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Chapter 592 - Advanced Technology

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 592: Advanced Technology

    Chen Fan was seized by a fit of anger.

    He wasn't just angry at his enemy, but also at himself. He knew this was going to happen and had plenty of time to prepare, but he had overlooked the threat nonetheless.

    "If not for the Azure Thearch Longevity Body, I would have been gravely wounded." Chen Fan thought to himself. His eyes held an icy luster despite being surrounded by golden flames.

    "Seems like I need to make my message clearer. I will kill every one of them this time."

    While he was thinking, Chen Fan picked up speed and plunged into the Tesla Cannon. His movement created a high pitch whistle that sounded like a passing train.


    Seeing that Chen Fan was still alive, the bald man's face changed. Fear and panic were written all over his face. He hurried to reload the cannon, but he was too slow.


    From a hundred meters away, Chen Fan extended two fingers and formed a blade.


    An azure lightning flashed across space.

    The crack of lightning raced across the sky, and covered a few hundred meters in a blink and rushed towards the bald man. It sent out a belligerent Blade Qi that bore down on its target, creating many scars on the ground.


    The bald man looked up as a blue light flared in his eyes, sending out a glowing net. This net was made up with pure soul energy; it was tougher than steel and sharper than blades. In the underground world, those who could turn their soul energy into solid substances were called Divine Masters of Spirit. They were a level higher than the Soul Energy Masters.

    This bald man was no doubt a Divine Master.

    The Soul Energy Masters were rare, and their numbers were much smaller than Martial Artists. The Divine Master of Spirit was even rarer and only one could be fond every hundred years. No Divine Master of Spirit had appeared on the Divine Roll in the last hundred years. It's rarity was only matched by its power.

    His soul energy alone was enough to ward off most Immortal State Warriors.

    However, he was up against Chen Fan.


    The Blade Auras in Chen Fan's hands brightened and increased in size. They were as thin as the wings of a dragonfly, but were extremely sharp. The Azure Blade Auras sliced through the blue energy net and plunged into the bald man


    The bald man snarled as the blue light in his eyes reached the maximum intensity. From those eyes, he sent a wave of blue energy, trying to control Chen Fan's mind.

    Even the Soul Energy Masters were able to control people's minds through Mind Force, the Divine Masters of Spirit even more so. Legend said that there had been a Divine Master of Spirit working for Germany during World War Two and he could control the minds of over ten thousand soldiers at once.

    As the overwhelming flood of Soul Energy reached Chen Fan, he reckoned that the power of his opponent exceeded any of the others he had faced before.

    "Hehe, pathetic. How dare you challenge me?"

    Chen Fan let out a derisive smile as a fire came up in his eyes. Suddenly, two rays of azure energy beamed out from his eyes, crackling as they shot forward.

    The blue energy of the bald man was quickly washed away by Chen Fan's azure Divine Light, allowing Chen Fan's attack to land on the bald man. Blood suddenly spilled out from his nose and mouth.


    Chen Fan doubled down on his attack and hacked the bald man into half, rending his powerful Soul Energy into shreds.

    "One down."

    Without taking a respite, Chen Fan attacked again.

    "Oh, the three Wise Men are in danger."

    The two men on the hill top were shocked.

    "Nick, I will go ahead and stop him. I will wait for your reinforcement and the God-battling Team," the blond man said, then he grunted.

    A liquid metal oozed out of his body and formed a silvery armor, turning him into a walking tin man.

    The blond man stomped the ground and charged out, transforming into a silvery bolt and quickly breaking the supersonic barrier.

    "Ok, Clark. Be careful!"

    The black man replied. He opened the box behind him and retrieved a black armor that he then wore. Behind him, a dozen or so men in black armor ran toward him with incredible speed.


    By then, Chen Fan had reached the second Electromagnetic cannon.

    The operator was also bald and had the same blue sheen in his eyes and the same silver robe. The faint blue glow in his veins suggested that his Soul Energy was much more powerful than the last operator.

    However, no one could withstand Chen Fan's attack, including that bald man. His attack went through the operator and even sliced the Electromagnetic cannon in half.

    "Two down."

    Chen Fan stomped the ground and was about to fly to the sky.

    Suddenly, a man wearing silver metal armor reached Chen Fan.

    "What the heck?"

    Chen Fan was slightly taken aback and pummeled the man.

    To his surprise, the man in the armor didn't dodge the attack, instead, he opened his arms, trying to hold him.

    "Go to hell!"

    Chen Fan's face hardened and doubled down on his attack. With incredible speed and force, the punch landed on the man in silver armor.


    To his surprise, Chen Fan felt he had punched at a sack of cotton. Even the dent he made on the armor slowly disappeared.

    "How is that possible?"

    Chen Fan was surprised.

    This attack should have demolished a battleship, or a powerful Half Breed. How was the strange man able to survive the hit? Could it be that his body was more robust than Half Breed's?


    Chen Fan's battle-will flared and his body flickered out of view. He broke the supersonic barrier nine times and delivered nine punches on the armored fighter.


    Chen Fan's bombardment proved to be effective and the final punch sent the armored warrior flying and ramming into a hill.

    Before Chen Fan was ready to follow up with more attacks, the man had already gathered himself and charged at Chen Fan.

    "What is that on his body?"

    Chen Fan put on a scowl.

    The armored fighter was extremely resilient and regardless of how far Chen Fan had sent him flying, he could recover quickly and counter attack. After a while, Chen Fan finally registered something was amiss.

    The silvery armor was not solid; it was a liquid metal.

    Regardless of how much force Chen Fan used to pummel the armor, the force was absorbed by the armor due to its liquid nature. Chen Fan doubted that even Lin Shuming's final attack could have hacked open this silver armor.

    "Is this some new technology on Earth? I don't think any nation, including the United States of America has such capabilities."

    Chen Fan asked himself in disbelief.

    It reminded him of the armor used by the space super power he had encountered during his past life. Although this silver armor was rude in its craftsmanship compared to that of the space races, it shared the same basic concept.


    Chen Fan summoned the Blade Auras at the tip of his fingers.

    The silver metal was somehow tougher than a battleship's armor. Chen Fan's attack had cut through the earth but was unable to crack open the armor.

    "Damn it, what the heck?"

    Unknown to Chen Fan, his attacks had shaken his opponent to the core.

    That silver armor was called God-battling Armor and was the most advanced armor in the God-battling Team.

    It was extremely rare and only two suits of armor existed in the world. The armor could ward off attacks from Laser or Electromagnetic cannons. The United States of America had even tested its durability using nuclear bombs and the results showed that as long as the bomb was not detonated near the armor, the armor could hold out pretty well.

    Therefore, those two armors were the United States of America's most precious items in their arsenal.

    They wouldn't even use them if it weren't for killing Chen Fan. However, the God-battling Armor had already reached its limit after being hammered by Chen Fan a few times.

    "Nick, where the heck are you? I'm going to have my a** handed over to me," Clark shouted in his mind.

    Finally, Nick and his retinue had finally arrived.

    Over a dozen men wearing metal armor joined the battle. Their suits of armor were made out of metal plates and had a futuristic look. Each soldier held a different kind of weapon.

    There were long blades, swords and rocket-propelled grenades.

    Those well trained soldiers worked as a formidable team and encircled Chen Fan.

    "This must be the God-battling Team. "

    Chen Fan scanned the retinue with an icy glance.

    The armor they were wearing was much more advanced than the Poseidon Armor used by the French soldiers. The Poseidon Armor couldn't even withstand one of Chen Fan's punches, but these armors could sustain at least three blows on the same spot. Some of the soldiers had also reached the Immortal State in their Physique Refinement cultivation, making them even deadlier.

    "Over a dozen Immortal State Warriors and one Connate Spirit cultivator, plus three Electromagnetic cannons. Is that all Americans got?"

    Chen Fan's dark eyes glinted and looked impassive.

    Although those men had tough bodies, their power was far from that of a Connate Spirit warrior. That being said, their combined force and perfect teamwork made them quite deadly.


    The last Electromagnetic cannon was fired.

    Chen Fan didn't dodge this time.

    An iridescent light appeared above his head and let out flashes of dazzling light.

    The Five Thunder Seal!