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Chapter 585 - Impress The World

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 585: Impress The World


    While Chen Fan was creating the Five-Elemental Divine Seal, the first crack of lightning descended from the sky and landed on the top of the Winter Palace, followed by a second, and a third. In a blink, a dark cloud hovered over the Winter Palace with flashes of lightning poking through from time to time.

    Chen Fan had already given Yukishiro Sa a heads up, so she wasn't surprised by the situation.

    However, the scene had stirred the citizens of London. Many secret agents who lurked around the Winter Palace were also shocked.

    "What is Chen Beixuan doing?"

    "Is he going to level up to Earth Level Deity? I thought he had just made a breakthrough."

    "It reminded me of the eggheads' experiments in the national top secret lab."

    The agents were caught by surprise.

    Among those agents were some overlords from the Dark World, as well as spies from all major agencies around the globe.

    They had long since taken an interest in Chen Fan after his display of power.


    As days went by, dark clouds continued to form until they loomed over London's eastern suburb. The clouds were laced with cracking lightning and looked like a roiling sea of thunder.

    It wasn't long before the London officials intervened.

    The British officials requested audiences with Chen Fan many times but were refused by Yukishiro Sa. She reassured them that the citizens of London were safe and Chen Fan was simply crafting a weapon.

    "What kind of weapon would be powerful enough to draw this much lightning? It looks very dangerous."

    The news was quickly spread by the time it reached Brussels and the Pentagon.

    They had seen Chen Fan's combat abilities against a few individuals; however, the lightning cloud he had summoned was capable of destroying half of London.

    It was nearly as powerful as a nuclear weapon.

    Even the smallest nuclear weapon would grab the attention of the world.

    "I want double the number of agents. We need more information about him!"

    As the nations around the world became more determined to get to the bottom of things, Yukishiro Sa and the others found more and more top assassins and ninjas lurking around them.

    Those agents came from different backgrounds and possessed wildly different skills.

    However, the Winter Palace was well guarded by Yu Wenjin, Yukishiro Sa and many other perfected cultivators from the North Qiong Sect. Adding in the new members such as Hilo, the Winter Palace was an impenetrable fortress.


    Yukishiro Sa unsheathed her blade and sent out a jet of blade aura, slicing a perfectly camouflaged spy in half.

    "They are getting out of control," A'Xiu walked past her and said. Despite her small frame, she had a surprisingly powerful demeanor. She had just punched a Japanese ninja to death.

    A'Xiu shook her head and said, "Our teacher's power is too conspicuous. Did you see that cloud? It has enough power to destroy a whole city. No wonder the nations around the world are on edge."

    London was one of the biggest metropolises in the world.

    Meanwhile, an average Grandmaster could at most destroy a vehicle. It would take him over a decade to demolish a city.

    Even Immortal State Warriors who could topple a building with one punch would never pose a threat to a metropolis. Buildings numbered beyond the hundreds of thousands in the city.

    Modern weapons also had their limitations.

    The Father Of All Bombs from Russia or the Ancestor of Bombs from the United States of America had an effective range of only a few hundred meters. You would need 4,000 of those bombs to cover all of London's metropolitan area.

    However, nuclear weapons were different.

    Even the smallest nuclear weapon could easily annihilate a small city. Larger nuclear bombs could wipe a metropolis such as London or New York off the face of the planet with ease.

    Therefore, most nations were fearless when it came to Immortal State Warriors, but Chen Fan was someone they couldn't afford to overlook. If he decided to let the sea of lightning fall over the city, millions of people could die.

    "I hope our teacher can finish what he's doing soon. I wouldn't be surprised to see the British army show up at our doorstep soon."

    Yukishiro Sa shook her head.

    The United Kingdom would not let a ticking nuclear bomb get so close to its capital. So far, they had refrained from using force to remove the threat due to their fear toward Chen Fan, but it didn't mean the situation would last forever.

    "I am also curious as to what Teacher is making," A'Xiu asked herself.

    One day.



    As the clouds above the Winter Palace continued gathering, they had gained five distinctive colors: azure, white, black, red and yellow.

    Many London citizens picked up their phones and recorded the iridescent cloud.

    "London was once called the city of fog because of the smog. The name fits well with what we're seeing," someone said.

    Someone who read too many novels on Qidian said, "I think it's the sign of a numinous treasure. Or maybe a cultivator has called a heavenly tribulation. We need to head there and witness this historical moment."

    Someone who watched too much of Alex Jones's show said, "The neighbor of my relative's friend has a classmate who worked at the agency. She told me that the governmetn is experimenting some sort of secret weapon to turn our children gay!"

    The more strange and inexplicable events came to pass, the more people were willing to believe in conspiracy theories. Many of them started to believe in the existence of Deities and Demons.

    "Please inform Mr. Chen Beixuan that he needs to stop whatever he's doing. He is posing a threat to London, and to the United Kingdom. The UK will stop him at all costs. "

    The British government's words became increasingly scathing until they became open threats.

    They weren't nearly as angry at Chen Fan, even after he destroyed the Black Sea Fleet. At that time, they had seen him as no more than a powerful individual who was no match against any nation in the world.

    However, Chen Fan's ability to create a weapon of mass destruction had made him as dangerous to the EU as the USSR. At the height of the Cold War, the American president Kennedy used to threaten to use nuclear weapons in order to give America an edge.

    National Safety was the nation's bottom line, and some nations would spare no expense to ensure their survival.

    "Mr. Chris, watch your words. You are threatening a living legend," Yukishiro Sa replied coldly.

    "I hope Mr. Chen Beixuan also understands that he is threatening the UK's safety. This is our bottom line," Chris said unwaveringly.

    Chris Ball was the deputy minister of Foreing Affairs in the UK. He served in the parliament for his entire life and was respected in both houses of the British government.

    "I repeat that Chen Beixuan's actions have endangered our nation's very existence. We will stop him at all costs," Chris Ball replied hotly.

    While facing the threats from a powerful nation, even the disciples of the North Qiong Sect looked troubled.

    Although the UK was the weakest among the five major nations in the world, they had nuclear capabilities. Worse, one of their closest allies was America.

    The North Qiong Sect was a powerful sect, but its influence was a far cry when compared with the UK.

    "When will our teacher be done?" Yukishiro Sa asked herself restlessly.


    Suddenly, a blinding ray of aura beamed down from the sky and penetrated the ground. This ray of light had been made out of pure lightning energy. The shaft of light had five colors and was increasing in size as it pierced through anything in its path.

    "What the…"

    Chris pulled a dark face. "What is the meaning of this? Is Chen Beixuan really going to unleash the super weapon right next to London?"

    The thought sent a chill down Chris's spine.

    There were tens of millions of people living in London, and if Chen Fan attacked the city, he would leave the UK government only one option: to use nuclear bombs to kill Chen Fan.

    The 911 incident had a death toll of a few thousand, but it had dragged the US into decades of warfare, destroying two nations in the process.

    A confrontation with Chen Fan would cost the UK even more.

    "Our teacher has finished his task," Yu Wenjin said excitedly.

    "Task? What do you mean?"

    Even as Chris tried to gather himself, he saw a shadowy figure emerging from the shaft of light. The person held a ball of light with five different colors. He flew up into the sky and disappeared behind the dark clouds.

    "My Dharma Artifact shall impress the world!"

    A deep booming voice drifted down from the clouds and rumbled across the sky.