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Chapter 588 - The Plight of North Qiong

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 588: The Plight of North Qiong

    At the Windsor Residence.

    It was ablaze with lights and countless courteous attendants walked around the premises. England was said to have the most historical noble traditions and they were famous for their servers and butlers. Rules of etiquette had been established to control their behavior and the ways to serve guests, but all of that seemed unnecessary to Chen Fan.

    "Sir, Miss, this way please."

    The attendant led Chen Fan and An Ya into the room.

    Everything seemed casual since it wasn't a formal cocktail party. The western elites inside were talking to one another with wine glasses in their hands.

    "My dear An, you're here."

    A meticulously dressed old gentleman approached them with a smile.

    "Viscount York, President of the Royal Bank of Scotland. He was born in a Scottish noble family and has a Viscount title and two Baron titles," An Ya introduced Viscount York to Chen Fan.

    "This is?"

    Viscount York looked at Chen Fan with a glint of doubt in his eyes.

    Chen Fan remained in his Azure Thearch Longevity Body with black shoulder-length hair and bright diamond-like eyes, looking as handsome as the Gods. Viscount York was totally in awe of his innate elegance.

    "I guess only the few major families with the longest history in Europe can bring up such a descendant," Viscount York thought.

    He didn't realize that this man was actually Chen Beixuan. People Chen Fan had made contact with were all truly significant figures in the European Union or England, who had the power to decide the fate of a country or a state. Compared to him, Viscount York was in a much lower rank and there were still boundaries between the Dark World and the financial industry.

    An Ya smiled and said, "My brother, Chen Fan."

    "Ah, Mr. Chen from the East. Please follow me. I'll introduce you to some heavy hitters in London," Viscount York said.

    Asian names sounded very confusing to westerners. Viscount York didn't even know if Chen Fan and Chen Beixuan shared the same last name.

    "This is Sir Brad, President of the London International Bank."

    "This is Earl Downey, a member of the House of Lords. His father was the last Deputy Speaker."

    "This is Mr. Kirkel, Deputy Director of the European Union's Department of Economics and Industry."

    Following Viscount York's introduction, Chen Fan and An Ya greeted them one by one. Those people were all big shots in London, so they were a little reserved and haughty.

    Earl Downey said with surprise, "North Qiong Corp? The Asian company that developed the ‘Vitality Serum?'"

    "Yes." An Ya smiled.

    "Mr. Kirkel, I remember the Department of Economics and Industry of the European Union passed a resolution that forbids the Vitality Serum to enter our market. Am I right?" Earl Downey glanced over.

    "Yes, we found a hormone in the Vitality Serum that's harmful to the human body. Excessive use might lead to cardiac arrest," Kirkel said seriously.

    Ai Jinqi listened behind them and her eyes widened.

    The Vitality Serum had been sold in China for almost two years; never had they detected any issues. It was proved harmless by more than a billion customers. Kirkel was simply lying through his teeth. Ai Jinqi finally realized how shameless those politicians were.

    "Miss An Ya, I guess both the European Union and England wouldn't let a potentially dangerous drug into the market. Of course, if you can collaborate with Kant Pharmaceuticals and produce an all-new, harmless Vitality Serum, we could reconsider," Earl Downey said.

    An Ya was still smiling but her eyes were filled with coldness.

    Kant Pharmaceuticals was a significant company in the British pharmaceutical industry. Rumor had it that Earl Downey had been successfully elected as the councillor because he had the company's financial backing. Getting the opportunity to work with Kant Pharmaceuticals was like getting blood from a stone.

    "We can't accept this condition. The Vitality Serum is our core product and we won't collaborate with other companies," An Ya said seriously.

    "What a pity."

    Earl Downey shrugged and turned expressionless. He sipped the wine, then started greeting the people next to him, apparently wanting to change the subject.

    Viscount York brought An Ya aside and mumbled, "Miss An Ya, if you want to open the European market, you must compromise and work with these officials."

    "Viscount York, you're an old friend of ours. You should understand that we can't hand over the formula of the Vitality Serum," An Ya frowned and continued, "Can you think of other ways? Say, how about we give them more money?"

    "Money is not the issue."

    Viscount York shook his head. "The effect of the Vitality Serum is too strong. Once it enters the European market, it will cause a devastating impact on thousands of pharmaceutical companies across Europe. Your opponent is the entire European pharmaceutical industry. If you don't compromise and share the market with them, they will do everything they can to stop you from getting in."

    An Ya frowned as she listened.

    Chen Fan understood Viscount York's point.

    Chen Fan surely knew the effect of the Vitality Serum. Using it for a long period of time could strengthen the body and just a small cup could ease minor illnesses like colds and headaches. It could even alleviate chronic diseases, severe illnesses and fatal ailments. It was being known as the "Almighty Medicine" because of that reason.

    Once this kind of product appeared, there would be a disruptive blow in the entire pharmaceutical industry. With the support from the Chinese government, the pharmaceutical companies in China couldn't do anything about it, but it would be different in Europe. Like the oil companies stopping the cheaper new energy to enter, the European pharmaceutical companies would join in boycotting North Qiong Corp.

    Over a thousand companies together could do anything and even the European countries would be unable to resist.

    "Of course, there's always a solution."

    Viscount York suddenly said, "A distinguished guest will be here very soon. If North Qiong Corp can get his support, there's hope to convince the officials of the European Union."

    "A distinguished guest? Who?" An Ya wondered.

    Those present were already top figures in Europe. Someone even more powerful would be someone who could dominate and manipulate all the European countries.

    "You'll know soon."

    Viscount York gave a mysterious smile.

    Suddenly, there was a commotion at the door.

    A brawny, blonde young man in a fashionable outfit entered with a beaming smile like a movie star. The arrogant politicians also went over to greet him respectfully.

    "Welcome, our honorable Mr. Lance."

    "Last time I met you was in the annual meeting at Wall Street. The Vice President of Goldman Sachs was there with you."

    "Eddie, I heard that the Councillor you supported has been elected as the Governor of Utah. Congratulations!"

    Earl Downey, Kirkel and Brad acted respectfully as if they were talking to the Crown Prince.

    "Who is he?" An Ya asked.

    "Eddie Lance, the current president of the American Golf Association. His girlfriend is Christine, the movie star. You should have heard of her," Viscount York said.

    "You mean, the Lance Family of the United States?"

    An Ya gasped and looked at the man surrounded by people.

    "Who's the Lance Family?" Chen Fan said with curiosity.

    People around him immediately looked at Chen Fan with an awkward face. Viscount York was also shocked, seeing that Chen Fan had never heard of the Lance Family. It was like saying that a British citizen didn't know about Queen Elizabeth.

    "The Lance Family is one of the oldest families in the United States. Their family members had once fought in the War of Independence alongside with the founding fathers of America. They were among those who signed on the ‘Declaration of Independence.' It has a long history of almost three centuries up till now and is regarded as the Uncrowned King. Their family has a very high status in the American business industry and they are the sponsors behind many large consortiums like Citibank, JPMorgan Chase and Goldman Sachs," Viscount York explained.

    He wasn't showing a smile anymore, thinking that Chen Fan was surely a country bumpkin.

    "Some say that the Lance Family is massively influential in political circles as well. The current Deputy Speaker of the United States House of Representatives is also one of themm" An Ya whispered.

    "Okay," Chen Fan replied indifferently.

    He had gained a status higher than many countries and was on an equal footing with the five superpowers. Even though he was still weaker than those five superpowers that had nuclear weapons, his power had surpassed countries like Japan, Germany and India. No matter how powerful the Lance Family was, they couldn't represent the entire United States.

    Chen Fan would pay more attention if the leader of the Lance Family came, but a descendant was nothing to him.

    "Is this beautiful lady the CEO of North Qiong Corp?"

    Eddie Lance saw An Ya and his eyes twinkled. He pushed through the crowd and approached them with a glass of wine.

    An Ya had always been gorgeous but she had become as elegant as fairies in Asian myths since she started cultivating and drinking the Yun Wu Spirit Water. People like Eddie cared more about inner beauty rather than appearance and he was immediately fascinated by An Ya.

    "Yes, Mr. Lance."

    An Ya frowned slightly but still kept a smile on her face.

    "I know that North Qiong Corp is one of the largest companies in China, but it's still not as developed as Apple, Microsoft and Google of the United States," Eddie shrugged and said with an overbearing voice.

    "Of course, the Vitality Serum is also a good product, but it's difficult to push it into the European and American markets without the support from some big cheese."

    "So, Mr. Eddie, do you have any suggestions?" An Ya's eyes brightened and asked quickly.

    "Well, why don't we have a drink first. Let's not talk about business at a party." Eddie brought two glasses over and gave one to An Ya.

    The glass was two palms high and inside was some high-purity Hennessy XO, which was enough to make a brawny man drunk.

    An Ya hesitated.

    She never drank, not even in China.

    "Why? Miss An, you're not being sincere enough?"

    Eddie's face turned dark immediately.