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Chapter 587 - The Terrifying Thunder

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 587: The Terrifying Thunder

    "The Five Thunder Seal resulted even better than I would have imagined."

    Chen Fan sat in the hall of the Winter Palace after sending Chris off.

    The Five Thunder Seal floated next to him, giving out sparks of lightning. Five colors of lightning flashed endlessly and contained a terrifying power of destruction.

    "I wanted my Five Thunder Seal to simply unleash the Thunder Art of different attributes and be powerful, but I didn't foresee that it would suck up all the energy of the thunderclouds, gaining a chance to release the ‘Five Elements Thunder.'"

    "The Five Elements Thunder is a destructive power in the Five Elements Immortal Sect that can only be handled by cultivators of at least the Golden Core level, since the Thunder Art is one of the strongest Dharmic powers in the world. It's formed by the five kinds of thunder and it creates a destructive power, just like the energy released when the universe explodes. Once the power breaks out, everything within ten kilometers will be destroyed. It is as powerful as the small nuclear weapons," Chen Fan pondered quietly.

    "But there's only one chance. To gather such huge energy again, it either has to take a few months or to keep absorbing power from several more Spirit Artifacts. It isn't like a Golden Core cultivator who can send out powerful energy with just a move, or a Nascent Soul cultivator who can level a country with an attack."

    Chen Fan cracked a smile.

    Once was enough.

    The Five Elements Thunder was as powerful as nuclear weapons and one strike could put the superpowers on edge. Not even an Earth Level Deity would survive an attack of the Five Elements Thunder. Their Divine Souls would be unable to escape the pure destructive power.

    Chen Fan made the Five Thunder Seal only because he wanted a real Dharma Treasure. The Five Elements Thunder was a pure surprise.

    With the Five Thunder Seal and the Five Elements Thunder, Chen Fan would possess the power of an Earth Level Deity, also on par with any superpower. Even if the Blood Ancestor tried to take his revenge, the Five Elements Thunder could easily crush him with a strike.

    A'Xiu came in and said, "Teacher, Miss An Ya has arrived in London."

    "Sister An is here?"

    Chen Fan quickly rose to his feet with a hint of warmth in his eyes.

    An Ya didn't come alone this time, her whole team joined her. A fifth of the seniors of North Qiong Corp were smart and capable elites, and they went to open the gate to the European market, even though North Qiong Corp had the "Vitality Serum" as their trump card.

    The European Union had been refusing to allow it in the European market due to the unknown ingredients of the serum, and due to their inability to ensure whether it was harmful to the human body. They had even resorted to smearing campaigns about the serum on newspapers, claiming that it had dubious effects.

    North Qiong Corp also met the officials several times, but they insisted that they would only allow the corporation to enter the market after sharing the formula of the Vitality Serum. Of course, they couldn't agree with this condition.


    Planes slided through the air and landed at the London International Airport.

    Chen Fan stood on the airport and saw An Ya in her beige trench coat and white shirt. She was wearing a pair of skinny jeans, high heels and sunglasses, walking towards Chen Fan like a bossy CEO.

    People from the North Qiong Sect walked behind her. Chen Fan suddenly saw a familiar face.

    "Aren't you Ai Jinqi?"

    Chen Fan was surprised.

    The girl next to An Ya was Ai Jinqi, whom Chen Fan had met in Japan and Zhong Hai. She was wearing a black suit, an overskirt and a black glasses. Her legs were thin and long, and her hourglass body figure was shown clearly.

    Ai Jinqi answered formally, "Mr. Chen, I'm Miss An's assistant. Please call me Assistant Ai."

    An Ya was thrilled, but she had to stay dignified in front of her subordinates so she didn't give Chen Fan a hug. Instead, she took off her sunglasses and said with a beaming smile.

    "I thought they were fooling me, but you really are in Europe!"

    "Of course, I even bought a palace in London that is even larger than the Buckingham Palace. Sister An, do you want to see it?" Chen Fan said like a teenager who needed attention from his sister.


    Ai Jinqi rolled her eyes at the back.

    Buckingham Palace covered an area of tens of thousands of square meters. Such a huge palace in London would be worth more than all North Qiong Corp's assets. They wouldn't be able to buy it even if they sold Chen Fan.

    "Believe it or not, it's true."

    Chen Fan shrugged and felt strange.

    Why did the girl treat him like this after two years? When did he offend her?

    Chen Fan didn't know that Ai Jinqi had a crush on him, but she felt indignant for An Ya's sake, ever since she learned that Chen Fan had a lot of beautiful disciples. She thought that Chen Fan was a playboy and that it wasn't worth it for An Ya to stay by his side.

    An Ya giggled and said, "Alright, let's check it out."

    After they got in the car, An Ya explained to Chen Fan why she was there as she looked at the scenery outside, "We've already had six rounds of negotiations with the European Union and this is the seventh. They've always insisted that we disclose our formula and they will then let us enter their market. I'm here for the next meeting so I decided to stop by to see you."

    Moments later, An Ya wondered, "Brother, why did you come to Europe?"

    An Ya and Fang Qiong weren't members of the North Qiong Sect and they didn't know much about the sect and the Dark World, so they surely wouldn't know that Chen Fan had caused an uproar and startled the world in just half a month.

    "To kill someone." Chen Fan replied and digressed. "Don't worry, the European Union will definitely agree with our conditions this time."

    "What a bluff. You're only significant in our country. The European Union is formed by a dozen countries which are all superpowers. We even paid many influential politicians including the Spanish Deputy Prime Minister to help, but the European Union is still unwilling to accept the conditions," Ai Jinqi whispered.

    China was indeed thriving, but it wasn't as influential as the European Union. In fact, speaking of economical impact, even the United States was inferior to the European Union. They were manipulated by the United States only because they were too loose and had weak military forces.

    "You'll know by then."

    Chen Fan smiled and went silent.

    Since Chen Fan had shocked all of Europe with his Five Elements Thunder and had scared the hell out of the British government, it wouldn't be a problem at all to let North Qiong Corp enter the European market.

    Ai Jinqi rolled her eyes and murmured, "Seriously?"

    Her understanding of Chen Fan was limited to what she experienced a year before. Chen Fan killed Lin Puojun at a banquet in Zhong Hai and banished the Lin Family. However, it was a totally different situation, since the European Union was an organization of world-class significance.

    An Ya didn't say anything and her eyes were filled with trust.

    She didn't know what Chen Fan did in Europe, but she knew exactly how powerful he was.

    When they finally arrived, they were immediately astonished by the magnificent and grand Winter Palace.

    Ai Jinqi's eyes popped out.

    The enormous palace complex covered an area of tens of thousands of square meters, which was even larger than the Buckingham Palace. More importantly, it was located outside London and could be sold at an incredibly high price.

    "You really bought a palace! Would it be a palace of some King or Duke of England? How much does it cost?" Ai Jinqi asked.

    Chen Fan introduced, "It's a palace that was built by the King of England, George the Second. Since it was used as a shelter from the cold, it was named the Winter Palace."

    Many seniors of North Qiong Corp were only ordinary people so they didn't have much understanding about the North Qiong Sect. They were astonished but they didn't know that this had previously been the Dark World Arbitration Department's HQ.

    Only An Ya gave Chen Fan a meaningful stare.

    She knew that his brother would only take things by force instead of buying them.

    An Ya came in the morning.

    Soon, she showed an invitation card to Chen Fan. "The CEOs of several banks and leaders of some major families in England invited me to the banquet organized at the Windsor Residence. Come with me."

    Chen Fan was free so he agreed.

    The Windsor Residence was located near the River Thames. It used to be the place where a royal noble of the House of Windsor lived and was later reconstructed into a high-end business center. Those who were invited were all significant figures in London.

    An Ya didn't want to go there.

    But the one who invited her was an important person in the British financial industry. If North Qiong Corp wanted to enter the European market, they needed help from these consortium leaders, so she had to attend.

    An Ya sat in the car and said as she heaved a sigh, "England values the financial industry. Bank giants like the Royal Bank of Scotland Group and Barclays are influential as Citibank and Goldman Sachs of the United States. They have a long history and the support from a lot of big families, even as powerful as the royal family. We'll need their help to convince the European Union."

    Even though North Qiong Corp was developing swiftly, they were still being boycotted by the western countries. Fang Qiong and An Ya had racked their brains trying to enter the European and the American markets. After all, Europe and the United States had the most developed economy in the world and even all the other areas together would be inferior than those two regions.

    "These old consortiums are unbelievably cunning and greedy. It'll be hard to convince them, unless we offer them enough benefits!"

    Fatigue was seen in An Ya's eyes.

    Chen Fan listened to her, then said softly, "Sister An, I'm here for you."


    An Ya nodded.

    In the meantime, they arrived at the Windsor Residence.