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Chapter 630 - Top of the World

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 630: Top of the World

    After the slash.

    Wang Zhongguo was dumbfounded.

    None of the members of the Wang family could believe what they had just seen.

    Those who were watching next to them—including the Qin family, the Xiao family, the Immortal State Warriors and the Dark Overlords—were all frightened.

    The Wang family was about to dominate China with Chen Fan's power, but Chen Fan stopped it from happening in the end! His slash not only ended the relations between the Chen family and the Wang family, but also dashed the Wang family's hope of attaining a superior status.

    Wang Zhongguo stood behind the blade mark with a pale face.

    Looking at Chen Fan who was standing in the air, he laughed and shouted, "Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!"

    "Chen Beixuan, top warrior on the Divine Roll! I underestimated you before. The Wang family will take responsibility for everything we did," Wang Zhongguo said.

    The reputation of the Wang family had dropped to the bottom once Chen Fan killed Wang Chen. How could the Wang family become one of the five major families in Yan Jin and gain a foothold in China?

    Tears welled up in the eyes of Xue Hongmei and Wang Keqin.

    Wang Chen was her grandson and his son!

    "You… you killed Chen?" Xue Hongmei pointed at Chen Fan and was so enraged that she passed out. Wang Keqin quickly held the old lady and said with hatred in his eyes, "Chen Beixuan, you killed my only son. Our family will avenge his death!"

    "I'll wait for you," Chen Fan said as he flew away.

    His slash had settled all the scores. If the Wang family offended him again, Chen Fan would never be lenient again. The members of the Wang family also knew this, and they could only contain their anger.

    "Xiao Fan."


    "Sect Master."

    The girls quickly ran forward.

    Chen Fan had completely startled the world with this battle. If he could defeat an Earth Level Deity, who else would dare to offend the North Qiong Sect and the Chen family in the future?

    Wang Xiaoyun didn't even care about the Wang family anymore; she looked at the young man gently.

    "This is my son, my endless pride!"

    Wang Xiaoyun was feeling blessed. She leaned on Chen Gexin and stared at Chen Fan.

    After a while, Wang Xiaoyun suddenly said, "It's time for Xiao Fan to get married."


    Chen Gexin nodded.

    After seeing Chen Fan slaughter Wang Chen, those who used to be envious of the Wang family started to mock them.

    "The Wang family doesn't understand Chen Beixuan at all. Did they really think that he would be restrained by family relations in the mortal world? If it wasn't for Wang Xiaoyun, Chen Beixuan would have killed all of them."

    The members of the other major families sneered secretly.

    They didn't know what the Wang family was planning, but as more and more information came to light, everyone could see that it had been the Wang family and Wang Chen who had fanned the flames and caused the quarrel between the Xiao family and Chen Fan. Together with the information about Wang Xiaoyun leaving the family years before, they knew exactly what the Wang family had planned to do.

    Ouyang Qiong shook his head and said, "Wang Zhongguo was smart, but his ambition made him irrational.

    "If the Wang family had made use of their relations to rope Wang Xiaoyun and Chen Fan in, Chen Beixuan might have still helped them during critical moments. Yet, they chose to set him up and manipulate him behind his back. Do they think Chen Beixuan is a fool?"

    "I guess Wang Zhongguo might be the first one to make this suggestion, but the others aren't as smart as him and have held him back. Otherwise, Chen Beixuan wouldn't just kill Wang Chen," another person said.

    Everyone else shook their heads and thought that the Wang family was indeed irrational.

    What fools they were to try to manipulate Chen Fan.

    "Right, where's Zhang Yu?" Ouyang Qiong said as he looked around for the arrogant Zhang Yu.

    Then, they discovered that Zhang Yu had been lying dead on the side with green bile acids coming out from his mouth, while the Prada girl was trembling next to his body.

    News about the battle on Mount Yan were swiftly spread across the Earth.

    Many forces of the Dark World and the Intelligence Departments of different countries were shocked after looking at the messages.

    "Ye Qingcang is going to lose?"

    "Ye Qingcang has become an Earth Level Deity?"

    "Chen Beixuan defeated the Earth Level Deity and became a legend?"

    There were a lot of twists and turns throughout the battle which were totally out of everyone's expectations. The fact that Ye Qingcang could become an Earth Level Deity was already earth-shattering.

    Before that day, many people still doubted if Earth Level Deities did exist.

    Since Ye Qingcang had become one, all the questions had been answered.

    But the most astonishing thing was that Chen Fan had defeated an Earth Level Deity.

    "Not even the oldest books have any records or legends about a mortal defeating an Entity and an Earth Level Deity."

    Many shook their heads.

    "Right, the myths of Babylon or the legends of Saints of the West and Heavenly Beings in the East are all clearly documented. The difference between an Earth Level Deity and an Immortal State Warrior is as distant as a Deity and a mortal; there can be a hundred fold difference in their powers. A Transcendent State Warrior can defeat an Immortal State Warrior, but it's impossible for an Immortal State Warrior to defeat an Earth Level Deity, even if Ye Qingcang had just become a Heavenly Being," an old Grand Master said.

    After becoming an Earth Level Deity, you would have the Treasure Body of the Earth Level Deity, a constant connection with Heaven and Earth, ten times the True Qi, Dharmic powers and Immortal Will of an Immortal State Warrior, and all kinds of secret arts and powers. The battling power of a real Earth Level Deity was a hundred times stronger than that of a normal Immortal State Warrior.

    So, who would believe that Chen Fan had defeated such a powerful being?

    "Maybe Chen Beixuan is a peerless talent that appears once in thousands of years, otherwise, how could he reach the peak stage of the Immortal State when he's only twenty-one years old? This is also something that we can't find in any books!" Black and White Demon Hunter said.

    Even though he was a famous figure in the Dark World, his explanation was still unable to resolve everyone's doubt.

    There were heated discussions on every forum and even the superpowers started researching, until a video appeared.

    The video was called "The Battle of Gods!"

    It had been shot with satellites, drones and remote HD cameras; it was the complete footage of the battle between Chen Fan and Ye Qingcang. The publisher was called "Kunlun" who was apparently a Chinese official.

    Although it was only a ten-minute video, the power Chen Fan and Ye Qingcang exhibited was unbelievable.

    You could see their incredible Martial Arts techniques at the beginning, the speed of the Earth Level Deity Body and their fight above the clouds after Ye Qingcang became an Earth Level Deity.

    Countless people were startled, thinking they had seen a miracle.

    "It's horrifying! He can fly at three times the speed of sound, which is even faster than the most advanced F22 Fighter, and can also cut off the peak of a mountain. How could a human have this power?" some Generals in the Operation Center said.

    Many Generals of the Navy and Air Force in the Pentagon and Arnold the German Minister of National Defense shared serious looks.

    "The power Ye Qingcang and Chen Beixuan displayed is comparable to that of a hundred-ton nuclear weapon. I'm afraid normal weapons won't be able to deal with them. I hope the Department of National Defense can allow us to use small-scale nuclear missiles and other powerful weapons," a Major General got up and said.

    The Admirals nodded. Chen Fan and Ye Qingcang had seriously threatened the world hegemony of the United States. Even their aircraft carriers were just like toys before them.

    "I'll report this to the President and the Wise Men. These Overlords from the East are threatening the interests of the United States, so this war is inevitable. If our country wants to keep dominating the world, we'll need to defeat them, just like we exterminated the Soviet Union in the past."

    General Nord nodded after a while.

    He couldn't take his eyes off the screen.

    It was showing the scene where Chen Fan made his last attack before defeating Ye Qingcang. That punch had been recorded clearly by the remote drones and satellites.

    Ten thousand meters up in the sky.

    A golden light wheel of a few feet in diameter was covered in flames and it rushed forward like Apollo's chariot.

    Opposite to the light wheel was a cyclone as large as the center of a hurricane. It carried a terrifying energy and was deep like the Milky Way.

    That scene had deeply astonished everyone in front of the screen.

    The senior officials of other countries and many Dark Overlords were truly stunned.

    Was it possible for humans to exhibit such energy? Both Chen Fan's punch and Ye Qingcang's Dharmic powers were astonishing.

    "This punch will be recorded in the annals and no one will forget about it! It represents the possibility that a mortal can defeat an Entity. It's the beginning of a new era, the rise of the Eastern Overlords and the decline of the West!"

    "It also means that Chen Beixuan has climbed to the top of the world; he has become the most powerful person on the planet. Nobody can challenge him anymore!" the Observer said on the forum.

    Those who saw this comment were speechless.

    January 23rd, 2012.

    Chen Fan defeated Ye Qingcang on top of Mount Yan and became the most powerful person on Earth!

    No one could compare to him!