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Chapter 589 - The Dumbfounded Lance

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 589: The Dumbfounded Lance

    "I'm sorry, our CEO doesn't drink."

    As An Ya's assistant, Ai Jinqi tried to help her.

    "Miss An Ya, you have to understand that you must compromise if you want North Qiong Corp to enter the European and the American markets. I just want you to drink a glass of wine, but some others want to swallow the entire North Qiong Corp. Which one would you choose?"

    Eddie was still holding the glass, staring at An Ya.

    There was a hint of struggle in An Ya's eyes. A glass of wine was indeed nothing compared to the development of the corporation. Besides, not even pure alcohol would intoxicate her since she had reached a certain level of cultivation.


    When An Ya was about to agree, Chen Fan suddenly said, "Forget about it. They'll come and beg us to sell them our product in the future," Chen Fan said confidently.

    Since the Vitality Serum was diluted, its effect wasn't really visible, but people who used it would have a stronger body over time. They would never get sick and would have a prolonged life. They might even develop a Spirit Root and cultivation talent in the future.

    The effect wasn't obvious right then as only two years had passed. Around three to five years later, the effect of the Vitality Serum would truly show. By then, Europe and the United States would take the initiative to open the market for North Qiong Corp, or they would possibly miss the chance for their economies to grow.

    "Do I know you?"

    Eddie narrowed his eyes and looked at Chen Fan.

    The Lance Family had hired experts to research the Vitality Serum since it appeared on the market.

    They accidentally discovered that there was a weird energy inside the Vitality Serum that could stimulate human evolution. Those who drank the serum had a possibility of becoming an Extraordinary ten times higher than normal people! Such data was terrifying.

    Since then, the Lance Family regarded the Vitality Serum as one of their most important targets and would die to get the formula. Everything the European Union and the politicians like Earl Downey had done was part of Eddie's plan.

    He knew that An Ya would go there so he chose to attend to pressure her, so that she would hand over the Vitality Serum formula. Out of his expectations, Chen Fan got in his way.

    "It's just one glass, Xiao Fan. I'll be fine," An Ya comforted Chen Fan.

    "No, Sister An, you don't know what you have in your hands."

    Chen Fan put his hands behind his back and looked at everyone. "They might look supercilious and reserved right now, but once they know the true power of the Vitality Serum, they will kneel and beg us to give them the serum."

    Earth was a dead planet. There was no way to cultivate, just like Hell.

    The Vitality Serum was the only way out Chen Fan had given this planet. Whoever controlled the Vitality Serum would control the key to the evolution of the future human race.

    "Shut up!"

    Earl Downey and the others were enraged.

    "You're talking to the heir of the Lance Family. How can you be so disrespectful?" Sir Brad said furiously. He had never thought Chen Fan would be so bold.

    The United States was the dominator of the world and the Lance Family played an important role in the country. They had over a trillion dollars of assets and could control the political situation. The heir of such a powerful family had a higher status than the Princes and Princesses in the world. The Lance Family could even overthrow the regime of some small countries if they wanted to.

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes and said, "Do you know who I am?"

    "I don't need to know who you are. You wouldn't scare me even if you were the Prince of Japan or a member from some top family in China," Eddie Lance said arrogantly.

    This was the confidence of the Lance Family.

    After that, he ignored Chen Fan and bowed to An Ya. "Miss An Ya, I look forward to meeting you again. Contact me anytime if you change your mind."

    He then turned around and left.

    After that, Earl Downey and Sir Brad snickered as they shook their heads, then left together with Eddie Lance.

    In a blink, Chen Fan, Viscount York and a few others were the only ones left in the entire party hall.

    "Miss An Ya, the Lance Family is extremely influential in Europe and the United States. Without their permission, there's no way North Qiong Corp can enter the western market," Viscount York frowned and said.

    An Ya was also struggling. It was indeed a golden opportunity.

    But after taking a glance at Chen Fan, she calmly told Viscount York, "Since the Western World doesn't welcome us, North Qiong Corp will withdraw all our businesses from the region."


    Viscount York's eyes popped out.

    The European and the American markets were the largest in the world, accounting for half of the world's GDP. Without this market, the North Qiong Corp would suffer from a severe blow.

    "Don't you have to think about it more thoroughly? Why don't you call for a board meeting first?"

    Viscount York was anxious.

    The Royal Bank of Scotland was helping North Qiong Corp to develop their business in Europe and the United States; even Viscount York wanted to get a share from it. All his plans would be ruined if North Qiong Corp pulled back.

    "No, our President has made the decision."

    An Ya chuckled and looked at Chen Fan.

    An Ya hesitated at first, but she soon knew what to do. North Qiong Corp was established by Chen Fan, so she valued his opinion more than anything, regardless of the situation.

    When Viscount York walked them out, he was still trying to convince An Ya to think it over, but she had made up her mind.

    "Miss An, are we really stopping all our businesses in the West?"

    Ai Jinqi wondered after they got out.

    Entering the western market was the main plan for the coming five years discussed during their last board meeting. Since the plan was cancelled, the future of the company would be ruined!

    When An Ya nodded, Ai Jinqi stared at Chen Fan indignantly.

    "Miss An sacrificed the promising future of the company just because of what he said. Isn't she doting on him too much? This guy only knows how to gather beautiful disciples. He never treats Miss An with his heart."

    The more she thought about it, the angrier she felt.

    Chen Fan shook his head and said, "Don't worry, Sister An. They'll come to us soon enough."

    "I hope so."

    An Ya smiled and nodded. In fact, she didn't care much about it.

    As expected, they didn't wait long.

    That night, the commissioner of the European Union Charles and the British Special Envoy Chris went to tell Chen Fan that the European Union had decided to accept his request and allow North Qiong Corp to develop their business in Europe. The corporation would also be exempted from all taxes, enjoying the treatment of a most favored nation.


    An Ya and Ai Jinqi were also there, and their eyes widened after hearing about it.

    "You're not joking, right?"

    Ai Jinqi was startled.

    "Standing in front of you is the honorable member of the European Commission. I'm here to represent the entire European Union. How would it be a joke?"

    "But… but…"

    Ai Jinqi was speechless.

    Earlier thst day, they were still begging their way into the European market. They were willing to give up anything other than the formula of the Vitality Serum, but the European countries were haughty and still insisted not to allow them to enter.

    Why did they suddenly change their minds? Especially the tax exemption and treatment of a most favored nation were benefits even the European companies couldn't enjoy.

    "Weren't many pharmaceutical companies against it?" Chen Fan said.

    "Just some small companies. They can't change the decision made by the whole European Union," Charles answered.

    No matter how powerful those pharmaceutical companies were and how many stakeholders they had, they had to compromise when it came to the safety of their countries. Chen Fan had a weapon that was comparable to nuclear forces and the British Foreign Minister was quite anxious to send Chen Fan away.

    Not to mention an industry that was worth hundreds of billions of dollars.

    The European Union would even agree to give him the political power of a small country.

    "I remember that the heir of the Lance Family had also disagreed."

    Chen Fan continued.

    Hearing this family name, Charles was shocked but he still answered righteously.

    "This is Europe, not the United States. Even the American President can't tell the European Union what to do, not to mention an insignificant heir of the Lance Family! Rest assured, Mr. Chen. The European Union will keep its promises. Nobody can stop us!"

    Chen Fan shrugged and said, "Very well. I hope Europe can keep their word, or I'll be showing up often. The Dark Duke is still alive after all!"

    Charles immediately guaranteed and made a lot of promises.

    For example, helping North Qiong Corp to settle down, recruiting employees and paying their salaries, also granting the power of extrajudicial governance to North Qiong Corp's executives. In the end, Chen Fan finally agreed.

    When Charles left, Ai Jinqi felt as if she had woken up from a dream as she stared at Chen Fan.

    "Did they really agree? Am I dreaming?"

    "I told you they would come to beg us," Chen Fan then turned to An Ya and said, "Dilute the Vitality Serum we'll be sending to Europe and America and raise the price ten times higher. We don't need their money!"

    "Good idea."

    An Ya giggled with excitement in her eyes.

    Ai Jinqi stood on the side dumbfounded, still unable to process everything that was happening.

    In a luxury villa outside London.

    Eddie Lance had his legs crossed and held a glass of wine in his hand while talking to Earl Downey and other politicians. "That Chinese lady will soon give up. Losing the western market means losing the future."

    Earl Downey toasted and said, "By then, Master Lance will get both the formula and the lady!"

    Eddie immediately burst into laughter.

    Viscount York shook his head.

    He thought An Ya only said that out of anger in the afternoon, and she would know what choice to make once she calmed herself down.

    "North Qiong Corp is too weak in front of the power of the Lance Family. They won't be able to resist." Viscount York heaved a sigh.

    While Eddie Lance was still complacent about the situation, his phone rang. His face turned dark once he picked up the call.

    "What? The European Union unanimously agreed to let North Qiong Corp in?"

    The entire villa went silent.