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Chapter 619 - The Battle Begins

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 619: The Battle Begins

    Mount Yan stretched for a dozen miles and the entire mountain was covered with maple trees. In autumn, the area was full of maple leaves and was regarded as one of the eight most magnificent sceneries in Yan Jin.

    The elder in a black robe and the skinny man stood on the top of the mountain.

    The breeze avoided their bodies as if it were being split by a knife. The elder in a black robe was sturdy and his white hair stood upright like swords.

    "The Xiao family has indeed helped our family before and the Old Lord Xiao is an old friend of yours, but we have supported them for decades; the favor should have been already returned. Besides, it's just a trouble a third-generation descendant created. You can give the Old Lord Xiao some bone-setting elixir. Why do you have to fight?" the skinny man said with worry in his eyes.

    "Both of you are powerful warriors in the universe. The battle between you would only make your loved ones worry and your enemies rejoice!"

    "Why, Beichen? Have you no faith in me?"

    The elder in a black robe asked with a hearty voice. He had to be an easy-going man.

    Ye Qingcang used to be a brigand before joining the army. He used to beat people up and rob homes to do justice. He had once dominated the Gansu and Shanxi area and was a famous figure in the country, but he eventually disappeared.

    "Chen Beixuan blew up an island with a strike in front of the Americans. That power is as strong as the nuclear weapon. Not even an Earth Level Deity is capable of that," the man hesitated and said.

    "It's only the power of the Dharma Treasure. Chen Beixuan hasn't truly become an Earth Level Deity. Otherwise, he would have gone straight to Washington and forced the American President to apologize."

    Ye Qingcang laughed.

    Even though he had never met Chen Fan, he knew many things about him.

    "Aside from the power of the Dharma Artifact, Chen Beixuan has once faced the five Arbitrators alone and killed four of them! This is already terrifying! You should know how powerful the Arbitrators are," the man said.

    "Haha, that's a long time ago as you've said." Ye Qingcang snickered.

    "Thirty years ago, the Blood Knights trespassed on our country several times and I fought with them. At first, I was losing but then I managed to turn the tide. During the last battle, even the three arbitrators together couldn't defeat me. So, who knows how powerful I've become thirty years later?" he said as the viciousness in his body surged.

    "But father, you also told me that only two of you could compete with Chen Beixuan!" the skinny man said.

    "Indeed." Ye Qingcang nodded.

    "Chen Beixuan is so talented and he's an Immortal Sage. Even ten of me can't compare to him, but…"

    Suddenly, beams of aura shot out from Ye Qingcang's eyes.

    "Talent is talent, power is power! I wasn't as powerful as the Dark Duke and his companions but I fought with them again and again, and finally defeated them one by one. A strong will is very important for battling and I know I'm better than anyone else in the world in this aspect!"

    The man trembled.

    This was his arrogant father who never gave up! Ye Qingcang had had over three hundred battles throughout his entire life. He might not have won every single time but he was the one who stood on top of the world rather than his opponents.


    Then, a crimson qi pillar rose from another mountain to the sky. The Essence Qi within three hundred meters gathered around the pillar and formed a large red cloud.

    "Great, a crimson pillar and a cloud of Essence Qi! Nantian has entered the Immortal State. Our family has another Immortal State Warrior now. I will have nothing to worry about even if I die on Mount Yan."

    Ye Qingcang burst into laughter, and the skinny man was in awe.

    Once his brother Ye Nantian entered the Immortal State, he would be able to live up to a hundred and fifty years. Besides, Ye Nantian's cloud of Essence Qi was larger than what normal Immortal State Warriors had, meaning that he had unimaginable potential. In comparison, being the leader of the Ye family was nothing.

    As time passed, more and more Overlords arrived at Mount Yan from all over the world.

    Even those from the North Qiong Sect, including Yukishiro Sa, A'Xiu, Dragon Lord and Hua Yunfeng, came one after another. The villa in North Mountain was suddenly packed with people.

    "Master, you'll be battling in a few days. Why are you still relaxing?" A'Xiu said.

    "I'm invincible; I can defeat Ye Qingcang with one hand. What do I have to worry about?" Chen Fan yawned and lay on the sofa, while Yukishiro Sa massaged his back.

    A'Xiu stuck her tongue out and said, "Braggart! Even the American research team has found out that your Dharma Treasure can only attack once and it takes a long time to recharge its energy. Be careful when you go to Mount Yan! Ye Qingcang might tear you to pieces!"

    "It's only research. They don't know the exact recharging time. As long as they don't know how to deal with me, who would dare to provoke me?" Chen Fan said slothfully.

    The Five Elements Thunder was only used to tell the world that Chen Fan had something as powerful as a nuclear weapon.

    It wouldn't be needed after that. The United States and the rest of the countries were all smart enough; they wouldn't risk offending Chen Fan. What if his Dharma Treasure could be recharged quickly?

    "Ye Qingcang remained in first place on the Divine Roll for sixty years. Aren't you worried?" A'Xiu wondered.

    "It doesn't matter. Am I right, Miss Red Sparrow?" Chen Fan glanced over to the door.

    As expected, the short-haired Red Sparrow walked in, wearing a black leather jacket.

    Red Sparrow said softly, "I can't believe you're finally fighting with the old man."

    "Ye Qingcang has studied me for almost five years. He's been waiting for me to reach a certain level, so that he could fight with me to become an Earth Level Deity."

    "So, it's not that I want to fight with him. He's the one who doesn't want to let go of me.

    "I might be able to get away from it once, but not twice.

    "No matter what, he will still initiate a battle.

    "So, why shouldn't I give him a chance?" Chen Fan said lazily.

    Red Sparrow turned pale as if she had seen a ghost.

    "How did you know that?"

    Chen Fan stretched his body and said, "Since the day I knew that Ye Qingcang was responsible for ranking the warriors on the Heaven Roll, I've always had this speculation in mind. People thought I was the young, arrogant, successful ‘Kunlun' who arranged the Heaven roll at that time but they called me ‘Curmudgeon Chen.' I guess Ye Qingcang had already discovered something by then."

    "Are you really the reincarnation of an ancient beast or a Sage, like the old man said?" Red Sparrow wondered.

    Chen Fan laughed and continued, "Ye Qingcang allowed me to dominate China and slaughter many Grandmasters and Immortal State Warriors around the world, never coming out to suppress me, not even once. Director Xiao from your department must also be under his command."

    "That's right."

    Red Sparrow nodded.

    Chen Fan sat up and said with his hands behind his back, "Ye Qingcang has remained undefeated for too long. If the Blood Ancestor doesn't arise, the Dark Duke and his companions are the only people on Earth that can compete with Ye Qingcang. But the descendants of the Kindred can't help with his cultivation, so he's been waiting for me to appear. Apparently, he knew that I was much more powerful than he expected, which is why he grasped this opportunity to invite me for a battle."

    The North Mystic Celestial Lord could hardly be fooled. It was just that Chen Fan was too lazy to think about it sometimes. After all, he could kill his enemies with a strike whatever their plan was, so why bother?

    Red Sparrow was speechless and rooted on the spot.

    In her mind, Chen Fan was only a reckless killer who was powerful but not respected by others. However, she saw a new side of Chen Fan that day, one that was like an all-knowing God; no secrets could be hidden from him.

    "I guess Ye Qingcang didn't ask you to come, right? He's only half step away from becoming an Earth Level Deity and has waited for this battle for so long. He wouldn't want me to hold back; he wants me to use my full power to push him to the next level.

    "How important is an Earth Level Deity to a country?

    "He's waited for this day to come for so long.

    "He needs my help."

    Chen Fan got on his feet and looked to the West.

    His Immortal Will spread across all of Yan Jin and clashed hard against a Divine Soul like a wave against a reef. The other party stood firmly like a mountain, as if he had merged with Mount Yan and his force was as tough as the Immortal Will.

    Their forces separated immediately once they clashed.

    They both knew who the other party was.

    "Yes, it was my idea to come here…"

    Red Sparrow lowered her head.

    Chen Fan said, "Go back. Ye Qingcang is only a typical martial artist and he's longed to become an Earth Level Deity all his life. I won't hold back, otherwise, it would be disrespectful to him."

    In Red Sparrow's eyes, Chen Fan was enormous, as if he were connected to the sky.

    "This man is basically a Heavenly Being."

    Red Sparrow looked down and walked outside quickly. She stopped halfway; she said after hesitating for a moment, "The old man went to the Deity Burial Valley in Kunlun years ago and has changed a lot since then. Be careful."

    Then, Red Sparrow left.

    Chen Fan stood there expressionlessly and whispered, "Ye Qingcang has indeed many cards in his hands, but he doesn't know what I'm capable of."

    Three days later, at Mount Yan.

    The forest within ten miles away was packed with Overlords from around the world, including the famous Dark Overlords, Martial Arts Grand Masters, Mixed Martial Arts Masters, and so on.

    Countless people looked up to the peak.

    The battle was finally about to begin.