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Chapter 626 - A Battle with an Earth Level Deity

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 626: A Battle with an Earth Level Deity

    Heavenly Beings could stand in the air and travel ninety thousand miles a day. They could live up to five centuries and would never age one bit. They could even kill someone from a thousand miles away.

    These beings were called Earth Level Deities in the East, Saints in the West and Fiends by pagan religions.

    There hadn't been any Heavenly Beings on Earth in a thousand years! Zhang Sanfeng, the Great Magus, the Spanish Cardinal Antonio who was the reincarnation of a Saint and the five arbitrators of the Dark World Arbitration Department, they had all been half a step away from becoming Heavenly Beings.

    But this half a step was the most difficult one!

    No one had ever broken through this point in the last thousand years!

    People thought that there wouldn't be any Earth Level Deities on Earth anymore. And yet, they had just witnessed the birth of a Heavenly Being!

    Everyone was speechless.

    Their eyes popped out and they stared at the black-haired young man in the middle of the storm. The place where he stood felt like the center of the entire world.

    On January 23rd, 2012, Ye Qingcang became an Earth Level Deity on the top of Mount Yan!

    "Oh no, Master is in danger."

    Those from the North Qiong Sect were anxious.

    A'Xiu, Yukishiro Sa and Yu Wenjin were frightened and many Grand Masters and Perfected Cultivators were also devastated. It was the first Earth Level Deity in a thousand years! The Heavenly Being from the legends that could move the Earth.

    He wasn't a human anymore, but a Deity! A God! A Saint!

    Could Chen Fan compete with such a being?

    Fang Qiong, An Ya and the others were worried.

    "Xiao Fan…"

    Chen Fan's opponents were just Immortal State Warriors or half Earth Level Deities like the Dark Lords, but the person in front of him right then was a real Earth Level Deity. Since ancient times, nobody had ever heard about a human who could defeat an Earth Level Deity.

    A Heavenly Being was unbeatable!

    Only Hua Yunfeng remained calm.

    "Don't worry, Master is very experienced and powerful. He knew this would happen."

    Hua Yunfeng comforted them.

    He had seen how terrifying Chen Fan was in his previous life, battling with countless Overlords, shattering the world and destroying countries. In front of those Golden Core and Nascent Soul Overlords, an Earth Level Deity similar to an ant.

    On the contrary, the Ye family, Kunlun, the Xiao family and many other warriors who hated Chen Fan were all thrilled.

    "Grandpa has become an Earth Level Deity?"

    Ye Yiren couldn't believe it.

    "After cultivating for more than a century, father finally did it. No one can compete with him from now on, and our family will dominate the world for a thousand years."

    Ye Beichen laughed with twinkling eyes.

    "Chen Beixuan is indeed powerful, but as father said, luck and attitude are the most important things in the cultivation journey. Chen Beixuan is still inferior to father after all," Ye Nantian nodded and said.

    Azure Dragon, Director Xiao and White Tiger also burst into laughter.

    "Now that War God Ye became a Heavenly Being, our country will be guarded by an Earth Level Deity, and even the United States would not dare to offend us. God bless China! God bless Kunlun!"

    The Extraordinaries from Japan, Thailand, Indonesia and the West hated Chen Fan with a passion.

    "Kill him. Kill Chen Beixuan! Let him know that he's not the boss of the world!"

    Countless people exclaimed.

    In the past, they feared his invincible power and dared not to say it, but Ye Qingcang had just become an Earth Level Deity and they thought Chen Fan would definitely die.

    No matter how strong a human was, he couldn't possibly resist a Deity.

    Among all the audience, Zhang Yu was the most fierce. He was still trembling moments before, but then he became haughty again.

    In contrast, the Wang family and the Qin family looked disappointed.

    The Qin family was hoping to rely on him to compete with the Xiao family, but Ye Qingcang suddenly became a legend. Their plan seemed to be failing and they might even end up offending the Ye family.

    "Chen Beixuan is so stupid! Why didn't he do something? He should have just killed Ye Qingcang!"

    The seniors of the Qin family were dejected.

    Someone even looked at the beautiful Qin Yaner and said, "I heard that Ye Qingcang has a grandson. He might not be as outstanding as Ye Yiren, but he's also a talent. Let's cancel Yaner's engagement with Chen Beixuan and let her marry him. With Yaner's beauty, he wouldn't reject it. Then, the Ye family would never make trouble for us anymore."

    Qin Yaner immediately turned pale and her body was shaking.

    She had already been under great pressure, and his former friends and classmates were criticizing her because she would become Chen Fan's concubine. They wanted to change plans to marry into the Ye family?

    "I'll never accept such a humiliation. People would mock me for the rest of my life."

    Qin Yaner's eyes were filled with determination.

    As for the Wang family, while Wang Chen and the others were feeling pleased, the Old Lord Wang didn't seem too happy.

    "Grandpa, although we didn't expect that Ye Qingcang would kill Chen Beixuan, it doesn't affect our plan at all. After today's battle, the Wang family will still be one of the five major families in Yan Jin," Wang Chen said.

    The old lady also nodded. "Right, that bastard should have died long ago. I will live twenty years more if he dies!"

    Wang Keqin and Wang Kefeng were expressionless, but their eyes seemed to show a hint of joy.

    Wang Zhongguo heaved a sigh.

    "Our family would have had the chance to become the top family of China, but his heart doesn't belong here and he's a bit unlucky."

    He wasn't regretting anything.

    No matter how people on the ground reacted.

    The two warriors in the sky didn't care at all.

    "Thank you for helping me become a Heavenly Being!" Ye Qingcang bowed at Chen Fan.

    "It's been a hundred and three years since I became a cultivator. I've always stayed focused, putting everything I've got into the three hundred battles I had before. I even became a Mortal Deity earlier than Lin Shuming did. If I had not found the relics and spirit lands of the Earth Level Deity in the Deity Burial Valley to attain the Earth Level Deity Body, I would still have a long way to go."

    "If it wasn't for you, I would never have the opportunity to take this step."

    Ye Qingcang bowed again.

    What he said was true.

    The resources on Earth weren't enough to help Ye Qingcang become an Earth Level Deity. Even though he was talented and had indeed found the opportunity to achieve the Treasure Body of the Earth Level Deity, the last step required him to concentrate all of his Soul Energy in order to break through the Gate of Heaven.

    If Chen Fan didn't summon the Five Elements Thunder and gave Ye Qingcang the chance to absorb its energy, Ye Qingcang would have been unable to become an Earth Level Deity.

    "The end of a life is the beginning of another! The power of your Thunder Art is absolutely extraordinary. Even after becoming an Earth Level Deity, I feel like it's still out of reach and I guess only someone above the level of Earth Level Deity can control it."

    Ye Qingcang flicked his sleeves, looking handsome like a young master from an ancient major family.

    Chen Fan held the Thunder Seal in his hand and said calmly with azure light glinting in his eyes, "The reason why you could transform is because of your fortune and talent. Other cultivators would have died if they were confronted by my Thunder Art. So, don't thank me."

    "Even so, I'll never forget your kindness. Do you want to keep battling?"

    Ye Qingcang looked at Chen Fan and shook his head.

    "After you became an Earth Level Deity, I've seen what you're capable of."

    "Your True Qi and Dharmic Powers are as strong as those of an Earth Level Deity and your Soul Energy can cover an area of over a hundred miles. You're also connected with the Wood Elements within ten miles like a Wood Entity, so I can only kill you if I destroy all the trees in the surroundings. This might seem difficult for normal people, but it's a piece of cake for an Earth Level Deity."

    Ye Qingcang looked like a Wise Man who knew everything.

    "You already have the body, spirit and power of an Earth Level Deity. There's only one last piece missing, why don't you wait for some years?"

    Ye Qingcang sighed.

    He wasn't taking Chen Fan seriously anymore after becoming an Earth Level Deity.

    Ye Qingcang's energy surged and a large amount of Essence Qi was infused into his body. His True Qi, Dharmic Powers, Divine Soul, body and connection to Heaven and Earth were all elevating.

    In just a moment, Ye Qingcang had already become at least two times stronger and he became a real Heavenly Being after consolidating his powers. In the current world, no one could ever threaten him except nuclear weapons and the Blood Ancestor.

    "You'll never understand my abilities and ambition. I can become a Golden Core or a Nascent Soul cultivator anytime I want, but it's meaningless to me. As time passes, you'll know the importance of a solid foundation," Chen Fan said.

    He then spinned the Thunder Seal in his hand and it turned into a five-color light wheel that surrounded him.

    "Ye Qingcang, don't be too arrogant. I'll show you what true power is today."

    Chen Fan shouted as his True Essence surged. His powerful body spinned rapidly and he threw a punch.

    Even Ye Qingcang was a bit shocked.

    Chen Fan was the first person in a thousand years to battle with an Earth Level Deity with a human body!

    The war began!