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Chapter 616 - Its Him?

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 616: It's Him?

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    Xiao Xuan was a clever man.

    Everything that happened was apparently a scheme against the Xiao family. To get out of the situation, he had to kill the key person rather than starting a battle between the three families.

    Who was the key person?

    "Chen Fan," of course!

    The Wang family and the Qin family were arranging a marriage because of him and people were mocking Xiao Xuan because of him. Killing or banishing Chen Fan would automatically break the relationship between the Qin family and the Wang family.

    "I don't know what is so special about you that makes the Old Lord Wang have your back and the Old Lord Qin agree to let Yaner be your concubine. You might be the heir of some major family elsewhere or might come from a hidden family like the Lin family, but it doesn't matter at all. You can never imagine how powerful the Xiao family is."

    There was a glint of arrogance in Xiao Xuan's eyes.

    The Xiao family was the top family of Yan Jin and ranked among the top three in China. Even the Lin family wasn't as powerful as the Xiao family, not to mention Chen Fan.

    "I'll give you one last chance. Leave Yan Jin and never come back, or Uncle Wu will break your limbs and throw you down the North Mountain," Xiao Xuan said.

    "Wu Shenhe from the Wu family of the Northwest region?"

    Chen Fan sized the middle-aged man up.

    "That's me," The middle-aged man said.

    "I heard that you ranked eighth on the Heaven Roll with Huo Zheng since three years ago. Also, you've mastered the Fist of Dragon Fury and have entered the mid-stage of the Transcendent State. Am I right?"

    "You're right," Wu Shenhe answered.

    "So, you should know who I am! And you should also know that you can't let this man threaten me. I hate being threatened."

    Chen Fan shook his head.

    "I don't care who you are. I'll kill anyone my young master asks me to kill," Wu Shenhe said calmly.

    "What a shame."

    Chen Fan heaved a sigh.

    "Break his arms and legs, then throw him down the North Mountain," Xiao Xuan said as he turned around and left.

    He had faith in Wu Shenhe, whom the Old Lord Xiao recruited from the Wu family ten years before. The Wu family had agreed to let go of Wu Shenhe because they owed the Xiao family a favor.

    Wu Shenhe had defeated countless opponents from different families in Yan Jin ever since he became part of the Xiao family. His Fist of Dragon Fury were incredibly powerful and he was still in the mid-stage of Transcendent State just because he didn't want to exhibit his full strength. He was strong enough to enter the peak stage of the Transcendent State and enter the Dark Roll.

    "Even if you're the grandson of an Immortal State Warrior, how powerful can you be at only twenty years of age? A Transcendent Grand Master like Ye Yiren is still just a Grand Master. Besides, the Xiao family can bear the consequences of beating you to death."

    Xiao Xuan walked away with confidence shining in his eyes.

    The senior members of the Xiao family might not agree to offend an Immortal State Overlord or a hidden family because of a woman, but if Xiao Xuan had already killed him, the Xiao family would definitely protect him. After all, he was the future leader of the family.

    "One, two, three…"

    Xiao Xuan counted each step he took. He knew that Wu Shenhe could defeat his enemy within ten steps.


    When Xiao Xuan took his tenth step, a man fell next to him.

    He turned to his side confidently, but then froze right away.

    The person who fell at his feet wasn't Chen Fan, but Wu Shenhe!

    A hole as big as a thumb appeared on Wu Shenhe's forehead; it had pierced right through his head.

    The Grandmaster, Wu Shenhe, was killed within ten steps?

    Xiao Xuan couldn't believe it, but he had to.

    Chen Fan walked next to Xiao Xuan and said, "During your ten steps, Wu Shenhe punched nine times but his attacks couldn't get nearer than three feet from me. Then, I moved a finger and he died."

    Xiao Xuan started trembling.

    Wu Shenhe was already a peak-stage Transcendent State Warrior and only the Immortal State Warriors could kill him with a finger. Among the Immortal State Warriors, there was only one who was young and came from the Chen family…

    Xiao Xuan slowly turned around and said, "Chen Beixuan?"

    He had never thought that his enemy was the legendary Chen Beixuan, who could single handedly compete with a country! The Xiao family was like a bunch of weak kindergarteners in front of Chen Fan, not to mention Xiao Xuan himself.

    "I told you not to stand in my way. I make clear distinctions between love and hate."

    Chen Fan cracked a gummy smile.

    When Qin Yaner arrived at the North Mountain, she saw an ambulance driving away.

    Chen Fan broke Xiao Xuan's arms and legs and threw him down the North Mountain. Xiao Xuan would have died there if the guards on the mountain didn't save him in time. However, with the current technology, he would still need to stay in bed for three to five years.

    "Chen Beixuan is on the top of the world and he's an Immortal State Warrior, so nobody should offend him. Xiao Xuan was wrong. He thought that the Xiao family could protect him but what he didn't know is that even the Old Lord Xiao can't frighten Chen Beixuan."

    Ye Yiren shook her head with no sympathy on her face.

    "If it wasn't Chen Beixuan on the mountain today but another ordinary person, the one to fall would have been that person and not Xiao Xuan. This is the difference between their strength. Chen Beixuan is more powerful than all the Xiao family combined."

    Qin Yaner didn't say a word. She looked down and seemed to have understood something.

    Someone broke Xiao Xuan's arms and legs, and threw him down the North Mountain!

    This news created chaos among the upper-class community in Yan Jin.

    Who was Xiao Xuan? He was a third generation descendant of the Xiao family, the grandson Old Lord Xiao adored most and the most outstanding young master in Yan Jin. There seemed to be a halo around him as if he were a prince.

    And yet, someone dared to break the limbs of such a superior figure in Yan Jin? Who would have the guts? Was he trying to pick a fight against the entire Xiao family?

    After hearing the news, Ouyang Qiong, Zhang Yu and the others were all dumbfounded.

    "It's impossible! Who did that?" the Prada girl said.

    "That guy from the Wang family. People said that Xiao Xuan went to talk to him with a guard, but in the end, his guard died and Xiao Xuan's arms and legs were broken. He was thrown down the North Mountain and almost died because of it."

    Ouyang Qiong had never looked so serious before.

    Although there had always been battles between families in Yan Jin, no one had ever been as fierce as Chen Fan. Since he had broken Xiao Xuan's limbs, the Xiao family would surely make him suffer.

    "He's going to get himself killed." Ouyang Qiong shook his head and felt pity for Chen Fan.

    In contrast, Zhang Yu was thrilled.

    "Haha, he's bonkers! I don't need to do anything. The Xiao family would never let him get away!"

    The other families had different reactions when they got the news.

    The major families, including the Li family, the Han family and the Mu family, were all stunned. They immediately sent their servants to find out the identity of this guy from the Wang family.

    "He's humiliating the Xiao family publicly! Since when did we have such a brave person?"

    There was a clamor of comments among the seniors of the Han family.

    Everybody thought that Chen Fan was screwed. Who could escape the Xiao family's revenge?

    Han Juntu frowned. He felt that this guy from the Chen family was someone he had met before.

    "Is it him? If he's really in Yan Jin, the entire capital will be in trouble!"

    Han Juntu trembled.

    As for the Wang family, they were already feeling pleased.

    "Wonderful! Our plan finally succeeded! The Xiao family will have no choice but to fight with Chen Fan." Wang Chen was excited since it was his idea.

    Wang Keqin and the other seniors of the Wang family all nodded and expressed their appreciation.

    Xue Hongmei even snickered and said, "Well done, Xiao Chen. Eliminate that bastard so I can live a few years longer."

    Only Wang Zhongguo was frowning.

    Although the plan seemed to be working, such a strategy could only be used once. When Chen Fan realized what they were planning, he would distance himself from the Wang family. Their plan couldn't make Chen Fan be loyal and work for the Wang family.

    "What a pity. If I had been nicer to Xiaoyun, the Wang family wouldn't have needed to rely on Chen Fan to become the top family in Yan Jin."

    Even though he said so, Wang Zhongguo felt no remorse.

    As a wise elder, he never regretted what he did and he wasn't worried whether Chen Fan would take revenge on him at all.

    After all, Chen Fan was his grandson and Wang Xiaoyun was his daughter. Would Chen Fan really exterminate the Wang family?

    Meanwhile, the Xiao family was enraged.

    Xiao Changfeng banged on the table and said, "He's challenging the Xiao family and the Old Lord's dignity. Send out all our sect-servants. We must do everything we can to eliminate that bastard!"

    The other seniors of the Xiao family were also furious.

    The Xiao family had dominated Yan Jin for decades and they had never been humiliated like this before. To break their descendant's limbs was the biggest provocation to the Xiao family!

    The Old Lord Xiao sat with his eyes closed, looking isolated from the world.

    Someone suggested quietly to find out Chen Fan's identity. After all, being able to kill the Grandmaster Wu Shenhe, he must have unpredictable power.

    "No matter who he is, he can't get away from us. If it doesn't go well, our Old Lord can ask the Ye family for help. No one in China can fight against the Ye family!" Xiao Changfeng said as he intensely moved his hands.

    Many seniors of the Xiao family nodded.

    Then, a servant came in.

    "My Lord, we've got some news. That man from the Wang family is called Chen Fan. He came from Jin City and also goes by the name of Chen Beixuan!"

    Everyone went silent.

    Xiao Changfeng's arms remained still in the air and even the calm Old Lord Xiao opened his eyes with shock.

    "What? It's him?"