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Chapter 600 - The Astonishing Thunder!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 600: The Astonishing Thunder!

    Ten hours, nine hours, eight hours…

    People who knew about it were all holding their breath, waiting for Chen Fan's decision. The underground world was betting ten billion dollars on Chen Beixuan's surrender.

    Finally, during the last five hours.

    A piece of news arrived at the Winter Palace. Chen Fan had boarded the USS Abraham Lincoln to meet the American officials!

    The news stirred up the world once it came out!

    The Japanese Martial Arts community was thrilled and countless of them were cheering.

    "Chen Beixuan is going to surrender. He can't bear the pressure from the nuclear weapons and is going to yield to America!"

    On the other hand, the Chinese Martial Arts community remained silent.

    Even though they had expected this to happen, they still felt sad about it when the moment came.

    "Even the invincible Chen Beixuan has to succumb to the power of the United States?"

    Countless people heaved a sigh.

    Someone even commented on the CIA private forum, "Today is a big day in history. The strongest Overlord of the Dark World is going to surrender to the dominator of the mortal world, meaning that the entire Dark World will yield to the mortal world."

    The Observer didn't say anything.

    He seemed to be speechless.

    December 25th, 2011, in the evening.

    It was Christmas that day. There were Christmas lights and Christmas trees on the USS Abraham Lincoln. The American soldiers were wearing Santa Claus costumes and there were many sexy, beautiful girls.

    For the soldiers on the USS Abraham Lincoln, this battle was only like a protest.

    Many American soldiers bragged, "How can he withstand the attacks from missiles and aircraft carriers alone? Look, he came to surrender within a day. I think it's totally unnecessary to deploy the entire Atlantic Fleet."

    The Deputy Director of the CIA, McCain, couldn't believe what was happening.

    Chen Fan had threatened to unleash a slaughter in the White House and Washington right at his face. Would he really yield so easily?

    "Was he just threatening me? Did he give up after knowing how powerful we are?"

    McCain wondered.

    Before he had an answer, Chen Fan was already on his way to the USS Abraham Lincoln. High-ranking officials like the Commander of the American army, the Commander of the Atlantic Fleet and the American Ambassador all gathered on the aircraft carrier, waiting for Chen Fan's arrival.

    The commander of the American army in Europe, General Jorge, said seriously, "By then, we must stick to the conditions and ask him to hand over all his weapons, including the electromagnetic cannons and the God-battling Armors he got from the God-battling Team, including the Vitality Serum and that so-called super weapon. Also, he must obey our orders and go to the South Pacific island to be under our watch."

    The others also nodded.

    Chen Fan had too many things the United States wanted.

    A lot of Wise Men and American special departments had a thirst for Chen Fan's body, not to mention his Vitality Serum and the super weapon.

    Chen Fan's body could withstand missiles, which was called the Body of a Deity. Such a powerful body was useful for unveiling the mysteries of the legendary Deity, not to mention for extracting genes to create stronger super warriors.

    The American Ambassador frowned and said, "The Lance family wants Chen Beixuan to die."

    "Haha, what's the Lance family compared to the national interests? When we finish studying Chen Beixuan, we'll eliminate him directly with nuclear weapons, electromagnetic cannons or laser cannons. After all, he's still a threat to the United States."

    The commander of the Atlantic Fleet sneered.

    Then, the secretary reported to them that Chen Fan had arrived!

    Chen Fan appeared alone in a black outfit.

    "My dear Chen, you made a wise choice. Don't worry, the United States is a country that keeps its promises," General Jorge greeted Chen Fan with a beaming smile.

    Deputy Director McCain followed and stared at Chen Fan with a troubled look.

    Chen Fan was still swaggering before him the day before; a day later, he had no choice but to succumb to the power of the United States. It was such a twist.

    "I'm not here to accept your conditions. I just want to show you something," Chen Fan said.

    "You're not accepting the conditions?" General Jorge said expressionlessly.

    The American Ambassador frowned and said, "What do you want to show us?"

    "A fireworks display," Chen Fan said calmly.


    General Jorge shook his head and snickered. He thought Chen Fan was teasing them.

    "If you want to see fireworks, I can command my soldiers to launch dozens of missiles for you!" General Jorge said arrogantly.

    "You can't make my fireworks."

    Chen Fan shook his head, then took out the Five Thunder Seal and raised it.


    The seal instantly turned into a beam of five-colored light and shot toward an island far away.

    The island was only a few square kilometers in size which was an uninhabited island located at the Thames' estuary; only seabirds lived on it. In the morning, many soldiers even held a party on the island.

    People looked over and wondered, "What is he doing?"

    Many soldiers shook their heads and sneered, thinking that Chen Fan was trying to mystify them.

    Yet, they soon widened their eyes and witnessed an incredible scene.


    A thunderous sound came. It was so loud it traveled a hundred miles and even people in the London suburbs could hear it.

    A light ball with five colors appeared above the island.

    Azure, yellow, red, white and black.

    The five colors were suddenly entwined and eventually became black and white.

    The image looked pure, like the initial colors of the world.


    Everything within five kilometers of the black and white light ball disappeared after a flash.

    An island that had many birds, trees and hills had disappeared in front of everyone's eyes, and several kilometers of the ocean were affected.

    As if someone had cut a hole on a beautiful painting.

    The American soldiers on USS Abraham Lincoln, General Jorge, Deputy Director McCain and the officials of other countries who watched it through the satellites were all speechless.

    "What do you think about the fireworks?"

    Chen Fan turned around and looked at General Jorge.

    Jorge was dumbfounded and frozen like a statue.

    Everyone was silent.

    No one answered.

    December 25th, 2011, in the evening.

    Chen Beixuan released the Five Elements Thunder and wiped out an entire island from the face of the Earth in front of thousands of soldiers on the USS Abraham Lincoln.

    The world was startled!