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Chapter 632 - Blessings from All Nations

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 632: Blessings from All Nations

    The long line of cars stretched as far as the eye could see, just like a dragon. Even the Wang family had only seen such a sight a few times.

    A junior member of the Wang family wondered, "Why are so many people going to Chen Beixuan's engagement banquet?"

    Wang Keshan and Wang Kefeng turned pale.

    They had underestimated Chen Fan's influence. The Wang family thought that everyone would turn against him after he killed so many people.

    And yet, what they didn't know was that people were more willing to please him when they realized how powerful he was.

    He could kill anyone he wanted and his disciples were everywhere around the world.

    So, people would certainly respect such a superior figure.

    Wang Dong, son of Wang Keshan, said, "Dad, don't worry. Those who came must be some ordinary tycoons and warriors. The truly powerful families or forces will never come to North Mountain, and the rest of the families in Yan Jin have united to boycott Chen Beixuan. He'll be gone sooner or later."

    Wang Keshan nodded but he was feeling anxious at the same time.

    The plan of boycotting Chen Fan was made before the battle on Mount Yan. After that, Chen Fan had become the most powerful figure on Earth, despising everyone else on top of the world.

    Would those major families really comply with their commitment?

    In the meantime, there was a crowd of people at the foot of North Mountain.

    Many tycoons and warriors from different parts of the country and some foreign Dark Overlords had gathered in the area. The parking lot of the villa district was very spacious, but it still couldn't accommodate such a large number of people.

    A disciple of the North Qiong Sect said politely, "I'm sorry, this is a private engagement banquet. It's not open to the public."

    These disciples might seem gentle, but their eyes looked fierce and all of them were masters of Internal Force and peak-stage cultivators.

    "We're just here to deliver our gift and express our respect to Heavenly Chen. We don't need to go up the mountain."

    Then, a white-haired old man went towards the top of the mountain with the help of a young girl but the disciples of the North Qiong Sect didn't stop him. A tycoon from Hong Kong was therefore discontented and he mumbled, "Why can't we go up there while they can?"

    "Have you lost your mind? He's Old Lord Xiao from the Xiao family, the top family in Yan Jin! I guess he's here to apologize to Heavenly Chen. You would have also been invited by North Qiong Corp if your status was as high as his."

    Someone sneered.

    The tycoon immediately shut his mouth.

    The Xiao family was the most superior family in Yan Jin. Although the Chen family stole their thunder, they could still be one of the top five families in China. In fact, they were even more powerful than before, given that Ye Qincang was alive and had become an Earth Level Deity.

    Compared to the Xiao family, a billionaire was nothing.

    "Old Lord Xiao has arrived!"

    As the disciple announced, Old Lord Xiao slowly walked to the door of the villa.

    Meanwhile, the seniors of the North Qiong Sect, the Chen family and the Fang family had filled half of the backyard. When they heard that Old Lord Xiao was there, Chen Huaian, Wang Xiaoyun and Chen Gexin immediately went out to welcome him.

    Old Lord Xiao yielded to Chen Fan only because he was the most powerful figure in the world.

    Other than Chen Fan, nobody else was superior to Old Lord Xiao. Even Chen Huaian was a junior compared to him, not to mention Fang Mingde and the others.

    "Brother Huaian, I've heard a lot about you. You must be proud to have brought up such a talented grandson!" Old Lord Xiao said.

    "Please forgive Xiao Fan for offending you last time," Chen Huaian apologized genuinely.

    "Forget about it. My grandson Xiao Xuan is indeed too arrogant. He deserves to remain three years in bed for offending a Heavenly Being based on some rumors. I should even thank Heavenly Chen for showing him mercy," Old Lord Xiao said.

    Fang Mingde and Su Susu gasped after seeing how respectful Old Lord Xiao was when he talked about Chen Fan.

    They had just arrived in Yan Jin, so they couldn't see how powerful Chen Fan was during the battle on Mount Yan, and they didn't know that he had subdued all the other families in Yan Jin!

    "I'm so glad Xiao Qiong can marry a man like him."

    Fang Mingde and Su Susu looked at each other, recognizing that they shared the same thought.

    Su Susu was especially relieved. She had almost made Chen Fan and Fang Qiong break up the other year. If Fang Qiong hadn't insisted, directly going for the Civil registration, their marriage attempts would have been aborted long before.

    The arrival of Old Lord Xiao was only the beginning.

    Then, the Li family, the Mu family, the Han family, Old Lord Qin and Qin Yaner also made an appearance. After all, it was Chen Fan's engagement banquet that day and Wang Xiaoyun didn't want to shut them out.

    "Old Lord Qin, your plan was totally screwed, right?" someone joked.

    Old Lord Qin shook his head. "Heavenly Chen is out of our league! He's now standing on top of the world. My granddaughter isn't good enough for him!"

    A glint of sorrow flashed in Qin Yaner's eyes as she heard the reply.

    In a while, all the major families in Yan Jin and those from the North had gathered in front of the No.5 Villa.

    His fame had spread across the entire country!

    The members of the Wang family listened to the announcements and they all blanched.

    "The Xiao family, the Hans, the Lis, the Mus, the Qins, the Ans, the Fus, the Wus… All of them are shameless. They had agreed to boycott Chen Beixuan together, and now they're going back on their word?" Wang Dong said furiously.

    Wang Keqin and Wang Keshan both gave wry smiles.

    Chen Fan was currently on an equal footing with the superpowers of the world, how could some families boycott him? He could eliminate all these major families in Yan Jin anytime he wanted. Even Ye Qincang had lost the battle, who else would dare to turn against him?

    "I refuse to believe that no one else in the world would dare to deal with this bastard! People in our country might be scared of him, but not the foreign powers! He has made a lot of enemies abroad and many people can't wait to kill him!" Xue Hongmei said with anger.

    Then, more announcements were heard at the foot of the mountain.

    "Mr. Lee Jaehee, President of the Samsung Group of Korea has arrived."

    "Mr. Mitsui Yuto, President of the Mitsui Group of Japan has arrived."

    "Miss Guo Nuannuan, President of the Temasek Group of Singapore has arrived."

    Many chairpersons of the world's top consortiums came one after another. They were all among the top five hundred companies in the world, which had more than a hundred billion dollars in assets. Some of them were even in charge of several companies at the same time, being as wealthy as countries. Even the leaders of some small countries had to be respectful to them when they paid a visit.

    And yet, they were extremely deferential in North Mountain, like subordinates and juniors.

    "We're here to apologize to Mr. Chen Beixuan. Our descendants had once offended him and the Li family is really sorry about that," Lee Jaehee said, feeling terrified.

    "Sorry, Master is with Miss Fang. He's not seeing anyone at the moment," Yukishiro Sa said with a cold voice.

    "It's alright. Please convey my apologies."

    Lee Jaehee bowed a few times. Standing next to him, Mitsui Yuto was also begging for Chen Fan's forgiveness and was willing to offer half of the shares of Toyota Motor Corp.

    Even though Chen Fan had killed his father, Mitsui Kazuo, and defeated Japan, Mitsui Yuto didn't hate Chen Fan at all and was even begging him.

    Seeing this happen, many Chinese warriors finally realized how powerful Chen Fan was right at the moment.

    "He's the most powerful person in the world! Master is like the United States now. No one will offend him again and anyone who does will come to apologize immediately! Otherwise, Master will wipe out their entire families," Hua Yunfeng said as he placed his hands behind his back.

    "We should go and look for those who didn't come to North Mountain to apologize to Master and help him settle the scores. We must let the world know that the North Qiong Sect also has warriors like us other than just a Heavenly Being!" Xie Yan said.

    The two legends were both strong enough to be among the top ten warriors on Earth. If they worked together, only a few Mortal Deities could compete with them.

    They saw the arrival of the Presidents of many top consortiums around the world, including the noble families from Europe and the members of some Royal Families.

    The members of the Wang family became gloomy.

    The old lady was even trembling and she almost passed out again.

    "Fine, let's not compare ourselves to them." Wang Zhongguo shook his head and turned around. When he was going back into the villa, a voice suddenly came from the foot of the mountain.

    "Mr. Yamamura Kyuki, the Special Envoy of the Japanese Prime Minister has come to congratulate Mr. Chen and Miss Fang on behalf of the Japanese government."

    Everyone was shocked; they thought they had misheard.

    Even a country's leader had sent their Special Envoy?

    Wang Zhongguo stopped and listened carefully. A series of announcements then resounded through the mountain.

    "Mr. Rohn Schneider, the Special Envoy of the German Prime Minister has come to congratulate Mr. Chen and Miss Fang on behalf of the German government."

    "Mr. Oleg, the Russian Special Envoy has come to congratulate Mr. Chen and Miss Fang on behalf of the Russia President."

    "The Special Envoy of the French President…"

    "The Special Envoy of the British Prime Minister…"

    "The Special Envoy of the President of the European Union…"

    The entire North Mountain was shocked when these Special Envoys arrived. Everyone stood in awe of those cars with the flags of each country, and the Envoys representing different superpowers.


    When Wang Zhongguo was about to say something, the last announcement came.

    "President Obama of the United States has sent the Under Secretary of State to congratulate Mr. Chen Beixuan and Miss Fang Qiong."

    Everyone went silent.

    Wang Zhongguo turned pale while the others were dumbfounded.

    What a prestigious figure Chen Fan was!