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Chapter 590 - The Siege

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 590: The Siege

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    "How is that possible?"

    Sir Brad and Earl Downey were both dumbfounded and Kirkel even wanted to scream. Kirkel was the Deputy Director of the Department of Economics and Industry, how would he not know about the economic resolution of the European Union?

    1"The leaders of the European Union made the decision during their joint meeting."

    Eddie hung up and he looked sullen.

    The others were all speechless.

    The Joint Summit Meeting was the highest decision-making body in the entire Europe where the leaders of every country participated. Once they made a decision, no one in Europe could disagree. The politicians all seemed powerless in front of the leaders of the European countries and even the Lance Family would be unable to dissuade them.

    "What could make all the leaders agree? It's impossible. Isn't North Qiong Corp a Chinese company? Did the Chinese government help?" someone doubted.

    "The European Union would never succumb to China. There must be something I don't know." Eddie shook his head and made another phone call.

    "Mr. Clair, didn't you promise to me not to let North Qiong Corp enter the European market?"

    A furious voice came from the receiver. "I did, but you didn't tell me Chen Beixuan was behind North Qiong Corp!"

    "Who?" Eddie was shocked.

    1"You mean the legendary Chinese Overlord Chen Beixuan, who destroyed the European Union's Black Sea Fleet?"

    1Everyone in the villa immediately turned pale.

    Having been in the United States, he had no idea that Chen Fan had stirred up troubles across all of Europe. When Chen Fan was creating the super weapon near London, all of the officials in the area were completely frightened. The name Chen Beixuan was a total nightmare for them.

    "Yes, that's him." The other party grunted.

    "Chen Beixuan requested to let the North Qiong Corp into the European market and he would leave Europe in exchange, so the leaders of all countries agreed unanimously. Compared to Chen Beixuan, North Qiong Corp is nothing to them. I'm warning you not to offend North Qiong Corp. You and your Lance Family can't afford the consequences."

    Then, he hung up.

    Eddie was pale and livid; he was so angry he wanted to throw his phone on the floor.

    1The man on the other side of the phone was a heavyweight from the European Union called Clair. Even though Eddie was the heir of the Lance Family, Clair wasn't someone he could offend.

    "Is it really Chen Beixuan?" Earl Downey said in a panicked tone.

    The others were trembling.

    Although they had heard about Chen Beixuan every day, he was a superior Overlord that stood on an equal footing with the superpowers. They were only some insignificant councillors and directors; how could they be on a par with Chen Fan?

    "Is Chen Beixuan powerful?"

    Eddie came from the United States so he didn't know as much as the Europeans did.

    "He's not only powerful, but also like a demon," Earl Downey said.

    Sir Brad suddenly got up and said, "Mr. Lance, I've got something to do. Goodbye." Then, the others also started to leave as if they were hiding from a bane.

    1Viscount York was startled.

    He thought that North Qiong Corp would give in; he had never expected such a twist.

    "Is Chen Beixuan the Chinese man called Chen Fan?" Viscount York trembled and felt like he had gone through Hell.

    Soon, Eddie and Earl Downey were the only ones left in the hall.

    Eddie looked ghastly.

    Earl Downey wanted to leave but he couldn't move.

    "Tell me, what's so special about Chen Beixuan? Why are they so scared of him?" Eddie said.

    1As Earl Downey explained, Eddie finally knew what Chen Fan had done in Europe.

    He destroyed the Black Sea Fleet, eliminated the Dark World Arbitration Department, slaughtered a dozen ancient families and created a weapon comparable to nuclear weapons, all these things made Eddie's jaw drop.

    "Is he human? He's a Deity."

    When Eddie thought about Chen Fan's contemptuous look, he was immediately enraged and there was a glint of anger in his eyes. "Chen Beixuan, you might be powerful but you're definitely not the world's dominator!"

    Chen Fan stayed for a few more days in London and was about to leave after witnessing the signing of the agreement between the European Union and North Qiong Corp. And yet, an unexpected person came.

    "Mr. Chen, I came to apologize for the other time."

    Eddie was well-mannered.

    "Forget about it."

    Chen Fan waved his hand.

    Why would he care about a nonentity like Eddie?

    "No, no, I was too disrespectful last time and I offended the honorable Miss An Ya. Please give me a chance to make it up for you." Eddie bowed a few times.

    There had to be something wrong.

    Eddie had acted quite arrogantly a few days prior and he even looked down on Chen Fan. Why was he suddenly so humble?

    Chen Fan asked, "Oh? What do you want to do?

    Eddie bowed and said, "I would like to entertain you at the Queen Victoria Hotel. Please do come."

    Queen Victoria Hotel was a famous hotel in England located next to the River Thames outside London. The Tower of London could be seen from there and it was a place where many foreign dignitaries stayed.


    Chen Fan pondered for a second and agreed.

    When Eddie left, An Ya frowned and said, "Brother, I think he's up to no good. We shouldn't go."

    "We'll know what he's planning after we go. Besides, any conspiracy is useless in front of power."

    Chen Fan'e eyes were glinting.

    In the afternoon, Chen Fan drove to the Queen Victoria Hotel in a silver Rolls-Royce. Considering the possible danger of that trip, he decided to leave An Ya at the Winter Palace.

    1Queen Victoria Hotel stood on the side of the River Thames like a tall white tower. It was located around thirty kilometers away from the downtown area.

    Right when he saw the hotel, a rocket launcher suddenly struck from afar.


    The rocket launcher was as powerful and as fast as a missile, landing squarely on the car. The million-dollar Rolls-Royce which was claimed to be bulletproof immediately turned into a fireball and the sound of the explosion broke the silence of the night.

    "Is he dead?"On a hill, a tall green-haired girl in black tights wondered. Next to her was a two-meter brawny man who was carrying a large rocket-propelled grenade. He replied, "This is a special God-killing rocket-propelled grenade filled with armor-piercing rockets. Even an Immortal State Warrior might not survive a direct hit."

    "But Chen Beixuan isn't your usual Immortal State Warrior. Otherwise, they wouldn't have asked the God-battling Team to do this."

    The green-haired girl shook her head.

    A voice suddenly came from behind them, "God-battling Team, is this your code name?"


    The green-haired girl then swayed her body and two black daggers appeared in her hands. She immediately attacked as if a cheetah had taken over her. The brawny man next to her also raised the rocket-propelled grenade and struck.


    Chen Fan stopped the rocket-propelled grenade with one hand and held the green-haired girl in the air with another. No matter how hard the brawny man pushed, he couldn't move the grenade forward.

    "How dare you attack me with your little forces?"

    Chen Fan shook his head.

    Those two people were at most at the grandmaster level and Chen Fan could easily kill them with a finger. "I thought Lance has more than this. Did he only send the two of you?"


    The green-haired girl suddenly snickered and turned into a water stream, escaping from Chen Fan's hand. She then reappeared again in front of Chen Fan and swiftly stabbed him thirteen times.

    Then, the two-meter brawny man gave a roar.

    His body enlarged to three meters tall and his muscles bulged like Tong Shan. With his surging power, he pushed away Chen Fan's hands and threw a punch. A thunderous sound came in the air, showing how powerful his punch was.


    Chen Fan was a bit startled. He didn't expect this to happen.

    But no matter how much their power increased, Chen Fan didn't mind at all. He stuck out a finger and flicked. He broke the green-haired girl's daggers and dented her chest, pushing her dozens of meters away.

    Chen Fan immediately threw a punch at the brawny man.


    Chen Fan broke the brawny man's fist which was hard enough to break through walls and tear down tanks; the energy of his attack flung the man out in the air.

    In a blink, the two members of the God-battling Team were defeated.

    Chen Fan moved closer to the green-haired girl and asked, "You wouldn't dare to come alone. Where are the others? Hiding from me?"

    "Haha, you'll see them soon."

    The green-haired girl smiled. Her body then became transparent and she turned into a stream of water, seeping into the ground. After that, there came a loud scream.

    It was unimaginably piercing.

    Chen Fan's Immortal Will sensed that something was flashing towards him at an unprecedented speed. It seemed to be a metal spear that was moving ten times the speed of sound, faster than flying swords. It had the power to penetrate steel and even Chen Fan's Immortal Will couldn't capture it.

    This was their real trick!