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Chapter 610 - The Wang Familys Surprise

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 610: The Wang Family's Surprise


    The name cast a spell that silenced everyone. It was a name that belonged to the overlord of the earth.

    The Wang family might not know Lin Shuming, Damon, or the Dark World Arbitration Department, because they were not from the Dark World. If they weren't related to Chen Fan, they wouldn't even try to meet him.

    However, the United States of America was a different story.

    It was a country that had influence everywhere. Their one hundred or so military bases covered the entire globe. Every nation, or major families lived under the shadow of the international behemoth.

    Therefore, no one believed that Chen Fan could have defeated the U.S.

    "It's Impossible, Grandpa. The U.S. is the world's police, why would it bow to one man?" Wang Chen said before Wang Ben could say anything.

    The other members of the Wang family shared his shock and disbelief, including the old granny.

    The old granny was over eighty years old and her stubbornness only increased with her age. She didn't buy any of it when she heard about Chen Fan's feats such as the Living legends and about killing a sage. She thought it was bull***t. Nonetheless, she was shocked when she heard the news.

    "Grandpa, why haven't I heard anything about it?" Wang Chen asked in a deep voice.

    Wang Zhongguo shook his head and said, "That's because the United States of America has blocked all the news. We're not from the Underground World, so we wouldn't know."

    As a global superpower, the United States of America would never swallow the pain of being defeated. Although it wouldn't bring Chen Fan down, it was still capable of stopping the flow of information. By then, the news was only circulating on the FBI's private server.

    "Dad, there is a limit to a man's capability. Chen Fan is only twenty two years old, and even if he started cultivating as soon as he was born, it's still farfetched to think that he could defeat America," Wang Kefeng said in disbelief.

    The other members of the Wang family were also perplexed by the situation.

    They didn't dare to question the Old man, but neither could they come to terms with Chen Fan's power.

    "Chen Fan didn't defeat the United States of America, he forced the nation to back down." Wang Zhongguo tapped the floor with his cane and told everyone about Chen Fan's achievements overseas.

    The room became completely silent when they heard that Chen Fan had destroyed three aircraft carriers and obliterated an entire island.

    To them, aircraft carriers were invincible.

    The United States of America had eleven aircraft carriers; thanks to that, they could launch an assault at any country in the world. To destroy an island under the threat of being attacked by aircraft carriers was unbelievable.

    "He is.. No… it's impossible. Someone must have exaggerated the facts," Wang Keshan exclaimed.

    He wanted to say that it was bull***t, but he didn't dare to call out the Old man, so he rephrased his comment.

    "Director Xiao from the Special Case Departments told me personally," Wang Zhongguo said slowly.

    Wang Keqin's face became serious when he heard Director Xiao's name.

    The Special Case Departments had a much higher status in the government system than any other department, making Director Xiao a formidable force in Yan Jin. No one would question his words.

    "He can destroy an island? He is almost as powerful as a nuclear bomb."

    Wang Keqin and the others looked at one another in fear.

    They didn't know how powerful Chen Fan was, and therefore they didn't respect him. However, hearing that he was as powerful as nuclear weapons had put things into perspective for them.

    Even the thought of Chen Fan's power gave Wang Chen the chills.

    Wang Hao and Wang Ben both gaped in disbelief. They felt as if they were listening to an overblown fiction story.

    "Therefore, under no circumstances should you mess with Chen Fan. Make sure you're on his good side and treat him as one of us," Old Man Wang said in a deep voice.

    The other members of the family nodded in agreement, but the scowl on their faces betrayed their true thoughts.

    They admitted that Chen Fan was powerful, but so was the Wang family. They might not want to provoke Chen Fan, but they could at least avoid him. Asking them to kiss Chen Fan's a** really didn't sit well with them.

    "Humph! Do you really think I want to ask Chen Fan over? I wouldn't have to do this if any of you were half as powerful as he is!" The Old Lord Wang snorted.

    "Our family is on the brink of becoming irrelevant. Do you think the Xiao family, the Li family and the Qin family are going to treat you nicely once I pass away? All that I have built up over the years is going to go down the drain once you guys take over. I am the only person that has kept our competitors at bay!"

    Then, the old man heaved a sigh.

    He wouldn't need to cozy up to Chen Fan if the Wang family was on the right track.

    None amongst the second generation of the Wang family was fit to lead the clan. Wang Chen was the most competent heir among the third generation, but it would still be another twenty to thirty years before he could really take on the responsibility.

    The old man's scolding rubbed the others the wrong way.

    Wang Keqin and Wang Kefeng's faces were awash with displeasure. They felt looked down upon by their own father.

    Grandma Xue Hongmei broke her silence, "I think Keqin and Kefen are doing a great job. Plus, it would still take one or two decades before we have to really worry about your health. Why do we have to kiss that little sh*t's a**? I don't like his face!"

    Wang Hao and Wang Ben agreed. Although Wang Chen had kept his silence, a flicker of pride flashed in his eyes.

    "Fine, fine. Maybe I am overthinking."

    Wang Zhongguo shook his head.

    He didn't think that the Wang family would crumble at this moment, but he was a prudent man and knew the importance of being prepared. If Chen Fan really was as powerful as everyone claimed, then his support would make the Wang family one of the most powerful families in China.

    "Xiao Chen, how's the talk with the Qin family?" Wang Zhongguo asked.

    Wang Chen hesitated for a moment and then said, "Old Lord Qin is onboard with us, but not the rest of the Qin family, especially Qin Yaner."

    "That's not important. She has no say in this matter." The old man waved a dismissal.

    Young heirs from prominent families such as the Qin family or the Wang family had no voice in one of the biggest events of their lives.

    Qin Yaner had extraordinary beauty and many highly sought after qualities. She was a merchandise of exceptional value to the Qin family; they would never allow any personal feelings to get in the way of profiting from her marriage.

    "Aren't we concerned about the Xiao family at all? After all, the boy from the Xiao family was going to marry the Qin family's girl right before we showed up," Wang Chen said.

    "So what? We didn't back out on our promise, did we? It was the Qin family. Why should I care?" Wang Zhongguo said lightly.

    Everyone in the room was suddenly impressed by the old man's cunning methods.

    Wang Zhongguo was a smart man, and never did he make a move without calculating three steps ahead.

    He had been calculating his master plan ever since he made up his mind to invite Chen Fan over.

    If Chen Fan still felt like he was part of the Wang family, Wang Zhongguo would put him in charge of the family, but if Chen Fan had no interest in reconciling with them, he would use Chen Fan as a weapon against his rivals.

    Either way, the Wang family would be the winner in the end.

    Even if Chen Fan saw through his ruse, he doubted that Chen Fan would harm his mother's family members.

    Wang Chen was shrewd and observant, so he quickly guessed his grandpa's master plan.

    Wang Zhongguo said at the end, "We need to be prepared for both cases. I know Xiao Fan has heard about your feelings, but we need to see the big picture."

    Compared to using Chen Fan as a weapon, the old man would rather have Chen Fan permanently on their side. If the family could make Chen Fan feel that he was needed, Chen Fan might end up becoming the Wang family's life long benefactor.

    "Understood, grandpa."

    Wang Chen and the others replied and exited the room.

    However, the heirs of the Wang family didn't share their grandfather's priorities. He had made up his mind to use Chen Fan as a weapon, partly because of their short sightedness and their pride.

    "Hehe. He's going to mess with the wrong family. The Xiao family is not going to let Chen Fan get away with it. I've heard that one of the Xiao family's benefactors is the Ye family of Mount Yan," Wang Chen thought to himself as a smirk appeared on his face.

    Wang Chen didn't believe that the Xiao family alone could bring Chen Fan down. However, he figured that any outcome would be good news for the Wang family, no matter who emerged victorious.

    Wang Chen and the other family members were convinced that Chen Fan would feel tempted to ask for Qin Yaner's hand.

    Qin Yaner's beauty was renowned among the Yan Jin's elites. Her sublime features were lethal to any man who lay their eyes upon her. Even the most pious buddhist monk would be unable to resist looking at her gorgeous face.

    Plus, Wang Chen had learned that Chen Fan was a sucker for pretty faces and had surrounded himself with attractive diciples.

    The next morning, Chen Fan and his family went out and hit most of the tourist attractions, such as the Great Wall and the Forbidden City.

    They returned to the Wang estate until afternoon, and they were visited by Wang Chen.

    The young heir had put away his usual aloof demeanor and acted surprisingly humble.

    "Auntie and Uncle, I'm hosting a party tonight at Lake Kunming. Can I take my cousins with me?"

    Wang Xiaoyun nodded in agreement, smiling.

    She always wished to reconcile with her family, but every time she tried to do that, she ended up being hurt again. So, she was pleased that the Wang family had finally shown some signs of friendliness to her.

    Seeing his mom had agreed, Chen Fan nodded.

    "Perfect. I will pick you up tonight."

    Wang Chen put on a warm smile.

    As soon as he was out of their villa, he made a phone call.

    "Hey, Qin Tian. Your sister's fiance is coming tonight. Tell her that both families wanted her to come out and meet him."

    Wang Chen put down the phone, eyes glinting.

    Dusk fell swiftly and Wang Chen showed up before Chen Fan's residence on time, driving a black Audi. Although the car didn't look special, its license plates were reserved for the most powerful men in the city.

    "Autumn Lake Palace is located on the east side of Lake Kunming. It used to be part of the imperial garden and was bought by a tycoon a few years ago. It was fully renovated and remodeled as a private club."

    Wang Chen was very talkative along the way.

    Chen Fan replied to his questions calmly.

    Half an hour later, the Audi pulled over at the restaurant decorated in a traditional Chinese style.

    They arrived at the Autumn Lake Palace.