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Chapter 622 - The Battle with Ye Qingcang

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 622: The Battle with Ye Qingcang

    Ye Qingcang stomped his foot.

    The entire Mount Yan shook and everyone could feel the ground vibrate. Many of them were frightened, thinking that it was an earthquake.

    "Don't panic. He's gathering Earth Qi," the old Overlords yelled.

    As expected, the Earth Qi turned into visible rays of yellow aura and surged from all directions to converge on Ye Qingcang's palm, forming the shape of a mountain peak.

    "Ye Qingcang has lived in Mount Yan for decades and his Soul Energy has already connected with the entire Mount Yan. Fighting with Chen Beixuan here gives him an advantage!"

    A Wise Man shook his head.


    As the Earth Qi gathered, the mountain peak on Ye Qingcang's palm became clearer and it was exactly the shape of the main peak of Mount Yan. It was formed with pure Earth Essence Qi and weighed over a thousand tons; even Ye Qingcang found it quite heavy.

    "Chen Beixuan, take the attack of the Earth's power!"

    Ye Qingcang laughed and threw out the yellow peak in his hand.

    Without any constraints, the yellow peak grew from the size of a watermelon into a water tank, then a car, and finally to the size of a three-story building that was a dozen meters high.

    What an overwhelming force!

    It dropped from the sky with tons of weight. This was only a small part of the energy of Mount Yan but it was still very powerful.

    "Summoning a dragon and throwing a mountain with one hand! This is a real Heavenly Being!"

    Countless Martial Arts Grand Masters had tears welled up in their eyes.

    They thought Ye Qingcang was going to lose, but he showed them how terrifying an Mortal Deity was. He gathered the power of Heaven and Earth and released an energy that was a thousand times more powerful than what humans possessed. Even modern technologies couldn't do that.

    "See how I ward off your attack."

    Chen Fan wasn't scared at all.

    He stretched out his left hand and formed a knife with his palm to slash at the twenty-meter yellow peak.


    The bright azure blade aura lengthened to a few feet long and a sword made of lazurite appeared in the aura.

    Chen Fan used his qi to form a knife which was as solid as a real one.

    His True Essence had reached an unbelievable level.


    The azure sword struck the yellow peak and cracked it. Then, it went deeper inside and finally split the twenty-meter peak in half.


    The two halves of the yellow peak fell on both sides of Chen Fan and created two enormous craters at the foot of the mountain. Each crater was more than ten meters wide and everyone there could feel the vibration under their feet.

    Chen Fan warded off the power of the Earth!

    Before they knew it, Ye Qingcang had wrapped his arms around his body and started casting another spell.

    "Heaven and Earth, combine!"

    Ye Qingcang raised his left hand to lift the Essence Qi of the world and flipped down his right hand to absorb the Earth Qi. This time, he didn't hold back. He gathered the enormous Essence Qi and Earth Qi onto his hand and turned them into a cloud of qi. In the end, the cloud was mixed with different colors.

    This cloud of qi contained energy gathered from a ten-mile area. Once it exploded, even mountains would be cracked.

    "This attack is the secret art of the Mixed-Essence Sect, so it's called the ‘Mixed-Essence Strike.'"

    Ye Qingcang threw the cloud of qi as if he were lifting something that weighed a thousand tons.

    "Crack, crack."

    The cloud of qi flashed across the sky like a large bulldozer, making the air vibrate. The power of the attack astonished the Immortal State Warriors.

    "This isn't just the power of a Mortal Deity. It's comparable to the level of an Earth Level Deity," Guru Guja said with shock.

    Lin Shuming and Li Changsheng didn't have the body and the True Essence of an Earth Level Deity, so they could only use their Divine Souls to stimulate the Essence Qi of Heaven and Earth. Such Essence Qi might seem powerful but it was in fact easy to break.

    In contrast, real Earth Level Deities used their true power to gather Essence Qi, which made the energy denser and several times more powerful than what a Mortal Deity could muster.

    However, the secret art Ye Qingcang was using combined the qi from Heaven and Earth, which would make an attack that had the real power of an Earth Level Deity.

    "Wonderful! I've never thought I could still encounter someone able to control the power of Heaven and Earth."

    Chen Fan's eyes were glistening.

    Li Changsheng and Lin Shuming were like ordinary people holding a weapon. They didn't know any techniques, so they were only a bit stronger than an Immortal State Warrior, even though they had become Mortal Deities.

    The secret art Ye Qingcang had used might not be a high-level one, but it was a technique for cultivators to really control Heaven and Earth. Just like when a warrior learned sword techniques, he had already become stronger than ordinary people.

    "Ye Qingcang, you have indeed a much better control of the power of Heaven and Earth than Lin Shuming and other normal Earth Level Deities, but even if a real Earth Level Deity was here, I could kill him easily, let alone you," Chen Fan said. Then he tapped on the gourd on his waist and yelled, "Blade!"


    The sound of the flying sword being unsheathed was heard.

    A golden blade aura was shot out from the Blade Strengthening Gourd and it sped towards the cloud of qi. It was the Sword of Essence Restoring that had been damaged before!

    And yet, Chen Fan had used the materials of several western Divine Artifacts, so it had recovered and had become even more powerful than it used to be.


    Chen Fan pointed.

    The Sword of Essence Restoring immediately turned into a three-feet golden thread.

    The golden thread was thin like a human hair and was made using the high-level technique of the Sword Immortal!

    Chen Fan had once killed the four top Immortal State Warriors at the summit of Yunwu Mountain with this sword.

    A cultivator could defeat anyone with one attack when they used this art.


    The golden thread slashed through the cloud of qi and split it into halves. Then, the energy inside the cloud exploded uncontrollably.


    It sounded as if a bomb had been dropped on the mountainside.

    Trees and grass were uprooted, and soil was stirred up. The explosion covered an area of a hundred meters and the impact made the entire Mount Yan shake. When the smoke was lifted, a thirty-meter-wide pit appeared on the ground.

    "This attack is as powerful as a blast from the Father of All Bombs."

    Everyone was shocked.

    The explosions had the power of a hundred tons of explosives and it could almost compare to a small nuclear weapon.

    "Is this the real power of an Earth Level Deity? We're just like ants compared to them. Ye Qingcang can launch attacks like this because he gathered the energy of Mount Yan. I guess he won't be able to do the same in other places."

    Many Immortal State Overlords wondered.

    An Immortal State Warrior might be able to destroy a normal building, but an Earth Level Deity could easily kill everyone within hundreds of meters. Such a horrifying energy could destroy a city in half a day.


    While everyone was pondering, Chen Fan didn't hold back and the golden thread had sped towards Ye Qingcang after breaking the cloud of qi.

    It created a long mark in the air. Before the thread arrived, the peak had become chilly and many maple leaves cracked in half.


    Ye Qingcang shouted with a serious look and sent out a dozen talismans.

    These talismans seemed to have a history of a thousand years and were all made with the best skin of Spirit Beasts, and scales or blood of dragons.

    Each talisman turned into an invisible shield, which was so hard that even a cannon would be unable to break it.

    In a blink, Ye Qingcang was surrounded by colorful aura shields.

    "The Taiqing Talisman of Dragon Tiger Mountain."

    "The Mixed-Essence Talisman of Wu Dang Mountain."

    "The Spirit Soldier Talisman of the Shangqing Sect of Mao Mountain."

    "The Supreme King Kong Talisman of the Tantric Buddhism from the Great Glacial Mountain…"

    The Chinese cultivators were enraged when they saw the talismans.

    All of them were treasures of different sects which were passed down for thousand years by their ancestors and were the most valuable assets of their descendants. The major sects wouldn't use them unless they were cornered in a moment of life and death. And yet, Ye Qingcang was using a dozen of them at once.

    "In the past, Ye Qingcang once brought Kunlun to our sect and expropriated all our ancestral assets!"

    The blood of Shangqing Sect's descendants was boiling.

    The members of other Chinese sects were also furious. Ye Qingcang was infamous for extorting Martial Arts techniques, ancestral Dharma Treasures, Dharma Artifacts, talismans and elixirs from different sects and families.

    Therefore, Kunlun was almost as wealthy as the Christian Church and the Dark World Arbitration Department, and the amount of assets Ye Qingcang had was similar to what Chen Fan had.

    But Ye Qingcang didn't care about it. He stared at the golden thread.


    The golden thread slashed the shields.