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Chapter 593 - Lesser Five Elements Thunder

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 593: Lesser Five Elements Thunder

    A shrieking sound pierced through space and reverberated.

    However, the actual projectile coming out from the cannon traveled much faster than the sound. As soon as Chen Fan's Divine Will registered the sound wave, the pulse of electromagnetic plasma had already reached Chen Fan.


    Chen Fan didn't dodge this time, instead he produced the Divine Seal.

    Five Thunder Seal!

    The Five-Elemental Divine Seal had been created based on the Five Elements Immortal Sect's artifact of the same name. It originated from the five elements but was more than the sum of each. Five patches glowed, each with a different color, and circulated around the Five-Elemental Divine Seal.

    "Crack, crack."

    The crackling sound quickly filled up the space. As soon as the Divine Seal appeared, the Five-Elemental Essence Qi started to boil over as dark clouds gathered.


    A iridescent halo appeared over the Five-Elemental Divine Seal and was growing larger by the second. The real Five-Elemental Divine Seal could contain so many spells that it could both attack and defend effectively at the same time, changing functions nearly seamlessly. Although Chen Fan's Thunder Seal was slightly weaker, it was much more powerful and versatile than other Dharma Artifacts on Earth.


    A surge of plasma landed directly on the halo.

    Within the plasma was a spinning spear. Its silvery white body was covered with mysterious symbols. Upon contact with the halo, the tip of the spear let out a squeaking sound that sounded like nails on a chalkboard.

    "Shhh… shhh…"

    The spearhead spun at an incredible speed and penetrated layers of energy. However, as the spearhead eroded some energy on the halo, more grew from the inside and filled up the dent.

    In the end, the spear stopped spinning right before the last layer of energy.


    Many men in black armor gaped at the scene in disbelief.

    The Electromagnetic cannon could penetrate ten layers of steel plates. Chen Fan was much closer to them at the moment than at the beginning of the battle, so they could clearly see that he had stopped the attack with five layers of flickering energy shields. Did that mean that each energy shield was more durable than a half-meter thick metal plate?

    "If the Electromagnetic cannon couldn't harm Chen Beixuan, what good are we?"

    A pang of despair rose inside of everyone's hearts.

    Meanwhile, a voice came up in their heads.

    "Slow him down. I'm going to use the God-killing Spear!"

    Nick's eyes shone when he heard the words. He knew the voice came from the last and the most powerful Wise Man. He was so powerful that he could transcend his soul energy into a godly existence.

    God-killing Spear!

    This was a deadly weapon created by the United States of America's Special Case Departments. Its production required extremely precious materials, therefore, there were only five of them in the world at the time.

    "Let's attack him together. We need to slow him down at all costs."

    Nick delivered the order to everyone under his command.

    "Pong, pong, pong!"

    Many dark shadows quickly swarmed at Chen Fan. Those hulking frames charged forward, trampling the ground like enraged elephants. They used to be Mixed Martial Arts Masters and their bodies were further enhanced by hormones and were protected by their special armors. Each one of them was as deadly as the Snowwolf King Galdan.

    The metal platings on their armors were slim and light, but were extremely durable. Not even Immortal State Warriors could crack them.

    The combined forces of ten of such deadly warriors were a formidable force to be reckoned with.

    Leading the charge was Clark in his silver armor. He broke the supersonic barrier, becoming a silver bullet as he rammed into Chen Fan with abandon.

    Meanwhile, Chen Fan's face was impassive and indifferent.

    "Technology might be able to help them out on the battlefield, but they are no match against me. I will open their eyes today to the power of an Immortal Cultivatior," Chen Fan said slowly.

    He had forced the United States of America to disclose their most powerful weapons, so it was time to unleash hell on them.

    "Thunder Arise!"

    Chen Fan started an art and then pointed a finger at the Five Thunder Seal.

    A crackling energy appeared over the seal and its color quickly changed into yellow, red, white and black at the same time. Those five patches of glowing energy merged together, and formed a wash of light that was a mix of all colors but of no color at the same time.

    The presence of the energy gave everyone a sense of impending apocalypse.

    "Lesser Five Elements Thunder."

    London, Prince Hotel…

    While the battle in the outskirts turned up the heat, Eddie Lance was lounging on the 99th floor of the Prince Hotel in downtown London. He was in the rotating restaurant, sitting across from the only other guest in the room.

    Eddie rose his cup and said, "I, and the Lance Family, sincerely appreciate your help, Mr. McCain."

    Sitting across him was a middle-aged man. He hung a gloomy expression on his waxy face; his aquiline nose and deep set eyes made his gaze sharp and severe.

    Bruni McCain

    He was the deputy director of the CIA, and was the chief in command in the European Union. He had been in charge of the CIA's operation within Europe for over a decade and was influential within the organization. He had been directly involved in stirring up social upheavals in the Middle East as well as in the Balkans. He was respected and feared among the ruling class by equal measure.

    McCain shrugged and said, "Minister Arnold had directed us to negotiate with Chen Beixuan. But I think he's too naive. Chen Beixuan is a ticking bomb, and we need to nip him in the bud."

    "Sir, Chen Beixuan defeated the entire Black Sea Fleet and toppled the Dark World Arbitration Department. How sure are you in your plan?" Eddie asked with a scowl.

    "Eddie, Oh Eddie. You have no idea what the CIA and the Special Case Departments are capable of," McCain said with a derisive shake of his head.

    "Ever since the Dark World Arbitration Department and the Christian Church retreated from the world stage fifty years ago, we had been preparing for a war against Immortal State Warriors, and the God-battling Team was born."

    "We equipped them with our newly invented Battle Armor. It's the second generation armor, which is much more advanced than the French's Poseidon Armors," McCain said.

    "In addition, we have coordinated with the Arbitration Department in England and enhanced those soldiers with the Extraordinary Ones blood. They are super soldiers on steroids, able to defeat an Immortal Level Overlord with ease."

    "That's not all. The real power of the unit are the three Electromagnetic cannons and their God-battling Armors. They can literally kill a Deity."

    A smug smile appeared on McCain's face.

    He was immensely proud of his country.

    "I have heard of those electromagnetic cannons before. The operators were all Divine Masters of Spirit, the most powerful wise men in the world."

    Eddie's eyes lit up with excitement.

    "Not just Divine Masters of Spirit, one of the leaders of the Wise Men also showed up. He also brought the God-killing Spear with him. Chen Beixuan is doomed," McCain said with a smile.

    "Even their leader came?"

    Eddie's face was awash with disbelief .

    He was one of the very few individuals on earth who knew about the Wise Men.

    Legend had it that the Wise Men were from a mysterious alien race who possessed extraordinary Soul Energy. They had helped the United States of America to advance their technology and claim supremacy around the globe.

    "There is no hope for Chen Beixuan now."

    Eddie shook his head gloatingly.

    "Cheers! For our victory!"

    The real Five Elements Thunder could affect an area of a few thousand square kilometers, but it could only be used by Golden Core cultivators. Chen Fan had reached only the peak of the Divine Sea, and could not draw out the full power of the Five Elements Thunder, so he had named his version the Lesser Five Elements Thunder.

    However, even a fraction of the real Five Elements Thunder was enough for the moment.


    A flash of lightning shot out from the Five Thunder Seal. Everything in its path sizzled and fizzled before being quickly reduced into nothing.

    Many armored soldiers didn't even have time to let out a cry before they were annihilated by the energy.


    Chen Fan lifted the Thunder Seal and waved it in the air. As he did that, over a dozen soldiers had been turned into ashes.

    "What the heck?" Nick let out a cry of panic.

    The sight also sent the other soldier's hearts to an ice cave.

    They were Physique Refinement Masters, and they were protected by armor made out of Adamantium alloy that was so tough that not even an Immortal State Warrior could make a dent on them. Theoretically, a soldier with such armor could have defeated thousands of enemies.

    Therefore, the God-battling Team could have wiped out any other nation except for the other super powers.

    However, they were extremely defenseless and fragile against Chen Fan. How was that possible?

    "What is that thing he's holding? Is it some kind of super weapon?"

    Fear filled up Nick's eyes.

    It was already too late.

    Chen Fan held an indifferent expression while holding the Thunder Seal with one hand. He kept on summoning flashes of lightning energy out from the Thunder Seal to attack the soldiers.

    Ten, twenty, thirty..

    In less than a heartbeat, the entire God-battling Team, including their leader Nick, were dead.

    A deadly silence fell over the battlefield.