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Chapter 607 - Kneel or Die

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 607: Kneel or Die

    It's common for family clans such as the Wang family to have many branches across China. However, members of the main stem and those of the branch families had a drastically different status in the clan.

    No one would dare to even speak up in front of Wang Chenchen's other auntie: Wang Zhongguo's daughter. However, since Wang Xiaorun was from the branch family, Zhang Yu thought very little of her.

    The ostentatious young man was called Zhang Yu and was from the Zhang family of the Hu Dong District.

    Hu Dong was a district in Yan Jin City. It was located just to the east of Lake Kunming. Only the richest and the most powerful could afford real estate in that district.

    Although the Zhang family was not as prominent as the Wang or the Xiao families, they were among the elites nonetheless. Zhang Yu and Wang Chenchen were only sixteen years old, and were both far from the center of their clan's power. However, their upbringing had instilled an acute sense of hierarchy in them.

    "Ah, they are distant relatives."

    The other teenagers nodded, face awashed with disdain.

    They were all from the major families in Yan Jin City, and wouldn't think too highly of a branch household from the Wang family.

    "The fact that Chen Chen called her auntie means that they are pretty close. Otherwise, she wouldn't have recognized her. That being said, if the branch family fails to impress Old Lord Wang, they are still voiceless in the clan."

    A girl wearing very little makeup watched them quietly.

    Although she was reticent, it was obvious that she was the center of the group. Even without makeup on, her appearance was miles away from that of her friends.

    She would be a campus flower regardless of which high school she attended.


    Wang Chenchen wanted to fill everyone in with more detail, but she wasn't sure where to start.

    Wang Zhongguo and Chen Fan were a taboo topic within the Wang family and no one had ever brought them up. Both Wang Zhongguo and Wang Keqin pretended she had never existed.

    Wang Xiaoyun had met with Wang Chenchen when the latter was still a kid. However, Wang Chenchen had heard Chen Fan's name many times at the dinner table.

    Recently, Wang Chenchen sensed the mood at the dinner table had changed from jealousy to fear whenever they brought up Chen Fan.

    It was the first time Wang Chenchen sensed fear from her uncle and aunties. It was as if the fame of Chen Fan's family had surpassed the Wangs'. Even his oldest uncle Wang Keqin and his cousin Wang Chen sounded serious whenever they mentioned Wang Xiaoyun.

    The change in her family's attitude piqued Wang Chenchen's interest and spurred her to find a recent picture of Wang Xiaoyun. That was why she had recognized her right away.

    Wang Xiaoyun had retired from her business, so it had taken Wang Chenchen a while to find her picture.

    "What should I say? I can't tell them that Auntie Xiaoyun was expelled from the family."

    Wang Chenchen hesitated.

    Wang Xiaoyun eloping with her hudsband had been a huge scandal and the Wang family had since kept their lips sealed about the incident. Other than people who were old enough to remember that event, no one knew that the Wang family had another daughter.

    Zhang Yu linked his hands behind his back and scolded them, "I will let it slide this time for the sake of Chenchen, but remember to watch your mouth. This is not the countryside where you came from, and one small mistake will cost you dearly."

    Although he was only sixteen, no one felt it was out of place for him to reprimand a forty year old woman and her entire family because he was the heir of the Zhang family of the Hu Dong District.

    At this point, most branch families of the Wang family clan would have bowed and apologized to this powerful heir.

    However, Chen Fan said calmly, "Stop."

    "What? You have something to say?" Zhang Yu turned around with a smug smirk on his face.

    "Do you think I'm afraid of you because you are from the Wang family? Humph! Let me remind you that you're just from a branch family. Even if I kick you out of here, the Wang family would not say a word. "

    A girl wearing a Chanel and Prada handbag said, "Just so! Brother Yu is the direct heir of the Zhang family. His father is the current family lord. The Zhang family of Hu Dong District ranks in the top thirty in Yan Jin City. I am sure even brother Wang Chen would support him if he kicked you out."

    "Country folk like you need to be smart if you want to survive in Yan Jin."

    Even as the others thought Chen Fan was going to back down, they heard him say, "Kneel and take twenty slaps, I might just let you live if you do."


    The teenagers thought their ears had tricked them.

    They were from powerful family clans, and never once did anyone dare to talk to them like that.

    Even the girl with no makeup furrowed her eyebrows and was astonished by Chen Fan's brusque impudence.

    The girl shook her head and lamented, "What a brute! He is too simple to see wisdom in seemingly coward acts."

    Wang Chenchen's face paled and even as she was going to ease the tension, Zhang Yu pulled a long face and said coldly, "Who do you think you are, how dare you…"

    Before he could finish speaking, Chen Fan charged forward and slapped his face. Although Chen Fan had only used a thousandth of his strength, it felt like heavy blows to Zhang Yu.

    Zhang Yu shouted at the top of his lungs after receiving three slaps.

    By the time Chen Fan slapped him for the fifth time, he was overcome by pain and became quiet.

    However, Chen Fan didn't stop.

    Ten, thirteen, fifteen…

    Zhang Yu started to beg in tears, but his words fell on deaf ears. Chen Fan didn't let Zhang Yu go after he delivered twenty slaps on his face.


    Zhang Yu collapsed onto the ground half dead. His face was swollen and his teeth were scattered on the ground. His lips were puffed up like two sausages, preventing him from letting out a word.

    The courtyard suddenly became pin-drop-quiet.

    Everyone was floored by the sudden turn of events. Even Wang Chenchen looked to Chen Fan in utter disbelief.

    After a while, the girl with the Prada handbag shrieked, "Are you crazy? Do you know what you have done?"

    "One more word, and you'll be next," Chen Fan said indifferently.

    The girl's face darkened as she became quiet. Her face was her most valuable asset, she would rather die than be disfigured.

    The girl with no makeup on said with a frown, "Sir, I thought you knew the rules because you are from the Wang family. Zhang Yu might have offended you, but your reaction was way over the top. I don't think Old Lord Wang would be pleased by your actions."

    "That's right! Zhang Yu is the only heir of the Zhang family and the apple of Old Lord Zhang's eye. Although the Zhang family is not as powerful as the Wang family, they have powerful friends in the city. Old Lord Zhang won't let you get away with it," the heir of the Qian family said, looking troubled.

    Meanwhile, Wang Chenchen was in a great deal of distress.

    The Wang family had never welcomed Auntie Xiaoyun before her grandpa finally decided to reconcile their relationship, so they invited her over. However, her son had already caused big trouble before he even entered the family residence.

    Their run in with the Zhang family was not a big deal, but it wouldn't send a good message to the other family members. If they were smart, they would act much more prudently.

    Even as Wang Chenchen was going to say something, Chen Fan spoke up, "Who told you that I am from the Wang family?"

    "What? You're not from the Wang family?"

    Even the girl with no make up was shocked by the revelation.

    Wang Xiaoyun grimaced in her mind. She knew that her cousin was still holding a grudge against the Wang family for abandoning them. The look on Wang Xiaoyun and Chen Gexin's face told her that his indignation was shared by all of his family members.

    "You're not from the Wang family? If that is the case, you are dead!"

    Hatred poured out from Zhang Yu's eyes. He wished he could kill Chen Fan on the spot.

    Chen Fan had registered his murderous intent, and without moving a finger, he silently cast a spell on Zhang Yu. In a few days, the spell would kick in and Zhang Yu would die in agonizing pain.

    The other teenagers knew what Zhang Yu was going to do to Chen Fan, so they looked at him with pity.

    The Zhang family wouldn't dare to harm anyone from the Wang family including those from the branch families. However, it was another story if Chen Fan was not a member of the Wang family at all.

    "I'm afraid the police are going to find another dead young man on the outskirts of Yan Jin."

    The girl with no makeup lamented in her mind.

    Although she had foreseen the tragedy, she refrained from intervening. She could have easily saved the young man if she wanted to, but for what?

    While everyone thought Chen Fan's fate was sealed, they saw a middle aged man rushing toward Chen Fan and his family.

    "Mr. Chen Fan, my lady, sorry for the wait. Please follow me. The old lord has been waiting for you for a while."

    Those present were terrified when they recognized the middle-aged man.

    He was Old Lord Wang's personal secretary: Uncle Zhong.