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Chapter 596 - Slaughter Them All!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 596: Slaughter Them All!


    Many broadside cannons fired at once at Chen Fan.

    A shimmering golden armor appeared over Chen Fan's body whenever a bullet managed to land an impact, stopping them cold in their tracks. Chen Fan might have been wary of those cannons if he were only at the Ethereal Enlightenment level. However, by then, there was nothing that could harm him except for nuclear weapons.


    Chen Fan's body flickered and turned into an azure glow that raced across the sea and arrived right in front of the second corvette. The sailors on deck panicked and bolted for safety. However, they couldn't out run Chen Fan's attack. A ray of brilliant blade auras shot out from his hand and hacked into the ship.


    Everyone watched in horror as Chen Fan's attack hacked open the iron clad deck from side to side.

    The azure blade auras seemed to possess physical form and were able to slice through half meter thick metal plates smoothly, as if they were butter.

    The corvette was split from the middle.

    The stern and the bow separated and both sank. The ship carried over a dozen missiles, but none were able to be fired. The soldiers shouted for help as they abandoned ship.

    "The second ship," Chen Fan said calmly and he charged out again at another ship a few hundred meters away.

    "Stop him, we MUST stop him!"

    General Coster's face was contorted by anger.

    Those battleships were his precious assets and underpinned his status as the Admiral of the U.S. Navy. He would be court martialed if Chen Fan demolished all of those ships.

    "No way. Not even the God-killing Spear could stop him, what good are these missiles?"

    Clark shook his head in despair.

    He still had no clue how the God-killing Spear had disappeared. It was a secret weapon that took years of development and was meant to be used against the Christian Church.

    "Damn it! Where's my Tomahawk Land Attack Missile? Where's the Trident? I need fire power, NOW!"

    General Coster ignored his colleague; he picked up the intercom's receiver and started yelling at it.

    "Shoo Shoo Shoo."

    Under his command, destroyers started launching missiles at Chen Fan.

    Those missiles darted across the sky, leaving a trail of flames behind and zooming toward Chen Fan. Chen Fan maneuvered to the side and easily evaded the missles.

    One of the missiles landed on a corvette and blew a giant hole on its starboard.


    Chaos quickly ensued above the tumultuous waves.

    Suddenly, the ships from the 17th Task Force became rudderless; many turned around and bolted. Some were still resisting, while others raised the white flag above their deck.

    "It's over. It's all over. "

    General Coster drooped his shoulders and dropped the receiver on the floor. His eyes were dull and so was his face. "How is that possible? How could he challenge the United States of America's authority? Doesn't he fear our retaliation? "

    An assistant rushed to the general with a message in one hand. "General! The head office in Germany has just informed us that the air support is on the way. They loaded the F22 with Neutron bombs and Atom bombs. They asked us to hang on for another ten minutes."

    "Ten minutes? I don't think we can last longer than three."

    General Coster grimaced.

    Regardless of the outcome, he knew he would have to face a trial at the Military Court.


    Another battleship cracked into two after being dealt a blow by Chen Fan's flying sword.

    The Blade Qi entered the battleship from its stern and exited from the bow, slicing the mighty corvette along its length.

    "The sixth ship," Chen Fan said softly.

    He looked over his shoulder and saw the remaining three destroyers and thought to himself, "Lin Shuming could split the ocean for three hundred meters and I can cleave a hundred meter long battle ship. I wonder, whose technique is better?"

    In fact, Chen Fan's attack was far deadlier than Lin Shuming's.

    Lin Shuming had divided the sea for three hundred meters, but water was liquid; it would offer considerably less resistance than metal. Therefore, even Lin Shuming would have been shocked if he would have seen Chen Fan's attack.

    Chen Fan had reached the late-stage of the Divine Sea, so his power had far exceeded that of a Mortal Deity.


    Once Chen Fan demolished the sixth destroyers, he gave up the chase for the remaining two and flew to the flagship instead. He looked down at Clark and said derisively, "I told you that you wouldn't get away."

    Clark was still wearing the silver armor, and his torn arm had already recovered.

    Clark was a super soldier made in the U.S. of A. He was no less powerful than the Blood Wolf Guards, or the Kindred Warriors. Growing an arm back was not a big deal for him.

    "I will spare you life if you tell me where you got your armor. "

    Chen Fan examined the silver armor with great interest. He was still impressed by its capability.

    Clark had lasted much longer than the Dark Duke thanks to the armor. Chen Fan wagered that the armor's protective capability could rival a Connate Body.

    "You want God-battling Armor? Come get it yourself."

    Clark raised both arms as liquid metal oozed from his body and molded his hands into two sharp blades.

    Chen Fan watched as he stomped the deck, creating a huge depression on the iron plaques. The force propelled him forward, allowing him to break the supersonic barrier.


    Chen Fan cracked a smile.

    He brought his arm in front of him and pressed a palm on Clark's chest.


    Clark was sent flying back and he rammed into a Destroyer, creating a hole on its hull.

    "Just give up. You won't be able to defeat me, even if you use that armor."

    Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and wore a divine indifference on his face.

    Clark's personal strength was on the same level of Galdan the Snowwolf King. His Physique Refinement attainment could match that of an Earth Level Deity thanks to the silver armor. Other than that, his power was a far cry from Chen Fan's.

    However, Clark didn't heed Chen Fan's words and doubled down on his aggression.

    Many sailors watched in disbelief as a silvery shadow rose from the sea and flashed toward Chen Fan. Chen Fan swung his arm and used it to land a strike on the silvery shadow as if it were a baseball bat. The silver shadow flew back and fell into the sea, but it wasn't long before he was after Chen Fan again.

    "You want to drag it out, right?"

    Chen Fan furrowed his brows after deflecting the attack for the eighth time.

    The battle area was not far from the British coast. Reinforcements from the American military bases could arrive within minutes. However, unless they carried nuclear weapons with them, they would never be able to harm him.

    Seeing that Chen Fan had seen through his ruse, Clark threw himself at him with abandon.

    "Come to meet our maker with me."


    Chen Fan suddenly registered something was amiss, so he turned into a trail of light as he darted away, trying to get out of harm's way.


    The explosion was extremely loud; so much so that it was almost perceived as silence.

    The area a few hundred meters away from Clark turned into a large black sphere. Anything within the sphere, alive or dead, would be obliterated. Even the sea water within the sphere was evaporated

    The black sphere disappeared faster than it had appeared.

    Clark was gone, and so was a few hundred tons of water. The only proof of what had happened were the churning waves that rushed to fill up the void in the sea.

    "What the…"

    All the soldiers and generals alike were shocked by the development.

    It was as if they had seen a glimpse of the end of the world.

    "Energy Bomb!"

    Chen Fan appeared just outside of the edge of the circle. His face darkened.

    If he had reacted one second later, he would have been engulfed by the Energy Bomb. He would have been gravely injured even with the Armor of Golden Flame. The Energy Bomb unleashed a pulse of devastating raw energy that could annihilate anything within its blast radius.

    "Did he carry that Energy Bomb with him all the while?" Chen Fan narrowed his eyes. "The Electromagnetic cannon, the Silver Armor, and the Energy Bomb are far beyond the scientific capabilities of the United States of America. Hidden forces are surely backing them up. No wonder Azure Dragon warned me about the US."

    Despite his thoughts, he was not afraid.

    He was only one step away from the Connate Spirit level. From there, he could dominate the earth without fear. Not even alien technology would pose a threat to him.

    "Uh? That armor survived the blast? It seems that I underestimated its power."

    Chen Fan noticed a small silvery glow at the center of the explosion.

    He picked up the armor and demolished the remaining three destroyers with three casual strikes before he flew away.

    When the fighter jets carrying nuclear ammo showed up, they saw a disheartening scene of sinking ships.

    "The seventeenth Task Force was annihilated. Three Destroyers and six Corvettes are gone. I am… guilty for that."

    Tears welled in General Coster's eyes after he was dragged toward the beach by rescuers.

    December 24th, 2011, a day before Christmas…

    Chen Beixuan destroyed the God-battling Team from America and demolished nine battleships. The seventeenth Task Force was no more.

    The news quickly spread all over the world and angered the United States of America.