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Chapter 597 - The World In Disbelief

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 597: The World In Disbelief

    Chen Beixuan had clashed against the American military.

    The world was in shock when they heard of the news.

    The United States of America was the world's overlord ever since the 1950s. It possessed such unimaginable power that it had forced the Christian Church to the back stage, and forced the Dark World Arbitration Department to its knees. Even if all the nations of Europe joined forces, they would still fall short if they attempted to bring down the U.S.

    Meanwhile, Chen Fan was the most powerful individual in the world and was called Superpower Chen. He had single handedly defeated the Black Sea Fleet and uprooted the Arbitration Department. The clash of the two powers was bound to be epic and attention grabbing.

    "Really? Chen Beixuan had just fought against Europe, now he is rattling the American's cage?"

    "The U.S. is not like Europe. All the European navies combined were no match against its second fleet. America was the real superpower of the world and her supremacy is uncontested."

    "Chen Beixuan has lost his mind. Isn't he afraid that the U.S. will nuke him?"

    Many people shook their heads and lamented Chen Fan's carelessness.

    Chen Fan might possess incredible personal strength that allowed him to defeat an entire fleet, but his new opponent was the United States of America.

    Both Russia and Europe were like hollow shells of their past glory, but America was still at her prime. Her military might was more powerful than the sum of all nations' power on earth. It was the only real super power of the world and the world police. Although Chinese giant had already awakened, it would not contest the US' supremacy for another twenty years.

    The news stirred up the CIA private forum.

    "Does anyone know exactly why Chen Beixuan wants to mess with America?" someone asked.

    Both Chen Fan and the US possessed enough forces to deter any acts of provocation. However, the open confrontation between the two was bound to be enormously destructive to the world.

    "I heard that the US had dispatched their God-battling Team and tried to intercept Chen Beixuan. However, Chen Beixuan turned the situation around and started hunting them down instead. He followed the God-battling Team until he reached the Seventeenth Task Force from the North Sea. Then he destroyed the entire Task Force," someone who was still in disbelief answered the questions.

    Those who read the answer grimaced and shook their heads.

    Did Chen Fan destroy an entire American fleet? The Seventeenth Task Force was powerful enough to overwhelm most nations' navies.

    "The United States of America used the God-battling Team? I would have never thought that we would use our secret weapon," people who were well connected with the US military exclaimed.

    "What is this God-battling Team? I had never heard of it. I thought there were no Immortal State Warriors in the US," the Black and White Demon Hunter asked with curiosity.

    "That's correct. But they can make them in the lab. The United States of America has unlimited resources and extremely advanced technologies. It wouldn't be difficult for them to recreate Immortal State Warriors," the Brigadier General of the Crimson Wings answered.

    "Indeed! The British military created many Kindred Warriors using biotech, and the same goes to Russia and their Blood Wolf Guards. The United States of America's tech sector is much more advanced than both of them, and they are miles ahead of everyone in terms of creating Extraordinary Ones. They have opened schools for children with special abilities and those children will be working for the Department of the Supernaturals," King of Fight answered.

    "In addition, the United States of America recently got its hands on a few super armors, which they call God-battling Armor. They grant the wearers supernatural abilities and not even an Immortal Level Overlord can make a dent on them. I'm not sure if that's true though."

    The post sent fear into the viewer's hearts.

    Although the United States of America was good at keeping secrets, the fact that she was feared by so many top Overlords spoke loudly of her immeasurable force.

    "It's true. The U.S. retrieved a few suits of armor from an archaeological dig site. They tested them and found that they could protect a human from a nuclear blast," the Observer said.

    "What? That's insane!"

    The revelation stirred up the entire forum.

    "With all due respect, sir, how did the US keep such a secret for so long?" Black and White Demon Hunter challenged the claim.

    "To the American Government, only the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, the Christian Church and the Dark World Arbitration Department were worth their attention," The Observer said, shaking his head.

    "Both the God-battling Team and the God-battling Armor, as well as the Electromagnetic cannon were all created to deal with the Christian Church or the Arbitration Department. If Chen Fan had not posed an enormous threat to them, the US military would have never used those secret weapons. "

    After hearing his explanations, many Overlords in the Dark World shook their heads helplessly.

    The Observer's words had hit the mark. The United States of America had a hundred and eighty military bases all over the world and they could easily squash any renegade Immortal State Warrior. After all, not even an Immortal State Warrior could survive the strike from a missile.

    Secret weapons were reserved for much more powerful foes.

    "So even with the armor and the electromagnetic cannons, the US still failed to bring down Chen Beixuan?" someone asked in astonishment.

    The others were also perplexed by the same question.

    Not only had the American military intervened, but they had also thrown all of their secret weapons at Chen Beixuan. However, they had been utterly defeated by him, losing nine battleships in total.

    "He's much more powerful than you could ever imagine," the Observer said readily.

    "Based on my data, the United States of America used over a dozen high tech Armors, and each soldier was as powerful as an Immortal State Warrior. They also used one God-battling Armor, nine Extraordinary Ones with Extraordinary Divine Bodies, and three Electromagnetic cannons. The operators of those cannons were from a mysterious group called the Wise Men. They were all Divine Masters of Spirit. The projectiles from those cannons could reach ten times the sonic speed, but they couldn't even harm a hair on Chen Beixuan."

    A deadly silence fell over the internet.

    The users of the forum had very different backgrounds, some were the Overlords in the Dark World, some were Brigadier Generals and the others were secret agents working for the governments around the world. However, no one said a word after hearing the revelation.

    The combined forces of the Extraordinary Divine Bodies, the God-battling Team and the Divine Masters of Spirit were able to undo the Dark World Arbitration Department. And yet, making leaving a scratch on Chen Fan had been impossible. Was Chen Fan really a mortal?

    "Perhaps only nuclear weapons can threaten Chen Beixuan," the Observer said in the end.

    The major nations in the world shared the shock and disbelief with the users of the CIA forum.

    "Chen Beixuan has sunk American ships?"

    White Tiger nearly jumped out of his seat after he heard the news. "He has b*lls to mess with the biggest bully on this planet."

    The United States of America was a frequent bully, but the tables had turned and it was being bullied.

    When the terrorists in Afghanistan struck the United States of America, the United States of America had repaid the damage by bombing the nation of Afghanistan into smithereens.

    The United States of America would not let the matter slide after she had lost an entire Task Force.

    "Director, I suspect that the United States of America is going to retaliate. We can't just sit around and watch a Chinese citizen getting harmed," Red Sparrow urged.

    She was well aware of how ruthless the United States of America could be. They had dominated the earth for decades and had accumulated unimaginable resources that they could use to punish Chen Fan.

    "Don't worry, General Chen is one of our men; we won't let it happen," Director Xiao rose to his feet and said, "I'm going to talk to the leaders about this issue. I might not guarantee that Chen Fan would be protected, but I can make sure his family is safe."

    Leaders of the other nations were also shocked by the development.

    Some shook their heads gloatingly and some marveled at Chen Fan's bravery.

    Everyone looked to the west and focused their attention on the black-haired young man in London.

    "If Chen Beixuan could survive this ordeal, he would truly earn the right to use the name Superpower Chen," a leader in the Dark World exclaimed.

    The others nodded in fear.

    So powerful was Chen Beixuan that he could openly challenge the position of the U.S.

    His courage and incredible abilities were truly admirable.

    Even as the event gripped everyone's attention, Chen Fan had returned to London after the battle. He was looking for the real culprit; although Eddie Lance couldn't order the U.S. military around, he had played a key role in making the U.S. aggression a reality.

    "You are the main instigator, and I shall kill off your family as punishment."

    Chen Fan looked at the hotel in the distance. A cold light glinted in his eyes.

    England, London, Prince Hotel…

    An Exalted Cultivator was having a delightful dinner with Director McCain from the CIA. The entree was foie gras coupled with red wine from Bordeaux. Elegantly dressed waitresses were tending to their needs at the side.

    "Mr. McCain, are you sure it will be alright?"

    Eddie was still worried about his own safety.

    "Look at you, Eddie. Have some faith in me, will you? No one can survive an attack from Clark and his deadly soldiers," McCain said confidently.

    Suddenly, his phone rang. He gave Eddie a smirk and said, "See? They are done already."

    McCain put the phone close to his ear and then his face turned pale all of a sudden.

    "What? The God-battling Team was defeated? Chen Beixuan is still alive?"

    The restaurant suddenly became silent enough to hear a pin drop, as life and color drained from Eddie's face.