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Chapter 611 - The Most Beautiful Woman?

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 611: The Most Beautiful Woman?

    Qiushui Pavilion at Lake Kunming.

    It was evening. The glorious pavilion was ablaze with lights. Looking through the antique gates, a lot of beautiful maids in long historical gowns were walking around with beverages and food.

    Those maids were all exceptionally gorgeous. Any one of them could be the dream girl of countless people.

    "Tong was of humble birth. Even though he's a top magnate now, his taste has never changed."

    Wang Chen shook his head with disdain in his eyes.

    No matter how humble he pretended to be, he couldn't wipe his arrogance off his bones. Chen Fan sat in the car and remained silent.

    If it wasn't for his Mom and for the purpose of understanding what the Wang family was planning, he would have never gone to a banquet like this.

    "Master Wang, you're here. Why didn't you tell me?"

    A fat man in luxurious clothes ran out drenched in sweat. When the maids saw him, they all bowed and said, "Mr. Tong."

    Tong Zhouliang, a famous magnate in Yan Jin.

    Chen Fan knew him in his past life. This man had always been in the top thirty of the Forbes Billionaire List and was worth hundreds of billions. Still, he was quite respectful to Wang Chen.

    "Tong, look at your taste. You should redecorate the palace. I don't want to invite guests here anymore."

    Wang Chen grunted.

    "I will, I will," Tong Zhouliang replied and looked at Chen Fan. "Master Wang, who's this?"

    "My cousin, Chen Fan," Wang Chen said.

    "Ah, Master Chen. Please come in. Master Qin and Master Hao are both here," Tong Zhouliang said.

    As Tong Zhouliang led the way in front of them, the two rows of pretty girls in historical costumes on the side bowed together and greeted them.

    "Tong recruited them all from the high-ranking high schools in Yan Jin. They're all pretty, talented and obedient. If you want any of them, you can take them away."

    Wang Chen was feeling complacent and he glanced at Chen Fan.

    He wanted to see how surprised or greedy Chen Fan looked. Such a big spender like Tong Zhouliang was very rare in the country.

    And yet, Chen Fan was expressionless, as if there was nothing special in front of him.

    "Do you think you can astonish me with such a standard? A Star Clan in the universe once brought me a whole planet of beauties of different races, including Nascent Soul female cultivators and Goddesses, all for the sake of survival. I didn't blink even once."

    Chen Fan sneered and shook his head.

    With Wang Chen's capability, he wouldn't have become one of the top masters in Yan Jin City without the support of his family. Compared to him, Han Juntu was way more outstanding.

    "Strange. Perhaps he's not interested in intimate relationships?"

    Wang Chen wondered.

    After walking down the corridor, they finally arrived at the main hall. The Qiushui Pavilion seemed to be a small building on the outside, but its interior was like a palace complex.

    The entire palace was magnificent and enormous red lanterns lit up the hall.

    Many young people were standing in the hall with a glass of wine, talking to one another. They were basically all under thirty and were indeed the junior members of the major families. Chen Fan even saw Wang Chenchen and the group of teenagers he had met the other day.

    "Is that him?"

    The Prada girl saw Chen Fan and was startled. Zhang Yu who stood next to her was wearing a hat to cover the bruises on his face; he was frightened, as if he had seen a ghost.

    "The thing is, Wang Chen's with him. Looks like he has quite a high status in the Wang family."

    The girl frowned and said, "Chenchen, did you ask about his identity last night?"

    "He's indeed my cousin, but I'm not sure about the details," Wang Chenchen said and felt sorry.

    Although she didn't know Chen Fan's real identity, she saw with her own eyes that Chen Fan disrespected Wang Keqin and the old lady, but even the Old Lord Wang couldn't do anything about it. Wang Chenchen was totally in awe.

    "Looks like he's more mysterious than I thought! Is he a low-profile master of some large family somewhere? But the only powerful Chen family is the one in Jin City…"

    While the girl was pondering, Zhang Yu suddenly said, "Is that Master Qin Tian? Why is he going for that man? He seems to be pissed."

    The others heard and immediately looked over there.

    Master Qin Tian of the Qin family rushed towards Wang Chen furiously and stared at Chen Fan. "Wang Chen, is he the one who wants to marry my sister?"

    "Marry your sister?"

    Chen Fan frowned and was confused.

    "Stop denying! Everyone in Yan Jin knows that my sister Qin Yaner and Brother Xiao Xuan are meant to be together. They were already engaged and will get married soon, but the Wang family suddenly came one day and persuaded my grandpa to let you marry my sister. Do you think you can hide it from everyone else?" Qin Tian snickered and said.

    "What? The Wang family wants to sabotage the Xiao family's marriage? That man wants to marry Qin Yaner?"

    The news shocked everyone in the hall like a bomb dropped in a lake.

    Qin Yaner was the goddess in the hearts of countless masters in Yan Jin but she had always loved Xiao Xuan. Everybody agreed that Xiao Xuan was the only one who deserved her.

    And yet, the Wang family suddenly arranged a random young man to be Qin Yaner's fiancé. Who could really accept it?

    "This is big news! It'll definitely cause an uproar in Yan Jin."

    "Tut-tut, how dare him! How can he steal Master Xiao Xuan's woman?"

    "The Xiao family is the top family in Yan Jin City and is much more powerful than the Wang family. Wang Chen can't compete with Master Xiao."

    All of the guests looked at Chen Fan and gloated.

    Zhang Yu and the others were completely startled.

    "Chenchen, your cousin is going to steal Brother Xiao Xuan's woman?" the serious girl said as she turned to Chenchen. Nobody knew that Xiao Xuan was this girl's brother and she had always looked up to him. How could she accept that someone would take her sister-in-law away?

    The girl's eyes were cold as ice.

    "I don't know."

    When Wang Chenchen saw that the girl was about to dish out more rage at them, she immediately held her hand and said, "Sister Xianzhu, calm down. My cousin seems to be powerful. Even grandpa and uncle tread lightly around him."

    Wang Chenchen was right.

    But the others thought she was joking. How would people like the Old Lord Wang and Wang Keqin be afraid of a twenty-year-old young man?

    "Hm, how can you still call me sister after doing such a thing?"

    Xiao Xianzhu grunted.

    Meanwhile, there was a heated discussion in the hall.

    "I have no idea what you're talking about. Hey kid, I already have a girlfriend and we'll soon be engaged. Leave me alone."

    Chen Fan laughed and waved his hand.

    Qin Tian flushed and wanted to punch Chen Fan's face. He was a bit short and was a dollface, so he hated it when people called him a kid.

    "Master Qin, calm down! This is something the Old Lord Qin has decided. There's nothing you can do about it."

    Wang Chen tried to stir things up.


    As expected, Qin Tian smirked and looked at Chen Fan.

    "You think you only need my grandpa's approval? My sister will never agree to marry you. Besides, once Brother Xiao Xuan knows about it, would the Xiao family let you get away? I'm telling you, my sister will be here soon. You still have a chance to back off."

    Then, Qin Tian sniggered.

    A sudden idea came to Chen Fan's mind as he listened.

    He finally realized what the Wang family wanted to do. He shook his head and sneered.

    "I thought the Wang family had changed. If they had genuinely tried to make up for my parent's grievances, I might have agreed to help them, but it turns out that things are not as I thought. Do you really think I'd stop myself from killing because of family relations?"

    "Cousin, it's my fault. I should have told you beforehand," Wang Chen said.

    "We knew that you and your family had felt wronged this whole time, so grandpa wanted to find an opportunity to compensate for it. It just so happens that his old friend has a very pretty granddaughter and is regarded as the most beautiful woman in Yan Jin. You'll see her in a minute. You deserve a woman who has the top appearance, family background and talents."

    He pretended to be very sincere, as if he were trying to help.

    "For this, the Wang family offended the Xiao family and grandpa even went to beg his old friend, but don't worry about it, it's something our family should do to make up to you. When we tell auntie, she will also be thrilled," Wang Chen continued.

    Normal people might have been fooled by Wang Chen.

    The Wang family offended the Xiao family just to introduce the most beautiful woman in Yan Jin to Chen Fan. In his previous life, he might have accepted the offer and feel grateful about it.

    But he had long seen the coldness in the Wang family. How would he fall into the trap?

    "Hm, if the Wang family wants to make trouble, I won't stand in your way."

    Qin Tian snickered.

    Xiao Xianzhu looked as cold as ice as she stared at Chen Fan with her fierce eyes.

    The others gathered around and witnessed the scene. Many of them were feeling jealous; they wanted to be in Chen Fan's place. After all, Qin Yaner was the most beautiful woman in Yan Jin.

    Suddenly, a clamor of voices came from the entrance.

    "Miss Qin is here with… Master Xiao Xuan?"

    Everyone became silent.

    They had never thought that Xiao Xuan, who didn't show up very often, would come to the banquet!

    Everybody was looking forward to seeing them.

    A couple walked into the hall. The man was tall, handsome and dignified like a born leader, while the woman was extraordinarily gorgeous who looked pure and sexy at the same time.

    It was Xiao Xuan and Qin Yaner.