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Chapter 627 - Is He Going to Lose?

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 627: Is He Going to Lose?

    Chen Fan had only used seventy percent of his power since the start of the battle.

    What Chen Fan cultivated was the top art of the Five Elements Immortal Sect. He had established a strong foundation in every state; that was the reason why he was much more powerful than the cultivators on Earth.

    While at the mid stage of the Divine Sea, Chen Fan had already been strong enough to suppress the Dark Duke. Once he entered the peak stage and was only half a step away from the Connate Level, the power of his True Essence was endless. He could produce unbelievably powerful attacks if he used his full power.


    The Essence Qi of Heaven and Earth within hundreds of meters was churning like sea water. Before the impact of the punch arrived, people watching from afar could already feel the terrifying aura.

    "Chen Beixuan hasn't shown his best yet?"

    Oleg and the others were startled.

    If they could barely believe that Ye Qingcang had become an Earth Level Deity, Chen Fan's full power would definitely leave them dumbfounded. Chen Fan wasn't an Earth Level Deity, but why did he have such a strong energy?

    "Anyway, the power of a Fiend isn't something we can imagine. No matter how strong Chen Beixuan is, he's only a human and he can't compete with a Fiend," Guru Guja said as he placed his hands together.

    The Gold Priest and other warriors also nodded.

    The girls from the North Qiong Sect kept watching anxiously.


    Ye Qingcang flicked his sleeves.

    The Essence Qi within several miles immediately gathered on his palm and turned into a large cloud of white mist that flew towards Chen Fan. Controlling the power of Heaven and Earth seemed much easier to him than to a Mortal Deity.

    The two powerful forces clashed with each other as Ye Qingcang said, "Chen Beixuan, if you insist, I'll have to show you the power of an Earth Level Deity!"


    No words could describe it!

    Two forces instantly clashed together and there seemed to be an earthquake on Mount Yan. The azure light and the powerful Qi Energy was shot in all directions; a horrifying shock wave was sent from the point of contact between Ye Qingcang and Chen Fan.

    A part of the main peak of Mount Yan was cut off again. All the grass and trees on the mountain were uprooted and the impact of the clash was spread to other peaks. Some Dark Overlords were blown into the sky and were severely injured after they fell back down. Although members of the Wang family and the Xiao family stood far away, they also couldn't stand straight and felt the vibration of the ground.

    "This… has gone beyond the power of a regular weapon, right?" someone said.

    The impact of their clash swept across a thousand meters.

    Not even a fuel air explosive or the Father of All Bombs were capable of doing that, only a thousand-ton nuclear weapon could be that powerful.

    "Bang, bang, bang!"

    Chen Fan threw three punches but Ye Qingcang blocked them all.

    Three energy waves struck from the sky and made the entire Mount Yan shake. The Dark Overlords on the other peaks were frightened and they quickly escaped. Even those standing in the air got blown around like little boats in the middle of an ocean, and the main peak of Mount Yan had dozens of meters shaved off.

    "It's too terrifying! Is that the power of an Earth Level Deity?"

    Oleg and the Gold Priest were shocked and they flew backwards in order to avoid the battling area.

    The battle between Chen Fan and Ye Qingcang was still going as everyone had originally expected, but every move they made had escalated to an earth-shattering level. This had totally gone beyond the boundary of mortals and reached the level of Deities.

    "Entities in ancient legends were said to be able to destroy cities, move mountains and drain seas, but it seems that these two warriors are even more powerful than the Entities!" Guru Guja said as he trembled.

    The families of Yan Jin were also speechless. In a battle like this, they weren't even qualified to watch, not to mention participate in it. Many of them started to move away from the area of Mount Yan, so that they wouldn't be crushed into pieces by the impact of their clashes.

    "Go further up. There's not enough space here!"

    Ye Qingcang then turned into a ray of crimson light and shot to the sky.


    Chen Fan also turned into a flash of azure light and followed him. They flew for thousands of meters and started to fight again once they arrived in the middle of the clouds. This time, Chen Fan and Ye Qingcang had no scruples anymore and they gave it all out.


    Ye Qingcang launched an attack.

    The mist in the sky formed a hundred-meter giant palm that flew towards Chen Fan like a dragon stretching out its claw. Even though a Mortal Deity could do the same trick, it took a really long time for him to concentrate enough energy. And yet, it seemed like a piece of cake to Ye Qingcang. Also, the cloud palm carried some crimson Qi which was apparently Ye Qingcang's own energy.

    "Nothing special."

    Chen Fan sneered and struck back.

    A ten-feet azure palm swept across the sky with surging True Essence and crushed everything along the way.


    Chen Fan broke the cloud claw immediately but Ye Qingcang didn't mind at all. He waved his hands and stimulated the Essence Qi of Heaven and Earth within several miles, making the clouds and mist billow. It seemed as if he were following God's will to suppress the human world.

    On the other hand, Chen Fan didn't borrow any energy from the outside world, only relying on his powerful True Essence and body instead.

    A punch, a kick, a clash, a strike…

    He was like a fearless warrior who was fighting with God.

    "Ye Qingcang, you'll soon be assimilated by the will of the world if you immerse yourself too much in controlling the power of Heaven and Earth. We cultivators should never stop battling. Besides, it's only the power of the surface of a planet. What's so special about it? You'll truly be invincible if you can control the energy of the core, the sun and the stars," Chen Fan yelled as he continued to attack.

    "You're shameless."

    Ye Qingcang indulged himself in the vastness of the world. He felt that the sky was boundless and its limitless power was enough to shatter the world. This energy was much stronger than the one he used to have.

    "Chen Beixuan, the reason why you're not able to become an Earth Level Deity is that you don't revere the things in the world."

    Ye Qingcang then formed a hundred-meter-long ice sword with the rain and slashed at Chen Fan. The ice sword seemed to be sharp enough to split an aircraft carrier.

    "If you don't believe me, I'll fight until you do."

    Chen Fan snickered and smashed the ice sword. After that, he broke the sonic barrier and sped towards Ye Qingcang at three times the speed of sound. White vapor trails appeared as if a fighter aircraft had just swept across the sky.


    Ye Qingcang was calm; he didn't seem worried at all.

    He put his hands together and the Essence Qi from the world formed a thick shield in front of him.

    The Essence Qi was normally intangible, but he managed to turn it into a concrete wall that appeared to be a few meters thick when seen from afar. It seemed as if nothing on earth, aside from nuclear weapons, could pierce through such a shield. Once Chen Fan went into the Essence Qi, there was a sudden decrease in his speed, just like moving inside a pool of glue.


    Chen Fan's hair was fluttering and his blood was boiling.

    A bright azure light flowed around his body. In just a blink, he made all his moves consecutively, from the first form, the Skyfall Hammer, to the fifteenth, the Wheel of Sun and Moon.

    Each one of the True Martial Thirty-Six Forms was incredibly powerful, not to mention all of them stringed together.

    A ray of red and white light appeared, which was a Fist Seal formed with the power of the sun and moon, and Chen Fan was in the middle of it. He then broke countless shields of Essence Qi at once and shot towards Ye Qingcang.

    "It's useless. As I've said, you can never imagine the power of an Earth Level Deity."

    Ye Qingcang shook his head.

    He raised his palm which was surrounded by a crimson aura. The aura was like a concrete substance. It carried the energy of Ye Qingcang's entire body and it was as powerful as Chen Fan's True Essence.


    Ye Qingcang stretched out his palm and blocked the Wheel of Sun and Moon.

    The shining Fist Seal couldn't go further, either. It was the first time Chen Fan's True Martial Thirty-Six Forms failed.

    "Chen Beixuan, your fist art is indeed a technique of the Sages, but the difference between states isn't something a mortal can overcome," Ye Qingcang said as he threw another punch and the crimson aura pushed Chen Fan backwards.

    When Chen Fan blocked the attack, he felt that the Essence Qi around him had solidified into something like cement, trying to trap him inside. No matter what he did, he seemed to be out of tune with the world. The Ye Qingcang before him was the dominator of the world, and being against him meant to be against the world.

    An Earth Level Deity could connect himself with the world!

    The attack Ye Qingcang made had a similar power as the "Dimension Seal." If he could master the Dimension Seal, Chen Fan would lose to him for sure. How could a human fight with the world?


    Ye Qingcang didn't hold back and he punched several times again.

    Every attack he made was from core techniques of different sects and families.

    Chen Fan even saw the "Thousand Illusions of Rolling Cloud" of the Hong Sect. It was said that only the Ancestral Patriarch of the Hong Sect could exhibit thirteen types of arts at once, but Ye Qingcang showed nineteen consecutively. Chen Fan couldn't block the attack even with the "Thousand Lotuses" and was knocked out several hundred meters away, spurting out blood.

    "Give up! It's not a shame to lose to an Earth Level Deity!"

    Ye Qingcang controlled the world like an Entity.

    There was disdain in his eyes and Chen Fan seemed like an ant to him.

    "Ha, you?"

    Chen Fan stopped and showed a hint of sympathy on his face. "Ye Qingcang, you might be the first person on Earth who's going to witness the art of the True Martial Celestial Sect. You should feel honored!"

    Then, Chen Fan slowly moved into an attacking posture.

    The galaxy emerged behind him and a golden halo surrounded his body, making him look like the unbeatable God of War.

    Above the True Martial Thirty-Six Forms!

    The True Martial Divine Fist!