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Chapter 599 - Despair!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 599: Despair!

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    "Chen Beixuan will definitely yield!" a Japanese samurai said confidently on the forum.

    1"No matter how strong Chen Beixuan is, he has family, friends and subordinates. If the United States sends the Special Forces to kidnap his family or his girlfriend, what can he do? Will he really go to New York or Washington?"

    "Chen Beixuan will never accept their conditions. Handing over the Dharma Treasure and ten years in prison? Who can guarantee that the Americans will keep their promise?" the Chinese martial artists replied resentfully.

    "If he refuses, they will kill him with nuclear weapons. Chen Beixuan can't stay in London forever. England would not protect him endlessly!"

    The Japanese samurai snickered.

    Seeing his comment, many were speechless.

    Right, compared to the United States, Chen Fan and the North Qiong Sect were too weak after all.

    Even the Observer shook his head and didn't say a word.

    The Dark Overlords on the CIA forum were silent. They realized that Chen Fan had too few cards in his hands. There were so many Councillors, administrative officers and millions of troops in the United States. How many of them could Chen Fan kill?

    "Let's see what Chen Beixuan's choice is."

    The Observer sighed.

    He seemed to be lamenting the fall of an invincible Overlord.

    In the North Qiong Pavilion in Zhong Hai.

    Everyone in the North Qiong Sect was also gloomy.

    Hua Yunfeng, Wang Xiaoyun, Zhou Jinyi and the others gathered together.

    "The United States has issued their ultimatum, requesting the sect master to get on the USS Abraham Lincoln within a day and stay under the supervision of the US military," Hua Yunfeng frowned and said.

    The few Elders from the Medicine God Valley Sect said angrily, "The United States is going too far. We should just fight with them!"

    "It isn't that easy. How do you fight with them? There are thousands of cities and a population of a few hundred million people. Even if you kill ten thousand a day, you'll need more than a century to kill them all! The President and the congressmen are only spokespersons. Once you kill them, the Americans can elect a new group of officials. There's no point in doing this."

    Zhou Jinyi shook her head.

    "The only thing we can think about now is whether the sect master has a power that the United States fears. They once threatened to drop nuclear bombs in our country, but once we developed our own nuclear weapons, they also backed off," Hua Yunfeng said slowly.

    "Xiao Fan is indeed powerful but not as strong as nuclear weapons," Wang Xiaoyun said with worry.

    Ever since Chen Fan became a martial artist, he had continuously shown a destructive power that amazed the world. The strongest one among all was the time he fought against Lin, where they had split the ocean for a few hundred meters. And yet, it wasn't enough compared to a nuclear bomb.

    "There's nothing we can do. We'll have to see if the American senior officials are afraid of dying."

    Hua Yunfeng heaved a sigh.

    The others also sighed.

    In the Dragon Hall, Xie Yan was looking sullen.

    He stood at the window of the Dragon Plaza and saw the American fleet sailing hundreds meters away near the shore.

    He put down the report and said, "Dragon Lord, the Pacific Fleet has given their ultimatum, asking us to leave the Dragon Plaza, to hand over our weapons and to accept their inspection within twenty four hours. They suspect… that we are an illegal organization which is related to the base."

    The seniors of the Dragon Hall behind Xie Yan were enraged.

    "The Dragon Hall has kept a foothold in Singapore for sixty years and even Wu Guanchao wouldn't humiliate us like this." A fiery grand master banged on the rosewood table and broke it into pieces.

    Xie Yan put his hands behind his back and said, "Well, it's the United States, a superpower and the dominator of the world."

    "Dragon Lord, what about the Lee family in Singapore?"

    The leader of the Guo family asked.

    "It's useless. The reason why Singapore was established is because of the support from the American government. The Lee family is full of people of the American side and even the army is controlled by them. Now that the American fleet has arrived in Singapore, how can he resist?"

    Xie Yan shook his head.

    Everyone heaved a sigh together.

    Singapore was too weak compared to the United States. The American fleet could easily level the entire country, so unless the President of Singapore were dumb, he would never want to offend the United States. He was kind enough not to send troops to the Dragon Hall.

    "We can't trust any of these politicians!"

    The irritable grand master of the Dragon Hall shouted and said, "Dragon Lord, what should we do next?"

    "We can only wait."

    Xie Yan closed his eyes.

    The ebony sword behind him gave a long cry and eventually returned to silence.

    Although Xie Yan practiced the "Sword Art of Nine Abandonments" and he had attained the Divine Sea level, he wasn't powerful enough to fight with the American Navy. They could kill him easily with one missile.

    "Master, there's nothing I can do."

    Xie Yan sighed.

    Seeing this, Guo Nuannuan stood with worry in her eyes.

    Even though she had only met Chen Fan a few times, she was always thinking about him. Since she currently had a high ranking in the Dragon Hall, many people saw her as Chen Fan's lover. From her own perspective or the family's, Guo Nuannuan looked forward to seeing Chen Fan win.

    "You can do it."

    Guo Nuannuan looked at the West.

    Not only people in Zhong Hai and Singapore, those in Jin City, Lin City and Hong Kong were also worried about Chen Fan.

    In the Kunlun Base.


    Red Sparrow got up and opened the door.

    White Tiger quickly stopped her and asked, "Red Sparrow, where are you going?"

    "I'll talk to Chen Beixuan and ask him to not do something dumb. He can just apologize and offer them some compensation. The United States is going too far. He can't accept the condition to be captured, and even if he does, he must surrender in a big and crowded city," Red Sparrow said anxiously.

    "Are you kidding me? All the superpowers in the world are now putting their attention on London. You aren't even qualified to enter the city."

    Director Xiao grunted.

    "So, what should we do? Director, you must have a solution."

    Red Sparrow turned around and looked at Director Xiao with anticipation.

    "The power of our country is inferior to that of the United States and we can only protect General Chen's family. If we fight with the United States, we might not be able to defeat them."

    Director Xiao said.

    The United States was the dominator of the world.

    No one on this planet could contend against this powerhouse. Even powerful countries like China had to work with Russia to be able to compete with them.


    While Red Sparrow was feeling disappointed, Director Xiao paused.

    "Unless what?" Red Sparrow's eyes brightened.

    "Unless Chen Beixuan's super weapon is real, but it's impossible. We only detected the energy inside the thundercloud and energy doesn't equal ro power. There's a power that equals hundreds of millions of nuclear bombs in the sun, but who can control it?"

    Director Xiao shook his head.

    Red Sparrow was devastated.

    Nobody had seen and known the true power of the super weapon Chen Fan had created in London. Although he had used it in the battle with the God-battling Team, it didn't exhibit its full potential. The world had already doubted that there was no such "super weapon."

    "We've done everything we can. Let's leave the rest to God."

    Director Xiao sighed.

    Everyone in Zhong Hai, the Dragon Hall and the Kunlun Base was in despair.

    It seemed that Chen Fan had no chance to turn the tide.