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Chapter 598 - Surrender?

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 598: Surrender?

    McCain hung up the call with a disconcerted face.

    Eddie asked anxiously, "Sir, are you sure? Is it true?"

    "It can't be wrong." McCain shook his head. "The God-battling Team, the black-armored warriors and the three Wise Men were annihilated. Chen Beixuan even went after Mr. Clark and sank the nine battleships of the 17th Task Force."


    Eddie was dumbfounded.

    The news gave him a severe blow!

    He was only an heir of the Lance family, so he had never encountered such a tremendous event like this.

    It was a Task Force Fleet with a total of nine battleships! Even during the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Japanese army had only destroyed forty American battleships. Since Chen Beixuan had destroyed a fourth of that number, was he trying to declare war on the United States!?

    "I'm screwed, I'm screwed! How should I tell my father and grandfather?"

    Eddie had no idea what to do.

    Even the leader of the Lance family might not be able to bear it, so how could he?

    McCain's face darkened.

    A lot of special departments in the United States were suffering a severe blow because of the annihilation of the God-battling Team, and the sinking of the 17th Task Force had shocked the entire country. Even the President and many Councillors were asking for details; being the Deputy Director of the CIA, he decided to go to the Congress in person.

    "No, I have to go back to the headquarters and report it to the Director immediately."

    McCain got up and noticed that Eddie was horrified, as if he had seen a ghost.

    "What happened?" McCain wondered. He then saw a young man with black hair and black eyes who went and sat next to Eddie.

    "What are you…?"

    McCain couldn't continue after seeing the young man's phantom-like face and Eddie was trembling in utter fear.

    The young man was apparently Chen Fan, the person they were talking about!

    "My dear Mr. Chen, there might be some misunderstanding. Our friendship with China won't be affected by a little disagreement…" McCain said.

    "Don't worry, I'm not here to kill you. Just put away your gun. It's just a plastic toy to me," Chen Fan said casually.

    They were all terrified.

    Chen Fan picked up a glass and poured himself some wine. Then continued, "Eddie Lance, you invited me to a party and tried to kill me. What do you think I should do?"

    Eddie's body was trembling and he couldn't say a word.

    He used to be haughty before Chen Fan because he believed that he wouldn't dare to kill him, since it would offend the great Lance family and America.

    As things stood, Chen Fan had slaughtered the 17th Task Force and almost declared war on the United States, so why would he take the heir of the Lance family seriously?

    "I gave you a chance to live once, but you didn't cherish the opportunity."

    Chen Fan shook his head.


    He clicked his finger, then a golden flame appeared and was shot into Eddie's body under everyone's frightened stares.


    His entire body, clothes and even the soul of Eddie Lance were immediately burnt into smoke, completely disappearing. The only thing left was his vague outline left on the seat, the only proof that he had once been there.

    Everyone was silent.

    Either the beautiful blonde waitress or the bodyguards, all of them were terrified and trembling.

    They were only ordinary people, so they had never witnessed such a scene.

    A person had been burnt into ashes.

    "Tell the Pentagon and the American officials: once the war begins, it'll never end easily. By then, I'll go to Washington myself and meet everyone in the White House and the Congress."

    Chen Fan smiled at McCain. He finished all the wine and disappeared in a blink.

    After a while, someone wondered, "Is he gone?"

    "Sir, what should we do? Should we contact the British government?" a bodyguard asked carefully.

    "Don't do anything and don't say anything. Forget about what you saw today."

    McCain got up, still processing the immediate events.

    Chen Fan threatened a senior government official of the United States and asked him to pass on a message? "How dare he?"

    However, McCain knew exactly that if Chen Fan really took his revenge against the United States, the President and the congressmen would have to hide in their underground facility every day, escaping from him.

    "I can't imagine it"

    McCain mustered a wry smile.

    He didn't care about Eddie's death. In the battle between Chen Fan and the superpowers, even the whole Lance family was nothing, not to mention just one of their scions.

    When the news about the annihilation of the 17th Task Force was known…

    Everyone at the Pentagon was enraged.

    Messages were sent from Washington to the world one after another.

    Many nuclear-powered aircraft carriers in Virginia, New York and at the Caribean Sea started to sail to London. Half of the Atlantic Fleet was also on their way there, and the American army stationed in Europe had entered a state of alert.

    Countless fighters and bombers loaded their cannons and even unlocked the nuclear weapons. The F-22 Raptor and the B-2 Stealth and Strategic Bomber were also circling above London's offshore area. The nuclear weapons they had were enough to level all of Europe.

    The nuclear submarine of the Second Fleet was also deployed; it was on standby with many missiles.

    The war was about to begin!

    Facing the anger of the Americans, Europe, Russia and China had an immediate joint military meeting. The representatives from each country took turns to speak, asking the United States to stay calm and avoid worsening the situation.

    The Prime Minister of England had even met the American ambassador three times in a day and asked the United States to exercise restraint!

    Among all the countries, England was the most anxious!

    The war started in London and the 17th Task Force sank near England's waters, so they had to be involved no matter what. Originally, England wanted to turn a blind eye, but the current situation—

    If the God-battling Team could kill Chen Fan, they would surely be excited. Even if they couldn't, it had nothing to do with England.

    Yet, they had never thought that the war between the United States and Chen Fan would start around England.

    "Anyways, we can't let the United States drop a nuclear bomb on our territory. Chen Beixuan is right here in London, so If they do, how many casualties will there be?" The Generals were having a heated discussion in the Department of National Defense.

    "Should we ask Chen Beixuan to leave England?" an Admiral of the Navy asked.

    "Impossible! If Chen Beixuan is in London, then we should protect him and help him fight back. The United States might drop a nuclear bomb somewhere."

    A Lieutenant General sneered.

    This was the knottiest problem a superpower had faced when battling a top Overlord.

    As long as Chen Fan stayed in a crowded place, the United States would have to be careful. After all, they couldn't kill millions of people just to eliminate Chen Fan. This wasn't the Second World War and England wasn't Japan, so even American President wouldn't issue such an order.

    The Minister of National Defence of England, Lawrence, said, "I'll visit the Prime Minister and request to talk to the Pentagon right now. We must deal with it peacefully."

    In fact, countries like China and Russia also contacted America and asked them to look for a peaceful solution.

    The United States then replied, "We request Chen Beixuan publicly apologize, and to hand over the Vitality Serum and the super weapon that makes thunderclouds. Also, he has to enter our designated area and be held captive for ten years under our watch to pay for his sins."

    "To hand over the super weapon and go to jail for ten years? Is that even possible?"

    All the people from the North Qiong Sect and the Chinese martial artists shook their heads.

    "Who knows what the United States is planning? If Master enters their designated area, like an island or some beach, they might drop a nuclear bomb," Yukishiro Sa said calmly.

    "Besides, he didn't do anything wrong, why should he be incarcerated? The Pentagon and those who ordered the attack should be the ones to apologize!" A'Xiu said furiously.

    Chen Fan went to attend a party and was instead attacked by the God-battling Team.

    A'Xiu and the others were all enraged. Luckily, An Ya didn't go with Chen Fan, or he might not have been able to protect her.

    "What's your opinion, Mr. Chen?"

    Chris the Special Envoy of England looked at calm Chen Fan.

    Chen Fan didn't say a word. Instead, An Ya said with a cold voice, "Our opinion is his opinion. Please tell the United States that the North Qiong Sect is not afraid of them! If they want to fight, then let's fight!"

    In the end, the British Special Envoy left the Winter Palace speechlessly.

    After getting the North Qiong Sect's reply, the United States was enraged.

    "Drop the nuclear weapons and eliminate him!" a General said.

    Suddenly, a B-2 Stealth and Strategic Bomber entered London with nuclear bombs and circled once above the Winter Palace. Even though it left after that, the British government was extremely frightened.

    All sorts of pressure came to the North Qiong Sect from families, consortiums, companies and the Dark World.

    An American battleship even sailed to Singapore and the Commander of the Pacific Fleet reprimanded the President of Singapore, saying that they would bombard the Dragon Hall.

    The North Qiong Sect was in chaos.

    Many of their enemies, including the Hong Sect, the Japanese Martial Arts community and the Thai Black Magic community, all of them were gloating.

    "Chen Beixuan has slaughtered too many people and races in the world. He deserves it!"

    A member of the Hong Sect sneered.

    The Japanese Martial Arts community was thrilled.

    "The United States is finally doing something.This asshole should have been eliminated long ago!"

    Meanwhile, the Chinese Martial Artists were all speechless. The power of a person was too weak in front of the great power of the United States.

    On Chen Fan's side, nobody said anything else after their reply, which worried people even more.

    "Is Chen Beixuan really going to yield?" someone said anxiously.