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Chapter 625 - A Heavenly Being!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     The black and white lightning carried an energy powerful enough to destroy the world. This was something that only a high-ranking Golden Core cultivator of the Five Elements Immortal Sect could create.

    A Golden Core cultivator could destroy a city with an attack and even the enormous Mount Yan would be shattered.

    Although Chen Fan had only exerted one percent of his power, it was already horrifying. No one below the level of Earth Level Deity could withstand his attacks and even a real Earth Level Deity could be killed.


    Ye Qingcang looked serious and his white hair was standing straight like a sword. His Earth Level Deity Body was sending out rays of light and many acupuncture points were opened, releasing an extremely powerful energy.

    In a blink, the energy in his body gathered and turned into an essence ball.

    The essence ball passed through his organs, then through the Divine Soul to his Heavenly Spirit. It was eager to open the Gate of Heaven and become a Deity.


    Ye Qingcang imbued all of his energy into the dagger and turned into a ray of crimson light, shooting towards the lightning.


    Ye Qingcang's energy surged to the highest point in his entire life.

    The lightning was as thick as a thigh and it struck the crimson light with terrifying energy. The crimson light then exploded and Ye Qingcang was enveloped in smoke.

    After the lightning stopped flashing, Ye Qingcang appeared.

    He was pushed dozens of meters backwards and all of his clothes were burnt, leaving only the red armor and the dagger. The flesh that was not covered by his armor disappeared, including his shoulders and arms, exposing his crystal clear Jade Bones.

    Unexpectedly, he could still fight after those injuries.


    Ye Qingcang yelled with anger.

    As he breathed, the Essence Qi from Heaven and Earth was infused into his body, making veins and muscles appear, trying to restore his power. This new body seemed to be stronger and Ye Qingcang was apparently undergoing a transformation that made him more terrifying.

    An Earth Level Deity Body might not be as resilient as the Azure Thearch Longevity Body and the Kindred's body, but it was way better than that of the Extraordinaries.

    "Being able to withstand my Lesser Five Elements Thunder, your Spirit Armor must be at least a mid-grade Spirit Artifact." Chen Fan smiled.

    "Ye Qingcang, you want to make use of my Thunder Art to become an Earth Level Deity? Let see if you're capable enough to do so."

    Chen Fan then commanded the Thunder Seal again.


    This time, a lightning that was two times larger than the last one struck and the world seemed to be overwhelmed. The Essence Qi evaporated like sea water and an passage appeared in the air.


    The crimson aura around Ye Qingcang was shining brightly and there were blood marks appearing on his black dagger and armor. Those blood marks were like the ancient runes and were releasing an incredible amount of energy, which became stronger when the marks were connected. The dagger and the armor were apparently a complete set of Dharma Artifacts.


    This time, Ye Qingcang was hit even harder.

    He fell down a hundred meters and spurted blood. Every part of his body was hurt and even the aura on his Spirit Armor and dagger dimmed. The power of the Five Elements Thunder was too frightening. Even a superior-grade Spirit Artifact couldn't take its attack too many times.

    However, Ye Qingcang wasn't angry at all. The red light in his eyes became even brighter and the energy inside his body soared like a dragon that was trying to break the last chain.

    "Third attack!"

    Chen Fan wasn't holding back anymore.

    The True Essence poured into the Dharma Artifact and the Five Thunder Seal absorbed all the Dharmic Power like a whale drinking water. Then, the thundercloud in the sky turned into five colors and five huge lightnings struck, which immediately combined into one.


    It was unimaginably terrifying.

    There was one lightning left in front of everyone's eyes. Its energy seemed to have gone beyond normal and reached the level of Sages.

    "I guess only an Entity can make such a horrifying attack," Guru Guja mumbled.

    Oleg and some of the others were also frightened.

    The descendants of the Yan Jin families and those who were fragile had already knelt on the ground and looked up to Chen Fan as if they were respecting a god. As for Zhang Yu, he even hid in the corner, trembling and holding his head.

    "Decades of cultivation were only intended to prepare for this moment. Let's go!"

    Ye Qingcang looked fierce and determined. He was only half a step away from crossing the Gate of Heaven.

    Swish, swish, swish.

    Many Protection Dharma Artifacts and Earth Level Deity Spirit Talismans flew from his body. Those Dharma Artifacts were at least of superior grade and several of them were even Spirit Artifacts.

    The Chinese Overlords were all enraged.

    Ye Qingcang and Kunlun spent many years collecting those Dharma Artifacts and Spirit Talismans. How could they stay calm after seeing that he had spent almost half of the assets the Chinese cultivation community had?


    The lightning that was as wide as a bucket couldn't be stopped.

    Any Dharma Spells or Protection Dharma Artifacts would immediately be shattered under the lightning's attack. Those were the only Spirit Artifacts that could hold on for a while but would still be destroyed sooner or later.

    Someone introduced the Dharma Artifacts one by one, "The Nine Heaven Seal of the Laoshan Palace, the Thunder Talisman of the Divine Thunder Sect, the Twelve Heavenly Beads of Theravada Buddhism… These were all famous Dharma Treasures of Earth Level Deities throughout the last thousand years, but they can't stand Chen Beixuan's attack? Does it mean that his attack is powerful enough to kill an Earth Level Deity?"

    The others were shocked.

    With so many Dharma Treasures, normal people could compete with an Immortal State Warrior, but they would still be defeated by Chen Fan. So, could someone as strong as an Earth Level Deity like Ye Qingcang withstand the attack?

    Everyone wondered.

    The Ye Family, Kunlun and the other major families of Yan Jin were nervous; their eyes were wide open.

    "Crack, crack."

    The aura shields around Ye Qingcang were as vulnerable as glass in front of the lightning. In just a moment, all of them were destroyed and the lightning struck Ye Qingcang directly.


    A crimson aura was struck by the thick lightning and it fell from the sky, landing on the highest peak of Mount Yan. The entire mountain top was enveloped in horrifying lightning.

    When the lightning dissipated, everyone looked and gasped.

    A part of the highest peak of Mount Yan was cut off. The top of the mountain became smooth like a mirror, without any plants and gravel. The ground became yellowish-brown as if it had been burnt.

    "It's terrifying."

    The lightning cut off the tip of the mountain.

    Any strong Immortal State Overlords would be frightened by such an energy. It was a power that only God could control! Other than nuclear weapons, no modern technology or any weapons could do the same.

    "Where's Ye Qingcang?"

    People's eyes widened and they looked at the mountain anxiously.

    There was an enormous pit on the flattened mountain top and a man surrounded by crimson light was lying in the middle, seemingly severely injured. His aura became dim, the armor on his body was broken into pieces and his dagger was split in half.

    "Did Ye Qingcang lose?" The Gold Priest wondered.

    "No, he won. We're about to witness the biggest miracle in a thousand years!" Oleg the Russia elder said as he trembled.

    The other Immortal State Warriors also stared at the crimson shadow, and even Chen Fan narrowed his eyes, looking as if he had never expected this to happen.

    One second, two seconds, three seconds…

    While everyone thought Ye Qingcang was dead, there came a deep gasp.

    The crimson man got up slowly from the ground. His clothes and armor were all torn and there were injuries all over his body, including his bones and organs; even his hair, beard and eyebrows were a mess. He looked extremely weak, as if he were going to die.

    And yet, Ye Qingcang didn't care at all and he burst into laughter instead.

    "After over a hundred years, I've finally come to this point!"

    Then, in front of the eyes of all the astonished audience…

    A lot of black hair grew rapidly on Ye Qingcang's head. The Essence Qi of Heaven and Earth was infused into his body as he breathed and eventually created a vast storm around him.

    Everything within ten miles shook.

    The people who were watching the battle couldn't even stand because of the strong wind and the entire situation was terrifying. Ye Qingcang was in the middle of the storm.

    He placed his hands behind his back and rose from the ground.

    The injuries on his arms, shoulders, thighs and chest recovered rapidly and his body became smooth and fair in the end. The Essence Qi of Heaven and Earth even formed a black robe and covered Ye Qingcang in it.

    Ye Qingcang was like a thirty years old young man, with black robe and black hair, surrounded by red mist. He looked even younger than Ye Beichen and Ye Nantian.

    Ye Qingcang stood in the air without using any Dharma Spells, as if the Earth were holding him up. Every move he made was connected to the world and it seemed to carry an endless energy.

    "A Heavenly Being…" someone said.