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Chapter 628 - Defeating an Earth Level Deity!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 628: Defeating an Earth Level Deity!

    True Martial Divine Fist!

    This was an art from the True Martial Celestial Sect that dominated the universe, and only the disciples of the inner circle could learn to use it. It wasn't something that could compare with the "True Martial Thirty-Six Forms" designated for elementary disciples.

    Chen Fan had used it once before and killed Barr the Undead God of War easily without engaging with a full-power attack.

    This time, once the Fist Seal appeared, the entire world had already seemed unable to withstand it and was resisting its presence. It began to rain; lightning bolts started to fall from the sky and clouds billowed in the strong wind.

    "This isn't a technique from the human world!" Ye Qingcang said seriously.

    He could feel that danger was coming once Chen Fan started preparing for his attack. In fact, Ye Qingcang could trap Chen Fan in a cage made of Essence Qi, but the Fist Seal would break through it easily. This attack seemed to be able to shoot out of the world and destroy Heaven.

    "Of course, it's the fist of an Immortal Sect!"

    Chen Fan raised his hand and the ground shook.

    His body was surrounded by a pure golden halo which didn't belong to any properties, such as the Five Elements and Yin Yang. All of Chen Fan's True Essence had turned into this kind of golden aura.

    The True Martial Divine Fist had gone beyond the limits of all Fist Techniques and any energy could be used to control it. It could destroy anything and it wouldn't be destroyed! The disciples of the True Martial Celestial Sect had once dominated the universe and won every battle with this technique. It could even defeat a real Connate cultivator, let alone an Earth Level Deity.


    Chen Fan punched!

    It couldn't be described in words.

    The world turned upside down, the sun and moon collapsed and the galaxy shattered. Ye Qingcang even saw countless planets falling behind Chen Fan and Fiends were wailing.

    This punch was a real Heavenly Fist Technique and it had gone way beyond the level of martial arts on Earth.

    "Crack, crack."

    Chen Fan broke free from the cage of Essence Qi around his body. He turned into a ray of golden light and shot towards Ye Qingcang while preparing his fist. Before he arrived, the great energy of the punch had already distorted the Essence Qi.

    The wall of Essence Qi in front of Chen Fan was immediately smashed and the Essence Qi returned to its original form.

    "This technique can interfere with my connection with the world?"

    Ye Qingcang was startled.

    But Chen Fan had come for him again so he didn't have time to think about it.


    Ye Qingcang stretched out his palm and a Dharma Seal appeared.

    "King Kong Solar Seal."

    This was the most powerful seal of Tantric Buddhism that combined martial arts, will and Dharmic powers into one. It could attract enormous energy from the universe and was regarded as the top Fist Technique of the world!

    Ye Qingcang couldn't use this powerful secret art before he became an Earth Level Deity.


    Ye Qingcang clenched his fist and punched.

    The Essence Qi around him gathered on his palm and formed a Blood Seal.

    A large amount of cloud Qi formed a Buddha palm behind Ye Qingcang along with the sound of Satsang. At the same time, Ye Qingcang was trying to subdue Chen Fan's energy.


    When the golden aura and the crimson light hit…

    Ye Qingcang's black robe and long hair fluttered in the wind and his eyes opened wide. His energy surged to the maximum and the sound of Satsang became louder, but it was to no avail.


    He was knocked out a few hundred meters away and the Buddha cloud behind him was dispersed. The punch even created holes on the clouds in several miles.


    Ye Qingcang was shocked.

    The King Kong Solar Seal was the top Protection Technique of Tantric Buddhism. It was said to have been passed down from a Bodhisattva several thousand years in the past and was more powerful than an Earth Level Deity. He even used the power of Heavenly Beings and gathered the energy of the world, but he was still unable to withstand Chen Fan's punch?

    "His True Martial Divine Fist is as hard as steel. Although mine is a hundred times stronger, it's as brittle as glass in comparison!"

    The very thought of the last attack frightened him.

    A scar appeared on Ye Qingcang's chest.

    Soft golden light came out from the scar and the Earth Level Deity Body was simply unable to heal it.

    "He's not an Earth Level Deity, why does he have such a terrifying energy? Where does this True Martial Divine Fist come from? I've never seen any organization called the True Martial Celestial Sect in all the books in the entire Chinese cultivation community…" Ye Qingcang thought.

    But it was too late. Chen Fan punched again.


    This punch was even more powerful than the last one!

    A golden sun appeared behind Chen Fan, and all his vitality, Immortal Will and True Essence turned into a golden light wheel. He threw a powerful punch and the giant light wheel spinned across the sky, as if it could crush everything.

    "You're not an Earth Level Deity, how can you defeat me?" Ye Qingcang yelled as the crimson aura in his eyes surged.

    He used different kinds of secret arts and every one of them was a peerless art from the major sects in China. Ye Qingcang even increased their energy and brought them to an incredible level.

    There were even secret arts of the Christian Church and Dharma Spells of the ancient Maguses.

    "Everything's useless when you face the True Martial Divine Fist."

    Chen Fan was covered in golden aura and he was like a god whose entire body was made of gold. As he moved, a golden light wheel of several feet in size fell from the sky and moved towards Ye Qingcang.

    "Crack, crack."

    The Dharma Spells, Magus Arts, all sorts of defensive spells and shields formed by Essence Qi had become fragile before the golden light wheel.


    Even though Ye Qingcang had used his full power, gathering all the Essence Qi within ten miles in his counterattack, he couldn't withstand Chen Fan's punch.


    Ye Qingcang spurted out blood and was flung back a thousand meters. The Essence Qi was also scattered because of the attack. Even though he had become an Earth Level Deity, he could still feel the soreness in his Treasure Body; it had almost cracked!

    Chen Fan stood in the air like the unbeatable God of War. His golden aura moved to his right hand and formed a golden light ball, as if he were controlling the power of an Entity.

    "Third Punch!"

    Chen Fan was extremely calm.

    Golden flames emerged from his eyes and immediately turned into two fire dragons that melded with the light ball in his right hand. The light ball then expanded and became two times larger. Chen Fan was enveloped in the golden flame and attacked with an unimaginable energy.


    Ye Qingcang focused on Chen Fan's attack.

    "Let's go!"

    He used the Secret Art of Sacrifice.

    The Blood Qi and energy surged to the maximum, and Essence Qi within twenty miles instantly gathered behind him. The entire sky formed a large cloud cyclone.

    It looked magnificent from below.

    The huge cloud of Qi floated in the sky like the Milky Way and opposite to it was a burning light wheel. This burning wheel rapidly swept across the sky and sped towards the cyclone with invincible power.


    There was a blinding golden light and a horrifying sound wave when the golden wheel and the cyclone clashed.

    "How's it going?"

    Since Chen Fan and Ye Qingcang rose to the sky, everyone on the ground couldn't see them clearly anymore. After all, they were a few thousand meters apart and the clouds were also blocking their sights.

    So, the audience could only see rolling clouds and the lightning in the sky, as well as a vague azure aura and a crimson light clashing with each other.

    "I'm sure Ye Qingcang will win!"

    The warriors from Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia agreed on this point, even though they didn't like Ye Qingcang.

    Their hatred for Chen Fan ran deeper than their dislike for Ye Qingcang. As for the Chinese warriors, some of them were supporting Chen Fan and the others rooted for Ye Qingcang.

    However, most of them were on Ye Qingcang's side. After all, he was the first Earth Level Deity in China to have appeared in a thousand years; he had become a legendary figure.

    "An Earth Level Deity is an Entity and can never be defeated by a human. Although Heavenly Ye has just become an Earth Level Deity, Chen Beixuan won't be able to keep up with him once he has a better control of his power," Guru Guja said respectfully.

    He was already referring to Ye Qingcang as Heavenly Ye.

    "Right! A human can never imagine how powerful a Fiend is. Chen Beixuan is too arrogant. If he would have done better if he had waited for a few more years." The Gold Priest nodded and even Oleg thought Ye Qingcang would be the winner.

    The other major families of Yan Jin also changed to Ye Qingcang's side.

    "General Ye is invincible!"

    "General Ye? He's Heavenly Ye now!"

    "Congratulations Old Lord Xiao! With the support from Heavenly Ye, the Xiao family will never decline!"

    The Yan Jin families went to congratulate Old Lord Xiao one after another. While Old Lord Xiao was still hiding his feelings, the other members of the Xiao family were already thrilled and celebrating.

    In the end, only those from the North Qiong Sect were still standing there.

    "The Qin family wanted Qin Yaner to marry Master before and now they're there congratulating the Xiao family. Some junior members of the Wang family are also there, but Wang Zhongguo is not stopping them at all. How terrible! Master hasn't lost yet!"

    An Ya grunted.

    The other disciples of the North Qiong Sect also smiled wryly. Ye Qingcang had become an Earth Level Deity and people were regarding him as a god; they would surely support Ye Qingcang instead of Chen Fan.

    An Ya and Wang Xiaoyun were both looking at the sky anxiously.

    "Bastard Chen Beixuan, you are finally doomed! It's a shame that it wasn't me who killed you!"

    Zhang Yu jumped and burst into laughter.

    His hair was messy like a demon's. While everyone else was about to smile and agree with him, a banging sound came as if an atomic bomb exploded and a huge cloud of smoke appeared in the sky.

    Then, someone surrounded by fire and crimson aura fell from the sky into Mount Yan like a meteorite, creating an enormous pit. Clouds of dust were stirred up and the ground shook.

    "Who lost?"

    Everyone looked over with joy.

    They saw another man slowly descending from the sky. He had black hair and black eyes. He was handsome and was wearing white casual clothes.

    "Chen Beixuan?"

    They couldn't believe their eyes when they saw the young man in white clothes.

    Nobody said a word.