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Chapter 605 - Messenger from the Wang Family

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 605: Messenger from the Wang Family

    The Wang family of Yan Jin!

    It was one of Chen Fan's oldest memories.

    His impression of this family, one of the most superior families in China, wasn't really good.

    Chen Fan's Mom Wang Xiaoyun was born in the Wang family and her marriage with Chen Fan's Dad was hindered by them. He would never forget how his uncles, aunts and his grandma had given them the cold shoulder, nor the mocking voices of his cousins when he visited the Wang family with his parents.

    Especially when Wang Xiaoyun died and the Jin Xiu Group declined.

    The Wang family didn't do anything to help.

    While the Jin Xiu Group went downhill, those superior seniors in Yan Jin City didn't even go to the funeral of Chen Fan's Mom. The main family only sent his cousin Wang Chen as a representative.

    "It's been five years since my rebirth; it would be impossible that the Wang family doesn't know about my status. However, they are only acting after I forced the United States to retreat and ascended to the top of the world. There must be something going on!"

    Chen Fan sneered.

    He knew what the Wang family was planning.

    In the past, no matter how strong Chen Fan was, the Wang family still despised him, They thought that he was only a normal martial artist, a fanatic and a boor, someone who would end up getting killed after provoking a mighty superpower sooner or later.

    But as things stood, not even the United States could defeat Chen Fan.

    The name Superpower Chen had shocked the world; he had a clout comparable to that of the Prime Minister of England and the Russian Emperor. The Wang family couldn't ignore Chen Fan's status anymore. They had to build a good relationship with him so that they could get some benefits.

    "Xiao Fan, your grandpa sent someone to invite us to go to Yan Jin for the Chinese New Year. What do you think? Of course, I can turn down the invitation if you don't want to go. I can just tell them you need time to rest after coming back from England," Wang Xiaoyun said.

    Even so, Chen Fan could see a glint of anticipation in Wang Xiaoyun's eyes.

    No matter how the Wang family had treated Wang Xiaoyun, they were her parents and siblings. Wang Xiaoyun had lived there for more than twenty years, how could she simply sever their relationship?

    Wang Xiaoyun didn't go before because she didn't want Chen Gexin and Chen Fan to be looked down upon by the Wang family.

    But things were different at the moment. Chen Fan owned North Qiong Corp; he was also on top of the Divine Roll and ranked sixth in the world. Wang Xiaoyun surely wanted to show off in front of her siblings and work off her feelings.

    "Fine, I'll go to make up for Mom's regret! I was disappointing in my previous life; she couldn't go to visit the Wang family with pride."

    Chen Fan sighed and said firmly, "Let's go. Why not?

    "Dad, Mom, it's been a dozen years or so since we last attended the Chinese New Year celebration. It's time to make it up," Chen Fan said.


    Wang Xiaoyun's face lit up.

    After Chen Fan nodded, she beamed with delight, then she hugged Chen Fan and kissed him many times, making him feel extremely awkward and shy. Wang Xiaoyun even asked if the others had a problem with her kissing her son.

    "Come with us, Xiao Qiong. Let's go and see the old man together."

    Chen Fan held Fang Qiong's hand.

    Fang Qiong looked down with a shy look. Chen Fan would take her to Yan Jin so that she could meet his family and settle everything about their marriage. He also had an idea but it wasn't time to tell her yet.

    "Sure, we should all go, including your sister An. I've longed to go there for a decade."

    Wang Xiaoyun raised her hands, and didn't look like a forty-year-old adult.

    Chen Fan squinted his eyes as he smiled.

    "Grandpa Wang Zhongguo, Uncle Wang Keqin and Cousin Wang Chen… I wonder if they're the same as in my previous life. Don't let me down."

    Soon, the person the Wang family sent had arrived.

    It was a meticulously dressed middle-aged man who was full of smiles.

    Uncle Zhong.

    The secretary of Chen Fan's grandpa had been working in the Wang family for a few decades and was his spokesperson. He was someone as significant as Chen Fan's uncles in the Wang family and was a pivotal figure in Yan Jin.

    "Xiao Fan has grown a lot. I remember he was still six years old when you brought him to Yan Jin. He's become such a heavy hitter now," Uncle Zhong said emotionally.

    He was humble and polite.

    He was someone close to his grandpa, so he definitely knew Chen Fan's current status. Regardless of whether the things said about Superpower Chen were true or not, Chen Fan was indeed a heavy hitter at the moment, and no one in the world could compete with him.

    The United States was even willing to rope Chen Fan in as they would handle a country, showing how superior Chen Fan was.

    "You're too kind, Uncle Zhong."

    Chen Fan cracked a smile. "Did grandpa send you to tell us something?"

    "He sent me mainly because your family hasn't been to Yan Jin for the New Year in ages. Your grandpa and grandma miss you very much, and your uncles and aunts also said that they haven't seen you in a while," Uncle Zhong said with a smile.

    But Chen Fan snickered.

    How would Chen Fan not know about the Wang family? They were immensely rich but cold hearted people. If the Chen family's status remained the same as in his past life, the Wang family wouldn't have glanced at them for a second. Those hypocrites said they missed him just because he had become powerful.

    Wang Xiaoyun was excited though. She held Uncle Zhong's hand and asked about the health conditions of Chen Fan's grandparents, the career of her siblings, and how her nephews and nieces were doing.

    From what Uncle Zhong said, Chen Fan started to have a clear picture of how the Wang family was doing.

    Even though the Wang family was a top family in Yan Jin, it had been declining since Chen Fan's grandpa stepped down and his uncles struggled to hold on to the top seat.

    Chen Fan's uncle Wang Keqin had the best potential but was only a deputy in Yan Jin while the other uncles mostly worked in the middle class, which seemed way too weak for a top wealthy family.

    As for the third generation…

    Chen Fan's cousin Wang Chen was the leading figure of the younger generation in Yan Jin City. He had taken up several big projects of international trade at a very young age, and his character, capability and strength were appreciated by the older generation.

    "Wang Chen?"

    Chen Fan held the cup of tea with a troubled look.

    In his past life, the Wang family had sent Wang Chen to visit them after Wang Xiaoyun died. Those who came with Wang Chen were all top dogs in Jin City and Zhong Hai, whom Chen Fan could admire from afar.

    But in this life, Chen Fan was in contact with the leaders of the big countries and people like the American Admirals. Why would he mind such an insignificant person like Wang Chen?

    "Wang Chen is nothing compared to Xiao Fan," Uncle Zhong said quickly.

    Wang Chen was an outstanding person among the younger generation. Many young people in Yan Jin City looked up to him and he was even more excellent compared to Lin Puojun.

    Yet, he was way weaker before Chen Fan.

    Even Chen Fan's grandpa, Wang Zhongguo, was inferior to Chen Fan.

    Wang Xiaoyun was beaming. A mother would always love receiving compliments about her child.

    Uncle Zhong spoke with some hesitation before he left, "Xiaoyun, Xiao Fan, grandpa didn't tell the other family members you're going to Yan Jin. Call me if you need any help when you get there."

    "Don't worry, Uncle Zhong. It'll be fine," Wang Xiaoyun said indifferently.

    By then, all the world knew what Chen Fan was capable of. She didn't think that the Wang family would misbehave. If they did, chances are they were tired of living.

    Chen Fan slightly narrowed his eyes.

    He thought that they shouldn't underestimate those people. Sometimes, jealousy and hatred would block sound reasoning. The Wang family suddenly invited them to go to Yan Jin, who knew what Wang Zhongguo was planning this time?

    However, Chen Fan didn't plan to tell Wang Xiaoyun what he thought. He had already entered the peak stage of the Divine Sea and was only a step away from the Connate realm, so there was nothing to be worried about. Who could resist if he were to slaughter the Wang family?

    Since the Chinese New Year was coming…

    Chen Fan stayed with Chen Huaian for several days and prepared to go to Yan Jin City. This time, Wang Xiaoyun, Chen Gexin, An Ya and Fang Qiong were going with him.

    As for Yukishiro Sa and A'Xiu, Chen Fan asked them to stay to guard Europe and Zhong Hai.

    No one would hurt his parents in front of him anyway.

    Before Chen Fan left, Chen Huaian warned him while they were playing chess, "Xiao Fan, your grandpa isn't just anyone. He's smart and resourceful, or he would have never built such a powerful family. Yan Jin is the capital of China and people there have many complex relationships. You must be especially careful and think before you act."

    "Don't worry, grandpa. No matter how hard they try, they can't withstand my attacks."

    Chen Fan cracked a smile.

    Not even the United States could kill him; no one on Earth could threaten his life.

    "Right, right. The powerful America has to yield in front of my grandson. The Wang family is nothing in comparison! Nothing can stop you now!"

    Chen Huaian burst into laughter.

    January 15th, 2012.

    Chen Fan was on the way to Yan Jin with his family.

    That was the first time he went there after he had been reborn.