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Chapter 617 - Who in the World Didnt Know Him?

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 617: Who in the World Didn't Know Him?

    The entire Xiao family was silent.

    All the senior members froze like statues and their faces were filled with fright.

    As the top family of Yan Jin, the Xiao family surely had heard of Chen Fan. He ranked first on the Divine Roll and could compete with a country on his own. The last person the Xiao family wanted to provoke right then was definitely Chen Fan.

    However, he was the one who broke Xiao Xuan's arms and legs!

    The Old Lord Xiao was sitting with his eyes wide open. Those who were yelling to take revenge against Chen Fan also went silent; Xiao Changfeng's face even turned pale.

    "Father, Xuan is your grandson and the future of the Xiao family. We have to avenge him…"

    "But that's Chen Beixuan! What can we do?" someone mumbled.

    Sadly, everyone had to agree even though they were angry.

    Chen Fan dominated the world and had defeated powerful countries. If they wanted to take revenge, they would have to ask Ye Qingcang for help, unless they could use nuclear weapons. However, even Ye Qingcang might not be able to defeat Chen Fan, since Chen Fan ranked higher than him on the Divine Roll after all.

    The Old Lord Xiao remained silent.


    Xiao Changfeng yelled with desperation.

    "All right." The Old Lord Xiao opened his eyes and there was a glint of sadness. "Xuan indeed offended the top warrior on the Divine Roll so he deserves to have his limbs broken. Yet, he's still a member of the Xiao family and we can't just let this go."

    Then, the Old Lord Xiao got up slowly.

    "Chen Beixuan is powerful but this is Yan Jin and we have our own rules. We can't let him run wild. Besides, there must be someone who can compete with him in this big world."

    "Father, what do you mean?" Xiao Changfeng slightly trembled.

    "Get ready. I'm going to Mount Yan to meet an old friend."

    The Old Lord Xiao looked up with a determined look.

    Chen Fan broke Xiao Xuan's arms and legs, and threw him down the North Mountain.

    This had shocked all of Yan Jin. Only three days had passed since Chen Fan entered Yan Jin, and a lot of unimaginable things had happened, including Chen Fan rejecting the engagement, the Old Lord Qin meeting the Wang family in person and Xiao Xuan getting his limbs broken.

    "That guy is screwed. Now that Xiao family is enraged, not even the Wang family can save him!"

    "It's true! The Xiao family is the top family of Yan Jin. The number of businesses they control surpasses that of the billionaires. Also, they are in charge of half of the energy industry in China and are as rich as a country. The Wang family is much weaker compared to the Xiao family."

    "Hehe, he's indeed a ladies' man, but he won't be able to enjoy his love affairs anymore."

    Nobody thought Chen Fan could make it alive.

    They expected the Xiao family to catch Chen Fan, break his limbs and throw him out of Yan Jin.

    And yet, three days later… Chen Fan was still relaxing on North Mountain, watching maple leaves with his girlfriend.

    On the other hand, the Xiao family remained quiet. No one said anything about it, as if nothing had happened.

    "No, it's not right. Why is the Xiao family not doing anything?"

    The clever bystanders noticed something was off.

    With the power of the Xiao family, they had to be worrying about something if they didn't take revenge immediately!

    However, Chen Fan was only a normal descendant of the Wang family. There was nothing the Xiao family needed to be afraid of!

    "Strange. What's going on with the Xiao family?"

    Zhang Yu was so anxious to witness the moment the Xiao family broke Chen Fan's limbs, so that Chen Fan could experience the humiliation he had suffered. And yet, the Xiao family kept quiet and still.

    "I think we've made a mistake."

    Ouyang Qiong frowned.

    "We used to think that the guy was only a pawn of the Wang family, but it seems that he's the key person to them. The Old Lord Qin is willing to allow his granddaughter to be his concubine, Xiao Xuan brought a sect-servant to see him but ended up with fractured limbs, and now the Xiao family has not said a thing. All of this because of that guy. He's definitely not an ordinary person!" Ouyang Qiong said with certainty.

    "But who exactly is he?" the Prada girl wondered.

    "That's something I'm also trying to figure out…" Ouyang Qiong shook his head.

    "Hm, which family in China can threaten the Xiao family, which ranked top five in the country? No one can do so except for the Ye family. I don't think that guy is more powerful than the Ye family." Zhang Yu grunted.

    "The Ye family? His last name is Chen?"

    Ouyang Qiong suddenly swayed his body and his eyes were filled with surprise.

    "Wait, what's the real name of that guy?"

    "I heard from Tong that it's something like Chen Fan," Zhang Yu said as he scratched his head.

    "Chen Fan… The Chen family of Jin City… Chen Beixuan? He's Chen Beixuan!" Ouyang Qiong banged on his legs and got up with twinkling eyes.

    "That explains everything! Who else can it be other than the domineering, invincible Chen Beixuan? Who else has a power like that?"

    "Who's Chen Beixuan?"

    While Zhang Yu was wondering, everyone next to him became serious.

    Chen Fan's name had been circulating in the North for a few years. All the big families in the region had heard of the things he did, including the slaughtering of the An family and the Fu family, forcing the leaders to kneel before him. However, Zhang Yu was still young so he didn't know much about him.

    All of them didn't answer but just stared at Zhang Yu with looks of pity. They thought that after pissing off Chen Beixuan, Zhang Yu might not survive the Chinese New Year.

    "Well, it's better if you don't know about it."

    Ouyang Qiong shook his head.

    While the upper-class of Yan Jin was waiting for the Xiao family to kick Chen Fan's butt…

    A secret message which came from a junior member of the Wang family suddenly started circulating among them. It said that Chen Fan was Chen Beixuan and his mother Wang Xiaoyun was the daughter of the Old Lord Wang, meaning that he was Wang Zhongguo's grandson!

    Many people didn't believe it at first, but as the news spread, the Qin family tacitly admitted and the Xiao family remained silent.

    When they confirmed that it was true, the entire Yan Jin was heated.

    "F**k, Chen Beixuan is in Yan Jin?"

    "He's the top killer in the world! I heard that he once killed the leaders of sixteen families in Jin City!"

    "No wonder Chen Beixuan is the only one who can frighten the Xiao family. So, why would Xiao Xuan go to see Chen Beixuan? Didn't he know that he's the one who destroyed the Black Sea Fleet?"

    Not only the upper-class community of Yan Jin, the business sector, the Martial Arts community, the underground world and many foreign powers were all startled.

    Chen Fan ranked first on the Divine Roll.

    He was recently in Europe. Who would have thought that he would be in Yan Jin after several days and was actually Wang Zhongguo's grandson?

    "Right, I remember that Wang Zhongguo indeed had a daughter called Wang Xiaoyun. She's the former CEO of the Jin Xiu Group and the Jin Xiu Group is the predecessor of North Qiong Corp."

    "How can Wang Zhongguo be so lucky to have such a powerful grandson?"

    "Looks like the Qin family and the Wang family are thriving. No wonder the Old Lord Qin wants his granddaughter to marry into the Wang family," countless people said enviously.

    Many big families in Yan Jin were quite jealous.

    The Xiao family became the top family of Yan Jin with the support from the Ye family, while Chen Fan was the top warrior on the Divine Roll and was the grandson of the Old Lord Wang; this would give a higher status to the Wang family; they might even surpass the Xiao family sooner or later.

    A lot of junior members of the Wang family felt proud; they had completely forgotten how they had treated Chen Fan and his family.

    As for the rest of the large families, they stayed neutral and didn't do anything. Chen Fan had broken the rules of the upper-class community, but he was too strong for the families to fight against him.

    "I'm sorry, Brother Chen has to rest. No one can visit him without further notice."

    Many people visited the villa in North Mountain where Chen Fan was staying, including those from the upper-class of Yan Jin, Martial Artists, envoys from foreign consortiums, and so on.

    The members of the Wang family had become Chen Fan's guards, sending these people away.

    Seeing those significant figures be so respectful, the Wang family became more arrogant.

    Wang Chenchen walked past the front door and finally realized how superior her cousin was. "I didn't know Cousin Chen Fan was so popular. No wonder my friends want me to get his autograph."

    Wang Chenchen thought as she knocked.

    Wang Xiaoyun opened the door and immediately invited her niece inside.

    In the No.5 Villa, Fang Qiong was dealing with the company matters; Chen Fan was lying on the sofa like a lazy master, waiting for An Ya to peel the pears.

    Wang Chenchen couldn't believe that this lazy young man was the legendary Chen Beixuan.

    "Cousin, what are you reading?"

    Wang Chenchen found that Chen Fan was holding an invitation letter. The letter was red with black words and it looked simple and solemn like a hundred-year-old elder.

    "Oh, it's a letter of challenge," Chen Fan said.

    "A letter of challenge?"

    Wang Chenchen's eyes popped out.

    "Yes. Interesting, isn't it? I really want to meet him."

    Chen Fan put down the letter and smiled.

    Wang Chenchen took a peek and saw the word "Ye" on the letter followed by another blurry word. She slowly read the rest.

    "Ye Qingcang…?"

    Wang Chenchen turned pale right away.

    January 20th, 2012, on the Chinese New Year's Eve.

    Ye Qingcang invited Chen Beixuan for a battle on the top of Mount Yan outside of Yan Jin.

    The world was startled.