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Chapter 612 - Wussing Out?

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 612: Wussing Out?

    The Xiao family was the top family of Yan Jin.

    Xiao Xuan was the most outstanding master among the younger generation in all of Yan Jin. Not even Han Juntu, Li Mufan and Wang Chen were as successful as he was.

    This young man, who was named the "Dragon of the Xiao family," rarely attended the gatherings of the junior members in Yan Jin. His social circle included the top entrepreneurs in the country, celebrities, foreign consortiums and senior members of the major families. Some members of this community had never ever seen Xiao Xuan before.

    When Xiao Xuan walked in, his momentum immediately overwhelmed the other guests.


    Xiao Xianzhu went to greet him and to whisper in his ear.

    Xiao Xuan sized Chen Fan up. There was no hatred in his eyes, but curiosity and shock. What was so special about Chen Fan that even the Wang family would dare offend the Xiao family for his sake?

    The sexy woman beside him stared at Chen Fan with her beautiful eyes; she couldn't wait to tear him apart. Even though she was furious, she looked a bit cute, like a small, angry kitten.

    "Master Xiao, I didn't know you were coming," Wang Chen laughed and said.

    "Forgive me for coming uninvited, Master Wang." Xiao Xuan smiled and looked at Chen Fan. "This is?"

    "He's one of my cousins from the Chen family. This is his first time in Yan Jin so I wanted to introduce him to the others of the same generation."

    Wang Chen was vague when he introduced Chen Fan.

    After all, Chen Fan had become famous in the Dark World, and among many top consortiums and big countries. Even though not a lot of people could recognize him in real life, most of them had heard of his name.

    The name "Chen Beixuan" was even more well-known!

    "Mr. Chen."

    Xiao Xuan smiled with his hand outstretched, trying to shake hands with Chen Fan.

    Chen Fan completely ignored him, putting his hands in his pockets. He looked to the side at Qin Yaner and shook his head.

    "Wang Chen, is this Qin Yaner who you want to introduce to me? She's not even as pretty as my disciple! The most beautiful woman in Yan Jin? Are you kidding me?" Chen Fan said as the hall became silent.

    Countless dumbfounded people looked at him as if he were a monster.

    "He… he's unbelievable! First, he ignored Xiao Xuan. Then, he said Qin Yaner isn't good-looking. He's offending the Xiao family and the Qin family to the max!" The Prada girl said.

    Zhang Yu was feeling regretful.

    He wouldn't have provoked a fool who didn't care about consequences. This man was completely insane!

    "People like him won't be able to survive more than three days in Yan Jin's social circle!"

    Someone snickered.

    The others also felt the same and nodded.

    Xiao Xianzhu hit her forehead, feeling ashamed.

    "I've overestimated him. I thought he was a person who planned before making a move, but he turned out to be this reckless! If it weren't for the Old Lord Wang, he would have been beaten up and kicked out of Yan Jin."

    Xiao Xuan was so startled he even forgot to move his extended hand.

    Chen Fan said to Qin Yaner, "Go home and tell your old man that I won't accept this marriage! Don't even think about it! I'm out of his league. As for you, I don't care who you marry."

    Then, he patted Wang Chen's shoulder.

    "You too. Tell the old man that my marriage is not something for him to decide."

    The end.

    Chen Fan ignored everyone and left with his hands behind his back.

    The eyes of countless people popped out.

    However, Xiao Xianzhu's eyes twinkled and she stared at Chen Fan.

    "I thought he was a boorish man, but he knows when to step back! He was only trying to express his attitude towards the marriage and yield to the Xiao family. Then, our family won't take revenge on him and the others will only see it as a joke, doubting his taste."

    There were many smart people in the world, not only Xiao Xianzhu.

    Soon, a lot of them understood what Chen Fan meant and nodded.

    A tall man in white shirt sitting in the corner commented, "Looks like he's smart and he knows his place. It's just that he used a wrong way to deal with it and offended the lady."

    All the people around him shook their heads and mocked him.

    "Qin Yaner has always been regarded as the most beautiful girl in Yan Jin, but someone just told her today that she doesn't look good and rejected her in front of others. I guess she'll remember him forever."

    In fact, not only forever!

    Qin Yaner had been trembling since then and there was anger flaming within her!

    Since Qin Yaner was a teenager, no one had ever criticized her appearance. She had gained countless titles throughout her life, including the campus belle in both high school and the university, as well as being mentioned as the most beautiful woman in Yan Jin. Even though Qin Yaner didn't seem to care, she actually felt smug about it. Which girl didn't like being adored?

    And yet, Chen Fan rejected her in front of everyone else because he thought she looked ugly.

    Qin Yaner knew it was only an excuse, but she was still furious. Especially when she looked into Chen Fan's eyes, she could truly feel that Chen Fan was indeed not interested in her at all, which made her feel heartbroken.

    "Calm down. Calm down!"

    Qin Yaner clenched her fists and restrained herself from going after Chen Fan.

    Xiao Xuan then smiled and said to Wang Chen, "Master Wang, your cousin is incredible! Bring him out for a drink next time. I'd like to be friends with him."

    Xiao Xuan had never seen Chen Fan as his rival. He thought it was only a little drama and he could handle it by himself. Chen Fan had just backed off in a special way.

    "Sure… sure."

    Wang Chen forced a smile while feeling furious in his mind.

    Since Chen Fan had rejected the marriage, his plan had apparently failed. He even feared that Chen Fan might have discovered the Wang family's plan already. If so, he didn't know what would happen after that.

    Qin Tian sneered on the side.

    "Well, at least he knows his place, but… his disciple is truly prettier than my sister is."

    As he spoke, he felt a hint of viciousness coming towards him.

    "Qin… Tian!"

    The incident which was supposed to cause a fight between two top families didn't seem to have the desired results.

    However, everyone in Yan Jin's upper-class community was smart and they immediately got the idea.

    "That guy seems to be supercilious, but he's actually wussing out. He used a weird way to do so."

    "Right, he used a more or less decent way to back out of the situation. If he really marries Qin Yaner, the Xiao family would never let him off!"

    "How clever. He stepped out of the trouble."

    A lot of junior members discussed it together.

    And the seniors didn't seem to mind at all.

    Nobody could stop the marriage between the Qin family and the Xiao family; not the Qin family, not the Wang family, since the Xiao family was the top family in Yan Jin!

    A group of people gathered in a secret clubhouse.

    "Among the top five major families in Yan Jin, the Xiao family is the most outstanding and powerful."

    "Behind the Xiao family is the legendary Ye family. The Old Lord Xiao and the leader of the Ye family are old friends; the Xiao family won't collapse as long as the Ye family still exists. Even though the Qin family and the Wang family are both in the top five families, they're much less powerful than the Xiaos."

    The leader was the man in white shirt who was previously at the clubhouse.

    "Brother Ouyang, what do you mean?" Zhang Yu asked.

    "It's simple. Under such a circumstance, the Old Lord Qin would never make trouble with the Xiao family. Otherwise, even if he worked with the Old Lord Wang, they wouldn't be able to win against the Xiao family," the man answered.

    Ouyang Qiong.

    A famous master among the younger generation in Yan Jin.

    Although the Ouyang family wasn't a large family, Ouyang Qiong was highly capable and he had established an investment alliance. Many other masters had also learned about investing, stock trading and entrepreneurship from him, having made a lot of money thanks to this. Ouyang Qiong might not be the most outstanding but he was comparable to those like Han Juntu.

    "So, the Qin family was only trying to see how sincere the Xiao family is. The appearance of Xiao Xuan today has definitely reassured the Qin family and the Wang family has also backed off," Zhang Yu said.

    "Looks like that guy was only a pawn of the Wang family to allay the anger of the Xiao family."

    Then, Zhang Yu banged on the table.

    "I should have sent someone to break his legs. See, how would a member of a collateral branch be so arrogant? Haha, you're useless now. Let's see who you can rely on."

    A glint of resentment flashed in Zhang Yu's eyes.

    Ouyang Qiong frowned and thought.

    "Theoretically, there's still a possibility that the Qin family has the support from a powerful family like the Ye family! But I guess it wouldn't be the case. There's no family in China that can compete with the Ye family!"

    Ouyang Qiong immediately shook his head and forgot about such a ridiculous idea.

    Everyone in Yan Jin saw it as a joke.

    As for Chen Fan, many thought that he was only a pawn of the Wang family and he chose to back off once the situation was unfavorable for him. His way of dealing with it might have been a bit strange, but he would eventually submit to the Xiao family.

    "The Xiao family is indeed our top family. The Qin family and the Wang family have made a huge mistake."

    An elder heaved a sigh.

    While everyone thought the incident was over, an earth-shattering news came out the next day.

    The Old Lord Qin visited the Wang family with all the senior members of the Qin family and proposed a marriage to them.

    Many were stunned!