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Chapter 614 - Hes Chen Beixuan

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 614: He's Chen Beixuan

    There would soon be a marriage between the descendants of the Qin family and the Wang family.

    The Old Lord Qin was letting his most precious granddaughter, Qin Yaner, marry an unknown man from the Wang family. While a lot of people thought it was a joke, reality had hit them hard.

    "F**k, the Qin family is surely picking a fight with the Xiao family!"

    "The Xiao family has always regarded Qin Yaner as their daughter-in-law and the Qin family also had the same idea, but they suddenly changed their decision. Are the Qin family and the Wang family working together to fight against the Xiao family?"

    "The power of the Xiao family is unpredictable. The Qin family and the Wang family can't compete with them."

    The entire Yan Jin was stirred.

    The young people were all jealous of Chen Fan and wanted to take his place, while the older generation was worried about a fight starting in Yan Jin again after staying peaceful for so many years.

    No one could get away from it!

    Then, a descendant of the Wang family spread another shocking piece of news, saying that the guy already had a wife and Qin Yaner was only going to be his concubine.


    Everyone was dumbfounded after hearing the news.

    "That guy from the Wang family was supposed to be out his depth, but it turns out that the Qin family was even agreeing to let Qin Yaner be his concubine? This was something unacceptable even centuries ago!"

    Some elders sighed and said, "Silly Lord Qin! He's destroying a century of reputation of the Qin family!"

    "The Old Lord Qin must have lost his mind. His granddaughter is the most beautiful woman in Yan Jin. How can he accept that she be someone's second wife? So, he'd rather let his granddaughter be someone's concubine than marry into the Xiao family?"

    Many enemies of the Qin family shook their heads and snickered.

    A lot of the younger generation members were so jealous their eyes were about to burst into flames.

    The most beautiful woman in Yan Jin was going to be someone's concubine. Such a beauty only appeared once in centuries!

    Zhang Yu and the others froze.

    "What's wrong with the Qin family?" Zhang Yu wondered.

    "I don't know what's going on with the Qin family, but I'm sure Xiao Xuan will go crazy," Ouyang Qiong said.

    In fact, Xiao Xuan had indeed gone crazy.

    As the leader of the younger generation in Yan Jin, he remained calm and confident even when he knew the Qin family went to the Wang family to settle the engagement. However, once he heard that Qin Yaner was going to be the concubine, he couldn't stay rational anymore.


    Xiao Xuan broke eight antique vases; each of them was worth ten million and were all porcelains from the Song and Yuan Dynasty. The collectors would lose their minds if they saw this.

    People around him were frightened and they didn't dare to stop him.

    "How can the Qin family humiliate us like this? They'd rather force Sister Qin to be that guy's concubine than marrying you." Xiao Xianzhu was holding her fists and her body was shaking.

    Xiao Xuan stopped, then took a deep breath and said, "I need to see grandpa immediately. Go find out the real identity of that guy from the Wang family. I want him to regret coming to this world."

    "Yes, master."

    The servants immediately lowered their heads.

    At the same time, countless people were inquiring about Chen Fan and many of them were gloating since they knew that the Xiao family would never let Chen Fan get away. Xiao Xuan might not be able to fight against the Old Lord Qin and the Wang family, but it was easy for him to make Chen Fan pay.

    "That young man from the Wang family is screwed," Many said.

    Not only the outsiders, even the members of the Qin family didn't get it.

    When the Old Lord Qin returned to the mansion at Lake Kunming, Qin Tian ran in and yelled.

    "Grandpa, have you lost your mind? How can you make my sister marry that guy? He already has a girlfriend and you want my sister to be his concubine? Are you kidding me? Do you want our family to become the laughing stock of Yan Jin?"

    Qin Yaner followed behind with tears running down her reddened face.

    She could accept the arrangement her family had made for her and marry Chen Fan.

    This was normal in a large family. No matter how decadent Chen Fan was, Qin Yaner should always be his only official wife. When he came home, he would have to respect Qin Yaner.

    And yer, to publicly say that Qin Yaner was the second wife to Chen Fan would definitely destroy her reputation. She couldn't imagine how her friends, classmates and everyone else would mock her, saying that the most beautiful woman in Yan Jin and the daughter of the Qin family had to be someone's concubine.

    "Do you all think this way?"

    The Old Lord Qin glanced at the other seniors of the Qin family.

    Qin Dongshan, Qin Donglai and Qin Dongfeng didn't say anything but their faces were full of dissatisfaction. Apparently, they couldn't understand why the Old Lord Qin forcibly married his granddaughter to Chen Fan. Even Qin Dongshan also remained silent.

    "Ah, I thought you would understand me. How disappointing!"

    The Old Lord Qin got up and banged on the table with anger in his eyes.

    Qin Dongmu held his father's arm and said with dissatisfaction, "Dad, calm down. We respect your decision to find a husband for Yaner, but we can't accept that she marries some insignificant kid from the Wang family and be his concubine. Besides, is it worth it to offend the Xiao family?"

    "Right, was it worth it? We're talking about the Xiao family!"

    The senior members of the Qin family also had the same thought.

    "You still don't understand!"

    The Old Lord Qin shook his head and said, "Dongmu, with my status today, how many people in the world do you think can make me pay a visit in person and bow at them?"


    The Qin family was speechless.

    They had been too angry to think about it at the moment.

    Just then, they suddenly thought it was weird that the Old Lord Qin had been respectful to Chen Fan since the beginning.

    After all, the Old Lord Qin was the elder of one of the five major families in Yan Jin and was a big cheese in China. He wouldn't treat anyone like this except for the legendary Ye family behind the Xiao family.

    Someone who was superior to the Xiao family would be like the Presidents of the superpowers.

    "So, is Wang Xiaoyun's son someone powerful?"

    Qin Dongmu frowned.

    However, no matter how long he thought about it, he still had no idea what was so special about this young man. Even if Chen Fan was the richest man in China or in the world, the Old Lord Qin would never be this respectful!

    "He's from the Chen family!"

    The Old Lord Qin closed his eyes and continued in a disappointed tone.

    "The Chen family?"

    The other seniors and Qin Tian were confused. They already knew that, so why did the Old Lord Qin talk about it? Was there anything they didn't know?

    Qin Yaner also wondered if Chen Fan had a special identity.

    "You mean…"

    Qin Dongmu finally realized who the Old Lord Qin meant. He asked as his eyes brightened.

    "He's Chen Beixuan?"

    "What? Chen Beixuan?"

    Everyone in the living room was startled by the mention of that name.

    Chen Beixuan was at the moment high above the world like the sun, on an equal footing with the big countries. The Qin family was a large family after all, so they must have heard about his name.

    Having defeated Japan, Russia and the European Union, all of it was like a myth.

    "Right, right! He's a twenty-year-old young man from the Chen family and has such a superior status, who else can he be if not Superpower Chen?" Qin Dongmu clapped and said while trembling, "I can't believe Xiaoyun's son is Chen Beixuan! If we only knew about it sooner, we would have made Yaner marry him long ago. Now, she can only be his concubine."

    The other seniors of the Qin family were also emotional.

    He was Superpower Chen!

    The sixth strongest in the world who could compete with a country on his own. Compared to the European Union, Russia and Japan, the Qin family was nothing. Even the five major families in Yan Jin together couldn't compare to Superpower Chen.

    The Wang family wasn't afraid of Chen Fan because they had family relations and they didn't fear that he would take revenge on them, but the Qin family would not dare to disrespect this incomparable figure, the top person in the world!

    Qin Tian got up and said, "He's Chen Beixuan? Oh God, he's my idol!"

    Qin Yaner had no idea what was going on. She whispered, "Brother, who's Chen Beixuan? Why do you all… seem to know him?"

    Qin Yaner was a girl so she didn't care about those things.

    Besides, the seniors of the family wouldn't tell her about it, and she had been living in the sunlight without having any contact with the Dark World.

    "He's the most powerful person in the world right now. I heard that he defeated the Japanese brigade by himself, and the Prime Minister of Japan was so scared he didn't go out for three days. He also slaughtered the General of the North Division in Russia and went all the way to Moscow, forcing their President to beg for mercy. Moreover, he even sank a fleet of the European Union. So, what do you think? Is he strong or not?"

    Qin Tian was extremely thrilled.

    "Not only that, Chen Beixuan has made the United States give in not long ago. He blew up an island in front of three American generals. After that, he's risen to the top of the Divine Roll and has truly become Superpower Chen," Qin Dongmu said. The information he got was more detailed.


    Qin Yaner was completely stunned.

    She thought Chen Fan might be the heir of some super large family or a really capable business elite, but he turned out to be Superpower Chen and the top warrior on the Divine Roll, which sounded like Superman from the movies!

    "Dad, I understand you now."

    Qin Dongmu nodded and his eyes twinkled.

    "The Xiao family indeed has the support from the Ye family, but Chen Beixuan ranks even higher than Ye Qingcang on the Divine Roll. If we can have his support, the Xiao family is nothing! We might even be able to become the top family of China."

    "That's right."

    Qin Dongmu then looked at Qin Yaner and said, "Yaner, don't be mad at grandpa, but marrying Xiao Xuan has no benefits to our family."

    "Xiao Xuan can only become the leader of the Xiao family and become a senior official of China after forty years, while Chen Beixuan alone is a superpower who's as superior as Russia and Japan. Even if you become his concubine after marrying him, you will still be more powerful than the President's wife and can stand on top of the world to enjoy the supreme glory. The thing is… Chen Beixuan might not want to marry you."

    Qin Yaner didn't reply.

    But she wasn't crying or retorting anymore.

    The top of the world was indeed… tempting!