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Chapter 618 - The Most Glorious Battle in a Thousand Years

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 618: The Most Glorious Battle in a Thousand Years

    Ye Qingcang.

    The founder of Kunlun and the most powerful warrior in China. Ever since he became a martial artist, he had defeated the Green Gang, the Hong Sect, the Dragon Hall, the Tantric Buddhism and the Lin family. He had ranked at the top in China for sixty years and was regarded as the guardian of the country.

    Chen Fan was even stronger.

    The top warrior on the Divine Roll, sixth in the world and with the might to defeat superpowers alone!

    These two Overlords were going to fight it out under everyone's eyes.

    The news rattled the world like an earthquake and was swiftly spread from China to Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, Western Europe, North America, the Middle East…

    In a blink, the entire world knew about it.

    "Ye Qingcang is going to fight with Chen Beixuan?"

    "This will be a battle between the top warriors of two generations!"

    "We must go there! This is probably the most glorious battle in the last thousand years. Throughout history, only the battle between the Deities and Earth Level Deities could compare with it!"

    The eyes of countless Dark Overlords were twinkling.

    Although Ye Qingcang hadn't fought in fifty years, he still ranked high on the Divine Roll, and had defeated Lin Shuming and the adjudicators of the Christian Church. Since Lin Shuming had become a Mortal Deity, what realm would Ye Qingcang be in at the moment?

    Was he an Earth Level Deity?

    Nobody knew.

    And Chen Fan was truly an invincible warrior of the time.

    Chen Fan had defeated Japan and Russia, and had suppressed the European Union and the United States. Many people had died wherever he went, including twenty Immortal State Warriors and the five Dark Lords. The strike that destroyed an island outside London was even more astonishing.

    However, a lot of people assumed that Chen Fan needed a long time to gather energy for that attack, so it might not exhibit the power of nuclear weapons this time.

    "Let's go to China. I will have no regrets if I can witness the battle between the two top Overlords on Earth."

    A hundred-year-old Japanese Kendo Master walked outside and looked to the West.

    After hearing the news, many warriors put down everything they were doing and rushed to Yan Jin. Dark Overlords, Martial Arts Grand Masters, Mixed Martial Arts Masters and Extraordinary Masters, all of them hoped to watch the battle.

    Even those old Kendo Masters who had disappeared for many years were also on their way.


    In a golden temple in the Amazon of South America.

    Many believers wearing clothes made of leaves were kneeling and worshiping. Suddenly, a golden man shot out from the temple and rose to the skies. His entire body seemed to be made of pure gold, including his eyes, nostrils and lips.

    "Has the God of Gold risen?"

    Countless believers bowed respectfully and were crying tears of joy.

    The golden man didn't look at the people at his feet. He looked at the East and said, "Ye Qingcang, Chen Beixuan… I can't believe you two Overlords would appear within the past few decades when I was asleep. This battle is like one between Saints. I must go and check it out!"

    Then, the golden man turned into a beam of golden light and flashed to the East.

    In the sacred ground of Brahmin in India.

    Two Yoga Gurus were sitting opposite to each other. They looked extremely old and their bodies were like dead wood; no heartbeats could be heard.

    "Chen Beixuan killed Rama. I must go and see if he really has the power of the Godfiend!" the skinny Guru said.

    "All right." the nother Guru replied.

    In the tundra region in Russia.

    Oleg walked towards the wolf pack slowly.

    Among the few elders who were gathering around a fire, the brawny one with long hair and a wolf head helmet stood up and said with disdain, "Traitor Oleg, you betrayed the War Wolf King and left the pack, then chose to join an evil human country and even helped them develop Bloodline Weapons. You've been expelled from the Elders Union. Don't ever enter the sacred Wolfland again!"

    Several other elders also got up one by one.

    Their hair had become white, but they were still as fierce as the Snowwolf King, Galdan.

    "I'm here to deliver the news. A few days later, there will be a battle between Chen Beixuan and Ye Qingcang. The fight will be the closest to a match between Saints in the past thousand years. I hope you won't miss it," Oleg said with his hands behind his back, then turned around and left.

    "Haha, what's so special about a battle between two humans? Chen Beixuan is the one who killed Galdan. We showed him mercy by not taking revenge, and now you want us to watch him fight?"

    While the elders were sneering, Oleg said from afar.

    "Right, I forgot to tell you that Chen Beixuan slaughtered four arbitrators from the Dark World Arbitration Department a while ago. If you think you're stronger than the War Wolf King and the Dark Dukes, you can just ignore the battle."

    All the elders of the pack were stunned.

    Not only South America, India and Russia, many old warriors from different parts of the world went to China. Some of them might be even older than Lin Shuming; some were even Overlords from alien races.

    "This isn't a normal battle. Ye Qingcang and Chen Beixuan are both top warriors in the world and are half step away from becoming Earth Level Deities. During the battle, all their energies will be triggered and developed, so one of them would surely be able to reach the Earth Level Deity realm afterwards!" an Immortal State Overlord said.

    There hadn't been an Earth Level Deity in the world for over a thousand years.

    The Blood Ancestor of the Kindred was only a legend and no one had ever seen him in person. Many Immortal State Overlords were stuck below the Earth Level Deity level, which was all they wanted to achieve throughout their entire lives.

    Without a doubt, Chen Fan and Ye Qingcang were the warriors closest to that level.

    Their battle would inspire countless people.

    "Pong, pong, pong!"

    Many Overlords rushed over to China.

    Azure Dragon went to Yan Jin in person and commanded his men to set up an array around the city. Many of the Overlords were banned from entering Yan Jin.

    Many big families in Yan Jin were shocked.

    It was only a small matter where a third-generation descendant had his limbs broken. With the current technology and the power of the Xiao family, his arms and legs would be fine and he would only have to stay in bed for a few years. But still, the Old Lord Xiao asked Ye Qingcang to avenge them, causing such chaos.

    "Oh God! All the Overlords around the world are gathering here in Yan Jin. It's been a long time since this last happened."

    Many were startled.

    "I'm afraid only the moment when the Dark World Arbitration Department mobilized the Immortal State Warriors around the world to besiege the Dharma-rāja of the Qing Dynasty a hundred and fifty years ago could barely compare to this battle today. Neither of the two fighters are inferior to the Dark World Arbitration Department!" an old Grand Master of the Tai Chi Sect said.

    "Master, Chen Beixuan has once faced five arbitrators and killed four of them, but Ye Qingcang hasn't fought for almost fifty years. Isn't there too much difference between their levels?" a disciple wondered.

    The disciples and juniors also nodded.

    "You fool! The Dark World Arbitration Department hid for fifty years, do you think they really did nothing within that period? They might not want to provoke the United States and the Christian Church, but do you think they would really let China get away if we were weak?"

    The old Grand Master grunted.

    "General Ye has been the top warrior on the Divine Roll for sixty years, and you think that's a joke? People said that four arbitrators from the Arbitration Department had once come to the East but ended up running away. General Ye definitely was much more powerful than all of the arbitrators back then, not to mention how much stronger he has become after so many years."

    The faces of the disciples turned pale.

    There was a heated discussion in China and around the world.

    Ye Qingcang had not battled for decades but the CIA still ranked him first on the Divine Roll, and only became second when Chen Fan appeared. Even though he killed less Immortal State Warriors than Chen Fan did, Ye Qingcang was too unpredictable. Who knew if he had become an Earth Level Deity?

    "Grandpa, it doesn't feel right."

    Unlike the Overlords, the large families in Yan Jin were all dumbfounded.

    Compared to the battle between Chen Fan and Ye Qingcang, the quarrel between the three families was nothing important. The fight of the two warriors could affect the development of the world and even the American President was watching it.

    The Xiao family and the Wang family weren't significant at all.

    "We were only hoping Chen Fan could defeat the Xiao family so that we could snatch their position, but the Old Lord Xiao suddenly asked Ye Qingcang for help. It's only a junior member who got hurt… why would they want the guardian of China to take revenge for them?" Wang Chen said.

    He was a little confused. Although things were going as planned, the influence of the battle was far beyond the Wang Family's control.

    The other members of the Wang family were also anxious.

    Countries around the world, many powerful forces and consortiums were following the development of the battle, and the Wang family was only an insignificant part of them. They had finally realized how influential Chen Fan was.

    "Don't panic! Our family will be the winner no matter which one of them wins. If Chen Fan wins, he's my grandson. If Ye Qingcang wins, we will still be one of the five major families in Yan Jin!" Wang Zhongguo shouted.

    The rest of the Wang family members finally understood.


    The Wang family would be the winner no matter what. What were they afraid of?

    They nodded and cracked smiles. The old lady was beaming, while a glint of viciousness flashed in Wang Chen's eyes.

    "My cousin, I hope you're the one who dies…"

    Meanwhile, on the top of Mount Yan.

    Two men were standing with their hands behind their backs. One of them was an elder in a black robe, while the other was a man in a military uniform. They both stood upright as if they were the same person.

    After a while, the man in military uniform said, "Father, why did you agree to this battle?"