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Chapter 613 - Yan Jin Was Stirred

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 613: Yan Jin Was Stirred

    "How is that possible? Is it true?"

    Everyone was dumbfounded.

    "It's true. My friend saw the seniors of the Qin family and the Old Lord Qin getting in the cars. They're now heading to the villa in North Mountain and I guess they'll arrive soon. I heard that they're going to settle the matters about the marriage," someone explained.

    The others stared at one another.

    They thought that this drama would end after Chen Fan had backed off. People might just talk about it for a while, despising the poor thing from the Wang family, and it would soon be forgotten. Yet, it seemed to be not that simple.

    "There's still a chance for things to go as planned. Now that the Old Lord Qin is going there in person together with the other seniors of the Qin family, it seems that there's no turning back."

    People's hands were shaking.

    When the rumors were spread, the Qin family could have told people that it was a lie and the Wang family could just send Chen Fan out to deal with it. However, with the Old Lord Qin himself going to pay a visit to the Wang family, Qin Yaner would have to compromise no matter how much she disagreed.

    This was getting real.

    People who knew about it were frightened. Would there be fights again in the peaceful Yan Jin? Many of them even rushed to the North Mountain to see if it was true.

    In a manor at Lake Kunming.

    After hearing the news, Qin Yaner was so startled she dropped the lipstick on the floor. Her body trembled and her face turned pale, looking completely depressed.

    Qin Tian knocked over the chair and ran out like a bull.

    "I'll talk to grandpa and ask him about it."

    When he walked to the door, two guards stopped him.

    "I'm sorry, Master Qin. The Old Lord said you two aren't allowed to step out of the door before he comes home. Otherwise, I'll have to stop you by force!"

    The guard looked serious and fierce.

    Qin Tian was about to rush out but a voice suddenly came from behind.

    "Xiao Tian, it's alright."

    He turned around and saw Qin Yaner sitting in front of her dresser, looking calm as if she had already accepted the situation, but her eyes remained still, like stagnant water.

    The Xiao family's mansion, in the Golden Autumn Garden.

    When Xiao Xuan heard the news, his eyes were filled with perplexity, doubt, shock and regret. Xiao Xianzhu even jumped up and mumbled, "Has the old man lost his mind? How can he do that? Doesn't he know that you and Sister Qin are meant to be together? Why would the Qin family want to offend us?"

    "It's too late."

    Xiao Xuan closed his eyes.

    When he opened his eyes again, they were filled with hatred and viciousness. Xiao Xuan got up and said, "All right, the Qin family and the Wang family have a lot of guts!"

    "How dare he try to touch my woman! Does he really think I won't kill him?" A glint of coldness flashed through Xiao Xuan's eyes.

    In the Li family, the Han family, the Ouyang family…

    Countless upper-class families focused their attention on the villa in North Mountain.

    In North Mountain's No.5 Villa.

    Ever since this villa had been built, it had never caught so much attention. Groups of people had gathered around and looked at the villa with troubled faces.

    Many of them were the junior members of the Wang family.

    They had just heard that Chen Fan was going to marry Qin Yaner and all of them were having complex feelings about it.

    Qin Yaner was the most beautiful woman in Yan Jin and a lot of people admired her. If she hadn't been engaged to Xiao Xuan, many men would have tried to win her heart.

    Ouyang Qiong and some others had been there for a while. Suddenly, Zhang Yu yelled, "Here comes the Qin family!"

    A long line of black cars were driving up the mountain. When the first few cars stopped, many brawny bodyguards got out.

    The Old Lord Qin had come in person. How dignified was he!

    Then, the seniors of the Qin family also got out of their cars.

    "Qin Dongshan, Qin Dongfeng, Qin Donglai…"

    Many famous heavy hitters in Yan Jin got out of their cars one by one and stood in front of a car in the middle. In the end, the door opened and a middle-aged man helped a white-haired old man off the car slowly.

    "That's the leader of the Qin family and Qin Yaners' father, Qin Dongmu. The old man next to him must be the Old Lord Qin."

    People around them held their breath and witnessed the scene.

    The Old Lord Qin walked to the door and rang the bell.

    "Ding dong…"

    The door opened soon. It was Wang Xiaoyun.

    She greeted the Qin family warm-heartedly.

    "I'm here to see Mr. Chen."

    The Old Lord Qin bowed.

    "Uncle Qin, come in. Xiao Fan is inside. You too, Brother Dongmu," Wang Xiaoyun said quickly.

    With the help of Qin Dongmu, the Old Lord Qin entered the villa, while the other seniors waited at the door.

    Everyone gasped while they watched this.

    "Who exactly is he? The Old Lord Qin wouldn't even visit the President himself," They wondered.

    Ouyang Qiong's eyes twinkled and thought, "Even the President of a small country doesn't have such a high status. Only those of the five superpowers would have this status."

    The news proved that the Qin family was serious this time.

    The building was still peaceful and quiet regardless of the heated discussion outside.

    Qin Dongmu helped the Old Lord Qin into the yard and saw Chen Fan. He was sitting on a wooden rocking chair, eating snacks and enjoying the sun.

    "Xiao Fan, the Old Lord Qin and Uncle Dongmu are here."

    Wang Xiaoyun reminded him.

    Chen Fan then got up and looked at the old man.

    "I've already said that your granddaughter is too ugly. Don't even think about it."

    Chen Fan rejected them because he didn't want to fall into the Wang family's trap, and he was also not interested in Qin Yaner. Qin Yaner was indeed beautiful, but she was only an ordinary woman.

    And yet, An Ya, Fang Qiong, A'Xiu and Yukishiro Sa had gained ethereal beauty after cultivating. Any one of them could compete with Qin Yaner.

    There were so many beauties. How would Chen Fan lay eyes on Qin Yaner?

    Qin Dongmu was enraged after hearing Chen Fan's response.

    Who was the Old Lord Qin? What was the Qin family? And Chen Fan said he was out of their league?

    The Old Lord Qin coughed and said, "Mr. Chen, you're indeed too superior for my granddaughter to marry you, but the thing is, this marriage has been decided before you were born. Your mother also knew about it."


    Chen Fan was surprised.

    Fang Qiong and An Ya were also shocked.

    Only Wang Zhongguo nodded.

    Wang Xiaoyun then said with embarrassment, "Brother Dongmu and I used to be good friends and we had indeed arranged your marriage while you weren't born, but…"

    Everyone present knew what she wanted to say.

    After that, Wang Xiaoyun ran away from the Wang family with Chen Fan, while Qin Dongmu became the leader of the Qin family, and Qin Yaner also became more and more beautiful as she grew, so no one had brought up the matter again.

    However, everything was different at present. Chen Fan had become so powerful and he was on the top of the Divine Roll. Even the Qin family had to fawn over him.

    Chen Fan shook his head and said, "Old Lord Qin, do you think I would care about things like a prenatal betrothal? I already have a girlfriend and we'll get engaged soon. I'll organize the grandest engagement banquet. Thank you for your kindness," Chen Fan said as he pointed at Fang Qiong.

    Fang Qiong blushed and lowered her head.

    Qin Dongmu and the others were enraged, but they had to admit that Fang Qiong was as beautiful as Qin Yaner was.

    While the others thought the Old Lord Qin would give up, the old man pondered for a second and said, "Well, Mr. Chen can marry both of them."


    Everyone was startled.

    The other members of the Wang family were also shocked. Qin Dongmu wondered if his old man had lost his mind. How could he let his granddaughter be Chen Fan's second wife? Was this something the leader of the Qin family should say?

    "You must be kidding. How can Xiao Fan marry two women?"

    Chen Gexin shook his head immediately.

    He was old-fashioned, so he couldn't accept such a thing at all.

    "Other people might not be able to do that, but Mr. Chen can. He's not an ordinary person but an Immortal," The Old Lord Qin said.

    The Wang family was speechless after his reply.

    They finally realized how superior Chen Fan was. Even one of the five major families in Yan Jin, the Qin family, wanted their precious girl to marry Chen Fan at all costs to benefit from it.

    Wang Zhongguo and Wang Keqin looked at each other and noticed how they were similarly startled.

    "The Old Lord Qin is truly resolute this time. He's putting the weight of the entire Qin family on Chen Fan!"

    Wang Zhongguo felt a trace of remorse in his heart.

    Did he really do something wrong?

    When the Old Lord Qin walked out of the building, no one knew what they had talked about, but they could guess by looking at his contented face.

    The news spread swiftly and the entire Yan Jin was stirred.