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Chapter 584 - Five-Elemental Divine Seal

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 584: Five-Elemental Divine Seal

    Chen Fan currently had three Spirit Artifacts.

    Summoning Flute of the Demon God, the Sword of Essence Restoring and the Thunder Seal. The Immortal Guardians summoned by the flute were strong in their own right, but their power fell short when fighting against a Mortal Deity.

    The Sword of Essence Restoring was the most deadly weapon in Chen Fan's possession, while the Thunder Seal was not much weaker in comparison.

    Those three artifacts had been created by Earth Level Deities from the East, and Chen Fan could use them with ease. However, most artifacts from the Dark Treasure Vault had been crafted by Saints and Deities from the west, using methods that Chen Fan was not familiar with.

    "Although I can't use them, they can work as raw materials." Chen Fan thought to himself.

    Each and every Divine Artifact would be created with the best materials their creator could find. In the modern era, those materials were extremely hard to come by.

    "Divine Crystal Gold, Angel Bone, a Saint's Heart, Divine Skull, Phoenix Feather, Dragon Bone…"

    Chen Fan examined each and every precious artifact.

    He had never seen an ensemble of materials that was more valuable and rarer than these. If an Artifact Crafting Master would have gotten a hold of them, he could have made a Golden Core Level Spirit Treasure. However, those precious items had been used to make low level Spirit Artifacts with the crudest craftsmanship.

    "With this Connate Spirit and Golden Core Level raw material, I should be able to craft another mid-grade Spirit Artifact, if not of superior-grade." Chen Fan rubbed his chin and nodded.

    The artifacts made by Chen Fan would be a significant improvement over the Thunder Seal and the Sword of Essence Restoring.

    Even the same mid-grade Spirit Artifact, depending on the power of the creator, its quality could be vastly different. An Artifact created by Chen Fan could rival any superior-grade Spirit Artifact, if not a Spirit Treasure. In addition, they could often be upgraded to reach even higher grades.

    However, the Sword of Essence Restoring and the Thunder Seal were limited by the ability of their creators.

    "I have the Armor of Golden Flame so I no longer need a Defensive Artifact. I also have the Swords of Nine Abandonments and the Sword of Essence Restoring, so I don't need a flying sword, either. What I really need is a more versatile artifact, a Comprehensive Artifact."

    Chen Fan evaluated his situation and quickly determined what he needed.

    As its name suggested, a Comprehensive Artifact played many roles. It could be used for defense, aggression as well as concealment. Due to the lack of Qi on Earth, most artifacts created on this planet only had one function.

    The Sword of Essence Restoring could only attack, the Thunder Seal was a pure spell casting tool, while the other artifacts he possessed were only focused on defense. None of the artifacts could do things at the same time.

    "Artifact Crafters on earth might be able to create such an artifact, but its power would be spread so thin that it would be a jack of all trades but master of none. Their crafting methods were so primitive and crude that they would need at least ten thousand years to improve."

    Chen Fan smirked and shook his head.

    Some things might be easy for Chen Fan, but they could be extremely difficult for others.

    Chen Fan had the ability to create effective Comprehensive Artifacts, but he couldn't due to lack of proper material. The Summoning Flute of the Demon God was created with the bones of an Earth Level Deity, and was far from an ideal crafting material. The quality of the material greatly hampered the power of the Demon Gods it summoned.

    As Chen Fan encountered more and more powerful opponents, the Summoning Flute of the Demon God would eventually become irrelevant.

    "However, these Divine Artifacts will be different. But what kind of Dharma Treasure should I create?"

    Chen Fan examined each and every Divine Artifact lay before him as he calculated.

    Those precious Divine Artifacts had very different attributes. The Heart of Light, Feather of the Fire Beast, Thunder God's Lance, and the Sea God's Trident.

    Chen Fan's gaze landed on the Thunder Seal and suddenly had an idea, "Perhaps I should use the Thunder Seal as the core to craft a Five-Elemental Divine Seal"

    Each disciple of the Five Elements Immortal Sect needed to craft a Five-Elemental Divine Seal sometime in their apprenticeship. It had very versatile uses and was lauded as an Artifact with comprehensive effects.

    An ordinary disciple of the sect could enchant only one or two effects, but Chen Fan could do much better since he had the Azure Thearch Longevity Body.

    "Wind and Thunder are both wood elements, and so was the Thunder Seal. Therefore, wood elements should be the main theme of the artifact and the other four elements would complete it in their own way. Once I finish it, it would be as powerful as a superior-grade Spirit Artifact."

    Chen Fan clapped his hands in excitement.

    The power of the Five-Elemental Divine Seal would increase over time with its user. Some Seals created during the Connate Spirit level could become no less powerful than Divine Artifacts. Although the materials Chen Fan had to work with were a far cry from what the Five Elements Immortal Sect used, such as Heavenly Sand or the Seventh Gold, it should be powerful enough for the moment.

    Chen Fan started making the artifact as soon as he knew what to do.

    Before he began, he announced that he would be in secluded cultivation for a while, and ordered his disciples to guard the entrance to the Dark Treasure Vault; its underground location made it an ideal location for seclusion.

    "I need Connate True Fire to soften the material. So, Li Fire will do."

    While he thought, Chen Fan lifted the Thunder Seal. Suddenly, two balls of fire erupted from his eyes and landed on the Seal; the Artifact started to tremble almost immediately, despite its sturdy construction.

    However, Chen Fan didn't stop there, doubling down on his art instead.

    Two rays of flame beamed out from Chen Fan's eyes. The Spirit Artifact had gained a certain degree of sentience so it could sense its impending doom. However, it lacked an artifact spirit so it could not fight back.

    One hour, two, three…

    Over time, the surface of the Thunder Seal started to melt.

    The Thunder Seal was made with a bronze like material and many zigzagging patterns were carved in its surface. The Dharma Array and spells were also detached from the Seal during the melting process, leaving only a pool of molten copper.

    Those charms had been crudely made, therefore Chen Fan discarded them right away, leaving only the core of the Thunder Seal as the foundation for the Five-Elemental Divine Seal.

    "I think it's about time to add other materials."

    Chen Fan waved a hand and summoned a red glow in front of him.

    The glow came from a feather as long as a blade. It was slender and had sharp edges. Its body was covered by mysterious patterns that gave off an intense heat.

    Phoenix Feather!

    It was said that a Grand Wizard from England had plucked this feather off of his pet phoenix after it died. This feather had the ability of releasing a world-devouring conflagration.

    "This feather was not from a real Phoenix, but from a Spirit Beast. It should do for now," Chen Fan said as he summoned an art, firing two more rays of golden flame at the feather.

    The real dragons and heavenly phoenixes were Dao Reunion beings and possessed such power that even one of their scales or feathers could destroy an entire planet. It was impossible for a Saint on earth to tame such mighty beings.


    The Phoenix Feather was also of the Fire Element, but it had difficulty holding out against the Li Fire. Its distinctive red glow started to diminish as the feather itself melted slowly.

    Although the substance of the feather was burned away, the patterns remained.

    Chen Fan was a top level Artifact Crafting Master, and his skill was sublime. In a blink, two paths of glows appeared, one azure and the other red.

    However, this was only the beginning…

    "Poseidon's Trident."

    "Earth Golem's Heart"

    "Incorruptible Sword."

    Chen Fan threw all of those Dharma Treasures into the flame. They were treasures created by the Dark World Arbitration Department a thousand years before; they may as well be the only Divine Artifacts left on earth. However, Chen Fan had cast them into the fire and melted them.

    It wasn't long before seven more glowing paths appeared in the room, each a different color.

    "It's all set, I should start refining it now."

    Chen Fan rubbed the sweat off his forehead.

    Although he had reached the Divine Sea level, sustaining the golden flames for three days continuously had taken a toll on him. However, there was still a long way to go.

    "Hark! Five Elements, heed my command! Thunders of the nine heavens, assemble!"

    Chen Fan started the art and cast many Dharma Seals.

    The Five Elements within the vicinity converged toward Chen Fan from all directions and formed many spells and Dharma Arrays.

    All those spells and charms would be added to the Dharma Artifacts.

    Most low tier Spirit Artifacts had an average of five spells, while mid-tier had ten. The Angel's Thirteen Octaves had thirteen and was considered one of the most powerful Spirit Artifacts.

    However, The Five-Elemental Divine Seal Chen Fan was about to create would have twenty five dharma arrays and spells.

    It was unprecedented.

    Even a Golden Core cultivator would be impressed by this. Other than Chen Fan, the reincarnation of Celestial Lord, no one would have dared to attempt such a daunting task.

    The power of the Dharma Artifact would be beyond any mortal's comprehension.