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Chapter 595 - I Command You to Stop!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 595: I Command You to Stop!

    The three electromagnetic cannons or the nine members of the God-battling Team.

    They were something the United States had built with a large amount of resources and money. They were specially designed for killing Immortal State Warriors on Earth, especially the God-killing Spear which was known to be able to kill a Deity.

    Yet, Chen Fan effortlessly crushed those Extraordinary Divine Bodies and slaughtered three Divine Masters. Such a strong power was unthinkable to Clark.

    "Impossible, impossible…"

    Clark was in shock inside the Five Thunder Array.

    Even the five arbitrators would have been killed by the spear shot from the electromagnetic cannon, and the nine members of the God-battling Team together with the warriors in black armor would be a force strong enough to kill three Mortal Deities. He had never thought that Chen Fan would defeat them so easily.

    "It's your turn."

    Chen Fan retrieved his Immortal Will and glanced at Clark.

    Among all of the enemies, Clark was the knottiest problem for Chen Fan. The silver metal armor he was wearing had a super strong defensive strength and it was difficult to break.

    "Let's see if you can withstand the attack of the Five Elements Thunder."

    Chen Fan made the Thunder Seal vibrate.

    The five lightnings immediately merged together to form a black and white lightning and rushed to strike.

    The terrifying destructive power that could destroy anything instantaneously was spread in all directions. It was a forbidden energy that only Golden Core cultivators could control.


    The black and white lightning struck at Clark. His silver armor was ignited; it was vibrating violently like boiling water, seemingly being under a great threat.

    The Five Elements Thunder was a destructive power and was made by the cultivators of the Five Elements Immortal Sect to simulate the energy released when the universe had been created. How could a technological armor compete with it?


    A blood-curdling scream was heard. Clark's left arm and shoulder turned into a plume of azure smoke. He chose to sacrifice his left arm and infused all of the metal liquid into his body, then he immediately escaped.

    "You can't get away!"

    Chen Fan's eyes were filled with coldness.

    He didn't start chasing Clark right away. Instead, he first placed the two intact electromagnetic cannons inside the Blade Strengthening Gourd, then he swayed his body and flashed towards Clark like a glimmer of light.

    The Art of Concealment, Light and Shadow.

    This was an Art of Concealment Chen Fan had learned during his Golden Core period. It made the body enter a phantom state unaffected by air resistance, giving him the capability to travel beyond the normal speed. By then, ordinary bullets and cannons would be useless to harm him.

    "Unfortunately, the electromagnetic cannon carries electric current and has runes that destroy Immortal Will. Otherwise, it would never hurt me when I use the Light and Shadow spell, even if it moved a hundred times faster than the speed of sound," Chen Fan thought.

    The spell of Light and Shadow seemed powerful but there were a lot of arts that restrained it. Besides, the temperature at the center of a nuclear explosion could go up to a few million or even dozens of millions of degrees, and the enormous amount of light, heat, radiation and energy released weren't something a phantom could withstand. Even Lord Susano who had the body of a Demon God would have been burnt into a crisp when hit by a nuclear warhead.


    Chen Fan didn't slow down at all.

    Clark then turned into a beam of silver aura, moving close to the ground as fast as two times the speed of sound. He pierced through everything ahead of him, including mountains, trees, fences and buildings. He looked like a silver line that was splitting the world and creating a long sharp sound, as if a fighter were skimming across the ground.

    But Chen Fan was even faster.

    A shadow sped across the water quietly and was getting closer to Clark.

    "Twenty kilometers, fifteen kilometers, ten kilometers."

    Clark also felt that Chen Fan was going after him, so he anxiously boosted the speed. Unfortunately, he couldn't go even faster due to the limits of the armor.

    "He's heading to the ocean?"

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes and looked far away.

    A wide estuary started to appear on the horizon.

    London was only two hundred kilometers away from London. The Queen Victoria Hotel where Chen Fan was supposed to go was also located on the riverbank of the Thames, and the North Sea was just straight ahead.


    Once Clark saw the North Sea, he turned himself into a silver ray and dived into the water. He then became a silver dagger and traveled ten miles instantly like a torpedo.

    "Hm, do you really think you can escape by diving into the ocean?"

    Chen Fan followed right after him.

    He ran right on the surface of the ocean towards Clark, creating a long white mark as a large motorboat would.

    "Five kilometers, four kilometers, three kilometers."

    Chen Fan could almost start attacking Clark at this distance, but a fleet suddenly appeared ahead and Clark swiftly hid inside one of the battleships. Then, a voice resounded, "Freeze! This is the 17th Task Force of the 2nd Atlantic Fleet of America. In the name of the United States and the Navy, I command you to stop!"

    Then, a row of cannons shot ahead of Chen Fan, creating a barrage.

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes and looked in that direction.

    He saw a battleship formation.

    There were three destroyers, six frigates and several armed helicopters circling the sky. That Task Force had half of the forces of the Black Sea Fleet.

    It actually made sense.

    The 2nd Fleet of America had two aircraft carriers and about forty ships of different sizes, which could compete with France and England if all of them were dispatched. Overall, the United States owned seven fleets and eleven aircraft carriers, and was said to be able to fight against the naval forces around the world. Even if all other countries worked together, they would still be unable to defeat the United States.

    Clark escaped to the flagship of the 17th Task Force and heaved a sigh of relief.

    "Sir, I'm the commander of the 17th Task Force. We received an order to pick you up here. Where are the others?"

    A Brigadier of the Navy came and saluted respectfully.

    The current operation was jointly planned by the CIA and the headquarters in Europe. Minister Iron Fist and the Pentagon were also following the development of the operation. General Coster was only a Brigadier, so how could he neglect his manners?

    Clark then said with a trembling voice, "All my teammates died at the hands of Chen Beixuan."


    General Coster looked frightened.

    He knew that more than ten members of the God-battling Team, three Wise Men and a dozen armored warriors had been involved in this operation. All of them had been defeated?

    "They were killed by that man out there?"

    Coster turned around and looked.

    Chen Fan was floating three kilometers away from the 17th Task Force, seemingly hesitating.

    "I need you to contact the European headquarters. Ask them to mobilize the F22 and the aircraft carrier fleet. Also send a request for the nuclear submarine and the strategic bomber. Our enemy is more terrifying than we expected," Clark said immediately.

    Since even the electromagnetic cannons were unable to harm Chen Fan, he believed that nuclear weapons were the only things on Earth that could do so, other than the legendary Earth Level Deities.

    "Don't worry, Sir. We're on the Atlantic Ocean, the maritime territory of the United States. No country or race would dare to provoke us!" General Coster said confidently.

    He wasn't worried at all, even though the number of battleships he led were only half of what the Black Sea Fleet had.

    Ever since the Red Fleet of the Soviet Union was dismissed, there wasn't any other country or fleet that could fight against America on the ocean. The eleven aircraft carriers of the United States dominated the seven oceans and could suppress a country. Powerful countries like China also had to take it seriously when they were facing the American fleet. Coster believed that Chen Fan would not provoke them.

    "General, you're underestimating Chen Beixuan," Clark said.

    "Believe me, Sir. He wouldn't dare to…"

    Before Coster finished the sentence, Chen Fan turned into an azure aura and sped across the ocean towards the 17th Task Force like a train.

    "Impossible… How would he dare to go against America?"

    General Coster was stunned.

    His deputy quickly took out the walkie-talkie and yelled, "Attack! Attack! All battleships fire at once. Don't let him get close!"

    "Boom, boom!"

    Dozens of battleships fired at the same time. The missiles were shot one by one like arrows that flew across the sky, trying to stop Chen Fan.

    But it was too late.

    Chen Fan and the 17th Task Force were only three kilometers apart from each other. The speed of sound was 340 meters per second; it only took ten seconds to travel that distance.

    In an instant, Chen Fan had arrived in front of the first battleship.


    Chen Fan's True Essence turned into a dragon of ten feet long. Its scales, head, body and claws appeared in the azure aura as if an ancient beast had descended.


    Right in front of the terrified naval soldiers, the azure dragon tore the steel off and split the thousand-ton frigate into halves. Chen Fan broke it into pieces as easily as if it were just a piece of paper.

    Chen Fan crushed a battleship into pieces with his punch.

    Both Clark and General Coster were startled.

    "So… somebody has declared war on America?"

    General Coster said with his trembling lips.

    The others blanched and their eyes were filled with astonishment.

    And this was only the beginning.