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Chapter 602 - Spirit Treasure?

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 602: Spirit Treasure?

    Chen Fan returned to the Winter Palace near London, while the world was still in uproar because of the event; An Ya, Yukishiro Sa and A'Xiu surrounded him with troubled faces. Although they had stood proudly in front of the British envoy, they were worried about Chen Fan's current situation.

    "Don't worry, all is well. The United States of America won't mess with us for a while," Chen Fan said with a warm smile.


    Everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

    Li Xinru stood at the back of the crowd. Although she knew next to nothing about what was going on, she had seen enough over-stressed faces around her. Meanwhile, Natasha also looked at Chen Fan with disbelief and shock.

    She worked for the KGB and had learned many things about the event.

    Natasha was informed that Chen Fan had used a secret weapon that erased a large island off the face of the earth.

    "How can a human be so powerful?"

    Natasha's eyes were wide open in shock.

    She had thought that the power of the Bloodwolf King was the limit of a human's capability. However, Chen Fan had proved her wrong. She figured that even the United States of America was currently wary of Chen Fan because of his world-shattering abilities.

    "I need to cultivate in seclusion for a few days, don't let anyone disturb me."

    Chen Fan announced the news and then went into the seclusion room.

    Only twenty hours had passed since the ambush; Chen Fan wanted to reflect on the results of the battle.

    "This battle has cost me dearly. I disclosed nearly all of my secret weapons such as the Armor of Golden Flame and the Five Thunder Seal. I was reserving the Five Elements Thunder for the Blood Ancestor, but little did I expect that I would have to use it against the United States of America," Chen Fan thought to himself.

    However powerful the Five Elements Thunder was, it needed to be recharged for three months after each use.

    "The Americans are not fools. It will only be a matter of time before they find this out. However, I should be able to use the Five Elements Thunder again by then. Plus, I doubt they would make a move against me simply to avenge their loss of battleships."

    Chen Fan sneered.

    The American's attack on Chen Fan was largely about sending a message. However, they wouldn't force him to submit even if he chose to ignore their warning.

    He had the support of the local British government while his families were under China's protection; the chances to harm him were few.

    Chen Fan had too many things on his mind; he really didn't want to waste any more time dealing with the US. Therefore, he decided to present an outrageous display of power to deter the U.S.

    "Nonetheless, I need to improve my cultivation level so that I can use the Five Elements Thunder more often. "

    Chen Fan shook his head.

    "Once I reach the Connate Spirit level, I will fly to the White House and meet the American President personally. If I can reach the Golden Core level, I can destroy a nation using the Five Elements Thunder and take a nuclear bomb head on. Even if all the nations joined forces, they would be unable to defend against me."

    Chen Fan wanted to take things slowly right after he killed Lin Shuming.

    However, the run in with the United States of America had inflamed his desire for improvement.

    "I can only claim dominance once I reach the Connate Spirit level. Thanks to the Spirit Qi in that Immortal abode, I was able to reach the late-stage of the Immortal State. I will need at least three abodes of similar caliber to reach my goal."

    With that thought in his mind, a flicker of determination flashed in his eyes.

    "Although the earth is deprived of Spirit Qi, I don't believe that Sword Secret the Exalted Cultivator was the only one who has passed anything down. After I visit my family for the new year, I will set out and leave no stone unturned in all the world, in order to collect enough resources."

    Entering the Connate Cultivator realm was a much more difficult task for Chen Fan than for anyone else.

    Not only did he have the Azure Thearch Longevity Body, but his True Essence was also a few times more powerful than what normal cultivators could cultivate. Therefore, he required a superior amount of resources while leveling up. On the flip side, he would be much more powerful compared to cultivators of the same level.

    By then, Chen Fan would be able to defeat ten Earth Level Deities at once.

    "Ah, right, I need to check out my loot."

    Chen Fan produced a few items from the Blade Strengthening Gourd.

    There were two Electromagnetic cannons, a black shuttle, and a silver ball with a metallic sheen.

    They were part of the spoils from the last battle; it was half of the treasures from the Department of the Supernaturals in the United States of America.

    "These Electromagnetic cannons were made from material readily available on earth. There are signs that this is a crude copy of a more powerful version. The technology of the real one should be about twenty two thirty years ahead of the present day."

    A few details on the cannon resonated with Chen Fan's past experience of his life in the future.

    That was an imitation of an Electromagnetic cannon. Not only the technologies required to produce the real Electromagnetic cannon were a hundred years ahead of the earth's current technology, the cannons themselves were also much more powerful than the knock off version.

    The United States of America must have the real version, but they didn't use it against Chen Fan. The Electromagnetic cannons were used during space warfare; they required a tremendous amount of energy to operate, so Chen Fan wagered that the US simply lacked the skills to use it.

    "The energy blocks in these knock off versions are cheaply made and very inefficient. It requires a huge amount of energy to charge up, but can only be used a few times."

    Chen Fan extracted the blue energy block and examined it briefly before he tossed it away.

    Those Electromagnetic cannons were worthless to him. Not only were they crudely made, they were also inconvenient to use. However, it was a clear sign that the U.S. had gotten its hands on some technology that was way ahead of the present time.

    "On the other hand, the shuttle and the metal ball were clearly not from Earth"

    Chen Fan landed his gaze on the other two items.

    The black shuttle was made out of an unknown metal. It was ten centimeters long and its surface was covered with ancient patterns.

    "They called it the God-killing Spear, which is quite apt considering its power. I doubt that an Earth Level Deity could have survived its killing blow."

    Chen Fan's face darkened as he thought about the last attack.

    The killing blow from the shuttle was twenty times faster than the speed of sound and was unimaginably powerful. It could have gravely injured an Earth Level Deity if it didn't outright kill him. Even Chen Fan could barely take the brunt of the blow.

    "However, they used it on the wrong person."

    Chen Fan smirked.

    So powerful was the God-killing Spear that it could sink an aircraft carrier. However, it couldn't penetrate dimensional barriers. Chen Fan had used the "Lesser Meru Art" and tapped into the power of an alternate dimension to trap the God-killing Spear in the Blade Strengthening Gourd.

    "The Exalted Cultivator was a fool. Dimension Altering Dharma Treasures were the most precious artifacts in existence, but he wasted it on strengthening blades."

    Chen Fan tapped the yellow-skinned gourd.

    The Blade Strengthening Gourd hummed in responde. The most powerful Dimension Altering Dharma Treasures could even swallow the sun. They were highly sought after by Immortal Cultivators.

    "My level of attainment only allows me to open a small portal the size of a basketball. If I could create a portal two to three meters wide, the gourd would be the most effective defense against any attack. But I will need to reach Golden Core to pull that off."

    Chen Fan shook his head.

    "Anyways, back to the God-killing Spear. I wonder what this really is. It doesn't look like a Dharma Treasure, nor does it look like a weapon from another space civilization. It seems that no one has tapped into its inner power yet, I wonder if I could do that."

    Chen Fan used a few hand signs and projected his Divine Will into the God-killing Spear.


    Suddenly, the black shuttle trembled. A few rays of blue light glowed in the grooves of the mysterious patterns.

    "Interesting, I can activate it?"

    Chen Fan was taken aback.

    He could feel its hunger as it devoured his Divine Will. Chen Fan fed it more of his energy and Divine Will into the shuttle.


    The black shuttle vibrated with more vigor as more and more Divine Will was being channeled into it.

    The blue light shined brighter, turning the shuttle into a glowing energy spear.

    "Those bald men didn't have enough Soul Energy to fully awaken the shuttle?"

    Chen Fan was taken surprised by the notion.

    The shuttle didn't stop feasting until it consumed half of Chen Fan's Divine Will. Chen Fan attempted to give it an order using his Divine Will, and the shuttle suddenly darted out.

    It was ten times faster than the sonic speed; it left a small hole on the cave wall.

    The hole was more than a thousand meters deep and the shuttle was still going, piercing through anything that got in its way.

    "Wow, it's much more powerful than the Essence Restoring Sword."

    Chen Fan's face was lit up with glee.

    The top speed of the Sword of Essence Restoring was Mach 4 and it could penetrate two hundred meters through the earth's crust at most. However, the shuttle was a few times faster and its piercing capability was stronger.

    It was a few times more powerful than the Sword of Essence Restoring!

    "Is it a superior-grade Spirit Artifact or a Spirit Treasure?"

    Chen Fan summoned the shuttle back to his hand and examined it carefully.