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Chapter 591 - Ten Times the Speed of Sound!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 591: Ten Times the Speed of Sound!

    Ten times the speed of sound!

    The speed of sound was 340 meters per second and ten times that would be 3400 meters per second. Such a speed surpassed normal missiles or cannon shells. The person who attacked from afar must have known that Chen Fan could probe with his Soul Energy, so he launched that deadly attack from twenty kilometers away.

    It took only five seconds for the spear to travel twenty kilometers.


    Before the piercing sound, the metal spear had already swept through the sky with a beam of blue electric light and was right next to Chen Fan in an instant. Even when it was still far away, Chen Fan had been able to sense its unbelievably high energy and incredible sharpness. It was a spear as powerful as Lin Shuming's Earth Level Deity sword.


    Right at that moment.

    Chen Fan looked expressionless. He instantly spread his Immortal Will into the air, connecting it with the entire world. Every trajectory, every angle, every airflow of the metal spear appeared clearly in Chen Fan's mind.

    True Essence surged out of his body and produced gleams of azure light. His Treasure Body became crystal clear and the silver blood was flowing through his veins, sending a powerful energy to his fist.


    Chen Fan punched out.

    His body was a beam of aura and he struck the spearpoint at an incredible angle.


    The sound of their clash was like two giant metal hammers clashing and a sonic boom occurred. The clouds rolled out in all directions, and all the sand, stones, trees and fences within dozens meters were stirred up, as if a storm were raging.

    When the cloud of dust was lifted, what was happening inside was revealed.

    The one-meter metal spear had a streamlined body with many runes engraved on it which were giving out blue lights. Its mysterious body was made with silver white metal. The spearpoint was still vibrating violently, trying to pierce through Chen Fan's body. A shining electric light had also appeared and it pushed forward like an electric dragon.

    But Chen Fan's fist was wrapped in golden flame and azure aura like a golden light ball; it kept stopping the spearpoint from coming through. A while later, the metal spear wailed and fell onto the ground as it ran out of energy.

    Chen Fan put out the flame in his hand, showing his fist. It didn't hurt at all.

    "What's going on?"

    People were frightened when they saw that.

    The green-haired girl yelled, "That is a God-killing weapon! It's made with special runes and titanium, and it can fly at ten times the speed of sound. Such a shot is able to pierce through a battleship and instantly kill a Deity. How did Chen Beixuan stop it?"

    Her face was filled with astonishment. At the same time, the fractured arms of the three-meter brawny man had recovered and he said, "Stop talking and prepare to fight. He's coming!"

    In fact, Chen Fan had already broken the supersonic barrier when the metal spear fell. He rapidly went towards the direction where it came from. His Immortal Will had scanned through that side.

    Twenty kilometers away.

    There was a weird, three-meter, black electromagnetic cannon. With its streamlined design, it didn't look like a weapon in reality, but rather a device from sci-fi movies.

    Next to the electromagnetic cannon, there was a tall, bald man with translucent skin where the blue blood vessels were faintly visible. He picked up a silver white spear from the ground and loaded it in the electromagnetic cannon.

    "There's such a developed electromagnetic cannon on Earth?"

    Chen Fan felt surprised as he ran.

    Electromagnetic cannons were standard weapons of a cosmic civilization. Only those who built space battleships could develop a perfect electromagnetic cannon.

    The electromagnetic cannon was indeed not as powerful as those of the cosmic civilizations, which could be shot from a thousand miles away at a hundred thousand times the speed of sound. However, it was enough to injure Chen Fan severely if he was caught unprepared.

    After running for three kilometers, Chen Fan saw a brawny man ahead.

    "Get out of my way!"

    This time, Chen Fan didn't hold back anymore. He gave a punch and the azure aura shot to the sky like a dragon.


    The brawny man was knocked out thirty meters away and crashed against a giant rock, breaking it into pieces. His arms were broken, his chest was severely dented, and his sternum, ribs and organs were all crushed.

    After the punch, Chen Fan didn't stop. He kept rushing to the electromagnetic cannon with a sharp sound and created a long white mark in the sky. Right then, only the electromagnetic cannon could harm him.


    Another man stood in front of Chen Fan.

    The man was two meters tall and was wearing a thick black armor, standing there with his feet deep in the sand. His whole body was covered by the armor; there wasn't a gap to be seen, even the eyes were covered by two blue crystals. The man in armor was holding a metal sword in one hand and a shield in the other.


    Chen Fan threw another punch, but it was unexpectedly blocked by the shield holder. Although the man was pushed backwards and a metal fist mark appeared on his shield, the punch didn't knock him out.


    Chen Fan was surprised.

    Even though he didn't use his full power, a regular Immortal State Warrior would have been unable to take it.

    However, the armored shield holder wasn't defeated by the True Essence and was only pushed a few steps backward. This was enough to get him on the top ten of the Divine Roll. Also, his alloy shield could withstand Chen Fan's attack? That was unbelievable! Chen Fan could even break through a half-meter tank shell with a punch!


    Chen Fan yelled. Then, the True Essence broke out from his hand and it turned into a long dragon, rushing towards the shield holder.

    Chen Fan didn't hold back and struck with all of his might!

    Even the five arbitrators would have been frightened, not to mention the shield holder. The last attack had hit him hard, so although he was protected by the alloy armor, his body had already been left trembling. Plus, Chen Fan's punch was way more powerful than the last one and it might have been strong enough to make the shield holder explode!


    Then, another piercing sound came.

    A blue light came at a speed beyond the sound barrier towards Chen Fan with a horrifying power. The stones, trees, fences and everything along the way were all destroyed by the destructive light.

    "The attacker must be a Soul Energy Master. It might even be a Soul Energy Immortal State Warrior."

    Chen Fan immediately reacted.

    Meanwhile, he was moving faster than the speed of sound; ordinary people would be completely unable to see his body. Yet, the bald man who controlled the electromagnetic cannon accurately tracked his trajectory, meaning that his Soul Energy was almost comparable to Chen Fan's.


    Chen Fan didn't go right at the metal spear. Instead, he shot through the sky, then he went past the spear and came in front of the shield holder.


    The man raised the shield but it was too late.

    Chen Fan crushed the alloy shield with his palm and smashed the shield holder together with his black armor.

    With the energy of the attack, Chen Fan rushed to the sky towards the electromagnetic cannon. The green-haired girl still wanted to attack Chen Fan but he slashed her back into water and she escaped.

    There was an azure meteor flying across the sky with a long whistle.

    Ten kilometers, seven kilometers, five kilometers.

    It was getting closer and Chen Fan could already see it. The bald man then inserted the third metal spear into the electromagnetic cannon, but it was too late. Chen Fan had swiftly smashed the man and the electromagnetic cannon into pieces before he could make his third attack.

    Suddenly, the bald man stopped everything he was doing and looked over to Chen Fan with his blue eyes and mocking smile.

    "Got you!"


    Chen Fan's face turned dark.

    His Immortal Will sensed two metal spears speeding towards him from ten kilometers away on both his left and right. Their speed had reached twenty times the speed of sound which was even faster than the last one.

    How fast was twenty times the speed of sound?

    It was equal to 6.8 kilometers per second and it would take only three seconds to travel twenty kilometers. Such a speed was beyond the limit of the human response time. Even though Chen Fan could sense them, he wasn't able to react in time.

    "Boom, boom!!"

    The two beams of blue aura struck Chen Fan like two crossed lightnings. Then, a cloud of violent blue electric current appeared in the air.

    "Chen Beixuan is going to die!"

    Two people stood together on a hill ten kilometers away.

    One of them had long blonde hair and the other had dark skin. The energy coming from their bodies was extremely terrifying. The symbol on their chests was like the sword of the God of War falling from the sky.

    "One person works as the bait and two others make the deadly strike. This is the God-killing weapon our team developed after a dozen years of research. These kinds of weapons are used especially for fighting the five arbitrators and Gods that might exist. Even a real Deity can't stand it, so how would Chen Beixuan?"

    The blonde man shook his head.

    And the black man gazed with pity.

    While they were chatting, a furious roar came from the air and a beam of golden light suddenly shot out from the blue electric cloud, flashing towards the electromagnetic cannon at a speed several times faster than sound.

    "This is?"

    Their eyes widened.