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Chapter 631 - A Ten-Mile Dragon

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 631: A Ten-Mile Dragon

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    While the world was in chaos because of Chen Fan…

    All the North Qiong Sect members had returned to the villa in North Mountain. Although this villa was offered by the Wang family, North Qiong Corp had already paid the Wang family and bought several others around the area.

    How could the leaders of the families in North Mountain reject North Qiong Corp when they offered to pay three times the price in the market?

    Chen Fan had just risen to the top of the world. Who would dare to refuse to sell them houses?

    "Xiao Fan, I saw that you've been buying houses here. What are they for? Do you want to get the entire North Mountain?" Fang Qiong asked.

    "It's your engagement gift," Wang Xiaoyun said with a beaming smile.


    Fang Qiong's eyes popped out.

    "I've talked to your parents about it. You two are not young anymore and will soon graduate from college. We can just settle the engagement and confirm your relationship first. Mingde and Susu have also agreed."

    1Fang Qiong blushed immediately; her face was red like an apple.

    She was a strong and independent woman who seldom showed this girly side of hers, so A'Xiu and the others were excited.

    Fang Qiong leaned on Wang Xiaoyun and said as she glanced at Chen Fan, "Auntie Yun, what does Xiao Fan think about this?"

    "Hm, if he doesn't agree, I'll kick him out from the family and end our relations!"

    Wang Xiaoyun slashed with her hand, creating a deep crack on the floor and splitting an armchair into two.

    "Mom, you…"

    Chen Fan didn't know what to say.

    Wang Xiaoyun had taken the Red Flame Spirit Pills to enter the Ethereal Enlightenment State, but she still didn't have full control of her energy, which was why Chen Fan didn't want his parents to cultivate. A good state of mind was also necessary for controlling their powers.

    "Don't worry, it's only an engagement. I once promised to give you the world and you'll have it when we truly get married," Chen Fan said gently.


    Fang Qiong nodded.

    While countries and countless forces of the Dark World were stunned and worried because of Chen Fan and Ye Qincang, a secret message circulated around the world which stirred the people in Yan Jin.

    Chen Fan was getting engaged.

    The other party wasn't Qin Yaner from the Qin family but a young girl named Fang Qiong.

    "Who's Fang Qiong? I've never heard of this name. I thought Superpower Chen would marry a girl from the top families or some cultivation talent, like Ye Yiren of the Ye family," someone wondered.

    Ye Yiren and Lin Puojun had once been regarded as the Super Duo and many seniors thought they had the highest possibility of becoming Immortal State Warriors among the younger generation. Unfortunately, they weren't strong enough to compete with Chen Fan, and Lin Puojun was even killed by Chen Fan's servant.

    But if Chen Fan were to marry someone, only Ye Yiren would barely qualify.

    "I heard that she's been close to Chen Beixuan since they were small! She's also the one in charge of North Qiong Corp," another girl said with jealousy.

    She came from an upper-class family in Yan Jin and was popular among the young masters in the city, but she was much weaker compared to Fang Qiong.

    Chen Fan was the top Overlord on Earth and was regarded as Superpower Chen and Heavenly Chen.

    His wife would have an even higher status than those of the Presidents and Prime Ministers of the superpowers.

    The power of a President or a Prime Minister came from their position and people of the country, but Chen Fan's power came from himself. He was a country and he had a wealthy family. Whoever married him would stand on top of the world and enjoy the glory with him.

    So, who wouldn't be jealous?

    Many people were talking about Fang Qiong while the others were sneering at the Qin family.

    "The plan of the Qin family was totally screwed. Not only were they unable to rope Heavenly Chen in, but they also offended the Xiao family. No one wants Qin Yaner anymore. How funny is that!"

    "Right, even if they want their daughter to become Chen Beixuan's concubine now, he would never accept her!"

    "If I were Qin Yaner, I'd jump off a building."

    There were many snide remarks about the Qin family.

    In the mansion of the Qin family at Lake Kunming.

    The Qin family sighed all day long and Qin Yaner's mother couldn't even stop crying. She used to be so proud of Qin Yaner, then her daughter was dragged down to the bottom.

    "It's my fault. If I hadn't gone to the Ye family, our daughter would have been the one engaged,not that girl called Fang Qiong," Qin Guochao said regretfully.

    When Ye Qincang became an Earth Level Deity, everyone thought that Chen Fan would certainly lose. That was why Qin Guochao went to talk to the Ye family and tried to arrange a marriage between the two families. And yet, it turned out that Chen Fan had won in the end. News about it soon circulated the city and the Qin family became a laughing stock.

    "It's alright. Our reputation might have been harmed but we're still a powerful family. It's just that Yaner has to bear the consequences."

    Old Lord Qin heaved a sigh.

    Qin Yaner looked pale and haggard.

    She forced a wry smile and said, "Don't worry, grandpa. I'm not in a hurry. I still want to spend more time with you."

    Old Lord Qin felt even more guilty after hearing what she said and decided to do something about it.

    In the meantime, silence reigned in the Wang family.

    Unlike the lively atmosphere in the No.5 Villa, many members of the Wang family had gathered on the top of the mountain without talking to one another. They were even more enraged when they heard the news that Chen Fan was getting engaged.

    Xue Hongmei was so furious her hands were shaking.

    She hadn't been sleeping for several days after her most precious grandson died, and Chen Fan was suddenly getting engaged. Was he trying to humiliate the Wang family?

    "Dad, Mom, Chen Fan has gone too far. Xiao Chen never offended him! No one has ever done this to the Wang family. Remember, Xiao Chen was my brother's only son!" Wang Keshan said.

    Wang Keqin was enraged, while Han Junli, Wang Chen's fiancée, turned pale and didn't say a word.

    Wang Kefeng banged on the table and said, "Haha, Chen Beixuan always takes advantage of his power to be domineering. Let alone other places, how many people in Yan Jin dislike him? All of them are just afraid to say it. I bet that nobody will show up at their door on the day of the engagement."

    The other members didn't say anything but most of them had the same thought.

    Even though Chen Fan was powerful, he was quite respected since he always suppressed people by force. Everyone just avoided him and tried not to offend him.

    "Hm, let see who would attend the engagement party of that little bastard! Those who go there will never be allowed in our house!" Xue Hongmei yelled angrily.

    Wang Chenchen was originally thinking about going to Chen Fan's engagement party, but after hearing what the senior members said, she immediately went silent.

    Only Wang Zhongguo seemed to be regretful.

    The day of engagement would soon arrive.

    The Chen family chose a close date since Chen Fan just wanted it to be simple. They invited some of their friends and relatives, including Chen Huaian, Chen Ning, Chen Xiao, Fang Mingde and Su Susu, so that both families could meet and settle everything.

    After all, this was only the engagement, not the wedding.

    And yet, Chen Fan had underestimated his status.

    "Chen Beixuan is getting engaged? We have to go."

    "What? They didn't invite us? We can still bring them some gifts. Even if we can't see Chen Beixuan, it's good enough to meet his parents, relatives and friends."

    "I agree. Distance isn't a problem! He's the most powerful person in the world!"

    Not only the Martial Arts families and sects in China, the tycoons and forces that had relations with North Qiong Corp, including the Loong family of Hong Kong, were startled.

    Many underground organizations, consortiums and even countries were also stunned.

    On the day of the engagement.

    There was a long line of cars at the foot of North Mountain.

    The line was a dozen kilometers long and continued from North Mountain to the center of Yan Jin.

    Almost all of the cars were luxury models that were worth at least a million, of brands like Maserati, Lamborghini, Rolls-Royce, Mercedes-Benz S Series, BMW 7 Series, and so on. Many of them had official markings of foreign envoys.

    Countless residents of Yan Jin were gathered.

    "Who's getting married? Isn't it too grand? Even the weddings of the top families of Yan Jin wouldn't be like this! Looking at the direction the cars are going, would it be related to the Wang family in North Mountain?"

    "I heard that it's the engagement party of North Qiong Corp's CEO. That's why many people are going there to congratulate them," someone said.

    "North Qiong Corp? This company can barely get in China's top five. His engagement party can cause heavy traffic in Yan Jin? So, is the guy from the Wang family?" someone doubted immediately.

    "I heard that he's not a member of the Wang family. They banished him years ago," another person said.

    "What the f**k? The Wang family kicked such a powerful person out? What a waste!"

    Everyone in the surroundings was shocked and confused.

    Meanwhile, the members of the Wang family stood on top of the mountain and their faces started to turn pale.