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Chapter 608 - You Are Not My Relative

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 608: You Are Not My Relative

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    Uncle Zhong was the right hand of Chen Fan's grandpa.

    He had a higher status than normal descendants in the Wang family. Wang Keqin always addressed him politely and younger members like Wang Chenchen had to call him "Uncle" respectfully. People outside the family thought that even Wang Keqin ranked lower than Uncle Zhong did.

    Even the leaders of the major families in Yan Jin had to respect Uncle Zhong since he represented Old Lord Wang.

    "Mr. Chen, my lady, you should have told me before you came so I could make some arrangements. I'm so sorry for the wait," Uncle Zhong apologized sincerely.

    People next to them were startled. Wang Chenchen even covered her mouth and her eyes popped out.

    Uncle Zhong was dignified at home and he barely smiled at them. Why was he wearing such a gentle smile and talking so respectfully?

    The other teenagers were also worried that they had gotten into trouble. Even the furious Zhang Yu sensed that something was wrong.

    The elegant girl frowned.

    Things seemed to be different from what she thought. If Wang Xiaoyun was the daughter of the Wang family, Zhang Yu would never be able to take revenge. After all, it was an insignificant junior member of the Zhang family who had a conflict with the Old Lord Wang's daughter. The leader of the Zhang family might even have to take Zhang Yu to the Wang family and apologize to them.

    "But why did the young man say they're not from the Wang family? Is he hiding something? I haven't heard about any other daughter from the Old Lord Wang."

    The girl found it strange.

    "It's alright," Wang Xiaoyun said quickly.

    Uncle Zhong's name was Li Zhong. He watched Wang Xiaoyun grow up and was the only person who was nice to her among the cold-hearted Wang family; they wouldn't have sent him to invite her home if it were otherwise.

    Chen Fan placed his hands behind his back, standing there and glancing at the mountain.

    "What's going on?"

    Uncle Zhong looked at Chen Fan then took a glance at everyone else. Zhang Yu immediately looked to the ground.

    Those teenagers couldn't even say a word.

    Zhang Yu covered his mouth and held back the pain, while the Prada girl turned pale. Wang Chenchen then said with a trembling voice, "Zhang Yu offended Auntie Xiaoyun, so Cousin taught him a lesson."


    Uncle Zhong's face darkened and glared at Zhang Yu like a wolf.

    He was the only one among them that knew how terrifying Chen Fan was, and he thought that Zhang Yu had to be out of his mind if he offended Wang Xiaoyun in front of Chen Fan.

    Zhang Yu was trembling because of Uncle Zhong's stare.

    "Zhang Yu didn't do it intentionally. He has learned his lesson. Forget about it," the elegant girl said.

    She had a special status and even Uncle Zhong had to respect her. Zhang Yu and the others looked at the girl with gratitude.

    "Well, Miss Xiao, it's out of my hands."

    Uncle Zhong hesitated and looked at Chen Fan.

    If it were a small matter, Uncle Zhong would have agreed with the girl, but it was Chen Fan who Zhang Yu provoked!

    Even though Uncle Zhong didn't know much about Chen Fan, he could see that he was domineering and he despised those youngsters! He didn't even respect normal countries and would kill easily.

    Chen Fan ignored Uncle Zhong and talked to Fang Qiong.

    Everyone was stunned and they stared at Chen Fan.

    They realized that Chen Fan was the most superior person present and Uncle Zhong didn't even listen to the girl because of him.

    they wondered.

    The girl sized Chen Fan up continuously with her beautiful eyes.

    "Xiao Fan, be easy on them," Chen Gexin said.

    Wang Xiaoyun also added, "Your grandpa is waiting up there. It's your first time meeting him. Don't make any trouble here."

    After hearing what Chen Gexin and Wang Xiaoyun said, Chen Fan replied, "Fine."

    Then, he left with Fang Qiong without looking at Zhang Yu.

    The guards didn't block their way anymore. Uncle Zhong quickly led Wang Xiaoyun and the rest of them to keep up and glared at Zhang Yu before he went on.

    When Chen Fan's family was gone, the Prada girl said exaggeratedly, "Chenchen, it really is your auntie! Even Li Zhong was at their disposal."

    "She's indeed my auntie but I don't know much about her. I'll catch up with you after a couple of days." Wang Chenchen waved and kept up.

    The teenagers stood there and looked at one another.

    "So, that's it?" the descendant of the Qian family wondered.

    Zhang Yu didn't say anything and seemed unwilling to do so.

    "What else can I do? The Old Lord Wang is also waiting up there! How can the Zhang family of the Hu Dong District offend the Wang family of Yan Jin?" the girl said coldly, "Xiao Yu, ask your father to pay a visit in person to apologize. Don't think about getting revenge. You can't afford to piss them off!"

    The girl was the youngest among them but she ordered them about and seemed to be their leader.

    Zhang Yu lowered his head and said, "I will listen to you."

    The girl watched Chen Fan and his family go far and started to wonder,

    Zhang Yu's incident was only a small matter.

    Chen Fan and his family saw an old mansion when they reached the peak of the mountain. It was a western-style building with three stories and was located on the top of the North Mountain, overlooking the entire city.

    Finally, they were here at the Wang family estate in Yan Jin!

    A middle-aged man was standing at the door, waiting for them. He looked a bit like Wang Xiaoyun and Chen Fan knew him. He was Chen Fan's second uncle, Wang Keqin, the leading member of the second generation of the Wang family.

    "Xiaoyun, Gexin, you're here."

    Wang Keqin nodded with a smile.

    "Brother!" Wang Xiaoyun shouted with her teary eyes.

    Wang Keqin immediately looked happy. He thought about the times he grew up with his sister and heaved a sigh. "Come in! The old man is waiting for you inside."

    Wang Keqin then glanced at Chen Gexin and looked like he didn't want him to come. He was only a bit scared when he saw Chen Fan.

    Wang Xiaoyun couldn't restrain her feelings anymore and she quickly went inside. After all, it had been decades since she last met her family.

    In the living room, a mighty old man sat on the sofa. He was almost eighty years old but he still looked dignified, like the leader of a powerful family in the past. Sitting beside him was a white-haired old lady.

    "Mom, Dad, I'm back!" Wang Xiaoyun yelled.

    "Welcome back."

    The old man nodded and his dull eyes glinted a little.

    The old lady next to him mumbled with dissatisfaction, "Why did you bring those two with you? To protest?" The old lady whispered, but as a cultivator, Chen Fan and the others could hear her clearly.

    Coldness filled Chen Fan's eyes immediately.

    Among the Wang family, the one most biased towards him was definitely this old lady.

    Wang Xiaoyun's Mom, Chen Fan's Grandma, Xue Hongmei!

    Xue Hongmei came from a major family of the Republic of China. She had been a rich lady since she was young and had always valued manners between generations.

    When Chen Fan was a child, he visited the Wang family with his parents. The old man stayed silent, but Xue Hongmei had always looked down on Chen Gexin and she had never been friendly to Chen Fan and his Dad. The other family members followed her lead and acted similarly.

    Chen Fan thought.

    Even though it had been ages since then, Chen Fan still remembered that event.

    When he was around five, he stood in the hall with bruises all over his body and ash on his face, being ridiculed by his aunties. There was even disdain on the old lady's face. She never looked at Chen Fan and was busy comforting her grandchildren.

    Chen Fan's parents stood aside with worry and couldn't say anything.

    In the end, he was forced to give in and look at the complacent gaze from those junior members. Chen Fan swore to himself that he would enter the Wang family with pride one day and make them look up to him.

    However, in his previous life, Chen Fan still hadn't achieved anything when he was thirty, which made his Mom feel exhausted. His Dad also became older over time; Xiao Qiong was forced to leave, and the Wang family even ignored him directly. Once Chen Fan reached the Soul Formation level and came back to Earth, the Wang family had already turned into ashes and were nowhere to be found.

    "Xiao Fan, what are you thinking? Say hi to your grandparents."

    Wang Xiaoyun brought Chen Fan back from his memories.

    He looked at the arrogant Wang Zhongguo and his grandma who had a hint of disdain on her face.

    Chen Fan then nodded at Wang Zhongguo.

    "Hi, Mr. Wang."

    As for his grandma Xue Hongmei, Chen Fan didn't even glance at her, as if she were only air.

    Everyone's faces fell.

    Wang Keqin was discontented and the old lady was so enraged her body was trembling. She dropped the jade bracelet in her hand and it broke into pieces. Wang Chenchen rushed in and her eyes popped out.

    Wang Xiaoyun was speechless but found it funny.

    Only Chen Fan was standing in the living room with a fierce gaze.