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Chapter 620 - The Strongest Gathered

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 620: The Strongest Gathered

    "Dad, are you sure you want to watch the battle?"

    Wang Keqin helped the Old Lord Wang get out of the car. The eighty-year-old Old Lord Wang panted and looked at the top of Mount Yan.

    "I can't be at ease if I don't witness the battle with my own eyes!"

    Wang Chen and the others followed behind.

    Along the way to the summit, many elite warriors in black outfits were guarding the two sides of the trail. They had a dragon symbol on their chests and were apparently the mysterious "Kunlun" Guards from the legends.

    Wang Chen saw a lot of weird people standing and sitting behind the warriors on the two sides of the forest.

    The skinny Yoga Gurus, the two-meter fighters, the blonde Extraordinaries and the vicious Martial Arts Masters…

    They all looked fierce; all of them were experts from different places.

    These Overlords were all famous in the Dark World. Each of them was powerful enough to be among the top ten warriors in Yan Jin; some could even compete with the late Wu Shenhe.

    And yet, they stayed in the forest and weren't doing anything reckless.

    "These people correspond to half of the Dark World and their power together can destroy a country," the Old Lord Wang said calmly.

    Wang Keqin and Wang Chen were frightened.

    They had finally realized Chen Fan's influence and might. His battle had attracted the attention of half of the world. These brave, invincible Overlords might not even take the superpowers seriously; even so, they simply stood there, evidently wary of the two top warriors.

    Mount Yan had nine peaks and it stretched for more than ten miles.

    The Old Lord Wang and his family members went to the second peak. Apart from them, the other major families like the Xiao Family, the Li Family, the Mu Family and the Han Family were all present.

    After a while, the Old Lord Qin also arrived with the seniors of the Qin Family and Qin Yaner.

    Although Qin Yaner, who was wearing a white dress, looked a bit haggard, it didn't affect her peerless beauty at all; she made people want to embrace her instead.

    "She's indeed the most beautiful woman in Yan Jin. What a shame she has to marry Chen Fan."

    Wang Chen was envious of Chen Fan.

    Compared to Qin Yaner, his fiancée Han Junli, was a little inferior.

    "Sister Qin, you're here."

    Xiao Xianzhu greeted Qin Yaner and her mother immediately stopped her.

    "She's no longer our daughter-in-law. Xuan got his arms and legs broken because of her and even your Grandpa Ye has to battle to exact justice. Why are you still calling her Sister Qin?"

    Xiao Xianzhu froze.

    Qin Yaner forced a smile and said, "It's alright, Xianzhu. Today is the day of the battle. We'll talk later."

    Qin Yaner turned around with sorrow in her eyes.

    A lot of people in the social circle of Yan Jin were saying that Qin Yaner wanted to hook up with Chen Fan because of his wealth and glory, and that she didn't mind sharing Chen Fan with his girlfriend as a concubine.

    In a blink, she had fallen from being the most beautiful woman in Yan Jin to the trash at the bottom.

    Chen Fan was too powerful and vicious. He would kill and break someone's limbs at the drop of a hat.

    Many major families in Yan Jin had decided to boycott him, and the Qin Family, who wanted to establish relations with Chen Fan, was apparently against the other families.

    "Brother Ouyang, who do you think is stronger?" the Prada girl asked. Ouyang Qiong frowned. Even though he had dominated the business sector and the stock market, he had no idea about things like this.

    "There's no doubt that War God Ye will win! He's a hundred-year-old Overlord, and Chen Beixuan is only twenty. How can he compete with War God Ye?" Zhang Yu said.

    He had spent several restless nights and veins started to appear in his eyes.

    Ever since he learned that Chen Fan was Chen Beixuan, he had been so surprised he couldn't sleep at all. He waited for this day to come, hoping to see Chen Fan lose.

    Ouyang Qiong frowned and didn't say anything. The other groups of people also started discussing. Almost all of them who showed up to watch the battle were from the upper-class of Yan Jin.

    Many people present knew next to nothing about the Dark World; some of them simply started talking nonsense.

    A frivolous man shook his head and said, "I think all of this is fake. We're in the 21st century and people are still talking about Immortal State Warriors. Are you kidding me?"

    Ouyang Qiong knew him. He was Wu Zhicheng from the Wu Family, a middle-class family in Yan Jin. Even though the Wu Family possessed more than ten billion in assets, they were kind of new to the circle and had no idea how terrifying the Dark World was.

    "Brother Wu is right. Modern technologies have developed a lot and humanity can do anything. We can go to space and dive deep into the ocean. Immortal State Warriors and Earth Level Deity are only part of old superstitions," another young man said.

    Ouyang Qiong knew him. He was from the Yi Family of the Beihai District. The Yi Family ranked even lower than the Wu Family and was only a small lower-class family.

    Hearing them discuss and judge disrespectfully, Ouyang Qiong couldn't help but shake his head.

    "These families will never thrive!"

    "I think Ye Qingcang is doing this only for his fame and reputation. He hasn't showed up for decades, how can people still call him the guardian of China? He's just trying to make himself popular and superior…"

    While Wu Zhicheng was talking…

    A thunderclap came.

    A beam of golden light swept across the sky and sped towards the mountain. Then, a man whose body was made of gold appeared. He was wearing a golden robe and he held a golden scepter in his hand.

    The man stood in the air and the halo around his body lit up the mountains like a God.

    The trees around him were all bent due to his energy.

    "This… this is?"

    Not only Wu Zhicheng, the other members of the family were also dumbfounded.

    They were only a group of ordinary people. They might have seen an Internal Force Master crush a rock or a cultivator cast a spell, but definitely never a golden man who could fly.

    "Is this the power of an Immortal State Warrior?"

    Even members of the top families like the Wang family and the Qin family turned pale.

    Those who hadn't seen Immortal State Warriors could never imagine how powerful they were. They were like the Gods that overlooked people from the sky. In their eyes, humans were just like ants.

    "An Immortal State Warrior is already more powerful than a god, so what about Chen Beixuan and Ye Qingcang, who are on top of the Divine Roll?"

    No one dared to imagine.

    Wang Chen was extremely jealous.

    A glint of ambition twinkled in Qin Yaner's eyes.

    "Is this what it's like to be on the top of the world? If I could go up there and look down at everyone from the air one day, all their slandering would be nothing!"

    "It's the Gold Priest of the Serpent Temple in South America. I thought he died decades ago, why is he here today?"

    Many Dark Overlords were shocked.

    The Gold Priest was a famous figure centuries before. It was said that he had killed hundreds of thousands in South America as offerings for the Serpent God, but was then stopped by the Christian Church. Nobody had thought that he would show up again centuries later, seemingly more powerful than ever before.

    "Hiss, hiss, hiss."

    The arrival of the Gold Priest was only the beginning.

    Moments later, a skinny elder appeared riding a long and peculiar looking snake. It had a pair of ten-meter wings and could soar in the sky like a dragon.

    "Guru Guja, one of the three Gurus of Brahmin. He's the senior of Guru Rama, who died because of Chen Beixuan. Is Guru Guja coming here for revenge?"

    Many wondered.

    The snake Guru Guja was riding was the secret spirit animal of Brahmin called the "Nalanda Dragon." It was considered the king of snakes since birth and it could soar in the air.

    After that, rays of black, crimson and azure aura came from all directions.

    Many Immortal State Warriors with different powers were there, including the elder of the Druid Sect from Western Europe who was riding a giant eagle, the descendant of the Ice Giant who was a few meters tall and the Extraordinaries who came in a storm. Some of them were old warriors hidden around the world who people had never heard of before, and they only showed up for this battle.

    The strongest ones were those from the North Qiong Sect.

    Twenty Grand Masters and two Immortal State Warriors came together which frightened the other warriors. The members of the families of Yan Jin were also startled.

    "Chen Beixuan is only twenty two years old and he already has such great power. Who else will be able to compete with him after a few years?"

    The leaders of the Wang family, the Xiao family and the Li family started to become afraid.

    When a dozen Immortal State Warriors appeared, the Gold Priest frowned and asked,"Why haven't Ye Qingcang and Chen Beixuan arrived?"


    A crimson aura shot across the sky from afar. The aura then vibrated and an old Russian man in old clothes appeared.

    "War God Ye, your friends are here. Why don't you come out?"

    The old man's thunderous voice was spread out in a hundred mile radius and even people in Yan Jin could hear him.

    While everyone was startled, a hearty laugh came.

    "Oleg, my friend, you're so impatient."

    Someone rose after the voice was heard.

    Everyone's eyes popped out. Ye Qingcang was finally there.