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Chapter 604 - The Seven Forbidden Lands

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 604: The Seven Forbidden Lands

    It was the Russian General, Oleg.

    The white-haired man was wearing an old military uniform, standing upright like a sword. As the guardian of Russia, virtually nothing could faze him, but he was looking very serious at the moment.

    Oleg bowed and said respectfully, "Mr. Beixuan, according to the KGB and the Blood Wolf Guards, it seems that the Dark Duke is trying to wake the Blood Ancestor."

    Chen Fan was as mighty as a superpower; even Oleg had to act politely.

    Oleg thought that Chen Fan's skin was getting fairer and his eyes brighter. He had a brawny figure and long black hair, as if God had come to Earth.

    "You're getting close to achieving the level of an Earth Level Deity."

    Oleg was in awe.

    Earth Level Deities were only a myth, like the Blood Ancestor and the Saints. If Chen Fan could attain that level, even the United States would be frightened.

    "Are you sure the Blood Ancestor is still alive?" Chen Fan said calmly.

    Before that day, the thought of the Blood Ancestor still brought dread to Chen Fan's mind. But he didn't take the Blood Ancestor seriously anymore, since he had the Mercury Armor and the God-killing Spear; he had also finished absorbing the energy from a dozen Divine Crystals.

    "I'm not sure about it. The last time the Blood Ancestor appeared was more than a century ago and he vanished after leaving a Kindred. He has lived so long he might even die in his sleep."

    Oleg shook his head.

    Even though he was a descendant of the Dark Wolves, he knew that those Dark Races were long-lived species. The Blood Ancestor was of pure blood so he surely had a much longer life when compared to humans and Earth Level Deities. And yet, even a Golden Core cultivator couldn't live a thousand years and no one could guarantee if the Blood Ancestor would reach the limit of his life during his sleep.

    "It's all right. If he has the guts to come, I'll behead him and extract his blood to create elixirs!"

    Chen Fan snorted.

    Each pure-blooded member of the Dark Races had a body full of treasures; they were like a living elixir to cultivators.

    Oleg shivered.

    It would be horrible to turn the Blood Ancestor into medical materials! How vicious!

    Oleg said quickly, "Sir, the Blood Ancestor is probably sleeping in the Blood Sea of Ancient Romania. The Dark Duke has been wandering around that area. Should we go and check it out?"

    "The Blood Sea? Where is it?"

    Chen Fan frowned.

    "The Blood Sea is located Deep in Romania's Carpathian Mountains. It is said to have been the capital of a kingdom once, but it turned into a scarlet ocean in the end. It is extremely dangerous and whoever enters dies," Oleg explained.

    The Deity Burial Valley in Kunlun? The Dragon Lake in Chang Bai Mountain? The Devil's Cave of Babylon?

    Those names caught Chen Fan's attention.

    Li Changsheng once told him that the Gate of Heaven could be found in several locations like deep in Kunlun and the Eastern Sea. Would there be anything special about these places? Was the Gate of Heaven found in one of those places? Or could there be remnants of the ancient Immortal Cultivators?

    Chen Fan immediately became interested.

    He had reached the peak level of Qi Refinement and the Divine Crystals would run out soon. By then, he would need other resources to reach the Connate level. Those places were called Forbidden Lands so there had to be something useful.

    Oleg saw Chen Fan's look and said quickly, "Sir, these places are illusory and extremely dangerous. Rumor has it that some Earth Level Deities and Saints died there.

    "For example, the Deity Burial Valley in Kunlun used to have another name, but after someone heard that a Chinese Earth Level Deity died there, people started calling it the Deity Burial Valley. And the Devil's Cave of Babylon has been on Earth for six thousand years and is

    full of unpredictable dangers. The British Empire once sent a troop inside the cave and none of them came out. In the end, the British army blew up the entrance. Also‚Ķ"

    Oleg paused.

    "What?" Chen Fan looked up.


    Oleg took a deep breath and said seriously, "During the decades when the Soviet Union fought against the United States, we found some trails and sacrificed our best spies to find some clues. The United States might have excavated the Mayan Temples of the Seven Forbidden Lands and found some technology that surpasses our modern times, making them the dominators of Earth. However, they also had to pay a price, or they wouldn't end up in a deadlock with us for decades."

    "Of course, it's only speculation. We don't have any proof." Oleg shook his head.

    The story of the Mayan Ruins had been circulating on Earth.

    In the ancient legends, the Mayan civilization had once thrived in America. They had technology so advanced that it was beyond what modern civilizations had achieved, but they were suddenly exterminated without a reason. They only left a prophecy behind:

    The year 2012 would be the end of the world.

    Human civilization would be terminated on the day the Fifth Age of the Sun ended.

    But the prophecy was only a myth and had never been confirmed. However, Chen Fan knew that there were Deities, Earth Level Deities, the Blood Ancestor and Saints on Earth, so why couldn't there be a superhuman civilization like that?

    "The Mayan Temples? Technology superior to the one found in modern times?"

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes.

    He thought of the God-killing Spear and the Mercury Armor.

    Those two weapons and the two electromagnetic cannons were apparently not something that could be made with the technology on earth; they had to belong to a superhuman civilization.

    Since there were Immortal Cultivators and Deities on earth, it could be possible that a superhuman civilization had once existed.

    Chen Fan could imagine that the ancient Earth had to be quite developed, with a thriving cultivation society. Deities would have been found everywhere while spaceships flew in the sky. And yet, they eventually vanished, and even the most normal cultivation techniques were lost.

    "This planet is getting interesting. Why didn't I notice when I came back that year?"

    Chen Fan frowned.

    When Chen Fan achieved the Soul Formation stage at a hundred years old, he traveled through the universe to come back to Earth and buried Fang Qiong's body in her homeland.

    Chen Fan was devastated and he wanted to be with Xiao Qiong, so he stayed peacefully on Earth for twenty years. He didn't use much of his power and had only probed with his Immortal Will a few times.

    Of course, this might be because of the disappearance of the remains and the Forbidden Lands. After all, cultivation a hundred years later would become much more difficult than it was at the moment; Earth would eventually turn into a dead planet.

    "Even if the United States invades an alien civilization, that would count as nothing. I exterminated countless super civilizations in my previous life!"

    Chen Fan immediately snorted with an arrogant face.

    The North Mystic Celestial Lord dominated the universe. Why would he take Earth seriously?

    After knowing more about the Seven Forbidden Lands, Chen Fan asked Oleg to tell him if something happened in the Blood Sea.

    When Oleg left, Chen Fan prepared to go back to China.

    After all, his parents were getting old and Chen Fan had to cherish the opportunity to spend a few more Chinese New Years with them. The adventure to the Forbidden Lands could wait.


    A Boeing 737 aircraft landed at the Zhong Hai International Airport.

    A group of people got out of the plane.

    They were being led by a man and a woman. The man was tall and handsome, while the woman was slim and beautiful. It was Chen Fan and An Ya.

    "Dad, Mom, Xiao Qiong, why are all of you here?"

    Chen Fan looked outside the airport with a surprised look.

    Not only Wang Xiaoyun was there; his Dad Chen Gexin, his girlfriend Fang Qiong, Lu Yanwu and Zhou Jinyi were all there. The people of the North Qiong Sect in Zhong Hai came and Chen Fan even saw Hua Yunfeng and Xie Yan from the Dragon Hall.

    "You're also here? Is everything fine with the Dragon Hall?" Chen Fan looked at Xie Yan and asked.

    "Master has shocked the world and forced the United States to give in. Who else dares to offend the North Qiong Sect and the Dragon Hall?" Xie Yan said with respect.

    At first, he became Chen Fan's servant because his life was being threatened.

    By then, he was faithfully doing the part.

    The United States had dominated the Earth for decades. They had destroyed many countries and eliminated many Immortal State Warriors. Countless Immortal Level Overlords had been forced to hide from the world and the Dark World had also been overwhelmed by the mortal world.

    But Chen Fan forced the aircraft carriers to retreat, and he shocked the United States with a strike.

    For the Dark World and many Immortal Level Overlords, it was something that made them hold their heads high. If the news got out, half of the Chinese Martial Arts community would have been there to welcome him.

    "You are Superpower Chen! Everyone on the Internet says you rank sixth in the world. The UN Security Council should offer you a place in their meetings."

    Fang Qiong giggled.

    "You guys."

    Chen Fan smiled and shook his head.

    As the Internet was further developed, many Martial Arts forums and Dark World forums sprouted, and Fang Qiong also learned how to use them. The North Qiong Sect even created a website called the "North Qiong Home" to announce matters to the Martial Arts community.

    After a while, Chen Fan noticed that Wang Xiaoyun and Chen Gexin both looked gloomy.

    "Why? Is something wrong with Dad? Was the curse not eradicated?" Chen Fan wondered.

    The North Mystic Celestial Lord had dealt with it, why would there be remnants of the curse?

    "Your grandpa sent someone to Jin City," Wang Xiaoyun said.

    "Grandpa?" Chen Fan narrowed his eyes.

    "The Wang family of Yan Jin?"