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Chapter 609 - Who Do You Think You Are?

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 609: Who Do You Think You Are?

    After five centuries of cultivating, Chen Fan didn't care about his family anymore.

    Three thousand years were only a season to a Dao Reunion Immortal Cultivator, while ordinary people would die after a hundred years. Those two types of beings were basically two different levels of life. Cultivators could rebuild blood relations easily by transferring themselves to another body.

    So, when Chen Fan was reborn, he focused on the people that used to be good to him and those he wanted to make up to.

    For example, Chen Gexin, Wang Xiaoyun, An Ya, Fang Qiong, Chen Huaian, Auntie Tang… and the others from the Chen family and the Wang family. Chen Fan never had never placed Wang Zhongguo in his heart, so the best he could do for his parents was to call him "Mr. Wang." As for Xue Hongmei, he would rather die than greet her.

    Wang Keqin frowned and said, "Xiao Fan, where are your manners? They are your grandparents."

    "Do I know you?"

    Chen Fan looked at him.

    Wang Keqin almost lost his temper. They had met several times in the past and Chen Fan knew that he was his uncle, so how could Wang Keqin calm himself when Chen Fan pretended not to know him?

    Wang Keqin restrained his anger and said expressionlessly, "I'm your uncle, Wang Keqin."

    "My uncle? Who do you think you are?"

    Chen Fan then turned to Wang Zhongguo who was seated in the master seat.

    Even when Chen Fan was so disrespectful, Wang Zhongguo didn't say a word and still looked calm. Chen Fan had no idea what this cunning old man was planning.

    But Chen Fan didn't mind it at all.

    Wang Zhongguo was indeed resourceful, so what? He would easily be defeated in front of real power. The one who dominated the universe in the past life wasn't one of those Wise Men, but the brave, powerful North Mystic Celestial Lord!

    "Sister, did you teach him to act like that?" Wang Keqin said to Wang Xiaoyun.

    Wang Xiaoyun was embarrassed, but she was also unsatisfied with the old lady's attitude, so she remained silent.

    Wang Zhongguo knocked on the floor with his cane and said, "Alright, that's enough."

    "Since Xiaoyun is home today, ask her brothers to come for dinner. Our family hasn't been reunited in a long time."

    Wang Keqin had no choice but to obey the powerful Wang Zhongguo. Even the angry old lady had to turn around and leave them alone.

    Wang Chenchen watched from the side and her eyes widened. She had never thought that Chen Fan would disrespect Wang Zhongguo and still not be punished. It was such an unbelievable thing to happen in the Wang family.

    "Who exactly is he?"

    Wang Chenchen was extremely curious.

    It was evening when Chen Fan's family arrived in Yan Jin.

    The banquet was held in a small building and the chefs who cooked for the Wang family were all top chefs in the country. They could turn simple ingredients into a high-class dish and could carve a realistic Buddha on a small piece of tofu.

    All the members of the Wang family came after receiving the notice.

    Looking from the top of the mountain, there were many luxury cars driving towards the North Mountain from all directions. They were all limited editions of Lamborghini, Ferrari and Bugatti Veyron; each of them was worth at least five million.

    Wang Zhongguo had four sons and two daughters in total.

    The oldest uncle Wang Keqin, second uncle Wang Keshan, third uncle Wang Kefeng, small uncle Wang Kedong, and the two daughters, Wang Xiaolei and Wang Xiaoyun. Chen Fan's Mom was the second youngest among all, a bit older than Wang Kedong.

    With so many children, their family surely had a lot of members of the younger generation, not to mention the collateral branches, distant families and godchildren who relied on the Wang family.

    Soon, a group of people gathered in the building at the peak.

    "Mom, Dad, we're here."

    Several uncles and aunties arrived one after another.

    They saw Wang Xiaoyun and her family but they weren't surprised at all. Apparently, they had been notified beforehand. Then, they glanced over to Chen Fan and a fearful look immediately appeared on their faces.

    The Wang family had strict house rules.

    Many people with lower positions in the family stayed outside the building. They couldn't go in before their names were called, so they peeked through the windows.

    "Is that our auntie, Wang Xiaoyun?"

    "So, the young man is Wang Xiaoyun's son? He looks quite handsome and the two girls next to him are so pretty and elegant. They're much better than my girlfriends."

    "Lower your voice. They said our auntie's family is really powerful. Even Brother Wang Chen is scared of them."

    Many members from the collateral branches or the younger children of the third generation were having a heated discussion. They weren't familiar with Wang Xiaoyun's family who they hadn't seen for more than a decade, not to mention Chen Fan. Only the senior members of the Wang family or core members like Wang Chen knew who Chen Fan really was.

    Next to them were a few older people.

    They were the several extraordinary members from the third generation of the Wang family. One of them was around thirty years old and seemed to be the center of the group.

    "Is that Chen Fan?"

    Wang Hao frowned.

    He was the son of Chen Fan's second uncle, Wang Keshan.

    "Haha, Chen Beixuan! The first thing he did when he arrived in Yan Jin was to beat up Zhang Yu. He was also disrespectful to grandpa and grandma. He even said that uncle isn't qualified to be his relative."

    Wang Hao's brother, Wang Ben, grunted.

    The son of Chen Fan's third uncle, Wang Hu, said, "Well, he's Superpower Chen after all, the one who made the European Union to step back. Even grandpa has to be careful with him. If you piss him off, I don't know what he would do to our family."

    Then they looked at the couple next to them, who were the real leading figures of the younger generation of the Wang family.

    Wang Chen.

    Son of Wang Keqin, the top master of the Wang family. He was the most outstanding person among the third generation of all the major families in Yan Jin.

    The bright, short-haired woman beside him was his fiancée, called Han Junli. She came from the Han family of Yan Jin and was Han Juntu's sister.

    "Who knows if his battle with the European Union and all the rumors of Superpower Chen are real?"

    Han Junli's eyes were filled with hatred.

    Everyone knew that the Han family had put Han Hongkun in captivity for several years because of Chen Fan. They let him out for a while, but after Chen Fan came back from Russia, the Han family was so afraid they imprisoned him again. This time, they didn't allow anyone to be in contact with him.

    As Han Hongkun's sister, how could she forgive Chen Fan?

    "True or not, he's someone as powerful as the leaders of the major families in Yan Jin. Your dad and my grandpa are both humble when they talk to him," Wang Chen said calmly.

    Only the National Intelligence Service and the underground organizations had the detailed information about Chen Fan. The Wang family only knew about things Chen Fan did in the past and the most recent news were blocked by the United States.

    Even so, defeating Japan, Russia and the European Union was astonishing enough.

    "Hehe, he wants us to respect him but he doesn't even see us as his family."

    Wang Ben was furious.

    Members of the Wang family had been superior for too long and were far from the Dark World, so they didn't really fear an Overlord. Even though they knew who Chen Fan was, they couldn't suppress their arrogance and anger.

    Then, Wang Kefeng asked Wang Chen and some others to come in.

    Wang Chen felt something was wrong once he entered the house.

    Chen Fan, Fang Qiong and An Ya stood at the window with their backs facing the others, looking out at the scenery and ignoring the Wang family, while Wang Xiaoyun and Chen Gexin were sitting on the sofa. Several members around them looked discontented and the old lady was extremely enraged.

    "Xiao Chen, your auntie and her family came from afar. Make some arrangements and let them stay in No.5 Villa on the mountainside of the North Mountain," Wang Keqin said.

    "Yes, father," Wang Chen answered.

    During the dinner, nobody at the table said a word. The younger members outside of the building were also influenced and remained silent. The old lady didn't even drink a sip of water. Only Chen Fan looked normal while Fang Qiong and An Ya talked to each other happily.

    When the banquet ended, Wang Chen left with Chen Fan.

    The fiery Wang Kefeng banged on the table and said, "Does he really think he's an important person? We're his uncles but he never greeted us, not even his grandparents. He's totally disrespectful and uneducated. I don't know how Xiaoyun taught him."

    "That's right, it's too much. Does he think he's the President of a country? Those martial artists are just trying to butter him up." Wang Keshan sneered.

    While they were enraged, they had never thought that.

    Twenty years before, they had sent Chen Fan's family away and didn't regard Wang Xiaoyun as their daughter. They had never called her once throughout the last ten years. Ever since Chen Fan became powerful, they had wanted to rope him in but they couldn't be humble in front of him.

    Wang Zhongguo's face darkened and he didn't say a word.

    "Old man, you must deal with it. You're his grandpa and Keqin is his uncle. What did he say to you? You're not qualified to be his uncle? He really thinks he's a big cheese!"

    Xue Hongmei was so angry her lips were trembling.

    Chen Fan who came back heard her.

    "Wang Chen, you're the heir of the family. What do you think?" Wang Zhongguo said slowly.

    Wang Chen hesitated and said eventually, "Grandpa, I understand what you mean, but auntie's family is too shameless. These people might be useful to our family, but we can hurt ourselves if something goes wrong. Besides, the Wang family is a major wealthy family in Yan Jin. Why do we have to rely on him?"

    The other members of the Wang family all nodded.

    "It's because you haven't heard about the latest news." Wang Zhongguo closed his eyes and heaved a sigh, looking shocked and confused. "Two weeks ago, he fought with the United States and forced them to retreat."

    Everyone was startled.

    "What?" Wang Chen yelled.