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Chapter 615 - Get Out of Yan Jin, or Die!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 615: Get Out of Yan Jin, or Die!

    In the villa in North Mountain.

    After the Qin family and the Old Lord Wang left, Chen Fan said, "Mom, why did you agree? I've met Qin Yaner only once and even Sister An and Xiao Qiong are more beautiful than she is. Besides, you should know what the Qin family is planning."

    Wang Xiaoyun agreed to consider before asking Chen Fan.

    The Old Lord Qin left with a contented look while Chen Fan was speechless.

    With Chen Fan's current status, many families and powers wanted to seek connections with him. If he accepted every one of them, he would have to marry a hundred wives. As the North Mystic Celestial Lord, how would he lay eyes on those ordinary women?

    Anyone who wanted to marry him had to be at least a Divine Cultivator of the Immortal Sect or a Dao Reunion Cultivator.

    "Of course I know. The Qin family appreciates my son so much they want to give me a daughter-in-law as a gift." Wang Xiaoyun raised her chin. "You and Xiao Qiong have been together for so long but have yet to marry. I'm looking forward to having grandchildren. If you keep delaying, I'll find ten more concubines for you."

    Fang Qiong was flushed with embarrassment.

    But the others knew Wang Xiaoyun was joking.

    Chen Fan then said in a cold tone, "The Qin family wants their daughter to marry me so that they can get my support and become the top family of Yan Jin, while the Wang family just keeps adding fuel to the situation so they can get what they want. These big families are all planning something under the table."

    An Ya and the others were shocked and Wang Xiaoyun's face fell.

    "Ten years later, they're still the same."

    Wang Xiaoyun shook her head. She was the Queen of Jin Xiu so she knew exactly what the Wang family planned to do. She just didn't want to believe it.

    "Mom, I can be lenient for your sake, but if the Wang family keeps doing this, I have no other choice but to exterminate them," Chen Fan said calmly.

    "Go ahead. I will always support you."

    Wang Xiaoyun took a deep breath and nodded.

    The incident had yet to finish and it was still escalating.

    There were a lot of earth-shattering rumors among the news.

    For example, Qin Yaner and Chen Fan had been engaged before they were born and Xiao Xuan was the person butting in; Qin Yaner fell in love with Chen Fan; the Xiao family was declining so the Qin family abandoned them, and so on.

    Smart people could tell that someone was agitating the Xiao family so that they would target Chen Fan.

    "Strange. These news seem to be spreading out from the Wang family. What are they planning to do?"

    Ouyang Qiong frowned.

    All the rumors about the incident came from the Wang family and they were all about Xiao Xuan. As a man, Xiao Xuan could never tolerate them.

    However, how did it help the Wang family? Did the Wang family really want to go after the Xiao family?

    Even Ouyang Qiong had no idea about it.

    As for Xiao Xuan, he turned pale and didn't say a word.

    He had just returned from the family meeting.

    The seniors of the family were having an urgent meeting to discuss if they really needed to work with the Ye family to fight against the Wang family. They never brought up Qin Yaner anymore. In the battle between major families, a girl was nothing important to them. They could find a hundred beauties like Qin Yaner whenever they wanted.

    But Xiao Xuan was different.

    Even though he might not have feelings towards Qin Yaner, he had never let anyone touch her. For Chen Fan to take Qin Yaner away was obviously an offense to him. If he didn't take revenge, he would be too embarrassed to go out and everyone in his social circle would mock him forever.

    "How infuriating… but has Sister Qin really been engaged to that man since before they were born?"

    Xiao Xianzhu heard about the rumors and was furious, but she also had the same doubt.

    If it were the case, Xiao Xuan was the intervener and the Xiao family would have no say in the matter.

    "I'll ask her," Xiao Xuan said as he called Qin Yaner.

    "Hello… Brother Xiao?" Qin Yaner said nervously.

    "They said you and that guy were already engaged. Is that true?" Xiao Xuan asked.

    "…Yes." Qin Yaner replied after a while.

    In fact, she already knew that when she was little but she eventually forgot since nobody talked about it anymore. Even Qin Yaner couldn't believe that the person she was engaged to before she was born was Chen Fan, who was the legendary Chen Beixuan!

    Thinking of how terrifying Chen Fan was, Qin Yaner quickly said, "Brother Xiao, don't do anything stupid. He's powerful. Don't provoke him…"

    But she had never thought that those words would enrage Xiao Xuan even more.

    "All right, got it."

    Xiao Xuan hung up and got on his feet.

    "Brother, has Sister Qin really fallen in love with someone else?"

    Xiao Xianzhu wondered.

    Xiao Xuan clenched his fists and closed his eyes to calm himself down. After a while, he said, "Get the car ready and ask Uncle Wu to come. I'm going to the North Mountain to meet that guy."

    "But Brother, the information about that man hasn't arrived yet. Could you wait for a bit?" Xiao Xianzhu asked.

    "No, I have Uncle Wu. No one can stop me now."

    Xiao Xuan then left with fire in his eyes.

    Xiao Xianzhu was anxious, since she couldn't do anything.

    After hanging up, Qin Yaner sat on her bed like a statue.

    She and Xiao Xuan had known each other since they were young and had never had any deep connections with each other. Xiao Xuan was the most outstanding figure among the younger generation while she was the most beautiful woman in Yan Jin. Everyone said they should be together so Qin Yaner would naturally think the same.

    But then Chen Fan appeared in front of her; Qin Yaner instantly saw a different world, a different life and a different level.

    "Do you want to stand on top of the world and feel the glory with him, or marry Xiao Xuan and just grow old?"

    What the Old Lord Qin said went deep in Qin Yaner's heart.

    She didn't like either of them. If she really had to choose one, Chen Fan was apparently a better option.

    "How should I choose?"

    Qin Yaner was quite confused, so she called her best friend immediately.

    "Why, Yaner? I heard that you're going to be someone's concubine."

    Ye Yiren's teasing voice came from the speaker.

    "It's true," Qin Yaner answered.

    "Oh God, really? Has the Old Lord Qin gone mad? You're his most precious granddaughter! How would he want you to be someone's concubine? Who's that guy?"

    Ye Yiren sat up, feeling shocked.

    "They said he's Chen Beixuan… Yiren, you're a Martial Arts Grandmaster, you should be familiar with these things. Is Chen Beixuan really that powerful as they say in the legends?" Qin Yaner asked with anticipation.

    No matter how powerful the Qin family said Chen Fan was, Qin Yaner had never seen it with her own eyes after all. She might think that defeating the United States and Japan was incredible, but she couldn't tell exactly how incredible that was.

    "Chen Beixuan?"

    Ye Yiren went silent after hearing the name.

    "Yiren, say something," Qin Yaner said after a while.

    Ye Yiren had a wry smile when she continued, "I see, it's Chen Beixuan! No wonder the Old Lord Qin wants you to marry him no matter what. My Dad would also do the same thing if he knew it was him."

    "No way! You're the princess of the Ye family and your grandpa is General Ye Qingcang!"

    Qin Yaner couldn't believe it at all.

    Ye Qingcang had been the guardian of China for decades and his status was way higher than these big families, even the Xiao family. The Ye family was also superior; it was the top family of China.

    "You're not from the Martial Arts community so you can't imagine how powerful Chen Beixuan is. He's like a Deity, a God and a Sage. He's invincible and can compete with all countries on Earth," Ye Yiren said while she was in awe.

    "Grandpa once told me that Chen Beixuan is twice as powerful as him!"


    Qin Yaner was completely startled.

    "I'll support you if you marry Chen Beixuan. He's an Immortal Sage and is destined to become an Earth Level Deity. By then, he'll live up to five hundred years and you'll also be an immortal if you stay with him," Ye Yiren said seriously.


    "Got it."

    Qin Yaner nodded and seemed determined.

    Once she hung up, the phone rang again.

    "Xianzhu… What? Brother Xiao went to see Chen Fan?"

    Qin Yaner turned pale and the phone slipped off from her hands.

    Meanwhile, in the backyard of the villa in North Mountain.

    Xiao Xuan went to face Chen Fan. He was tall, handsome and elegant like a prince. Behind Xiao Xuan was a middle-aged man standing with his arms crossed.

    "I must admit that I've underestimated you, including the Qin and the Wang families. They've successfully pissed me off!"

    Xiao Xuan pointed at the middle-aged man behind him and said, "The man behind me is a Martial Arts Grandmaster. Maybe you don't know what a Grandmaster is, but the most important thing is, he can crush you to death with just a finger."

    "Oh, really?"

    Chen Fan looked calm.

    "There are only two options before you. Die here or get out of Yan Jin. Choose wisely," Xiao Xuan said in a cold tone.

    "What if I don't want to choose?" Chen Fan asked.

    "Then, go to Hell!" Xiao Xuan said viciously.