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Chapter 586 - The World Was Frightened!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 586: The World Was Frightened!

    Chen Fan rode the five-color rainbow straight up to the sky like a dragon.

    He was holding a seal in his hand while his body was surrounded by an azure aura. The seal had five colors and an ancient, unadorned appearance, as if it were a seal ancient emperors used to arbitrate the world. Countless mysterious runes were carved all over the seal; it had a majestic appearance.


    Once the seal was in the air, the sea of thunderclouds was rolling and some five-color lightnings were shot in all directions. They had been formed with the Essence Qi of the world and were magnificently striking as they traveled through the sky. It had to be at least a superior-grade Spirit Artifact or a Spirit Treasure to be able to create such a powerful energy.


    The seal flew from Chen Fan's hand to the center of the thunderclouds and swiftly absorbed the lightning like a whale drinking water. It was quickly enlarged, from its original palm size to fifty centimeters long.

    "Chirk… chirk."

    The lightning merged into the seal and lit up its runes, making it shine with colorful light. The energy of the seal then started to surge rapidly.

    "The seal is made based on the Thunder Seal of the Heavenly Master Sect and is the combination of seven to eight Divine Artifacts of each category. Its forte is to control the Thunder of Five Elements, so let's call it ‘Five Thunder Seal,'" Chen Fan said softly.

    Then, there came a roar from the Five Thunder Seal, seemingly happy with the name.

    The Five Thunder Seal stayed in the air for almost half an hour and it sucked up all the thunderclouds within ten kilometers. Apparently satisfied after a good meal, it then slowly flew back to Chen Fan.

    All the people present at the Winter Palace were left speechless, once they saw Chen Fan retrieve the seal and descend from the sky.

    The Special Envoy of England, Chris, was dumbfounded.

    "Did… did it just suck up such an enormous sea of thunder?"

    The sea of Five Elements Thunder was covering ten kilometers of the nearby sky and half of London was enveloped by it. The rats and cats could also sense the terrifying energy inside and were running for their lives. People who walked under the thunderclouds were all frightened and trembling. Of all things, that massive phenomenon was absorbed by Chen Fan's weapon.

    Chris had no idea what it was, but he knew that it had an enormous amount of energy. It was like a time bomb; it could blow up half of London and would cause at least a hundred thousand casualties.

    "Teacher, have you finished it?"

    A'Xiu and the others surrounded Chen Fan with excitement.


    Chen Fan nodded.

    Half a month later, the Five Thunder Seal was finally done. Although the seal was only a mid-grade Spirit Artifact, Chen Fan had engraved it with a total of twenty five arrays; it was several times more powerful than a normal mid-grade artifact. Besides, Chen Fan could later turn it into a Spirit Treasure like the Sword of Essence Restoring when he had enough power.

    "Mr. Chen, you finally came out."

    Chris ran forward and humbly said, "Please don't make a super weapon in my country next time. My people can't bear such pressure…"

    As the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of England, he didn't have to talk so carefully even when meeting the leaders of many small countries. Yet, he sounded extremely respectful when he talked to Chen Fan.

    The others watched them on the side and realized that Chen Fan's status had risen again after he successfully created a Divine Seal. Even the superpowers had to be careful with him.

    "I'll inform you next time."

    Chen Fan smiled.

    "Seriously? The next time?"

    Chris was completely startled.

    After the five-color thunderclouds disappeared, most netizens only commented that it was a pity the wonders were gone, but the way it affected the countries around the world was totally different.

    In the Pentagon of the United States of America.

    "Gentlemen, according to the energy meter carried by our drone, the energy inside the thundercloud was comparable to ten thousand tons of explosives, same as many small nuclear weapons. As you may know, the atomic bombs we dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki had only twenty thousand tons of explosives."

    A document was put on the table of the U.S. Minister of National Defense.

    This white-haired man, who was called Minister Iron Fist, looked solemn. He had experienced countless wars throughout his life, the ones in South Korea, Haiti, Panama, Cape of Good Hope, the Vietnam War, the Gulf War…

    But he had never encountered such a knotty problem.

    Nuclear power!

    It was the most powerful force humans had, which could instantly destroy any city and any country. No matter how strong the Immortal Level Overlords and the five arbitrators were, the destruction they could cause was way behind the might of nuclear weapons.

    When Lin Shuming fought with Chen Fan, he became a Mortal Deity and split the ocean with a swing.

    But, if the same energy applied on reinforced concrete, it could only crack buildings dozens of meters high. A metropolis like London had as many as a hundred thousand buildings. Could Lin Shuming unleash a hundred thousand attacks?

    He would have died of exhaustion with just a few hundred.

    The arbitrators had strong bodies that could move faster than the speed of sound, but they would have also died if they were to demolish a building with their bare hands.

    But nuclear weapons were different.

    A ten-thousand-ton nuclear weapon could level a town.

    A hundred-thousand-ton or a million-ton bomb could even destroy a large city, and a ten-million-ton weapon would be powerful enough to blow the larger cities like London and New York, leaving only a giant pit. The Soviet Union had once tried to test a hundred-million-ton nuclear bomb and its power was unimaginable. No one survived within a hundred miles and the sound of its explosion was spread in a three thousand miles range.

    Immortal State Warriors were like children when faced with nuclear weapons. That was why both the Dark World Arbitration Department and the Christian Church had retreated. No matter how invincible Chen Fan was, the five superpowers would never care about him.

    But the energy Chen Fan had gathered above London had made the United States anxious.

    "The energy level reached ten thousand tons? Does it mean that he can blow up a city with ten thousand residents?"

    The Generals looked at one another.

    They had a few thousand nuclear bombs of a million tons handy, so they didn't mind any ten-thousand-ton nuclear weapons, but those bombs were locked in the missile depot and could only be used with the President's authorization.

    And the Five Thunder Seal was in Chen Fan's hands.

    It was like having someone pointing a gun at them with the intent of seeking revenge.

    How could the United States be at ease?

    "If we offend Chen Beixuan someday and he releases this super weapon in New York or Boston, we're going to suffer from a loss of trillions of dollars and up to a hundred times the casualties we suffered in the 9/11 incident!" the expert concluded.

    The Generals blanched and even the white-haired Minister was stunned.

    A 9/11 incident almost forced the President to step down, then what about a hundred?

    "Our country can't bear to leave such a danger alone! We either kill Chen Beixuan or rope him in. There's no other choice!" the Minister said.

    His thought wasn't wrong.

    "If you threatened my safety, then you had made the mistake of your life. I wouldn't be able to sleep without eliminating you!" This was like a situation where someone suddenly took out a knife in a peaceful dorm room. "You might not be stabbing me, but I would feel threatened."

    "Minister, I request the use of God-battling Armors and God-killing weapons to eliminate Chen Beixuan!"

    A Major General of the Navy rose.

    "I second the motion!"

    The Lieutenant General of the Air Force got up.

    "I concur!"

    The Major General of the army followed.

    Almost half of the Generals at the meeting got up one after another, while the high-ranking Generals were still sitting there, looking at the others.

    The white-haired Minister Iron Fist sat straight while he tapped his fingers on the desk, then he said after a while, "Let's send the CIA first. Ask him how much money or which company's shares he wants. We'll satisfy his demands even if it implies hundreds of billions of dollars or the control of a country, but if he doesn't compromise…"

    Minister Iron Fist continued with his cold eyes, "Immediately execute the beheading plan!"

    "Yes sir!"

    All of the Generals rose to their feet.

    Not only was the United States terrified, other superpowers like England, France, Russia and China were all shocked and frightened. All those countries had secretly developed this kind of energy-measuring instrument, so apart from the United States, few others also had detailed data taken after monitoring the sea of thunder.

    "The energy of ten thousand tons of explosives, which is equal to the power of a small nuclear weapon. How did Chen Beixuan do it?"

    In the Kunlun Base, Director Xiao read the report as his hands trembled.

    No matter how strong an Immortal State Warrior was, the power of his attack could only compare to a missile, and a missile could only carry tens of tons of explosives. However, there weren't any other weapons that could contain ten thousand tons of explosives except nuclear weapons.

    "Director, I think we've underestimated Chen Beixuan all this time," Black Tortoise said seriously.

    Chen Fan had never taken the five superpowers seriously in the past. Russia declared a truce only because they didn't want to fight with Chen Fan anymore. The European Union made peace with him, not because they were afraid of him; they had realized that continuing the battle was a meaningless and fruitless strategy.

    But it was different at the moment. What Chen Fan had was a weapon that could threaten the superpowers.

    Although it was just a small ten-thousand-ton nuclear bomb, it had frightened a lot of big countries, and even superpowers like the United States had their eyes wide open.

    "Nuclear power is the most sensitive nerve of the United States. Iraq and Libya wanted to develop their own nuclear weapons and they were sanctioned for decades because of it. Without our protection, the two countries would have been blown to pieces. Chen Beixuan is in big trouble this time."

    White Tiger shook his head.

    Director Xiao held the document tightly without saying a word.

    A glint of anxiousness flashed through Red Sparrow's eyes.