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Chapter 629 - Settling Scores with a Slash!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 629: Settling Scores with a Slash!

    The young man who came down from the sky was Chen Beixuan?

    So, the one who landed on Mount Yan was Ye Qingcang?

    Ye Qingcang lost? An Earth Level Deity lost? How was that possible? This didn't make any sense! There had never been a mortal able to defeat a Deity.

    "It's impossible. Heavenly Ye will never lose!"

    All of the Xiao Family members shook their heads and the Old Lord Xiao was also terrified. The other families and those from Kunlun were just as surprised.

    Ye Qingcang had dominated China for decades and had always been on top of the Divine Roll. He was an unbeatable legend!

    That day, this legend had lost to Chen Beixuan. It was an unimaginably severe blow to White Tiger, Red Sparrow and Azure Dragon. The descendants of the Ye Family were also unwilling to accept it; all of them raised their voices in denial. Ye Nantian and Azure Dragon turned into crimson light streams and flew deep into Mount Yan to see if Ye Qingcang was still alive.

    "Did Chen Beixuan win?" the Gold Priest asked.

    "Heavenly Ye had already become a Fiend and he still lost to Chen Beixuan? This is unbelievable. This had never happened before, not even in myths and legends!"

    Guru Guja put his hands together and his eyes were filled with astonishment.

    The other Immortal State Warriors remained silent, as they had just witnessed the birth and defeat of an Earth Level Deity. This made them wonder: if an Earth Level Deity could be defeated, what was the meaning of cultivating so many years just to reach that level?

    On the contrary, the North Qiong Sect was thrilled.

    A'Xiu jumped and shouted, "Master won! Master won!"

    Wang Xiaoyun, Fang Qiong and An Ya were thrilled. Even though they had faith in Chen Fan, they were extremely worried since his opponent was an Earth Level Deity! He wasn't a human, but a Deity, a Saint, a Buddha!

    They had never thought that Chen Fan could even defeat an Earth Level Deity. Who would dare to offend the North Qiong Sect and the Chen Family from then on?

    "I told you, not even an Earth Level Deity can compete with Master."

    Hua Yunfeng touched his beard and smiled.

    Xie Yan suddenly realized why Chen Fan gave him the "Sword Art of Nine Abandonments" instead of keeping it for himself. "No wonder the art cultivated by an Earth Level Deity means nothing to him. An Earth Level Deity is no match for him."

    Unlike the North Qiong Sect, the major families of Yan Jin were dumbfounded.

    The Qin Family was supposed to be happy about the turn of events, but it wasn't the case. They had just sent someone to ask the Ye Family if Qin Yaner could marry Ye Beichen's son, but Chen Fan had suddenly won. Everything the Qin Family did had been wasted.

    "Ah, what a pity. Why did I do that?"

    Old Lord Qin was feeling regretful.

    Qin Guochao, the leader of the Qin Family, was embarrassed. He even congratulated the Ye Family just then. Who would have thought Chen Fan was capable of defeating an Earth Level Deity?

    The Wang Family was a bit better.

    Even though Wang Chen turned pale, he still forced a smile and said, "It's also a good thing to our family."

    "Right, Chen Fan is a member of the Wang Family after all. From now on, our family will take over the place of the Xiao Family and become the top family," Wang Keqin congratulated Old Lord Wang.

    The other members of the Wang Family were having mixed feelings.

    On one hand, they looked down on Chen Fan and wanted Ye Qingcang to kill him, while on the other, they were hoping to strengthen the Wang Family with Chen Fan's power. Such a tangled feeling made everyone look strange and even Xue Hongmei felt disgusted.

    "Xiao Fan is indeed an outstanding descendant of the Wang Family!"

    Wang Zhongguo's eyes were full of appreciation for Chen Fan.


    Chen Fan came down from the sky.

    His white outfit was intact, meaning that he had never used his full power during the fight. Otherwise, his clothes would have been long gone.

    So, many Immortal State Warriors immediately lowered their heads to show their respect.

    An elder went forward to congratulate Chen Fan, "Congratulations on defeating Ye Qingcang, Heavenly Chen. You've become a legend and risen to the top of the world!"

    He was called Changchun Taoist, a famous Qi Refinement Cultivator from Zhongnan Mountain who was as powerful as Li Changsheng. Changchun Taoist didn't go out of the mountain very often, so nobody had thought he would show up.

    "Congratulations, Heavenly Chen!"

    Oleg, the Gold Priest and the others all bowed to congratulate Chen Fan. As for Guru Guja, how would he dare to think about taking revenge at the moment? He was afraid that Chen Fan would destroy the Brahmin in front of him. He could only smile and greet him.

    Once a warrior became an Earth Level Deity, he would be regarded as a Heavenly Being. Although Chen Fan wasn't an Earth Level Deity yet, he deserved to be called "Heavenly Chen" after the battle.

    Chen Fan nodded and said, "Even though Ye Qingcang is gone, you still have me here. From now on, I'll be guarding the East. Immortal State Warriors are not allowed to make trouble here. Those who violate the rule will be killed!"

    "Got it!"

    Guru Guja and the others knelt on their knees right away.

    Although Ye Qingcang was a powerful figure in China, there were many people who didn't respect him. Li Changsheng and some others had once gathered the seven Immortal State Warriors to besiege Ye Qingcang, and the Immortal State Warriors from other countries didn't care about him, either.

    But Chen Fan defeated an Earth Level Deity in the sky!

    Besides, he had slaughtered twenty Immortal State Warriors in one go, half of all the warriors of that level on Earth. Who would dare not to obey him?

    "After I go back, I'll run as far as I can from the East and never come here again. I'll also tell my disciples to escape when they see Chinese people!"

    The Gold Priest and some others worried that Chen Fan would kill them to avoid any problems in the future.

    Fortunately, Chen Fan wasn't as crazy as they thought.

    Suddenly, Ye Nantian flew from afar with Ye Qingcang's body. The people present saw that there was a large fist-shaped hole on his chest. Red mist and Aether Qi were still billowing out from the hole.

    Ye Nantian and the other members of the Ye Family all looked devastated.

    "Don't worry. He's not dead yet. The healing ability of an Earth Level Deity Body is beyond your imagination. I guess it'll only take two to three years for him to be fully recovered," Chen Fan said calmly.

    Ye Nantian was relieved.

    Then, Chen Fan turned to the members of the Ye Family.

    "Even though Ye Qingcang challenged me to fight, it wasn't a life and death battle; we only wanted to learn from each other. Kunlun and the Ye Family will still be ruling China. Those who offend them offend the North Qiong Sect as well, and I will kill them all."

    He was actually saying this to those next to the Ye Family.

    Many people who hated Ye Qingcang were thinking about how to take advantage of the situation to do him harm, but after hearing what Chen Fan said, they had to contain their anger.

    Chen Fan then glanced over at the Xiao Family.

    The members of the Xiao Family were frightened, and the junior members like Xiao Xianzhu even blanched.

    Everyone in the world knew that Chen Beixuan would kill anyone who offended him. Since the Xiao Family asked Ye Qingcang to deal with him, how could Chen Beixuan let them get away?

    "Heavenly Chen, it's all my fault. I'm willing to take full responsibility. Please don't hurt the others!"

    Old Lord Xiao bowed as he trembled.

    A ninety-year-old elderly was begging a twenty-year-old young man for mercy. Everyone who saw this, including Xiao Changfeng and Xiao Xianzhu, were feeling sad and enraged.

    The other Yan Jin families were also stunned.

    Who would dare to disrespect Chen Fan again, seeing that the most powerful family in Yan Jin had yielded to him? Those from the Wang Family immediately became arrogant, as if they had already risen to the top.

    While everyone thought Chen Fan was going to fly into a fit of rage, he said lightly instead, "Xiao Xuan did indeed offend me, but I already broke his limbs. Let's just end it. It has nothing to do with the Xiao Family!"

    Chen Fan then left the Xiao Family behind and looked at the other families. All of them, including the Li Family, the Han Family and the Mu Family, lowered their heads and avoided eye contact with Chen Fan. While the members of the Qin Family were feeling anxious, Chen Fan walked straight past them as if he didn't know them at all.

    Old Lord Qin gave a wry smile.

    Qin Yaner also turned pale and her body was shaking.

    Lastly, Chen Fan looked at the Wang Family.

    "Congratulations, Old Lord Wang, Master Wang! Even the other major families of Yan Jin are bowing to Heavenly Chen's power. The Wang Family is definitely going to become the top family in Yan Jin or even in all of China."

    People around him quickly came forward and congratulated him.

    Wang Zhongguo smiled slightly, while the other members of the Wang Family were quite smug about it, as if it were their own achievement. Even Wang Chen was thrilled and he decided to first rely on Chen Fan to strengthen the family before planning something else.

    "Xiao Fan, you defeated Ye Qingcang in front of everyone else and brought honor to the Wang Family! When we go back, I'll organize parties and banquets for you and list you in the genealogy of the family."

    Wang Zhongguo and Wang Chen greeted him with a smile.

    But Chen Fan was expressionless and his eyes looked cold.

    He then tapped on the Blade Strengthening Gourd and the flying sword appeared.

    "The Wang Family humiliated my parents and tried to set me up several times. Considering my mother's relation with the Wang Family, I will only kill one of you. From now on, the Chen Family and the Wang Family have nothing to do with each other. If you offend us again, my flying sword will show no mercy."

    The Sword of Essence Restoring shot out and the blade aura flashed through, cutting off Wang Chen's head and leaving a long mark in front of Wang Zhongguo.

    The blade mark went across the peak and was between Chen Fan and the Wang Family.

    Wang Zhongguo immediately turned pale!