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Chapter 601 - Number One on the Divine Roll

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 601: Number One on the Divine Roll

    The Five Elements Thunder Seal had absorbed energy from the Sea of Thunder while it was being created. The energy was used by the Five Elements Thunder spell.

    Unlike the Lesser Five Elements Thunder, this attack had unleashed the full power of the Five Elements Thunder. In normal circumstances, this could only be achieved by Golden Core level cultivators.

    When the five different kinds of Divine Thunder merged together, they would unlock the most primordial force in the universe. The amount of destructive power it carried made it deadlier than a blow from a Connate State warrior. The world seemed to turn upside down when the Five Elements Divine Thunder exploded.

    The blast robbed reality of its color, only black and white remained.

    Anything that came in contact with it was completely annihilated. Be it trees, sand, hills, or the sea, they were all reduced to the most fundamental molecules. It looked as if an otherworldly god had reached into our dimension and scooped away a chunk of our reality.

    A void of a five kilometer radius was left where the island should be. It contained neither life nor matter.


    A second later, the void suddenly disappeared, and massive waves rushed toward the empty space, filling it up in mere seconds to restore normalcy to the scenic view of the ocean.

    Everyone watched as the sea claimed the space where the island used to be. It was as if the island had never existed.


    Some people's teeth were chattering.

    Not even the Nuclear bomb—the most powerful weapon known to man—could have erased an island in such a way. Worse, the explosion of a nuclear bomb could never be contained within such a small area, and its effect would not come and go that fast, either.

    "What kind of weapon is this?"

    Many generals looked at one another in shock.

    Not even Lasers or the Space-based weapon could be this devastating.

    It appeared seemingly out of nowhere and was gone before people knew what happened, leaving no signs of the attack.

    Such a weapon was the holy grail of the arms industry. It was infinitely less conspicuous than nuclear bombs while it was much deadlier than Laser weapons. It was an enhanced version of Clark's Energy Bomb.

    The Energy Bomb could cover an area of over a hundred meters while the Five Elements Thunder could reach more than five kilometers; definitely a far superior range.

    "This spell is called Five Elements Thunder, do you wish to see it again?" Chen Fan waved a hand, and a ray of light as colorful as the rainbow emerged from his palm.

    Everyone fixed their gazes on the seal.

    "No… there's no need. "

    General Jorge shook his head as a flicker of fear flashed in his eyes.

    He was the chief in command for all the American troops stationed in Europe. However, Chen Fan's display of power had struck fear into his heart. Other than a god, no one could or should possess such abilities.

    General Jorge's mind visualized Chen Fan as a walking, talking nuclear warhead.

    The thought of Chen Fan's ability to make an island disappear sent a chill down his spine.

    Not even the Lincoln Class Aircraft carrier and many other battleships under his command could withstand a blow from Chen Fan. All of America's aircraft carriers would have been annihilated in that terrifying void if they had been dispatched to join the battle.

    "If that's the case, then please send my message to whoever is in charge of the United States of America. I hope this is the last time we see each other. Otherwise, I will visit you personally in Washington, and things will get ugly," said Chen Fan with a calm tone as he put away the Five Thunder Seal and prepared to leave.

    The soldiers quickly made way for him as if Chen Fan were a god.

    Chen Fan ambled away under thousands of soldiers' fearful eyes. No one, neither the fighter jets in the sky nor the formidable battleships dared to stop him.

    After seeing the power of the Five Elements Thunder, any sane person would avoid confronting him.

    "Was that his true strength?"

    Director McCain stood among the soldiers and let out a wry smile.

    He had never thought that the United States of America would bend a knee before anyone. However, Chen Fan had proved him wrong that day.

    "Well, if I had godly powers, I wouldn't take the United States too seriously either." McCain looked into the distance as he was overwhelmed by a pang of fear.

    Chen Beixuan was no less powerful than the American nuclear arms.

    Although the United States of America had many nuclear warheads, their usage was severely limited by many reasons. Not even their president had the right to use nuclear forces. And yet, such power was readily available to Chen Fan.

    At the Pentagon of the United States of America.

    "Unbelievable!" the generals who saw Chen Fan's display of power via satellite feed exclaimed in fear. Even the white-haired National Defense minister who was well-known for his hawkish views looked troubled and disheartened.

    "I had never thought that there were forces in the world that could rival nuclear warheads," a general said in a shaky voice.

    Watching an island disappear had filled their hearts with fear.

    It was as if a god had scooped the island out of the sea. The energy annihilated every single tree and every blade of grass. The attack was much more powerful than a nuclear bomb; it had completely pulverized solid matter.


    A series of footsteps drifted into the meeting room.

    An attractive female officer wearing black-rimmed glasses walked into the room while carrying a heavy stack of paper.

    "Minister, the results are out. Based on the calculation of our supercomputer, the attack's effective range was five kilometers, similar to a five-thousand ton nuclear warhead. We still can't get a precise number on the amount of energy it emitted, but to have the same effect, we would need a five million ton hydrogen bomb."

    A deadly silence fell over the room.

    A five million ton hydrogen bomb were enormous warheads; America only had a couple in stock. Each of those warheads would destroy an entire city.


    After a while, Minister Arnold waved his hand in dismissal.

    After the female officer exited the room, a Lieutenant General from the army risked to say, "Mr. Minister, what should we do next? Are we going to play by Chen Beixuan's rules or are we going to use nuclear force?"

    "How? Are you suggesting we nuke London?"

    Minister Arnold gave the man a cold glare.

    The United Kingdom was one of the five major nations in the world. London was home to tens of millions of citizens. However, making the foolish decision of dropping a bomb near the city would entail being court-martialed.

    "We only have one option. Order the USS Lincoln and the Atlantic Fleet to return. The same goes to the air forces," Minister Arnold said slowly.

    "Sir, we lost a Task Force and nearly five hundred soldiers. Are we going to let Chen Beixuan get away with it?" a hawkish young general rose to his feet and protested.

    "Then what do you think we should do? Can you guarantee that Chen Beixuan wouldn't use the same trick on us? What if he attacked a city, say Washington DC or New York City? What happens then?"

    Minister Arnold landed his piercing gaze on the young officer.

    His scathing words left the young officer drenched in sweat.

    He wished that he could tell everyone that Chen Beixuan's super weapon could only be used once, but he wasn't entirely sure and too much was at stake. Be it the United States of America or its military, no one could afford the price of a full on war with Chen Beixuan.

    "Even if the odds of Chen Beixuan using the same attack again were low, we can't afford the risk."

    General Arnold shook his head.

    That development had taken the wind out of his sails. His normally straight back was hunched over, making him look like an exhausted old man.

    The turn of events had caught everyone off guard.

    "Damn it Chen Beixuan! Why didn't you tell us about your secret weapon?" Red Sparrow fumed.

    She wouldn't have worried so much if she knew he was as deadly as a nuclear bomb. She was convinced that the United States of America would never make a move on him without thinking twice from then on.

    Nuclear weapons were the deadliest when they were still sitting on the launch pad. It was a force of fear and intimidation.

    "He really lives up to his reputation as Superpower Chen. Not only has he forced the Americans to retreat, but he also has such miraculous weapons!" White Tiger shook his head and lamented.

    Meanwhile, Director Xiao and the others kept their silence.

    None of them had expected Chen Fan to possess such powerful weapons. The whole situation seemed to have been taken straight out of a science fiction movie.

    "I don't think anyone would dare to mess with him from now on."

    Director Xiao heaved a deep sigh.

    Chen Fan used to be a pawn in the global game of power, but he had just risen as one of the most influential players.

    The development had rendered his former enemies speechess.

    Singapore, Dragon Hall…

    Xie Yan watched as the American ships turned around and retreated. Suddenly, the Dragon Hall was filled with cheers.

    Guo Nuannuan came over to him and asked, "Dragon Lord, do you know why the Americans gave up?"

    "Because our sect master won the confrontation!"

    A smile surfaced on Xie Yan's face.

    Chen Fan had even subjugated the American military, who else could threaten him?

    December 26th, 2011…

    Even while the Dark World was still grappling with Chen Fan's godly power, the CIA's special case department issued a new Divine Roll.

    Chen Fan had surpassed China's Ye Qincang and the Christian Church's Divine Arbiter, claiming the top spot.

    Right away, the world knew that a legend had just been born. This new legendary warrior possessed such unpreceded power that he might as well be a god!