    Only the representatives from the superpowers could talk to him more.

    Chris, the British Special Envoy, smiled and said, "Mr. Beixuan, I hope our friendship will be long-lasting."

    "Sure, I should visit London more often. I've got quite a few friends there," Chen Fan replied.

    Chris immediately froze. Chen Fan had scared the hell out of them in the month he stayed in England; he even battled with the American fleet close to London and blew up an island.

    The British government was still thinking how they should explain to their people that an island near the Thames estuary suddenly disappeared! It was a few kilometers large!

    "Sure, sure!"

    Chris gave an embarrassed smile and didn't say anything else.

    Oleg waved at Chen Fan and whispered to him, "General Chen, your battle with General Ye was indeed incredible, but you have to be aware of the Blood Ancestor. According to KGB's intel, the Dark Duke has been more active. He has slaughtered people in several villages consecutively and is trying to wake the Blood Ancestor with blood."

    "I will."

    Chen Fan nodded.

    "I hope the next time we meet will be the day you get married. My President told me that it was a shame he couldn't come this time, but he'll definitely attend your wedding in person!" Oleg said in the end.

    What he said caused an uproar.

    Fang Mingde was startled. The Russian President had ruled Russia for twenty years and was a heavy hitter in the world… he would attend the wedding of Chen Fan and Fang Qiong?

    "Our daughter has really found a great husband!"

    Fang Mingde smiled wryly.

    As for Su Susu, she was so guilty she wanted to find a place to hide. The more powerful Chen Fan was, the more she hated herself for looking down on him and having tried to separate them.

    The last one who came forward was Clint Johnson, the American Special Envoy.

    "Mr. Chen Beixuan, congratulations on behalf of President Obama. We hope that you can observe international laws, maintain global order and uphold justice along with the United States of America," Clint said politely.

    "Please convey my message to your President. Don't mess with me or I'll mess with you! This is how I do things," Chen Fan said.

    "Of course," Clint smiled and said.

    The banquet continued until late in the evening and the lights in the villa lit up the entire North Mountain. Countless people refused to leave even if they couldn't see anything inside. In the end, Chen Fan and Fang Qiong got engaged in the presence of the Special Envoys.

    Chen Fan even made red maple leaves grow to celebrate with Fang Qiong.

    The young girl was completely moved and started crying.

    Yukishiro Sa and A'Xiu were also envious of her.

    When the residents of Yan Jin got up in the morning, they found that the red maple leaves which could only be seen in autumn had suddenly grown back during winter. The entire mountain turned red and it looked as if the city had put on a traditional Chinese wedding dress.

    "It's a miracle! Why are there red leaves on the maple trees in winter?" many Old Lords wondered.

    Those who knew what happened were thrilled.

    How incredible!

    The old sergeant of the Ba Ji Sect said, "He's indeed Heavenly Chen. This is the real power of a Heavenly Being! An ancient legend said that Wu Zetian had once made peonies bloom in Luoyang, and today, Heavenly Chen made the maple leaves grow again like an Emperor."

    Gao Baisheng and Guo Xiaomang were shocked and jeaous.

    They used to think that being able to crack a stone or fight with a hundred people alone was enough to dominate the world, but the fact was the difference between their power and Chen Fan's was as wide as the distance between the sky and the ground.

    "When I go back, I'll shut myself in and will never come out if I don't enter the Transcendent State. I want to experience what it's like to defeat Immortal State Warriors and Earth Level Deities," Gao Baisheng said.

    "Good to know that you have such a strong determination and will! It'll surely be worth it even if you can't become a Heavenly Being."

    The skinny old sergeant burst into laughter.

    Not only the Ba Ji Sect, many other organizations in the Chinese Martial Arts community, including the Tai Chi Sect, the Xin Yi Sect, the Gu Family, the Seven Kill Fist Sect, and the entire Dark World were astonished.

    Unlike leveling the peak of Mount Yan, the skill Chen Fan had exhibited this time showed the power of a Heavenly Being.

    The research departments of many countries were urgently revising their assessments about Chen Fan.

    In our modern society, the power of creation was way more terrifying than a pure destructive power. Scientists couldn't kill people but they could develop nuclear weapons, electromagnetic weapons and space-based weapons for killing.

    Who knew what Chen Fan was capable of? With extra ingredients, the Vitality Serum could immediately turn into a deadly poison.

    This was what cultivators did.

    Wheeling and dealing.