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Chapter 594 - Annihilated!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 594: Annihilated!

    The green-haired girl and Clark both froze and they couldn't believe what just happened.

    It was an entire troop.

    The refinement of Adamantium was extremely hard, so even the strong America had only produced a hundred sets of armor. However, Chen Fan almost destroyed half of them in a moment.

    "How is that possible? Even armor-piercing bullets can't penetrate this special black armor," The green-haired girl mumbled.

    The eight fierce soldiers wearing the armor next to her were also frightened.

    A white-haired man said, "We've tested those armors. They couldn't be destroyed unless the Wise Men shot them with electromagnetic cannons. Apparently, Chen Beixuan is as powerful as an electromagnetic cannon, or even stronger."

    "Although these soldiers aren't good enough to be the official members of the God-battling Team, their power is incomparable. Now that they've been defeated, we must do whatever it takes." The white-haired man issued an order to the fierce soldiers.

    Each and every one of them used the Extraordinary powers to enter the Immortal State and had an "Extraordinary Divine Body" Adam had longed for.

    Yet, Chen Fan's destructive power had also terrified them.

    "We must stop him no matter what. It's difficult for Clark to do that alone, so let's do it together. We'll buy some time for the Wise Man," The white-haired man said.

    The others also nodded.

    "It's your turn."

    Chen Fan held the Five Thunder Seal in his hands and looked at Clark with coldness in his eyes.

    It was difficult to see Clark's face in the silver metal liquid, but he had to be extremely wary, since Chen Fan's power was completely unimaginable.


    Chen Fan made the Thunder Seal vibrate.

    The five lightning entwined into a large black and white lightning and shot towards Clark. The God-battling Armor Clark wore was much stronger and faster than a normal armor.

    He swayed his body and broke the supersonic barrier to escape.


    The lightning went past right next to his body and hit the ground. A large hole that was almost dozens of meters deep appeared on the gravel ground. The soil had turned into molecular energy by the Five Elements Thunder.

    Seeing that, Clark's eyes popped out.

    He wouldn't recklessly clash with Chen Fan's lightning with the God-battling Armor anymore.

    "Trying to escape? It's not that easy."

    Chen Fan snickered and raised the Thunder Seal.

    "Come, my five lightnings!"


    The world seemed to have received the command.

    The clouds in the sky formed a five-color thundercloud and five thick lightnings struck, creating a lock-up on the ground. Those five lightnings in different colors, including azure, yellow, red, white and black, were the Wood Lightning, Earth Lightning, Fire Lightning, Metal Lightning and Water Lightning respectively.

    "Five Lightnings combine!"

    Chen Fan made the Thunder Seal vibrate once again.

    The five lightnings started spinning and turned into a five-color halo that surrounded Clark. The halo eventually spinned faster and shrank. No matter how hard Clark tried, he couldn't get out of the array.

    "Shit, go save Clark. I'll go after Chen Beixuan."

    The white-haired man immediately turned into a white shadow and broke the supersonic barrier as he sped towards Chen Fan. His arms and legs were gleaming like metal and each of his hairs was sharp like swords. The white-haired man gathered an enormous amount of energy and shot across the sky.

    He was ten times stronger than Adam and Zeus.

    "A Spirit Body?"

    Chen Fan wasn't surprised.

    Earlier when the green-haired girl shifted, Chen Fan had already noticed she had cultivated a Spirit Body, which was equal to a perfected Extraordinary on Earth.

    Unfortunately, their Spirit Bodies had only reached the level of Initial Success, it wasn't a Connate Spirit Body.

    Spirit Bodies could be categorized into the following levels:

    Entry, Initial Success, Phenomenal Success, Perfected and Transcendence.

    A Connate Cultivator had a Spirit Body of a Phenomenal Success level right at the beginning.

    But Chen Fan's Azure Thearch Longevity Body had already achieved the Initial Success Level which was comparable to a normal Phenomenal Success Spirit Body. Also, he had entered the last stage of the Divine Sea Level and had the Five Thunder Seal. Why would he take these people seriously?

    "Get out of my face."

    Chen Fan said coldly and flicked his sleeve.

    An enormous surge of True Essence moved towards the white-haired man like an azure aura wall. The white-haired man then slashed on the wall with his hand but it was hard like iron.

    "Damn it. Why is Chen Beixuan so powerful?"

    The white-haired man was very anxious, but the aura wall kept expanding like a tsunami.

    At last, the wall hit the white-haired man. Although half of his Initial Success Golden Spirit Body had turned into pure metal Essence Qi, he was knocked out in the air and he started spurting out blood.


    The other members turned pale and the green-haired girl screamed.

    The white-haired man yelled, "Don't mind me. Dispel the thunder and save Clark!"

    "Pong, pong, pong!"

    The members of the God-battling Team attacked one after another. Their Spirit Bodies and the power they controlled were all different, which included fire, water, wind and lightning.

    A Spirit Body of the Initial Success level already had the same power Chen Fan sported when he defeated Snowwolf King at Warg Valley. Normal Immortal State Warriors couldn't compare.

    However, Chen Fan wasn't a normal Immortal State Warrior. Even Earth Level Deities might not win against him.

    "A bunch of suckers!"

    Chen Fan grunted and commanded the Thunder Seal again.


    A lightning as thick as a bucket struck again from the sky; its great energy would terrify an Earth Level Deity. Even the Half Breed Arbitrators couldn't take it, not to mention the members of the God-battling Team.


    Even though the members of the God-battling Team were wearing armors made of Adamantium, they couldn't withstand the power of the Five Thunder Seal.

    Each of the five lightning bolts carried deadly energy. Those who were struck were all burnt into ashes together with their armors.

    Seeing such a situation, the white-haired captain shouted, "No!"

    It was too late.

    "Bang, bang!"

    Beams of lightning continued to strike at a speed comparable to that of sound. Nobody, including Chen Fan, would be able to escape from them. Those members of the God-battling Team were, of course, burnt to a crisp.

    In the end, the white-haired captain was devastated.

    The United States spent decades recruiting Extraordinaries to take a special serum test and finally had a dozen of them achieve the "Extraordinary Divine Body." Yet, Chen Fan instantly eliminated eight of them.

    That was half of the troop! The Special Department of the United States would suffer a severe blow.

    "Right, we still have the Wise Man and the God-killing Spear."

    The white-haired captain remembered, and he looked to the direction of the last Wise Man.

    Right after that, an unprecedented loud scream came.

    In fact, none of them could hear a thing, since the weapon had come in front of everyone at a speed faster than sound. They could only sense the movement of the Essence Qi and guess where explosions would occur.


    A much brighter dark blue electric aura caused explosions in the air.

    Nothing could describe how fast the aura was going.

    Ten times the speed of sound? Twenty times? Thirty times?

    Even Chen Fan's eyes and spells couldn't capture the exact location of the electric aura and it had arrived in front of him before he knew it. He could only see it barely with his Immortal Will.

    It was a strange black metal dagger.

    Unlike the silver white spear, the patterns carved on it were even quainter and more primitive, which looked as if it had been crafted thousands of years in the past. The power it carried was more than ten times stronger than the other spears.

    The blue electric aura turned into a beam of light that had the power to crack and penetrate everything.

    Even Chen Fan's Azure Thearch Longevity Body would be unable to withstand the attack. This was truly a God-killing power.

    Still, Chen Fan showed a subtle smile.

    "I've been waiting for you."

    Chen Fan flicked his sleeve, then the air vibrated and the God-killing Spear disappeared.

    "How is that possible?"

    The eyes of both Clark and the white-haired captain popped out and they looked up to the sky, thinking it was unbelievable. How could the "God-killing Spear" just disappear?

    Chen Fan didn't give the captain a chance to react.

    He threw a punch and crushed the white-haired captain into pieces. Then, the Immortal Will swiftly traveled twenty kilometers towards the direction where the electric aura came from and found the Wise Man who had shot the cannon.

    That bald man was even taller than the last two members and there was a blue aura shining in his eyes. He was a step away from achieving a Connate Divine Soul.

    But he yelled anxiously once he touched Chen Fan's Immortal Will.

    "Please stop! This is a misunderstanding…"

    "Too late."

    Chen Fan's Immortal Will turned into a seven-inch silver knife.

    It shot across the sky and slashed the bald man's Divine Soul. Even though he was only a step away from having a Connate Divine Soul, he couldn't withstand Chen Fan's "Knife of Immortal Will."


    The head of the bald man exploded.

    He was split into halves right after a roar of his blue Divine Soul. Before he died, a piercing voice was heard.

    "Master will avenge my death…"

    Chen Fan didn't even listen to him. He spinned the knife and smashed the bald man into pieces.

    In a blink.

    He had killed nine Extraordinaries and a Divine Master.

    Only Clark in the Five Thunder Array was left.

    Clark was completely dumbfounded.