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Chapter 623 - A Fist That Broke Every Spell

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 623: A Fist That Broke Every Spell


    Every aura shield represented a talisman made by an Earth Level Deity and was strong enough to withstand the attacks from a tank or a cannon. Normal Immortal State Warriors would never break one, even if they attacked together for three days.

    Still, turning a sword into a thread was one of the most advanced techniques. The sword thread was indestructible and could break anything.

    It was an attack Chen Fan had made with his full strength.

    Ever since he entered the peak stage of Divine Sea, his True Essence was as strong as that of a normal Earth Level Deity, and he could make a comparable attack.


    The first aura shield was broken. Then, the golden thread slashed through seven other talismans at once before slowing down.


    Chen Fan looked vicious.

    He cast a spell and the golden thread slashed again with a thunderous sound. Seeing from the outside, it looked like there was a golden thread hitting on a colorful light ball.

    Those talismans were powerful indeed, but half of their Spirit Qi had dissipated over the last thousand years. Under Chen Fan's consecutive attacks, the light ball shook and seemed like it wouldn't stand much longer.


    Everyone was terrified.

    "Ye Qingcang has used the energy of Heaven and Earth, the secret art of the ancient Dao Sect and the power of an Earth Level Deity, but he still can't ward off Chen Beixuan's attack. Who exactly is he? Is he truly an Earth Level Deity?"

    Oleg shook his head seriously.

    The Gold Priest and the others also looked towards Chen Fan.

    "I never thought that Ye Qingcang and Chen Beixuan would appear in the last few decades. Ye Qingcang is already regarded as the top warrior in the world right below the Earth Level Deity realm, but Chen Beixuan… Is he really not an Earth Level Deity?"

    The Gold Priest was shocked.

    Each and every attack Chen Fan made surpassed the level of the Immortal State. If Ye Qingcang couldn't fight with Chen Fan with his own power, he would either have to borrow the power of Heaven and Earth, or use Dharma Treasures or talismans.

    "Ye Qingcang can't stand it any longer. If he doesn't come up with something else, he'll lose for sure!" Guru Guja said.

    The others turned pale.

    In fact, Chen Fan still hadn't played his cards yet. He had never used his invincible Earth Level Deity body, the Nine Abandonments Array, the Divine Armor and the Five-Elemental Divine Seal that suppressed the United States and destroyed an island.

    However, Ye Qingcang already had his back to the wall.

    Not even Ye Qingcang could compete with Chen Fan… who else on this planet could? Everyone's heart sank and they watched the battle anxiously.


    Ye Qingcang knew that he was in trouble, so he swayed his body and soared in the air with a crimson aura surrounding him like a blood dragon. The strange black dagger on his hand was filled with blood marks and he slashed the golden thread with it.


    Metal colliding was heard.

    The indestructible golden thread was blocked.

    "Hm, ordinary Spirit Artifacts can't possibly block my attack, and even a mid-grade Spirit Artifact might be broken. Where does Ye Qingcang's treasure come from? Is it a superior-grade Spirit Artifact?"

    Chen Fan was surprised.

    Before he could have a clearer look, Ye Qingcang's blood dagger had already started clashing with the Sword of Essence Restoring again. The Sword of Essence Restoring carried Chen Fan's terrifying True Essence, which pushed Ye Qingcang ten meters backwards every time he struck.

    After seven attacks, Ye Qingcang was pushed back five hundred meters away from the peak of Mount Yan.

    At the same time, Chen Fan was only a step away from the top of the mountain. Ye Qingcang had failed to stop Chen Fan from going up since the beginning and even made him fall back.


    Ye Qingcang was enraged and he slashed with the dagger in his hands.


    A crimson blade aura surged from the dagger and turned into a twenty-feet crimson blade qi.

    The blade qi then slashed in the air.

    Before the blade aura arrived, a light blade mark had appeared on the ground. Many maple trees were split in half and the mountain seemed to be shaking. This attack was as powerful as Lin Shuming's Earth Level Deity attack and could definitely crack a mountain peak.

    "It's a superior-grade Spirit Artifact. Looks like you were quite lucky."

    Chen Fan was a little surprised.

    A superior-grade Spirit Artifact was different from a normal Spirit Artifact; it was several times stronger than a mid-grade Spirit Artifact. Its quality and power were comparable to Chen Fan's Five Thunder Seal, but without the Five Elements Thunder and not as many functions. However, an ordinary Earth Level Deity wouldn't be able to get a superior-grade Spirit Artifact and even the Dark World Arbitration Department lacked none.

    If a superior-grade Spirit Artifact could break an Earth Level Deity body, even Chen Fan wouldn't go directly against it.

    "I would worry a bit if it were a Spirit Treasure, but what can a superior-grade Spirit Artifact do to me?"

    Chen Fan burst into laughter.

    A Spirit Treasure was a real Dharma Treasure. A normal Qi Refinement cultivator could use it to kill someone at the Connate level and even Chen Fan would not dare to fight it. Being the case, he would not fear an attack of a superior-grade Spirit Artifact.


    Chen Fan flew into the air and turned into a long azure dragon.

    The dragon head, eyes, horns, scales and claws could be seen clearly in the azure light. Chen Fan only used his body and True Essence to fight with the blood dagger without any protection.

    "Clank, clank!"

    All of a sudden, Chen Fan and Ye Qingcang started attacking each other continuously.

    Chen Fan's fists were hard; they glistened like sapphires.

    He dodged to avoid the aura of the superior-grade Spirit Artifact and punched exactly on the dagger. He swayed his fists as if he were holding a giant hammer and made the crimson aura vibrate violently.

    A superior-grade Spirit Artifact was incredibly powerful. An Earth Level Deity could use it to injure Chen Fan severely.

    But Ye Qingcang wasn't an Earth Level Deity after all. The dagger was fine, but Ye Qingcang was shocked by a huge force which pushed him backwards. He felt a numbness in his hands and legs, and couldn't even hold the dagger tight.


    Chen Fan flew in the air like a dragon with an azure aura surrounding him. His hair was fluttering and there was viciousness in his eyes.

    Ye Qingcang also became fierce.


    He exhibited a rare technique with the dagger and every attack he made came from different angles.

    Rays of crimson aura swept across the sky.

    A superior-grade Spirit Artifact could indeed harm an Earth Level Deity, but Chen Fan was even more powerful.

    His fingers tapped on the surface of the black dagger as if he were the most talented pianist.

    "Dong, dong, dong."

    Ye Qingcang's body shook violently.

    He felt as if the dagger had been smashed by ten giant hammers and he almost dropped it because of the numbness in his hand. Chen Fan then got his chance to attack.


    Ye Qingcang thought, but It was too late.

    Chen Fan put his hands together to create a symbol with the shape of a lotus flower and lightly pressed it onto his chest.

    "Crack, crack."

    The remaining talismans surrounding Ye Qingcang were like glass before the lotus fist. Chen Fan easily broke them and punched Ye Qingcang's chest.

    True Martial Thirty-Six Forms, the nineteenth form: A Thousand Lotuses!

    This form might not be as powerful as the "Wheel of Sun and Moon," but it was a deadly attack which gathered all the True Essence and energy within a punch. If the Dark Duke and the arbitrators were there, they would have been smashed and even an Earth Level Deity might not be able to withstand it.

    Ye Qingcang was the same.


    He spurted out blood and he was knocked backwards like a swift arrow.

    Ye Qingcang swept across the sky and smashed into another mountain, making it shake violently and leaving a human-shaped hole. A rock with the size of a house was even crushed into pieces.

    "Did Ye Qingcang lose?"

    Everyone was startled.

    Ye Beichen and Ye Yiren were frightened and everyone in Kunlun couldn't believe it. The invincible Ye Qingcang, the dominator of China and the top warrior on the Divine Roll, lost the battle? How was that possible?

    "Old Lord Xiao, looks like you made a mistake."

    Wang Zhongguo looked at his rival with a complacent face.

    Old Lord Xiao turned pale and was speechless. Everyone in the Xiao Family, including Xiao Changfeng, were trembling. Ye Qingcang was the supporter of the Xiao Family. If he lost, how could the Xiao Family continue being the top family of Yan Jin?

    The other leaders of the major families of Yan Jin were all horrified. If Chen Fan won the battle, the entire Yan Jin would be at his feet. They would have to look up to Chen Fan and the Wang Family. Zhang Yu was so shocked he even knelt on the ground.

    "Ah, Chen Beixuan is really unbeatable."

    Countless Dark Overlords and Martial Arts Grand Masters shook their heads.

    Even though Ye Qingcang had shown his ability to control Heaven and Earth at the beginning of the battle, Chen Fan was incredibly powerful and could fight against the energy of the world with his own power.

    They had expected Ye Qingcang to lose.

    The Immortal State Warriors also shook their heads and sighed. They knew how terrifying Chen Fan's last punch was. It was a deadly attack that carried the Soul Energy of his entire body. Ye Qingcang could never survive it unless he became an Earth Level Deity.

    When everyone was completely sure Ye Qingcang was dead, Chen Fan frowned and stared at the cave.

    "Strange. If he's only an Immortal State Warrior, my Thousand Lotuses should have been able to crush him into pieces, but it didn't feel right when I hit his chest."

    "Is it the body of an Earth Level Deity, and… a Connate Spirit Armor?"