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Chapter 624 - Half an Earth Level Deity

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 624: Half an Earth Level Deity

    An Earth Level Deity Body, which was a Connate Dao Body, could only be achieved after entering the Connate level.

    The body of a Connate Cultivator was strong enough to withstand the attacks of missiles and cannons, and even a small nuclear weapon would be unable to kill him. With a number of Dharma Spells, Divine Powers and Protection Dharma Artifacts, he wouldn't be worried even when facing nuclear weapons.

    Chen Fan's Azure Thearch Longevity Body had achieved the level of Initial Success, which was comparable to an Earth Level Deity Body, but his body had more Divine Powers and Wood Element Dharma Spells.

    From Chen Fan's observation in the last five years, the Dark Duke and the other arbitrators were the closest to the Earth Level Deity Body. They were half-blood Kindreds and had a strong body that could recover quickly. However, even their bodies couldn't bear Chen Fan's Divine Sea attack, not to mention the Thousand Lotuses.

    "I can't believe Ye Qingcang already has an Earth Level Deity Body. Is this what he achieved in the Deity Burial Valley? He can almost live several centuries in the world with this body," Chen Fan pondered with his hands behind his back, "A normal Earth Level Deity Body can't possibly withstand the ‘Thousand Lotuses.' Is he wearing a Protection Spirit Armor?"

    Among all the Dharma Artifacts, Protection Artifacts were the hardest to make.

    An inferior-grade Protection Spirit Artifact was as valuable as a mid-grade Spirit Artifact and had strong defensive power. Together with an Earth Level Deity Body, it could indeed withstand Chen Fan's attack.

    While everyone was shaking their heads and heaving a sigh.


    A crimson shadow shot out from the peak. It was obviously Ye Qingcang.

    His white hair was fluttering and there was blood on the corner of his mouth. An armor appeared on his body and there was a lotus-shaped mark on it, which was made by Chen Fan's attack.

    The punch left a deep dent in the armor, but Ye Qingcang didn't die nor did he suffer from any severe injuries.

    "Grandpa is still alive?"

    Ye Yiren jumped with joy.

    The other members of the Ye Family and Kunlun were thrilled, while those from the other major families of Yan Jin and Zhang Yu were also relieved.

    On the contrary, the Immortal State Warriors were dumbfounded.

    "How is that possible?"

    The Gold Priest couldn't believe it.

    "Chen Beixuan's punch could be counted as a deadly attack. It can pierce through an aircraft carrier and even the Dark Lords can't stand it, but Ye Qingcang is only a bit injured?" Guru Guja said while shaking his head.

    "You see, War God Ye's body is completely different from ours." Oleg sighed.

    They saw that Ye Qingcang was standing in the air and his body was shining like a red ember. Even though he didn't seem as strong as Chen Fan, he looked extremely vicious and the Spirit Qi in his body was surging.

    "Is that… a Fiend's Body?"

    Guru Guja was shocked.

    Although there were different ways of referring to such a being, they were basically the same thing. The East called it an Earth Level Deity, the Christian Church called it a Saint and other places called it a Fiend or an Entity.

    "Other than Chen Beixuan, Ye Qingcang also cultivated an Earth Level Deity Body. Didn't the legends say it's not possible to achieve this on this planet?"

    The Immortal State Warriors frowned.

    To become a Mortal Deity, one only needed a high sensibility.

    But an Earth Level Deity Body was different. Chen Fan's Azure Thearch Longevity Body required concrete resources, like different kinds of Spirit Dew, Spirit Pills, Spirit Medicines and Divine Crystals, while Ye Qingcang also had to use a pool of Spirit Dew to cultivate his Earth Level Deity Body. No one could get such a large amount unless they found the secret treasures of an Earth Level Deity.

    "Chen Beixuan, you have an Earth Level Deity Body, and so do I.

    "You have a treasure, so do I. You know a lot of Dharma Spells and I know the secret arts of all China. I'm also a level higher than you are, so I can use the arts endlessly. How can you possibly compete with me?"

    Ye Qingcang stood in the air with glistening eyes.

    He was surrounded by a red halo like the God of Fire. Ye Qingcang was finally about to play his trump card.

    The Earth Level Deity Body was the most treasurable body in the world. With this body, Ye Qingcang could control the power of Heaven and Earth without worrying about his life, since his body could bear it.

    "You need to achieve the Connate Body, the Connate Level and Connate Power to become a Connate Being, and you lack only one of them."

    Chen Fan nodded but he didn't seem to be scared at all.

    "Ye Qingcang, you're a step away from becoming an Earth Level Deity. What a shame! Even a real Earth Level Deity can't compete with me, let alone your fake Earth Level Deity realm!"

    Chen Fan clenched his fist and his blood started to flow at a high speed.

    "I'll show you how different two Earth Level Deity Bodies can be!"


    Chen Fan broke the sonic barrier and punched Ye Qingcang at three times the speed of sound.

    A long azure mark appeared in the sky and a piercing voice came. He even created a large pit on the top of Mount Yan and there was gravel everywhere.

    "Blood Kill Fist!"

    Ye Qingcang also broke the sonic barrier and threw a punch.

    His surging viciousness turned into a sea of blood and covered half of the sky. Ye Qingcang had dominated the world and had fought in more than three hundred battles. He gathered all of his determination and murderous thoughts into his fist as he struck.

    "Boom, boom, boom!"

    A flash of azure aura and a ray of crimson light clashed in the air.

    No one could see their battle clearly, except for the Immortal State Warriors, since they were moving at three times the speed of sound. Every clash they made created a thunderous sound and they swept across the sky like two fighter aircrafts.

    The peak of Mount Yan started to become too small for their battle.

    Chen Fan and Ye Qingcang kept fighting as they moved around the entire Mount Yan. Every time they flew, they could move a few kilometers in an instant, destroying everything in their path. Some people accidentally got into the fight and were immediately crushed into pieces.


    The Yan Jin families and many Dark Overlords were in awe.

    Such a battle was like a war between Entities. Normal weapons or even missiles wouldn't be fast enough to hit them. Only powerful nuclear weapons could.

    "Ye Qingcang is indeed an outstanding cultivator that dominates the world. He achieved the Earth Level Deity Body on this planet and is only a step away from becoming a real Earth Level Deity. I had never seen such a person in the last thousand years."

    Guru Guja heaved a sigh.

    "Still, Chen Beixuan is even more powerful. Ye Qingcang has been in the underdog position since the beginning," the eagle-riding elder said.

    Outsiders might not have noticed, but the Immortal State Warriors noticed this clearly.

    Although Ye Qingcang had an Earth Level Deity Body, Chen Fan was way too powerful.

    He didn't use any Dharma Artifacts and still had the upper hand using only his bare hands. No matter what secret art Ye Qingcang used, he couldn't withstand Chen Fan's attacks.


    Chen Fan's body only shook slightly after Ye Qingcang punched him, but his attack knocked Ye Qingcang away. If it weren't for the Spirit Armor, Ye Qingcang would have been severely injured.

    "Damn it! We both have an Earth Level Deity Body, but why is he so much stronger than I am?"

    Ye Qingcang was terrified.

    Chen Fan's speed, strength and defensive power were way better than Ye Qingcang's and he had an especially powerful body. No matter how people attacked him, he wouldn't be injured, and even if he was, he could recover very quickly.

    "I told you, you don't know anything about cultivation!"

    Chen Fan looked cold and he didn't hold back.

    His Azure Thearch Longevity Body was one of the best Divine Bodies in the universe, right after the several Sacred Bodies. Every time Ye Qingcang attacked, Chen Fan transferred the energy to the ocean a dozen miles away.

    Ye Qingcang noticed that many maple trees were crushed into powder.

    That was the power of the Azure Thearch Longevity Body. When Chen Fan was in a forest, nobody could kill him, even if they used a nuclear bomb. This kind of body was most famous for its defensive ability in the universe.

    "Bulls**t!" Ye Qingcang yelled as he slashed with his dagger.

    He had a superior-grade Spirit Artifact in his hand and was wearing a Protection Spirit Armor. Together with his Earth Level Deity Body, he could easily stimulate the Essence Qi of Heaven and Earth to create thunderclouds and storms with every move he made.

    The wind howled as if there were a storm.


    Chen Fan knocked Ye Qingcang out again. He snickered after seeing Ye Qingcang rush towards him.

    "Ye Qingcang, do you really think your Earth Level Deity Body and Spirit Armor can stop me from killing you?"

    Chen Fan tapped on the Blade Strengthening Gourd, and a colorful aura shot to the air; an ancient azure seal appeared above his head. There were five colors on the seal, including red, yellow, azure, white and black, representing the five elements.

    "Five Thunder Seal!"

    Once the seal appeared, almost everybody, including the Immortal State Warriors, were startled.

    Chen Fan's attack outside of London was too horrifying. He destroyed an entire island in front of the American generals. Such a power still remained deeply inside everyone's heads.

    "Five Elements and thunder, hear my orders!"

    Chen Fan pointed at the air.

    When the seal vibrated, five lightnings struck from the sky and immediately merged into one black and white lightning.

    The lightning carried a destructive energy that was powerful enough to kill an Earth Level Deity!

    "Lesser Five Elements Thunder!"

    Ye Qingcang was immediately frightened.